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Ugg Australia Video

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A short documentary about a small Australian Company that is iconic to this country. Ugg Australia is not just about using Australian materials because they're authentic, or because they're great quality. It's about keeping the Australian heritage alive. Music by: James and Evander Song Title: SL Video Made By: http://www.saxall.com.au
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Text Comments (91)
sintia1192 (10 days ago)
Can’t wait to get my uggs!
Samantha Jester (23 days ago)
its not a small company anymore lol
Raider Nation (1 month ago)
I wish animals would skin people the same way they get skinned. All for a piece of paper.
Madison Selleck (2 months ago)
interesting that you are all talking about the sheep, when He's supposedly Australian, and every worker you see is Asian.
серый (2 months ago)
ты бы опездол хотя бы текс выучил нормально ххххххххахахах
Makenzie Klugman (6 months ago)
kinkyrebel (11 months ago)
They get the skin after the sheep had been butchered for its meat what the fuck logic are these people running
Tatyana Yeremuk (1 year ago)
Molodets Romka! Znai nashix!
Lynn Haverhals (1 year ago)
They dont kill the animals! They just shave their hair
Christian Barbone (1 year ago)
I own 17 pair of Uggs i love these boots. The sued is amazing as well as the soft wool inside.
Sue Carnahan (1 year ago)
selfish, greedy, cruel human beings...this company is disgusting
Malica Hamilton (1 year ago)
The thing is I love animals and I love uggs I dunno why people say uggs are cruel because they are not ! The sheep are killed for meat I actually eat meat but the skin & fur is the waste product so why not use it if the sheep is already dead . I never see people saying leather sofas are bad when they come from cows .
Sylvia games23 (6 months ago)
Malica Hamilton bc the animals are skinned alive if they were killed first then ye I’m fine with that but they suffer.
Mikayla (11 months ago)
The pelts used in uggs aren’t actually by products of the meat industry. The sheep are skinned and then left to grow their wool back, and then skinned repeatedly throughout their lives. They are often cut and wounded through the process. I can see why you thought that, though. It is true in some cases but in most the sheep are just bred to be skinned.
naila costa (11 months ago)
every animal product is made of cruelty. here's the sheep cruelty https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/11/sheep-cruelty-video-sparks-rspca-investigation
Malica Hamilton (1 year ago)
Fatima Sue (1 year ago)
All the ppl who disliked this were vegans😂
Kate _girl (1 year ago)
Ilay Wiederstein (1 year ago)
RUSH (1976) (1 year ago)
Please be aware that this is the genuine company Ugg Australia *uggaustralia.com.au* and not the American owned, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, ugg.com (Ugg Australia) where all their products are made in China and Vietnam. In the Google SEO altered by Deckers, it will give a false impression that all "genuine" UGG boots are made in China. Ugg Australia (the genuine company) have been making ugg boots since 1981 in Australia and are the ONLY genuine ugg boot manufacturer. Over an eight year fight in court to prevent Deckers Outdoor Corporation from preventing them to manufacture their genuine items under their own name. Deckers aquired the name UGG and Ugg Australia within the US, but the genuine items have and always will be manufactured in Australia. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-18/nrn-dist-ugg-boots/4827934?pfmredir=sm this will explain in more detail. If you are against multi million dollar companies from trying to over-power smaller businesses, then you will help spread the word on ugg.com not being the "real" deal.
Yasemine Jal (8 months ago)
RUSH (1976) ffzuzbnhhjhttuźuuzkkķkjjjjķtþggggfffttģþzzzzghźź12334567890123456778907hgcm
Hello (1 year ago)
Deckers have destroyed the Australian Ugg boot!
Helen Gertrude Zhang (1 year ago)
people need to be educated on this. ugg boots are just byproducts .they are not done by killing or abusing .
TSP Heat (1 year ago)
Get you big Elmo bonny ass the out of here. Dis nigga Killeen sheep like it's a mothar fucken wonderland.
