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Yuzu kissing Mei! | Cute Mei Reaction (Citrus Episode 3)

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Anime: Citrus Episode: 3 Yuzu initiating with kiss! Outro Music: Rob Gasser-Supersonic
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mei × Yuzu = *Meizu* Yuzu × Mei = *Yumei?*
Twīst (21 days ago)
Women love gay porn or anyhing romantic about gay Guys love lesbian porn or anything romantic about lesbian This is why i love this
Caroline Boudin (29 days ago)
Yuzu : Mei ! Mei : Pourrais-tu toquer au moins ? Yuzu : E-euh ! Désolée d'avoir dit ces choses méchantes hier ! J'ai tout simplement laissé mon tempérament l'emporter sur le meilleur de moi-même. Mei : Je ne t'ai pas appelée ici pour te faire t'excuser. Yuzu : Hein ? Hein ? Alors… Mei : Ceci a été retrouvé dans tes affaires. Yuzu : C'est le manga que j'ai achetée en cachette hier. Je l'ai laissé dans mon sac. Mei : Je ne sais pas ce que tu avais l'intention de faire avec ça, mais je me demande ce que mère penserait si elle le voyait. Surtout alors que nous venons juste de devenir sœurs. Je suis la seule qui ait vu ça. Je ne veux pas que plus de mauvaises rumeurs se basent sur cela, donc débarrasse-toi rapidement de… … Mei : Toi ! Nous sommes à l'école ! A quoi tu penses ?! Yuzu : Tout ça c'est parce que tu m'as embrassée ! Je ne le comprends pas non plus ! Avant même que je le sache, Mei était tout ce à quoi je pouvais penser. Je ne peux plus revenir en arrière. Je sui désolée, je suis une tellement mauvaise sœur. Moins
Lara Barata (1 month ago)
Lara Barata (1 month ago)
I love his
Miwo Ogoe (1 month ago)
anime lover (1 month ago)
I want to feel that kind of love, and I want to do it to a person that I love but im just dreaming bcuz she's a girl and im a girl😔
佐藤浩二 (1 month ago)
All over
Catalina Sandes (1 month ago)
Lo ame
이한결 (1 month ago)
Yuzu: I can't understand why I feel and do like this. I can't go back no more. Sorry. I'm your sister like this. Mei : ........ㅠ.ㅠ My heart is broken in thousand pieces in this scene to Citrus. This is too sad scene.ㅠ.ㅠ
Im having Diarrhea (1 month ago)
Cynthia Morris (1 month ago)
As soon Mei was talking Yuzu just went for the kiss so you know Mei can forget
Manuela6544 girl (1 month ago)
I think I can understand her she's says in her mind you son of bitch
Jhoquon Holder (1 month ago)
open up FBI!!!!!
Sacha XD (1 month ago)
mom please I don't mean to watch it I don't even know this anime is lesbian😖 Please mom I been framed
Apa Ap (1 month ago)
Дура ты
jeep 194 (1 month ago)
ShinaAlboma (1 month ago)
Black_Lightning 1708 (1 month ago)
I love this anime, hope there is a season 2
@[email protected] this anime made me regret life I watched all 12 episodes and died
Shinobu (2 months ago)
Gustavo Lima Pereira (2 months ago)
Esse anime é muito zika
高木貴史 (2 months ago)
Aristotle Ssj God (2 months ago)
Whatever Goku destroys the earth
Emilio Valadez (2 months ago)
Why this isnt a hentai?
Shun K (2 months ago)
What's going on..
ema Šare (2 months ago)
aj boy kiss mei yuzu aaaaaahh!!!
urBoiBiggieCheese • (2 months ago)
*haruyuzu must go on*
Lania GAMER (2 months ago)
I think Harumi and yuzu are pretty cute
Lania GAMER (2 months ago)
Gulp gulp gulp😂😂
Gemma Cartujano (2 months ago)
Kill me. Х)
Flora May Ruiz (2 months ago)
What a RIP OFF
Susuke AIZEN (2 months ago)
Haaa gayyyy
Susuke AIZEN (1 month ago)
Vanos Ford 😂😂🤣🤣
Vanos Ford (1 month ago)
+Susuke AIZEN gay means happy
Susuke AIZEN (1 month ago)
Sereina no one gives a shit/ and gay means abnormal so it's right ether way
Jinko-San (1 month ago)
Sereina haaa gayyyyy😅
Pyetra Leite Leite (2 months ago)
O beijo bom em 😏
Eternal Serenity (3 months ago)
It’s a cute anime
TheLizard230 YouTube (3 months ago)
Hold on im comfused... they are sister uh huh? So why they re lesbians???????
