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Shaggy Calls a Supermarket

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Jon Culshaw makes an hilarious phone call to his local supermarket, as 'Shaggy', on Steve Penk's Capital One Radio Show.
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Shea cummings (6 months ago)
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Rob Martel (9 months ago)
Never gets old
Geoffrey Gibson BSc (1 year ago)
"im telling ya this is shaggy" hangs up
geoffwivag (1 year ago)
This is as good now as it was when I first heard it years ago.  Brilliant...."I'm telling' ya"
college work (1 year ago)
This was done on Steve penks show not Chris moyels
Accessfm (2 years ago)
near 10 years old and still brilliant
Leighton Baller (2 years ago)
The *jibberish* before pyjamas is "a pair of size 10 Rupert Bear pyjamas"
Leon Rowe (2 years ago)
the jibberish is lyrics from the song "oh carolina" they are: Gal yuh fi jump an prance
Rob Martel (9 months ago)
what's fi?
Tomi Lee (2 years ago)
This woman
brooklyn alldis (3 years ago)
what a funny mug lol
Mysticprima (3 years ago)
I'm surprised she listened to him for so long... She must have been humouring him surely.
steve james (3 years ago)
the greatest phone wind up in history i remember hearing this live when i worked in london
David Calder (3 years ago)
The lyric marked as "jibberish" is :- "A pair of size 10 Rupert Bear pajamas" FYI Rupert bear is a British cartoon character..... Google it!!
rebecca smith (4 years ago)
I love shaggy he is epic x go shaggy xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Andy Roo (4 years ago)
This is from the Steve Penk show o. 95.8 Capitol FM!! Hence the action figure line at the end!!
Tyler Mc (4 years ago)
Really really funny
Tyler Mc (4 years ago)
How do u do this
TACTiiCS (4 years ago)
Ummm well id like a deluxe toilet seat for me mother. Adjustable spanner set for me brother. A pair of size ten Rupert bear pyjamas. A hover lawnmower cause i broke me fathers. I want a anadin cause my head is splittin and ten ball of wool so iz can do me knitting a big wooden box to store all me junk in and for a bit of laugh ill have a game kerplunk. A de-chorinator for use in me fish tank to sweep up me carpet id like a eubank ill have a jaffa cake and pack of jammie dodgers and the autobiography of ginger rogers mnnnnnn.
Richie Rich (1 year ago)
Yh, we all heard it cheese dick.
Slash Ireland (2 years ago)
xve b
Dan Richards (5 years ago)
givethedjabj (5 years ago)
Paula Mason? It's to Fortnum & Mason (a very very posh shop, which makes it even funnier)
Simi (5 years ago)
shaunyboy19831 (5 years ago)
How professional is she ha
Ben Knight (6 years ago)
if your annotations cover up typos why didn't you cover up the word impersonating? o.O
Alfie Fenn (6 years ago)
jhibbitt1 (6 years ago)
1:17, no, no, no i spent ages writing this song not to have you interupt me, i am finishing this song damn it
Coll Anderson (6 years ago)
so funny
holly booth (6 years ago)
this is my favorite shaggy prank call
Charlie Evans (6 years ago)
Mizzy Rahman (6 years ago)
Emmet McConnell (6 years ago)
This is pure shit!
Claire Holliday (6 years ago)
Still hilarious!
TheQwerty45566 (6 years ago)
jholasz;xkblcn aZTYHJMOLgfdc-p[eskwyurskpw
Albert Jenkins (6 years ago)
That might explain why the daft bint doesn't know who Shaggy is.
Neil Dickson (6 years ago)
this is the coolest prank ever
Leighton Baller (7 years ago)
The first "jibberish" is "a pair of size ten Rupert Bear Pyjamas" And the second "jibberish" is "Gal if you jump and prance"
Lee doherty (7 years ago)
haha so funny
NLR - Sniperhamster182 (7 years ago)
rol lol im telling ya this is shaggy sub
Twiglet (7 years ago)
I think it's "Rupert Bear" pyjamas
Nathan Pearson (7 years ago)
Honestly of u like this one see the taxi prank call both awesome
FEELS GOOD MAN (7 years ago)
@stzzla I do see what you're saying
Mega Lucuma (8 years ago)
uhmm mr luva luvaaaa kmaoooo!
teckim (8 years ago)
Booring prank call tbh.
jamesnewitt (8 years ago)
hmmm im coming in LOL
FEELS GOOD MAN (8 years ago)
She deaf? He said food items, so a supermarket doesn't sell Jaffer cakes or jammie dodgers? I ann't going to this supermarket in a hurry.
gocavg (8 years ago)
Rodney Dangerfield (8 years ago)
He's having a larf at that ladies expense which is a bit "cheap & nasty" & she certainly does not see anything amusing about it,however it's still very funny .