Rachel Oreo (1 year ago)
Omg they dont kill the sheep the sheep they use have been already killed for meat. If they didnt use it it would have just been thrown away
Mckenna’s Vlogs (17 days ago)
Rachel Oreo but still they’re killing them for meat 😢 I’m a vegetarian, you just have to look at in different ways but whatever...
Charlotte Haen (2 months ago)
Yes...it depends on how you looks at it sometimes I look at it like they are using everything from the animal and sometimes I look at it like they’re killing poor sheep 😿
Christian Barbone (1 year ago)
Pll Lover i love watching everyone stand up for things they eat.
Darline Williams (1 year ago)
Then why dont you ask Moses and Aaron or even Noah, how many of those beast/sheep he killed for sacrifice to God? God made them to be killed and eaten as meat and for sacrifices. Stop being holier than thou! If you dont like the boots then dont buy them! I love New Zealand lamb and I loveeeeeeeeee ugg.
summer m1tchell (1 month ago)
wanna join my christian minecraft server
Addison Stillwell (5 months ago)
Darline Williams bitch I guess dogs and cats are to then I hate u because sheep are made to be loved one day I hope you are skinned to how it feels F U🖕🏽🙄
woah :-0 (1 year ago)
You guys probably should stop driving your cars if it has leather seats your killing animals just like in a humans Dailey life our clothes are are made out of animals and we don't even know about it it's sad but it's true
Edith Perez (2 months ago)
Idk you but your profile picture is everything! 💗😂
Mao Feng (1 year ago)
For god's sake, they are just sheeps. Don't be such a hipcorite. If they dont make those boots, ppl will be out of job.
Mao Feng THERE HURTING THEM ABUSING SHEEPS KICKING THEM BEATING THEM THROWING THEM ARE LIKE RAG DOLLS. Don't talk if you're clueless about the comany uggs abusing sheeps for wool
K9Ninja (2 years ago)
I dont know why everyone is mad sheep meat is legal for humans to consume. At least where I'm from.
The cousin Squad (2 years ago)
They should just shave them not kill them🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️💁
Lumosnox (2 years ago)
All guys are hating ugg(ly) for what the company is doing but im sure all you bitches buy uggs this winter just because you see those ugly boots on some tumblr pics of little stupid thirteen year old girls who get money inside their asshole by their parents...
Ken Lopez (2 years ago)
I am never buying uggs u gen
Ken Lopez (2 years ago)
stupid people go get killed your self!
Andrea Ribeiro (2 years ago)
I agree. u don't need to kill sheep for wool and making these boots I can't imagine hurting a poor animal for the fur.
Dwight Kurt Shrute (1 month ago)
Andrea Ribeiro the sheep are killed for the meat and the wool and skin is just a byproduct so why not use that so it isn’t wasted
Emmie Ana Ray (1 year ago)
They don’t kill the sheep for the fur, dude. They use the skins that are left over from the sheep that are killed for meat. If they didn’t use the skins they would simply go to waste, and that would be cruel. My culture believes you must use every part of the animal you kill, to show your gratitude and make the sacrifice worth it. Animals have always, and will always, be an important resource. We all die some day. The sheep are looked after and have good lives until it’s time for slaughter. They’re killed quickly and humanely. They don’t suffer. Humans above animals, dude.
Ben Morrison (1 year ago)
Andrea Ribeiro it's for the skin that's why. SHEEP SKIN BOOTS
lysergicstorms (2 years ago)
top notch spelling in the comments
Andrea Hernandez (2 years ago)
Piece of shit.
Cia Foxell (2 years ago)
i hate all that make uggs they kill sheaps for some ugglu boots they are fucking idiot that man is also an idiot
Alma Floreby (2 years ago)
Why don't you show us when you abuse and kill the sheep? Oh, wait! You don' want us to see the terrible truth. #stoptheuggindustry #proudvegan
Elizabeth Ayala (2 years ago)
Elizabeth Ayala (2 years ago)
Dwight Kurt Shrute (1 month ago)
Elizabeth Ayala I doubt you would be able to do that as president and even if you did you would have to close she sheep meat industry as well because the sheep are not killed for their wool and skin they are killed for their meat which will feed many people and the wool and skin is just a byproduct so it would be wasteful to throw it away
Justa Pineapple (1 year ago)
Who says you're going to become president?
