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The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You!

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It is not dollars, treasuries, bonds and debt that is being sold by your government. It is you. Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by signing up for a monthly subscription or making a one time donation at: http://www.fdrurl.com/donate Bitcoin Address: 1Fd8RuZqJNG4v56rPD1v6rgYptwnHeJRWs Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedomainradio.com
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Text Comments (1114)
Red Sun (2 months ago)
Doesn't Stefan see how this applies to Trump and the Republicans today? Another "Silver Tongued demagogue" as he says.
Hue Lu (3 months ago)
yeah, this is why I want to see all of these going down, I mean it’s all the same, everywhere, anywhere. I see parasites everywhere for years. This is why I stood for myself and can’t really trust anyone anymore. I mean if it gets better I don’t mind carrying a bit more weight with me, but they are insane, no matter where they are from.... well, if you got your fair share of what you earn, jealousy will come, then thieves, violence etc. I would rather trust myself now more than ever.
Brendon Smith (8 months ago)
this is the third video of his that i have felt the need to comment. it is sickening how uninformed he is. the market is a pizza. if i get more that means someone gets less (or lots of people get a little bit less). we are not selling ourselves we are selling our production. all you have to do is talk to anyone that does international trade (meat, grain, dairy products, to name just a few) and you will understand. thats why countries want free trade because they can only trade within a market for a certain amount before they get pinged with a trade levy (depending on the deals mutual countries have made on trade). same with mortgages. i dont have the money to buy a house so i borrow it from a bank. the bank doesnt have money though, it has other peoples "wants" to buy a house. they all are willing to pay it off over time at interest thus creating a marketplace to connect peoples money and means of production for the betterment of all society. i bet you everything that i have, he has borrowed money in his life. like most of us.
masterpainter78 (5 months ago)
FFFFFFHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW......Eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh....And the airplane went right over your head and you didn't even notice.
Bearded Heretic (1 year ago)
The UNITED STATES INC., Government is a business! There's documented proof of this
Mr.47 (1 year ago)
money is made up, private property is made up, erase it and start over
David Januszewski (1 year ago)
Excellent presentation, don't stop here, forever forward!
aaron mcdonald (2 years ago)
we are all prone to sacrifice of the leader of righteousness we shall soon pay back the debt in agains and agains , against much repeal. then they fill in the blanks like multiple choice
aaron mcdonald (2 years ago)
so simple yet so untaxed.. you will lose your ground.... less the man come unpunished more shall they wake in a scalice and untrocle truth...
aaron mcdonald (2 years ago)
so simple yet so untaxed.. you will lose lose your ground.... less the man come unpunished more shall they wake in a scalice and untrocle truth...
M. .M (2 years ago)
6 years so far when this video has been made. You didnt disappoint.
John Wally (2 years ago)
The U.S. is giving the world technology at a faster rate than any other country. I think they give us money so we don't nuke them... It's a loving relationship though. Treasury will print money and pay off debts and lower credit of dollar but America can continue with thriving isolated economy once the energy supply is 100%. This means America is not selling us off like cattle. They are selling off an illusion of debt.
Juan Tarrats (2 years ago)
great video, very elegantly phrased Steffan
bayleybomber (2 years ago)
Human trade is BIG business. don't miss out
Adamantium Scorpion (2 years ago)
The rich rule over the poor, the borrower is a slave to the lender. Proverbs 22:7
breathingsunshine (2 months ago)
True but we are noting lending ourselves but being robbed at gun point.
mark haas (2 years ago)
Radical Islam in Canadian Mosques. Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVJbuZAmN3o
Skarn22 (2 years ago)
This has a distinctive "Soylent Green" feel to it. Money is PEOPLE!
RONALD COLLINS (2 years ago)
this nigga bastard you call a president is destroying the whole world, the only time he is not betraying america is five times a day when he gets on his knees with his face in the dirt and his arse in the air and prays to a non existent diety wake up america
RONALD COLLINS (2 years ago)
this nigga bastard you call a president is destroying the whole world, the only time he is not betraying america is five times a day when he gets on his knees with his face in the dirt and his arse in the air and prays to a non existent diety wake up america
UrbanGear (2 years ago)
It's people...soylent green is people!
