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UGG Bailey Bow Navy 1002954

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Text Comments (13)
So adorable!! I have Navy Bailey Buttons. I love yours. They're cute with the light jeans too
Clay Silvia (2 years ago)
Jennifer Kristy McDonald I just bought Navy Bailey Buttons too! they havent come yet but i love them already!
Anjola Alexandra (3 years ago)
Lol, got that exact one yesterday! In navy
Anjola Alexandra (3 years ago)
+stylisticx I know they are amazing!
stylisticx (3 years ago)
+Anjola Alexandra Odunuga Me too! They're lovely :)
Christy Slaaf (3 years ago)
omg i wanted these so bad.. but NOWHERE were navy ones.. so i had to order them in chesnut..
julie cimp (2 years ago)
Christy Slaaf the have them at journeys n ugg
Jolie Blackshear (3 years ago)
you could find them in dtlr that's where I got mine
Arianna _ (5 years ago)
i got the brown ones
Nicholas Watts (3 years ago)
I'm so sorry for my ignorant comment. That was a year ago, and I look back at it now, and shake my damn head. Since then I've changed tremdously, and again I apologize. Have a Merry Christmas Guys!!!!!
Kaitlyn Hall (3 years ago)
That's amazing! I love the brown Bailey bows! Ignore the other use person and have a great day/night!!:)
Arianna _ (4 years ago)
+Nicholas Watts OK stop being so ignorant Idk u and you don't know me. Noboday asked you to comment and my comment wasn't meant for you. I'm not trashy like you so lemme stay quite ! I'm not on that fufu lame shit! You parent never taught u how to stay clean ! Idgaf who you are and I never will ! Keep going your own way !!!
Nicholas Watts (4 years ago)
so bitch

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