WBM (9 years ago)
Ah, didn't have them enabled. So many videos have such annoying annotations I turned them off by default! :)
WBM (9 years ago)
0:07 - she says "Fortnum & Mason" not Paula Mason. It's a prestigous (and very expensive!) retail brand and among others supplies the Queen with goods by charter. :)
Zess (9 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHA i would have a jaffa cake and a pack of jamie dodgers
gary mckenna (9 years ago)
paula mason. ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Bobby Jay (9 years ago)
nice 1 john culshaw
Michael Sargent (9 years ago)
the chris moyles one is sooo much better
Brandon Lee Meredith (9 years ago)
Jon Culshaw's a legend.
churchandtex (9 years ago)
I know you're going to thumbs-down this comment, but who is this shaggy? Some reggae artist?
RevolverOcelot2008 (9 years ago)
didn't she notice he was singing the list of items? lol
Amanda Shaw (9 years ago)
hahaa funni :)
Alex Stead (9 years ago)
is it not rupert bear pyjamas?
Daniel Bradley (9 years ago)
Shaggys an idiot!!
Zialox (10 years ago)
lool shes quite patient
Justin Almond (10 years ago)
so funny
paul291278 (10 years ago)
Yeah, this was broadcast way back in 1996/97 when Steve Penk did the show after Chris Tarrant's Breakfast Show. Remember listening to it when I was in the 6th Form. Way before Chris Moyles
Flowerrose121 (10 years ago)
This woman has no sense of humour.
monseurkez (10 years ago)
I'm tellin ya, this is Shaggy *hangs up*
Matt Haddon (10 years ago)
Absolutely fackin hilarious! Cant believe the woman is so gullible...dozy bint! Brilliant!
Craigy144 (10 years ago)
What a mistake - the woman doesn't say her name, she says Fortnum & Mason, which is a department store in Piccadilly, not a supermarket.
neene7 (10 years ago)
the part that says gibberish he says gal you fi jump and prance.... :-)
Brian Harvey (10 years ago)
Hi, You've probably been told this before, but it's "a pair of Size 10 Rupert Bear Pyjamas"
Andy B (10 years ago)
it's not "paula mason", it's "fortnum and masons".
Gary Robertson (10 years ago)
It's Not Radio 1 It's 95.8 Capital FM broadcast by Steve PENK anyway This is laughout loud funny I've been adding some of my fave wind up calls on my page Take a look if you want
Bubble Boy (10 years ago)
LMFAO good one LOL
Bubble Boy (10 years ago)
steveoplacebo (10 years ago)
Yes i know it was done by culshaw, i dident say it wasent, i said it was done on a station called capatel FM on the steve penk show.
CallMeLaydeeVJ (10 years ago)
It was actually done by jon culshaw...steve PENK (not pank or pane) is another prank call guy
steveoplacebo (10 years ago)
that was Not on radio 1, it was done on capatel fm with a dj called steve pank,
Krazzdox (11 years ago)
LOL i'm tellin ya, she's gone !
SkullHyphy (11 years ago)
A pair of size ten Rupert Bear pajamas. Rupert Bear is a British kids' show.
DrewStrat (11 years ago)
This is Capital radio Steve Penk before Culshaw was on radio1
Danechip (11 years ago)
No, this is before the Chris Moyles days !!
smartalec247 (11 years ago)
this has nuffin to do wiv chris moyles does it? its capital FM
Megan B (11 years ago)
this is so funi!
karis89 (11 years ago)
get him told!!! i put i very nasty comment further down lol. how can you insult steve penk in such ways!!!
NonOffensive (11 years ago)
madeluxx (11 years ago)
that is absoloutely hilarious. jon culshaw never ceases to amaze
karis89 (11 years ago)
first of all. its STEVE PENK not steve PANE- secondly- its not chris moyles its STEVE PENK and thirdly it was on capital FM not radio 1. correct it
Kathi (11 years ago)
"I'm Tellin' Ya, She's Gone" Hahahaha!!
Josh Deegan (11 years ago)
its a pair of size ten rupert bear pyjamas and its steve penk not pane - key 103 dj
Stuart Lathey (11 years ago)
This has got NOTHING TO DO WITH RADIO 1 or that FAT CRETIN CHRIS MOYLES This was a Steve Penk/ Jon Culshaw thing on Capital FM about 10 years ago. Moyles is a twat who will never be funny
agt155 (11 years ago)
He says "A pair of size ten Rupert (the) Bear pyjamas".

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