MrTruth111 (2 years ago)
THE FEDERAL RESERVE CAN AND SHOULD BE BE ABOLISHED! Each of the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks can be dissolved today by an act of Congress or “forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.” How the American people can end the unconstitutional control of their money using the Federal Reserve interest bearing counterfeit Note is codified in the United States Code, TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUB CHAPTER IX § 341. General enumeration of powers. What laws have the Federal Reserve violated that would warrant their immediate forfeiture? Counterfeiting, money laundering, trafficking of counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes, securities fraud, fraud, insider trading, extortion, and embezzlement. Only the Congress of the U.S., which comprises of the Senate and the House of Representatives has the power to coin and issue the U.S. money supply and regulate the value thereof: [Article 1 Section 1 and Section 8] Nowhere, in the Constitution does it give Congress the power or authority to transfer any powers granted under the Constitution to a private corporation. Therefore the Federal Reserve is null and void. http://theconspiracyzone.podcastpeople.com/posts/31561
Armand Rodriguez (3 years ago)
No problem, we elected a rock star of a president in '08 and '12 and he'll fix everything. If not we'll elect a socialist or the first woman, who's under criminal investigation by the FBI, as our new president - because the media told us to.
carolina beacher (1 year ago)
we now have our president under criminal investigation, wasnt who we thought though is it :) good call.
Mega (3 years ago)
Whats my answer to my Child.......easy MGTOW no child to worry about, not helping the farmers in any way possible.
Fujibear (3 years ago)
What if America stopped paying back their loans entirely? What would the world do? Nuke us? I doubt it, they want to get their money, but they don't want to end the world in nuclear war for it. It's the same as any hostage situation, no matter how threatening they look with their guns, they know that if they kill the hostages they have nothing left to bargain with and no longer can get what they want.
Völundr Frey (2 years ago)
+FujibearGames Essentially what ninny said, but things wouldn't really shoot up in price. Just relative to the average income. The prices of non essential commodities would drop because all your money would go to the essentials. And then foreigners would buy up land and natural resources. The government would put up some stupid new fees and taxes which is not going to affect the buyers much but the government won't be trying to stop it because they need the cash and the people will think they're helping them. TL:DR: America will be sold off to the highest bidder, and the government will help them because they're strapped for cash. Like what's happening in Greece, any one can afford a Villa near the beach in Greece. Except the Greeks.
Derek Evans (2 years ago)
+FujibearGames My views exactly. To extend the "farmer" analogy. If the farmer cant/wont pay the bank, the bank gets the courts to send in the sheriff to take the farm. So, how would that work on a country scale? WAR? That has always been the end result. I guess its like the Waco siege. Creditors can put more and more political pressure on citizens to agree to asset taking, but, from what I've seen, Americans arn't too cheery when it comes to being ripped off.
Jeremiah d (3 years ago)
+ninny65 get your Bitcoin
ninny65 (3 years ago)
+FujibearGames They would stop trading with America. Stop providing oil, food, daily essentials. The price of everything would shoot up, taxes would rise, the very ideology that America had would closing crumble under the pressure, people would rebel. America would last a though years but just as the Roman Empire had to repay it's debts to it's barbarian mercenaries so to will America fall in the same way.
peter tuann (3 years ago)
paranoia, calm down, USA has lots of land, 80% of USA is owned by Federal gov.  USA has weapons to sell, mineral rights to sell, etc.  Finally, if USA stops paying, what can other countries do?  Invade us?  nothing, so chill.  
steelyman08 (4 years ago)
You have a very fortunate child (-: Thanks for your efforts.
eddy Gamoto (4 years ago)
Great Video. Well done :) OPPT has FORECLOSED BANKS, CORPORATIONS, COURTS AND GOVERNMENTS all around the world. This happened in 2012....Study (OPPT)  UCC CONTRACT LAW....Google OPPT..and Study UCC Contract LAW and Learn to administer the COURTESY NOTICE  process..Support each other as well.  Learning. Global page and Country page.  The One People - Global https://www.facebook.com/groups/TOPGLOBAL/ The One People - USA https://www.facebook.com/groups/TopUSA/
fishlips54 (4 years ago)
When are they coming, with guns, to take my $10,000.00? It will be 5 years since this warning was published, will they take much longer to arrive?
macuś kraków (3 years ago)
+fishlips54 Look at your tax statements.
jackgoldman1 (4 years ago)
Dow was 995 silver dollars in 1966 and is 995 silver dollars in 2014. It's a money bubble. The money bubble will collapse. I have to protect myself. No one else can or will. Good luck to us all. Good luck. 
