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How to Clean a Baby Stroller! UPPAbaby & Other Brands

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Makers Cleaning Cloths: http://bit.ly/makersclean A baby stroller is an essential piece of equipment in the life of every parent. I've been using my UPPAbaby Vista since day 1. That being said, they also get quite dirty due to their constant use, exposure to the elements, and the occasional baby accident. So, in this video, I take you through how to clean a stroller so you can keep rolling in style. Whether you have an UPPAbaby stroller or any other brand, these steps will walk you through how it is done and you can tweak it based on the exact brand and model you have. Once you see how it is done, you'll get a sense for how easy it is! ***MY STROLLER*** UPPAbaby Vista: https://amzn.to/2QCUIsV COMMENT QUESTION: What is your most challenging baby mess? Subscribe for a Cleaner Life! http://bit.ly/CMSYT17 *** FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! *** Clean My Space: http://bit.ly/CMSIG18 Melissa: http://bit.ly/MelissaMakerInsta Chad: http://bit.ly/ChadReynoldsInsta *** START YOUR JOURNEY TO A CLEANER LIFE! *** YouTube: http://bit.ly/CMSYT17 Blog: http://bit.ly/CleanMySpaceBlog Maker's Microfibre Cloths: http://bit.ly/makersclean Facebook: http://bit.ly/CleanMySpaceFB18 Melissa's Channel: http://bit.ly/MelissaMakerYT18 Chad's Channel: http://bit.ly/CheckYourLevelsYT *** HOME PRODUCTS WE LOVE *** Vacuum Dyson V6 Absolute: http://amzn.to/2agXtQ4 Cleaning Caddy: http://amzn.to/2auzGL3 Essential Oils: http://amzn.to/2akh6SX Barkeepers Friend: http://amzn.to/2agXOlS Spray Bottles: http://amzn.to/2agY6Jn Tide Free & Gentle Detergent: http://amzn.to/2aHw5J3 Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap: http://amzn.to/2akhKj8 Cascade Dishwasher Detergent: http://amzn.to/2akhi4H Oxo Squeegee: http://amzn.to/2awGmbP Questions? Comments? We'd love to hear from you - say hello down below!
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Clean My Space (6 months ago)
COMMENT QUESTION: What is your most challenging baby mess?
Tara 907 (6 months ago)
Car seat, toys, or stains on clothing. Newborn stains never come out!! 😫
amylynn524 (6 months ago)
Newborn poo explosions on the carpet. Forever stained
Deb A (6 months ago)
For sure the highchair! 🤮
Lisalea (6 months ago)
I would like to see a video on cleaning baby toys/stuffed animals. (How often to clean/what to use?)
Laura Neighbors (6 months ago)
My biggest challenge is the diaper pale.. what would be the best way to clean it, deodorize it, and keep it from smelling up the room? (Besides throwing it away or not using it :-| )
Rhoda Dinkley (29 days ago)
Aw hell na. I love my uppababy, but not enough to take it apart with a newborn and toddler!
Lore Irigoyen (5 months ago)
please make a video on how do you clean your baby's toys! That would be awesome!
Erica V (5 months ago)
Clean a pack and play!
mina niazi (5 months ago)
Toys and sweaters jackets are mess to be handled
Brinniebee (6 months ago)
Our high chair has fabric on the back behind baby’s head. It gets covered in food and it stresses me out to figure out how to get it clean. Also, car seats. My son gets them so dirty and again , how do you clean that??
nad raf (6 months ago)
It daughter is such a cutie😚
Hets Girl (6 months ago)
Banana and other food stains on clothes! As a single mum with two little kids (and my baby girl had to feed A LOT) I often wouldn't have time to deal to stains right away, and always ran the risk of forgetting until the next day, by that time the stains had time to really set in. I tried everything on those banana stains, but nothing worked and I lost a lot of good clothes in the process 🙁 she is now 14 and just today I found some gym clothes at the bottom of her school bag with a lost banana!
Michelle Sunshinestar (6 months ago)
I'm going to send this to my sister. I'm a new aunt!! I felt instantly happy when I ran across this video!! I get to see him tomorrow. (June 15th at 9:59 p.m.)
