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My New Intro

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So hello everyone I just make a new intro for me but maybe the music is still gonna change to checkout my Faceboo page for more info
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Felix P02 (7 months ago)
Uhhh Yack a hack a lack a duck a chugga juga so rock and pack a jingle way to spread love and lessons,locate lost people don't be sinful, be a saint cause the King has arrived at Decemeber 25 (yaah) Prepare room and food,holiday goods to cook or bake a cake heat meat this cheese balls and a candy cane go take decoration,colorful,and a tree top it up a shining star symbol whole nation. Cause One Wish IDC bout'a gifts but NVM lets have celebration.Real deal is Lord for Occasion a peace in whole nation.
zucc (8 months ago)
Gay but i like anyways
SpookyGr (8 months ago)
zero two <3
Hiro x 002 (27 days ago)
My one and only waifu
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Levi Uchiha daarin,what do you want?😊
SpookyGr (8 months ago)
omg my daarin replied
Felix P02 (8 months ago)
Levi Uchiha ^~^
Fuzzy _goat (9 months ago)
Felix please sub back
Felix P02 (9 months ago)
I'm gonna remake this.

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