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Kathryn Prescott in Casualty - Part 1/2

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Kat in Casualty 07/01/12 Part 1/2 Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_B3jI4qi-g In case it's not clear, Ruby's (Kat's character) dad has been having an affair with one of the neighbours (as can be seen in the scene in the park).
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patricia moreton (3 years ago)
This program is so dangerous to get the bests parmedics Dixie and Jeff and the others to
Michael Webster (3 years ago)
Can someone put the full episode on please?
tabby LEE (4 years ago)
I love Kat she's amazing but it's always Emily Fitch to me
Morgan (5 years ago)
I can't stand how amazing Kat is....GAHHHH WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO BE SO BLOODY AMAZING!!!
Alejandra Bernal (6 years ago)
hot n' cold ! <3
Katalina D. (6 years ago)
It may be in a thousand films, but will always be the lovely Emily Fitch in mi mind :3
NayaDzienny (6 years ago)
When did Naomi have a sex change?
Hanski (7 years ago)
aaaawhhh Im still in love with Kat ♥
NayaDzienny (7 years ago)
Lily's probably hiding in the background somewhere ;)
cymphonies Rubio (7 years ago)
looks better than skins
AudioInjectedSoul11 (7 years ago)
I take that back this show looks good, explosions!!
AudioInjectedSoul11 (7 years ago)
Hmm weird show, I fucking love Kathryn though
Trek Star (7 years ago)
Ruby huh...we want Emily!
Angelica Bengochea (7 years ago)
I miss my little red head :c
claudine layos (7 years ago)
when was this video filmed? she still has thesame looks. still cute
Pat Bishop (7 years ago)
Ruby?.. no no no. Emily. Emily.
rockmahworld91 (7 years ago)
Shes such a hottie. Unf. And her acting talent is pure brilliance.
hannzzoh8 (7 years ago)
I freaked out when I saw her. I was like, 'ahhhhhh it's Kat Prescott! Wait! Where's Meg at?' Haha.
Mirjam (7 years ago)
really akward with katy perry in the backround
JRB1882 (7 years ago)

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