Annet Kinyua (6 months ago)
Spilt milk
Sakura Moon (6 months ago)
as a mum myself, I want to know how do you clean those toys that have electronics and little nooks and crannies.
This Single Mom (6 months ago)
How about how to clean a pack n play?
barbara thornley (6 months ago)
MY kids did it , all 7 of my grandkids did, and that was pull off the poopy diaper while in their crib and paint the crib , rungs, walls and whatever else they felt they could 'paint' . back in the day we didn't have all the cool stuff ya'll have now , so maybe something on cleaning the crib , mattress cover , mattress, walls , that won't harm your baby and will kill all the germs as you can get many illness ' from fecal material .
Alicia Una Ryan (6 months ago)
Stained baby clothing especially bibs Greetings from South Africa 🇿🇦
Sophie Anna (6 months ago)
Sudo cream (zinc cream? Butt cream) on carpet and allll over their room 😔😔😔
Tara 907 (6 months ago)
More baby items cleaning please!!! I’m overly paranoid about my babies’ items being cleanly than anything else! Thanks!!! 🙌🏻 Mom squad!
Brittany Reno (6 months ago)
Our biggest mess is the highchair. It came with a cover that is washable but it gets so filthy after one use. I just don't use the cover now but the seat is still a mess and it takes so long to clean it all.
maraJason1 (6 months ago)
Most challenging baby mess I’d love a video on is how to get food stains out of clothes.
KatiesWonderland (6 months ago)
How to clean plushies? Please
Hey can you make a video on how to clean kids toilet seat ?
Awesomesauce 1233 (6 months ago)
Ahhhhhh get to 1 m Malissa
Dawn Williams (6 months ago)
I don't need baby cleaning videos. My baby is21. I just like videos with said baby. She is beautiful
Sweety P. (6 months ago)
What is the best way to clean all type of toys ? Thank you for start showing baby cleaning videos. It really helps me.
Kangaruss (6 months ago)
lol thats nothing until they are toddlers!
Rachel Gaubeca (6 months ago)
Cleaning the crib
Tori Carrillo (6 months ago)
Most challenging baby mess: the toddler car seat during potty training years.
Lisa Webb (6 months ago)
Blowouts for sure!!! Trying to salvage clothes with stains is the worst!!
shane wilcox (6 months ago)
My kids clothes
Suv K (6 months ago)
Awwee!!!😊😊😊Riley is so cute !!!
Anna Owczarek (6 months ago)
disgusting child
scarlets101 (6 months ago)
Chrisoula Lakkas (6 months ago)
God didn't promise days without pain, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day and light for the way.
transfomersrocks (6 months ago)
I remember I smoked weed in my room and I didn't want my parents to sell that shit so I looked up how to get rid of a smell in a room I came across this channel and on top on that you low key fine. I've been subscribed for like the past 3 years
J T (6 months ago)
They actually recommend washing the car seat cover weekly, but we used ours less & didn’t allow food or drink in it so only washed every couple months. I wash the stroller in the bath tub with a spray down of hot water & scrub with diluted dr bronners & washcloth then hot water rinse.
Bonnie White (6 months ago)
I find it's less about the stain (spit up, poop etc), and more about the fabric that it gets on! I've had poop come out easily out of a lot of places, but a white rug got destroyed by a small amount of white spit up!!!
Christine Sadler (6 months ago)
How to clean baby/toddler toys!
Kiera Fox (6 months ago)
For those asking what is on Riley's head, to me it looks like a hemangioma. (A small harmless tumor that is pretty common in babies) They often will shrink and go away on their own after a few months or years. They don't cause any discomfort luckily. 😁
Lela Clifford (6 months ago)
Ours was baby messes in high chairs and pack n play. Learned the brand chicco has removable covers you stick in the washer!
thenitenurse22 (6 months ago)
Just wondering but unless something was spilled on the stroller wheels why are you cleaning them? They are just going to get dirty again when you take it outside.
Laurel Felipe (5 months ago)
Jennifer that is a very good point. Regular cleaning reinforces durability. If you keep your shoes clean they last far longer right?
