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Union J chats to Mybliss.co.uk!

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Carry You is out 2nd of June, so we get Union J to carry out some ridiculous tasks. Those crazy kids.
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Kyanna Gomes (2 years ago)
after George did the trust fall with Jamyi did anyone else to your hands day I don't trust myself
Grace Young (3 years ago)
The older have the same shoes and the younger two have the same shoes lol 😂
Zomolicious! (4 years ago)
Dior Dundrienne (4 years ago)
George is so cute but he didn't even do the trust fall correctly he like walked back 
Kennedy C (5 years ago)
do you guys really ever think about the lyrics of carry you like they're so meaningful. It's not like just any old song about love it's just like really caring about someone so you'll stand by them and carry them when they're down like :,-) nice
Emma (5 years ago)
'I'd eat a walrus' 'They're an endangered species' 'Oh well I wouldn't do that'
Emma (5 years ago)
Auto-correct is a b***h!!! I meant aoaowpvwceuspcpkscahap
Emma (5 years ago)
When JJ swears leap browse
Sophie Thiesen (5 years ago)
Aww george is soo cute :)
Melanie Gonzalez (5 years ago)
George said that he doesn't trust himself
Melanie Gonzalez (5 years ago)
This is 'okay'
Zayna (5 years ago)
No matter how much they make fun of JJ they all know he's the most trust worthy and stands by his word haha
Sofia Okholm (5 years ago)
They all trust JJ, when they are falling. But when Jaymi is cathing they don't !
Mira Kaichiin (5 years ago)
Tharciliaaa (5 years ago)
aahww george is just soo cutee!! loveuall!
Aoibhe Thornton (5 years ago)
Aw George is such a geek. 5:39 "They're endangered species." Aw George.
Cassandra Rodriguez (5 years ago)
I would trust the boys :) after all they gonna carry me :")
xxmamaxxable (5 years ago)
love you guysss!
dana shelley (5 years ago)

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