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Finally Hiro And Zero Two riding together! | Strelizia Full Battle(Darling in the FranXX Episode 4)

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Anime: Darling in the FranXX Episode: 4 Darling and Zero Two riding together and saving team. I expected that Hiro would lose consciousness, but this didnt' happen Outro Music: Rob Gasser-Supersonic
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Text Comments (59)
ALPHA PEGASUS (7 days ago)
I thought it was that "Ride"
senpai :3 (12 days ago)
ELDRICH SALAZAR (14 days ago)
This show couldve been really really really good if it didnt this shit why couldnt they just control the dam thing like A airplane with 2 cockpits
Jesus Christ (22 days ago)
ILikeYaFace (1 month ago)
Why does it have breasts
o_dxnzęł Games (1 month ago)
2:15 GET OVER HERE 😂😂😂😂😂
Great Juice (1 month ago)
Wait, what happened to Zero Two? Wasn’t he a demon eyeball the last time I saw him? The only other forms I’ve made him ever were a creature the same race as Kirby, Dark Mind and King D. Mind. Now he’s an anime.
Bakuretsu Loli (1 month ago)
Generic Anime Girl (1 month ago)
What is the song when they are riding?
Philip Kimble (1 month ago)
anal sex
Holo News (1 month ago)
CaptainXD (1 month ago)
ok idk why but the click noise at 0:41 when he puts his hands on the controls is calming as fuck
I am Hooman (1 month ago)
Srly that control pose LUL
Taxtro (2 months ago)
This is the only sensible way for two people to pilot a mech.
Yuan lol (2 months ago)
D4MP (2 months ago)
*Let us preform anal sex to drive a giant robot*
Christian Clerge (2 months ago)
Don't you mean riding each other?
Christopher Phithammq (2 months ago)
Um I'm not an engineer but what's with the control schemes , never mind not complaining lol
Cody (2 months ago)
Zorome (3 months ago)
So he IS a pervert Cause he did not mention looking at zero two ass or booty if you call It must feel good
Hunter Catcher (3 months ago)
That pose with the glowing eye was so sick makes me wanna see the vid every day of my life
Chris Dexter (4 months ago)
I’m kinda new to this anime but basically is it a metaphor for them banging when they pilot?
ernesto III prias (2 months ago)
actually it’s maturing.
PSaricas (3 months ago)
i think metaphor is usually less obvious than this
Everstu Adelananda (4 months ago)
Does that looks like a robot?
得sniks - (4 months ago)
"Lets fly, darling!" Uh-huh I see...
Micro Wave (2 months ago)
Theres nothing wrong "let's go flying?" Your just a dirty minded ass
AsH R (4 months ago)
I guess you can say the bigger the robot the bigger the anal-lysis
Movies with friends (5 months ago)
1:17 OH COME ON?!!! EVEN DEADPOOL KNOWS THAT WAS TOO OBVIOUS OF A JOKE!!! IF your going to make sex jokes then be more creative then that dumbasses
NoroelLuke Dado (6 months ago)
That thot position 0:23
Ninkudo koh (6 months ago)
4:27 exhausted after riding 02 huh YOU LUCKY BASTARD........ PFFFT....
Ninkudo koh (6 months ago)
"I feel myself going deeper inside you." also same person "I love it" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Exellion (6 months ago)
Were perfrct fit? NANI?!
Shimmy Potato (6 months ago)
With that pose and dialogue ?
JohnJD1302 (6 months ago)
Drake Long (6 months ago)
JohnJD1302 this entire series would fit perfectly there
Juv Nail (6 months ago)
3:58 that smile is from zero two....too assuming ichigo xd
Elesis Siegheart (7 months ago)
"riding together" heheh .... giggidy ..
Dexter Goodman (2 months ago)
When I read that I randomly said Giggidy
Eduardo Estrella (7 months ago)
Good Nice Darling!
Rei (7 months ago)
nagisa shiota (3 months ago)
Its darling in the franxx
nagisa shiota (3 months ago)
Sup im nagisa
Lucas Daniel (3 months ago)
Zero Two What is the name of the anime?
Lala Wolf (7 months ago)
So i have a question what the music of the final battle of Str!elizia there im searching do hard !😖
Asmodeus Peac (4 months ago)
Lyla Dragon torikago?
Ariel Wahyy (7 months ago)
Wah gi to
1:15 yeh daddy harder 7w7
DOUBLE R (8 months ago)
Why i feel like watching code geass but different version
Satisfying Panda (8 months ago)
Ichigo is really annoying to me now cause she slapped zero two
Tian Gaming (8 months ago)
"i feel myself going deeper inside you" HOW SHOULD I INTERPRET THAT?! LMAO 😂
Oliver (6 days ago)
Micro Wave (2 months ago)
Dirty minded
DarkSaugor (2 months ago)
people come for the anime but they stay for the "ride"...the "deeper" meaning...
Clara Calegari (3 months ago)
Darling in the FranXX
Lucas Daniel (3 months ago)
What is the name of the anime?
Name (9 months ago)
Their phrasing is weird but good

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