D Boss (4 years ago)
taxcattle_x1913x (4 years ago)
elektron2kim (4 years ago)
Still, the big question is where did it go, who did it and what is it. I mean, a gizzilian hours of work can't just go up in smoke unless that was the intention in the management departments. It clearly points out some sort of mafia....
eddy Gamoto (4 years ago)
they have spent it on hookers. ;) The use it on the stock market, wars, super companies and theft. Ceo's and major shareholder steal lots.
Stefan Molyneux (4 years ago)
Vince Mcneil (4 years ago)
very powerful, thanks for sharing!
Linda Lyons-Bailey (4 years ago)
America is not broke. We just bent over backwards to let a tiny handful of wealthy, wealthy, wealthy, wealthy people take and hoard most of it, and then we wonder why there isn't any to pay the national debt, and why there isn't any for ordinary working people anymore.
Kathleen H. (4 years ago)
We own nothing, try not paying your taxes on your house when it is paid off...break a law they will confiscate it, they will come take it, try using public land when the Government thinks it owns it, you will end up like Cliven Bundy. Imagine your city taxes going to repair a park but it is never getting repaired, so you spend your money for improvements, try to pay your fees to the state instead of the city but they refuse it.  And here comes the city with 200 armed full geared officers to trash the parks and ruin everything you did? That is PUBLIC land we paid for with our taxes and the government goes in and ruins it? We are millions against 535 people and we let them fuck with our lives every day! What is wrong with us? We don't need a mommy or daddy to live. It's time to put them in a nursing home.
Rasta Mon (4 years ago)
Wow! That was really well done +Stefan Molyneux 
Antdog5 (4 years ago)
This is right and I think Russia can back me up on this, but back in my day, it was just the money not the physical body, therefore you must return my property intact.
poptypop (4 years ago)
taxpayers = slaves.
New improved grady1610 (4 years ago)
It never made sense why we borrowed money from China, BEFORE NOW!
Clayton (5 years ago)
Q: Why did he skip all the republican presidents and only show the democratic presidents as if to say only liberal politicians are responsible for the state the economy is in when in fact there all criminals democrat or republican A: Libertarian retards
Pablo Malaga (4 years ago)
Because Obama has taken more debt than all the other presidents combined
lagg (4 years ago)
there is more to this than party deception, its all a fallacy. Understand they both work for the same corporation, and IT DOES NOT MATTER which turd you eat from the punch bowl!
Michael Hager (5 years ago)
0:07 G. Ford. Republican.
Nick Bowe (5 years ago)
You need a de-esser plugin , just trying to help. it'll get rid of that wistle sound
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
Soooooooo I guess that is your way of admitting that you lost the debate. Teabaggers are all losers but usually they do not give up so easily.
Pennoid (5 years ago)
The debt-obsessed, tax-hating ultra-liberal. Stay classy, scabs, boss-heads, and utopian-capitalists.
gypsy ranger (5 years ago)
And so this is the basis for undoing this illegal use of your individual person and iyour 'value', stripping that power from the international banking cartel and the illegal corporate entities now masquerading as our governments and returning it to where it rightfully belongs, with us.
gypsy ranger (5 years ago)
If you have a birth certificate you will find some numbers on it. This is your registration number and records you as property of the state. The state then uses this as collateral against loans received partly from the international community and mainly from the international banking cartel. In return for your individual value being used by your 'government' illegally you receive nothing. Since your 'government is the trustee to your hidden trust they cannot act as the beneficiary and use your $
Kyle Ernst (5 years ago)
You are unable to be civil. You know what I believe and think. A waste of my time to debate myself. End of transmission.
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
What about it? I know your type. Blinded by religion and believing in a white man with a beard in the sky and similar fantasies you do not have the ability to think and only accept ideas, etc on faith. Eg you believe the world was created in 6 days a few years ago whereas science proves it is billions of years old and constantly evolving. Same with economics and politics, you believe anything from the right that is preached to you like that from this video. You are unable to think.
