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Kathryn Prescott in Casualty - Part 2/2

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Kat in Casualty 07/01/12 Part 2/2 Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C56H5YgnymU
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Gabby Lambert (2 years ago)
Now she looks like Katie in near the end of series 3 of skins when she has her head smashed open with that rock. Tbh I love Kathryn Prescott though everything she's been in she has being so talented
patricia moreton (3 years ago)
I do feel and I do feel so much for the best parmedics and Dixie and Jeff to and the others and help them to be
Chloe Smith (4 years ago)
At 7:35 it looks like lily loveless aka naomi
Morgan (5 years ago)
She will ALWAYS be Emily to me. No matter what she's in! I Love Kat Prescott<333
Nancy Michel (6 years ago)
Here's the complete chapter, felow :) /watch?v=MuH-Ry8VX0k
Pearlii Valdez (6 years ago)
Have any of you seen Kat in Lee Nelson's Well Good Show? She played the pregnant girl that gave birth. That was fun to watch.
Debora A (6 years ago)
seriously, the guy was on the hospital after being exposed to chemicals AND an explosion. Is that really the best time to be discussing relationships? ... Kat needs to land some serious roles, this kind of shitty shows is a stepback for her...
Ana (6 years ago)
me too haha
NayaDzienny (6 years ago)
Is there anymore to this or is that it? She's so fucking......ugh. Why can't I be her? xD
midgetosser (7 years ago)
Why are there just random cuts? Like in the video itself not the people haha
Nicole ButlerC (7 years ago)
i love Kats voice!
Kevin Théorêt (7 years ago)
@Canon90 awh :( thats sad.
Canon90 (7 years ago)
@SoFreakinK It ran into serious financial issues so it hasn't been released yet, and I have no idea if it ever will be :(
Kevin Théorêt (7 years ago)
do you know where I can find Lethal Movie for download ? (sorry for my bad english)

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