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Winning through gender intelligence: Great minds think unalike | Barbara Annis | TEDxSouthLakeTahoe

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The final and most profound leg of our journey to genuine gender equality is for women and men to embrace each other’s authenticity and strive to work and succeed together, not as equals in numbers alone, but as equals in value. As men and women come to understand each other’s ways of thinking and acting, they step up to a new and powerful level of conversation. They understand and appreciate each other’s unique contribution, begin to include each other more assuredly and more willingly, and uncover the hidden value in the complement of their differences. Barbara Annis, Founding Partner of Gender Intelligence Group (GIG), is a world-renowned expert on Inclusive Leadership through Gender & Cultural Intelligence, advocating the value and practice of this new type of leadership in Fortune 500 companies and numerous organizations worldwide. Her insights and achievements have pioneered a transformational shift in cultural attitudes across the globe on the importance of gender unity to organizational success. Barbara began her career as the first women in sales at Sony and became the first woman Sales Manager with 14 Outstanding Sales Achievement Awards and Sony’s MVP Award. Over the past 27 years, Barbara Annis and her 51 global associates have facilitated over 8,000 corporate workshops and conducted thousands of leadership assessments and executive coaching sessions. GIG has introduced breakthrough research on the practice and benefits of inclusive leadership and gender diversity. Additionally, GIG offers diagnostics, workshops, and coac This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Nat Aki (7 months ago)
Women have more white matter. More white matter creates better liars. Psychopaths have more white matter.
Nat Aki (7 months ago)
Woman's brain at rest: Neurotic
Nat Aki (7 months ago)
Men just need to understand that women are our competition not our allies. We owe them nothing. We need to start taking care of ourselves and stop sacrifice ourselves for women. It is pretty simple.
Nat Aki (7 months ago)
Gender is a social construct.
Maryann Bloomfield (1 year ago)
Such an important topic with value both professionally and personally.
Suzanne Barker (1 year ago)
thank you ... we need to engage both men and women in the discussion if we are going to generate equity by not only understanding but also by embracing our differences!
Marissa Eigenbrood (1 year ago)
An incredible addition to today's critical conversation -- we need gender intelligence, not equality! We're different, and that's where the power lies in making changes in the ways men and women work together, communicate and how companies succeed at the bottom line. Well done, Barbara!
amy amy (1 year ago)
Wonderful, thank you.
Treeforged (1 year ago)
So let me summarize, when women are achieving more then men, that is a good statistic and when men are achieving more then women that is a bad thing. Men have lower brain activity then women and women have better memories then men. Men are jokes and there deficiencies make for good punch lines for jokes, but there is no reason to joke about women. To stop men from earning more then women we need to change the culture, in a way that she does not in any way describe, and hire 50% women so they can use there superior brain power to improve everything. In conclusion its another vacuous moral plea for equality of outcome with no idea how to actually change anything.
Judy Albers (10 months ago)
Right, I think you are misinterpreting the message, Treeforged, which is that neither is superior, and we should recognize and honor differences, rather than blame. It's not that there is lower brain activity in men, it's that they are genetically better able to shut off their thoughts when relaxing. Also, this is not either-or, but about norms within a bell curve, and each of us falls somewhere along the curve.
amy amy (1 year ago)
Treeforged uhm.. didn't she say they should work together ?
Taco Pizza (1 year ago)
First and it was good. Not a bunch of looney talk

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