Stefan Molyneux (5 years ago)
Kyle Ernst (5 years ago)
See my last line of my last post. Check ya later.
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
Thank God for the Federal Reserve. Thank the Devil for teabaggers, libertarian wannabees, chaos and ranting slaves to the conspiracy theorist leaders and big business.
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
it is likely that the 17T will begin to reduce. You do realize that a large part of the cause was Bush's wars and the country's obsession with a huge military. In order to avoid collapse it was necessary to spend and bailout banks and industry. Now (if the tea party does not destroy the economy) as the economy gets into high gear increased tax money will help to reduce the debt. It increases if spending is reduced. The time to do that is in good times not bad times. Let that be a lesson to you.
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
I am part of a team of economists at a large bank whereas you are an uneducated and uninformed teabagger, libertarian wannabe and religious fanatic. Raising the debt ceiling allows the House to pay its bills for goods and services that the House has already spent, jackass. I am sure with your limited knowledge you can figure out what non-payment will mean. Obama has cut the deficit in half so the country is well on the way to reducing the debt and as the economy continues to improve (continued)
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
Crazy fart. It is up to the sane Republicans to control the insane tea party. They are too chicken shit though, because they are afraid of losing support from the extreme right in their own districts. They do not want to lose in 2014 to a tea party nutcase like another Cruz. The constitution does not allow a president or the opposite party to control members of another party unless of course they give in to their blackmail. We should not give in to extremists.
Kyle Ernst (5 years ago)
Do you have any fiscal knowledge at all? We are 17 T in debt and you want to raise the limit to what? 20? 22? 25? why have a ceiling at all. The feds print the paper out of thin air anyway. 17 trillion pieces of paper all backed by the GDP of the America people..you are a slave like the rest of us to a monster that goes beyond one man, bonehead or obama..
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
LOL I know that your church is just a few hairs away from being Fundamentalist Protestant. You believe in the same basic ridiculousness. For example, you and your bible think the world was created in 6 days and ignore the proof that it was created over millions of years. Faith is stupid. Science is fact. I stand by my thesis that radically religious people do not have the ability to think independently or rationally. The fact you wold let people die rather than get a flu shot proves it.
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
The other party is the party of NO and does not want Obama success. They never vote in support of the President or the American people. Just look at the latest fiasco with shutdown and raising the debt limit. I do not even think that supporters of the GOP understand what will happen if the tea party thugs get their way.
Kyle Ernst (5 years ago)
I have studied all the religions even the faith of the atheists and agnostics. I found them all lacking. My guess is you know nothing about the Holy Orthodox Church nor it's faith so making judgements about it out of complete ignorance is as illogical as atheism itself.
Kyle Ernst (5 years ago)
I believe the GOP would support the fair tax...hell Obama could just sign it into law as the King of America. But yes I think the GOP would support it. I want Obama to be successful just in a smart way...not in idiot ways like signing bills without the consent of the other party...all the "me"s in the nation.
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
The fact that you are fanatically religious makes you prone to believe other fantasies like what Molyneux, gold scammers and conspiracy theorists make up. This is especially the case if it "preached" and includes fear mongering, government hatred, etc. As for the Fair Tax, I think that has to wait until all branches of government are controlled by one party. Can you see the party of "No" agreeing with Obama to make such a significant change?
mastermind0981 (2 years ago)
Kyle Ernst (5 years ago)
So you cannot tell me one thing that is fine in the economy so you try to use envy as your means of manipulation? So if I agree everything is wonderful, the birds are chirping in the sky, the clouds have parted and the seas have receded then I too will prosper like you enjoying life, making a good income with gret health care? Is that your promise? Let us leave personalities out of it...moot to the issue. Why bring up race? You think I am some "creepy ass cracker"? Gold has been good to me.
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
Let me see, what do I say to a weird conspiracy theorist, government hater especially an elected black president hater and gullible cult member of fear mongers and gold scammers? Lets try this: While you are living paranoid and delusional thinking the sky is/will be falling, I am enjoying life, making a good income, have great healthcare, etc, etc.
Kyle Ernst (5 years ago)
Doing fine? What is "fine"?
