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Kaya Scodelario in 'True Love' Ep 5

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Kaya had a couple more scenes in the BBC series 'True Love'. This doesn't relate to what happened in episode 3 (with Billie Piper) though.
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Ophelia Arissa (1 year ago)
emmanuelle hantuchova (5 years ago)
Kaya remind me french actress Anna Mouglalis...:)
Nicole Abadeer (5 years ago)
Oh Jesus Christ its the Governor... o.o
devilsreject2785 (5 years ago)
maybe this takes place before hand. who knows.
Yasmin B. (5 years ago)
Omg its the govenor
YouDontKnow (5 years ago)
Thought I recognized him, thanks for the nod to The Walking Dead guys, can't believe it's The governor, haha
Satiie B (6 years ago)
The Walking Dead guy!
Habiba Kasrawy (6 years ago)
It is kaya.
SoulSista08 (6 years ago)
she looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like kaya sorry dude
xfenny (6 years ago)
I googled it, they don't look alike at all I trusted you
Pao (6 years ago)
i googled pevita and no, she is not like her!
parafan1196 (6 years ago)
The governor from THE WALKING DEAD!!! :O
RociRocks1 (6 years ago)
Is this story before Karen being with Holly? I know is ep. 5 but the storyline is weird haha
Paperclip Stardom. (6 years ago)
Dont you mean, "How Ood"?
Dahl (6 years ago)
yessss, i had butterflies throughout that whole episode. where's the continuance?
GreenCertains (6 years ago)
I heard from someone that the stories are overlapped, but they had connections. Like the ending of Karen & Holly is came from Karen's friend who told her boyfriend about their relationship in episode 3, but the stories between Karen's friend and Adrian (Karen's father) have some connection. She's trying to stalk her father's friend (something like that, I'm not sure.) But it failed, so Karen's friend decided to cheat her best friend by telling her boyfriend that Karen and Holly are couples.
andiennnn (6 years ago)
Anyway Kaya is damn gorgeous and really amazing. Go search in google girl named Pevita Pearce. Actress from Indonesia. She kinda like Kaya's twin!
andiennnn (6 years ago)
What happen next after Holy leaving class with Karen? Is it the end?
greeengoddess (6 years ago)
I wish they'd have spent more time on her story in episode 3 :(
Kryptoniankousin (6 years ago)
Three people from Doctor Who were on this. How odd.
vikaofthenorth (6 years ago)
I think the episodes are meant to be happening parallel, otherwise it would make no sense at all.
mazoo ender (6 years ago)
loved her in this show she is so underrated :/
Hannah Jane (6 years ago)
No the episodes have nothing to do with each other. The only thing that matters is the location is always the same hence the same school. The probably used Kaya for pure convenience she wasn't relevant to the episode.
jesus guzman (6 years ago)
ahmmm y la van a sexuestrasrS como kaya scadelario O y como o afamke janssen en aquella pelicula no? que peliculón?! que fake!
Regired2 (6 years ago)
Is this a new series? If so, when does it come on? Very cute couple. Are there any more scenes with Karen and Holly?
kaitxo8 (6 years ago)
My guess is during. Maybe thats why she outed Karen. Cause she was pissed that her dad turned her down. Bitches be crazy.
Dot181 (6 years ago)
maybe it took place during or before the last episode
victoria o (6 years ago)
so it's out of chronological order?
Hannah Jane (6 years ago)
It has nothing to do with her previous episode. In the previous episode she ended up leaving with her teacher anyways.
loser33user (6 years ago)
Is this all happening before the events of episode 3? Because wasn't Karen supposed to have gone off with Holly? I'm so confused.
Canon90 (6 years ago)
Yeah, they were her only scenes. I know, I thought it was weird too, and her friend was also trying it on with her dad in this episode! Not really someone you would want to be friends with...
victoria o (6 years ago)
Were these her only scenes? didn't it ever explain why she made up with that girl who outed her?
victoria o (6 years ago)
I really love you.

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