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IDOLiSH7 3rd Anniversary Scouting

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Momoko: Today’s a big day Starla: Why Banri Updated The new freakin UI Momoko: Warning Headphones ahead Momoko & Starla: Happy 3rd Anniversary Everybody Starla: FYI the microphone cut off sorry Follow us on Twitter: @Fan67Hell Instagram: ryu_wife or MomokoChan ( My Sister ): tenn_wife or Hoshii/Starla Amino: ( Me ): http://aminoapps.com/p/88j6ir ( My Sister ): http://aminoapps.com/p/s28niq
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Lindovert (7 months ago)
So jealous of the Road to Infinity Ryuu and Love&Game Ryuu! Great pulls!
Lindovert (7 months ago)
Yeah the ichiban kuji is coming up!
IdolTwinzGirlFan67 (7 months ago)
Lindovert Starla: The next scouting is Ryu’s Birthday in October for my sister’s sake Momoko: We might do Ichiban Kuji. Probably
Lindovert (7 months ago)
Yeah looks like in the end we both got what we wanted! So what are you guys plans now as far as scouting?
IdolTwinzGirlFan67 (7 months ago)
Lindovert Momoko: Thanks Starla: Thanks the first part my sister was so happy on her first pull. And the second part for me my voice recording didn’t pick up. Oh well we did amazing job from 3rd Anniversary

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