Kyle Ernst (5 years ago)
I agree...since the dollar has no backing by tangible assets like gold then all that backs the US dollar is the GDP of "We the people". We are slaves to the US dollar but this is not limited to the USA alone. The USA has enslaved the entire world. What can be done? The "Fair Tax". fairtax. o r g.
The HardTruth (5 years ago)
WHO GIVES A SHIT??? They taste gooooooooooood! MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm
lizardgizard2002 (5 years ago)
Strange how that 5 years later we are still doing fine. All these quack economists never come back years later to apologize for being so damn wrong.
Skyler Enola (5 years ago)
Don't just blame others like you don't share any responsibility. When many us citizen live on credits and no saving.
Skyler Enola (5 years ago)
Having that said , in return, where are those resources and goods and services and labor you keep consuming and wasting come from? Many Chinese people work like cow for almost nothing for exported goods to you people.
Hooch (5 years ago)
i feel like every video i watch and share brings me closer to getting black bagged in the night. but i keep doing it anyway. i`ve lived life not being scared of much but this terrifies me in ways i can`t even explain.
Claudia Paredes (5 years ago)
Good video. However, Stefan: Cattle are NOT dumb beasts. They feel, fear, and know what is happening when they are about to die. So, please refrain from calling animals dumb beasts on your next videos when you obviously don't know about them. There are tons of studies proving how much cows can feel. They even cry when they are about to die. So, again, if you are not sure about this fact then just don't say it since it transmits an incorrect message to all your viewers on how animals feel.
Vanessy8686 (5 years ago)
Another great video Stefan, Thank you. I and so many others appreciate your hard work. :)
Yvette E (5 years ago)
Congress has committed treason. It is true that they are pimping us and it started with the British government that took the real Constitution and hid it in their library. We had the right to vote all the times, now the IMF is printing counterfeit monies, charging us interest on counterfeit monies that the forefathers put in the Constitution to say it is illegal to print the US dollars but the Federal Money System is doing so. They are using us for pornography and murder and filming it.
santo2424 (5 years ago)
You didn't refute anything that I said in my comment, which would have been helpful. If there is something that I don't have figured out, please explain your claim so I will not have bias in mine.
reiwell del (5 years ago)
there is one thing I keep noticing about your comments. It is that you assume that any form of government exists because people want to be in power, and not because this is a consequence of not having any order. once you have figured that out you wont have as much bias in your claims.
santo2424 (5 years ago)
Of course there would still be humans that would be violent in a stateless society. But they would not have an institution to slither in to for the purposes of wielding power over the rest of the society. And by institution, I don't only mean the structure of a government, I also mean the institution of false belief that is in peoples minds. The false belief that we need a government.
reiwell del (5 years ago)
look it up? experts? this must be a joke. you really should not trust everything you find in the internet. It seems that you are desperate now that you cant even give me a name of a researcher or organization behind that statistic, even if you do find them again, im sure it would be a good laugh on the method they used to find this. so enough with the gobbly goo kid.
reiwell del (5 years ago)
also in the note of "psycopathy", I don't think you know much about the condition, for one thing if you have read the DSM IV, you would know that most people will have a personality condition in that book in varying degree's. some people like to label a sickness or a disease as a abnormal mutation rather than part of character. but you know what I think leaders need a bit of psycopaths in them, because they are rational unlike you who is emotionally fragile.
reiwell del (5 years ago)
where is my proof? have you talked to the average citizen? that's my proof. you assume humans would seize to be violent, and you are the one asking me for proof.
trop68 (5 years ago)
People have being missing the elephant in the room for a very long time now. That elephant is the banking system that commits huge fraud against us on a daily bases. We should be fighting for the eradication of banks. We dont need them and never did. Our govts are just bankers puppets that take the slack for all our social ills and so we wrongfully believe that we need to change our govt at the next election. Its how money is created and by who is what needs to be changed.
reiwell del (5 years ago)
a free society would have more corruption behind it, It would soon be taken over by some form of government, a free society would never last long.