Jennifer Barstead (5 months ago)
thenitenurse22 I have the kind of wheels that a rock or nail could get stuck in, so I find it helpful cleaning mine regularly to make sure nothing it stuck in them
Brianna Mountain Momma (6 months ago)
Soo I just take our stroller to the car wash and go to town. It has been the most efficient way to clean ours. Use the dryer through the hose there or put in sun to dry.
Cloth diaper cleaning!
Lene Martine Jensen (6 months ago)
Nigth time explosions clean up. And sometimes baby sleeps till the morning so not a 100% fresh mess.
Elisa Portillo (6 months ago)
Cloth diapers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prairie Plantgirl (6 months ago)
Elisa Portillo my babies are teenagers now, but I kept my diaper bucket 1/2 full of an oxy clean water solution. I rinsed the dirtiest diapers in the toilet before dropping in bucket. Washed (hot water) every couple of days with regular no scent, no colour detergent. If you can hang them in the sunshine to dry it is awesome. Otherwise just use the dryer. Diaper covers were always hung to dry.
IrishAisling (6 months ago)
What about the seat part of the stroller? You only did the frame 😕
IrishAisling (6 months ago)
Sakamaki Ayato indeed she did and I have watched it. I am not referring to the car seat but rather the stroller seat which is different
Sakamaki Ayato (6 months ago)
She uploaded a video about cleaning the seat. It was uploaded a few days ago, check her channel!
Katrina Kniep Wouters (6 months ago)
high chair, car seat in the car, bath tub toys
Marie Lawson (6 months ago)
Oh honey if baby is having poop explosions get yourself a fabric diaper cover to put over her disposables (or just switch to cloth all together)... the cloth cover will keep any blowouts contained and if it does get dirty it’s super quick and easy to change!! Trust me... it’s worth it to get a few good quality covers! Your local baby store should have a selection
Lyn Crawford (6 months ago)
Melissa, Reliy is adorable. What happened to her head? As to the question I can't remember what was the hardest thing to clean as my daughter Carolyn is twenty nine years old and expecting a baby girl in February. So any tips will come in handy. Best wishes from Northern Ireland.
gayla gavin (6 months ago)
Sadly, not blessed with a baby, so no requests. Looks like Riley had a little accident and hurt her head?
kurokoru (6 months ago)
Nah it's either a birth mark or a stawberry mark.
T Can (6 months ago)
Riley says “It’s clean. Let’s go”
Denise Huerta (6 months ago)
Cleaning stuffies (aka favorite stuffed animals)
Shaggy Locs (6 months ago)
1:40 happen there did he fall or what ?
Mother Muse (6 months ago)
Oh my gosh the chubby cuteness! Awww. Don’t have any baby messes to clean anymore, that ship in my life has sailed. But.That swaying while standing thing when you’re holding a baby. I still do that and my youngest baby is now 6 years old!
Jai Rai (6 months ago)
My stroller needs to be pressure washed LOL
Julianna Meszler (6 months ago)
It seems like yesterday that We found out you were expecting, now little Riley is babbling in the background!!!
Jessica Holmes (6 months ago)
Definitely 10000000% meal time. THE BIGGEST BABY/TODDLER MESS IN THE WORLD!!
Ramya Mukunda (6 months ago)
Hi. How do we clean the mattress with pee stains and on sofa pls ... Really need Ur help
Carolyn Zook (6 months ago)
I DON'T HAVE KIDS and yet I just keep watching. I will be the cleanest auntie to all my friends' kids! I love every video you all put out!
Hannah N (6 months ago)
Baby throwing up in the car. The carpet, door panels, and under the seat getting hit🤢😂
Ilham Salah (6 months ago)
How to deal with messy toys!
Alexx_ 995 (6 months ago)
I just use presure washing machine... ;)
sarahlucky (6 months ago)
Food stains such as carrots and tomatoes and I'd love to see a washing and cleaning instruction for wool clothes for babies/kids 😘
CoffeeCat963 (6 months ago)
I like to wants to try. All of the animals and toys and books and all that. It gets all icky and you can get germs. And then explosion poops that's what is so gross.