Ali E (2 years ago)
Elizabeth Ayala don't band uggs just say be gentle ok then ppl can still have uggs and sheeep don't die or suffer
Peach (2 years ago)
im glad im not wearing real UGGs and that they r not made from sheep also why kill the sheep not many aninals live as long as humans
Johnny UrbanWoodsmen (2 years ago)
I'm not against the use of skins or furs but If the sheep are harvested humanly, and it's a byproduct of the meat industry then I believe it's ok, but once the animals skins or furs becomes a product of greed and it's commercialized then all these animals die horribly for HIGH profits.
iiAesthetic_ Vibes (4 months ago)
Johnny P. UrbanMountainWoodsmen exactly!
karina (2 years ago)
why can't they just shave them instead of killing the sheeps? this is so sad
Gacha Girls (1 month ago)
meat and the wool we eat sheep ya know
Dwight Kurt Shrute (1 month ago)
karina because the sheep are killed for their meat and the wool and skin is a byproduct so it would be wasteful to not use it
Ben Morrison (1 year ago)
Yeh probably cares more about the animals because this is what humans do. We are the reason this world will die, we are a disgrace
Darline Williams (1 year ago)
Are you tell me you upset about animals when poor children are being bombed on Syria and the middle east. Or when they slaughtered millions of Africans and native people in Australia, Tasmania and the americas. All done by the white race. Hmm I wonder which one hurts God the most!
Johnny UrbanWoodsmen (2 years ago)
That's because they want the wool nap with the leather or suede underside not felt, if you shave the sheep then the wool will have to be felted imagine a pea coat. Hope this explains it all.
Patrícia Pereira (2 years ago)
WTF, do they skin the sheep? or do they shave the fur?
Lynn Haverhals (1 year ago)
They shave
iiAesthetic_ Vibes (1 year ago)
The inside is wool,the outside is skin
Patrícia Pereira they use their fur not just the wool...so they need to kill it
Patrícia Pereira (2 years ago)
skye alessia How cruel!..
Skye Haynes (2 years ago)
Patrícia Pereira skin them..
Crybaby Reaction (2 years ago)
it's sad watching animals die they have a life just like us humans too
Melanie Martinez please don't buy uggs I'm never gonna buy uggs
Crybaby Reaction (2 years ago)
for the shoes
Crybaby Reaction (2 years ago)
I mean for like leather
claudia perezbetance (2 years ago)
rapen a su pinche madre compañía ugg!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Bri Houghton (2 years ago)
they kill then cuz of the skin as well the outside of the boot is skin and wool thats why but they should figure it out a better way
Moon Lu (2 years ago)
Why do you kill them?These shoes are so ugly.
xmxrxexex xkx (1 year ago)
Moon Lu UGG Boots =ugly Boots
It's Lidia! (2 years ago)
itachsuki (2 years ago)
It's Lidia! lmao si
Gabee Hidalgo (2 years ago)
It's Lidia! culero poor 🐑
ducktruck (2 years ago)
You dont need to kill sheep for the wool.
Dwight Kurt Shrute (1 month ago)
ducktruck the sheep have already been killed for meat not solely for the wool and skin.
iiAesthetic_ Vibes (4 months ago)
Ya, but they also use the sheeps for meat, it would be a waste if they threw it away.
yes i agree
Ben Morrison (1 year ago)
It's sheep skin not wool you muppets
Dini Volder (1 year ago)
ducktruck achilles
Maggie Pooh (2 years ago)
Anaïs (10 months ago)
Maggie Pooh you eat meat from sheep and their already dead when they recuperate the sheepskin
Tara Forte (2 years ago)
this disgust me
Froggie Russell (2 years ago)
Poor animals that suffer at the hands of your pelts!

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