Tracy Johnson (5 years ago)
And things will likely get worse before they get better. Americans get weaker and softer with each new promise by a politician. We expect the security blanket to grow each and every year. Problem is, the blanket is stretching thinner and thinner with bigger holes than before. One day the blanket will tear apart and end up leaving all those relying on its security to be exposed to the hard truths of the real world. You hear that? It's another new tear of the blanket.
reiwell del (5 years ago)
stateless society? well, that's a mouthful. It probably wont be called a "state" but it would still be something similar
Exether (5 years ago)
Your able to effortlessly receive over 3500 dollars every month simply by responding to basic online surveys at home. This site shows precisely how tr.im\4b79g
William Wallace (5 years ago)
The GOP Are Un-American low life and the Americans have the IQ of 1. you don't care to really know your rights. you don't care about America. you only car about money. you only care about what you get at the end of the day. My days are just about up on Earth and I am okay with that. I had my fun and I had a good life. But will the children.
hockeypuck999 (5 years ago)
Gretreal....first, get a spellchecker, then get some facts.
William Wallace (5 years ago)
The Bill of rights come from and is part of The Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution come from and is part of the United States Declaration of Independence. All three documents are what We the People is all about and is every American right of freedom. Every American needs to know every word and to fully understand what it is all about. Then and only then will you understand what we the People is a government of the people, by the people, for the people.
William Wallace (5 years ago)
We can only thank all the Americans who don't think on who they vote for. They don't look is see what the people in congress and how they are voting on what bill. The GOP have voted NO to every bill to Americans back to work. But the GOP had voted YES to every bill that will take help away from American families, old people and from our children schooling. Americans go on the internet for everything, but not to see how Congress is working for The American people.WE need to untied together as one
Lawrence Page (5 years ago)
I wonder why they never air this on National Public Radio?
Methos Millozotti (5 years ago)
I have watched this countless times, and it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and moves me to tears. This is perhaps the most important 6 minutes a person could spend watching it for the first time. Thank you Stephen.
Josias Reis (5 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this GREAT video. Thanks for the enlightenment and work. Thanks for being part of this invisible war. In return, I'll also share and propagate these words. My answer to my Child???? I have tried and never gave up, dear...join me!
AR15freedom1 (5 years ago)
Fristaden Christiania (Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark)
PASCHDigiMedia (5 years ago)
The next logical question is "Where in the world is it best to be stateless?"
wakeupscreaming (5 years ago)
I think voting is more ceremonial now. And democracy more of an illusion.
trident3b (5 years ago)
we keep seeing all this all the time, saw it all pre internet too. Same babble etc. But guess what, no nation ever ever ever goes broke. The US Dollar is in line with other currencies, yet the USA was 'bankrupt' in August 2012... so they raised the bar and they were no longer broke!! They print more and more money. This is all crap. Nothing ever happens. Planes are still flying, people are still buying like crazy, fuel prices have dropped again, etc. nothing ever damn well happens. Nothing.
megamanacses (5 years ago)
Americlap: The YouTube Video
KONAROCK1 (5 years ago)
A-fucking-MEN, dude!
KONAROCK1 (5 years ago)
He has given YEARS of supporting arguments. He has 1,249 videos on his channel backing this shit up. These are all factual statements that he's making, not theories. You have an internet connection. Use it. You have no excuse not to be aware of what he's talking about. You have the sum of the human race's knowledge at your fingertips. Check it out.
Gerald Edwards Sr (5 years ago)
The US has been broke and taken over by (guess who?) since 1913. See the Federal Reserve Act of 1913
Gerald Edwards Sr (5 years ago)
The US has been broke since 1913. See the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
Attackfull (5 years ago)
Нуждаем се от Анархия и Чист Капитализъм. Мерси ,българи. + Stefan Molyneux Тези групировки, структури , военни, мафиоти и тн и тн , няма конечно си тръгнат без конечно развалите най-голямата структура - системата , правителството , измислените идеологии. На всички ни е ясно, че всяка политическа идеология е начин за манипулация. Развалете илюзията на тези които не са достатъчно наясно, вие няма будто конечно промените ситуацията с протести, системата е създадена конечно действа СРЕЩУ вас от самото си начин.
Statu-Palma Barba-Cot (5 years ago)
What you are saying is correct, BUT it has always been the same, I share your view, based on a scientific approach not the passionate language that you use. There is hope for change. But please contemplate that we are barely awakening from this type of thinking for it has begone to stop working for a lot of people. IT has never been different and it is our responsibility to solve this problem for children to come. Don't look to the past or present for role-models or we'll make the same mistake.

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