nur imran (2 months ago)
TheLizard230 Youtube they’re both clueless about love and that’s why its happen
Vicki Gonzalez (2 months ago)
another one ....smh but they are , step sister ( not blood related)
Marius Mate (3 months ago)
Read The manga and you Will see
Uchiha Itachi (3 months ago)
Yuri for life
Leslie Ayala (3 months ago)
This honesty is the best anime
Kudo Huynh (3 months ago)
Mei and suxu
Athena Dixon (3 months ago)
I'm trying not to scream 😖
BoisLit 399 (3 months ago)
Athena Dixon i love this anime
Klau Dia (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who is shipping Harumi and Yuzu? And Harumi x Matsuri?
Tbh I think Harumin is hiding some shit...I mean when she told Yuzu she loves her, she has some plotholes, and let's not forget it's Anime
Lystanson (2 months ago)
bud (3 months ago)
Klau Dia SAME
Charmed889 (3 months ago)
Klau Dia I'm shipping Harumin and Matsuri too! But surely I love and prefer Yuzu with Mei.
TF you lookin at (3 months ago)
My PP hard
Lien M (3 months ago)
Ra them ss2 đi đau long qua...
The Frog Show (3 months ago)
Mitutoopia Konapi (3 months ago)
Fusicmusic 14 (27 days ago)
+Mitutoopia Konapi there is no blood relation to em tho
Mitutoopia Konapi (3 months ago)
ok what but but is like sister
Princess Liar (3 months ago)
thenia eleftheriadou-koulkidi stepsister.
Mitutoopia Konapi (3 months ago)
Ehh iam not lesbian😯
katrina kaif (1 month ago)
Every person is normal bt the matter is they can't think straight
katrina kaif (1 month ago)
+Orlane Bel Met how do u know I m normal
Orlane Bel Met (1 month ago)
+katrina kaif YOU ARE NORMAL
nightmare wolf girl 893 (2 months ago)
Sacha (2 months ago)
sachi maurya yeah cool
Twice Momo (4 months ago)
julienne lampa (5 months ago)
I think my heart just broke....
Yuri Doki Doki (6 months ago)
I loveee this anime
Magister Artium Exyl0n (1 month ago)
Non si vede🤣
KotekFrancuski (2 months ago)
Me 2
Enrique Saith (2 months ago)
Se nota :V
Ho Hin Put (2 months ago)
Yuri Doki Doki So this anime supposed to be like that of two girls are in love with each other
Michal Mor (3 months ago)
Hi yori doki doki
Ho Hin Put (6 months ago)
alien from earth (1 month ago)
Yung na Brainwash i see... May Pilipino dito na spader (??)
DURIAN Goh (1 month ago)
+Ho Hin Put i respect your opinion
Park Jung Ah (2 months ago)
Ho Hin Put Fuck you more!!
Ho Hin Put (2 months ago)
Yung na Brainwash sorry
Yung na Brainwash (3 months ago)
Ho Hin Put Fuck u
Wasserglas (7 months ago)
I also subscribed
Wasserglas (7 months ago)
Ben Marex (1 month ago)
Ahmed Ashraf (2 months ago)
Max needs serious help (3 months ago)
Thumbs up 👍
Wasserglas YYAAAASSS 💓
Kaisan Daku (4 months ago)
Wasserglas hell yeah:0
the blah whats up (7 months ago)
Hi watzup hola... im bored
Anime Angel (8 months ago)
Subscribed you 👍
Nicole (8 months ago)
welp... *unzip*
I'm really hoping you're not an adult, I mean they were like 16
_ CrazyCODGirl _ (2 months ago)
佐野和也 (3 months ago)
Nicole ポイント】

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