Rachel Casey (6 months ago)
What's that Redman on the side of Riley head
Alma Ramirez (6 months ago)
Yess carpet food stain
Rachel Casey (6 months ago)
Seri0suly. Do a video on cleaning your house for baby Riley and I like the way you clean , so clean your whole house
linayarina14 (6 months ago)
How would you clean baby toys? More specifically the ones that have both plush and plastic on them, so I can’t just throw them in the laundry.
Laurel Felipe (5 months ago)
You can wash them in the dishwasher on the top rack and air dry!
Becky Wszalek (6 months ago)
My most challenging baby mess was the crusty high chair. I had twins and while I was good at cleaning THEM up and their tray right after meals I didn't always have time to wipe down the legs of the entire high chair. As for the floor, we put a sheet down underneath both of them to catch free-throws. That helped with evening clean up every day.
mila maria (6 months ago)
If it's not wooden, put it in the shower and give it a hot show for 5 mind until all that crusty stuff gets soft. Easy to clean then :)
Becky Wszalek (6 months ago)
Must admit I never cleaned the under carriage of our stroller or the wheels, just the insides and canopy. Never had exploding poo though.( Thank you LORD). For stains I suggest Zout stain remover, it's an enzymatic cleaner.
mkdiq (6 months ago)
I love watching your videos and learning new tips on how to clean. Question: Where did you get your jeans? They look amazing on you!
Lisa Sundin (6 months ago)
Riley is just SO adorable!!❤️
Vilma Carmona (6 months ago)
Stained baby clothes 😫
Alice Wilson (6 months ago)
Food is the hardest and most challenging by far. The table, the floor, the highchair, the stroller, the sofa, the walls, the clothes, me and finally the baby itself. Sometimes I would like to hose down the house and baby 😊 of course I do not but it is tempting.
Angela Ibarra (6 months ago)
I'd like to know how to clean stains from baby cloths.
Laurel Felipe (5 months ago)
Spray with stain treatment and allow to set for the time in the instructions, machine wash and dry ourside in direct sun for stains involving any bodily fluids and most foods.
happyflowers1212 (6 months ago)
I scrubbed mine with oxy clean and washed it with the gardens water hose.
For the poop explosions try getting the next size up in pampers that really helps the mess stay within the pamper. 😜
Jai Rai (6 months ago)
Love is all you need!! God is Love also another trick is to fold the back of the diaper a little so it keeps it from going up their back
Luann Crawford (6 months ago)
Organizing my baby room
Rupali Gupta (6 months ago)
Nice video...watching Riley in the end of the video was a real treat thanks dear!!
Luann Crawford (6 months ago)
Can u show us how u organize the baby room
Karen Y (6 months ago)
Yeaaaaaas thank you for this video!😁
Veronica Wassing (6 months ago)
The biggest mess in our house is around the dinner tables! Kids are such messy eaters, always on the ground scrubbing the food off the floor!
ItsMeMia (6 months ago)
What is the best way to clean stuffed animals? My son plays with them on the floor & some sit on the shelf for too long and get dusty. Once they get dirty I don’t want him to play with them anymore because I don’t know the best way to properly clean them. I don’t want to throw them away, many of them are expensive and are battery operated. Thank u in advance. Baby is so adorable 💝💕
ItsMeMia (6 months ago)
Destiny Deleon me too!
ItsMeMia (6 months ago)
Emma Landry ok thank you😊💕
Destiny Deleon (6 months ago)
I really hope she does a video on this!
Emma Landry (6 months ago)
Mom of 4 and grandmother of 5 here. I wash all stuffed animals in the washer then fluff for 5 min in the dryer then remove and let air dry. They come out fine.
Marie Lawson (6 months ago)
Hard to play with and enjoy them in a box
Venus Anderson (6 months ago)
I was just wondering this and don’t judge me.....my son is 3. I have used wipes to wipe it down yet nothing this intense.
Pat Wagner (6 months ago)
That sounds like a quick, easier, simpler way to clean such things ! I've put all sorts of things in the bathtub & hosed 'em down !
Patricia Lovelock (6 months ago)
I always put my children's high chair and push chair into a hot shower. Wipe down and dry in the sun or naturally. Perfectly clean...
Erica Evoy (6 months ago)
My son isn’t a baby anymore but the high chair was a NIGHTMARE to clean!
ام احمد (6 months ago)

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