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I Sent Pictures To A Boy I Liked And Shouldn't Have

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By Jennifer | Ready to "wear it out loud?” Merch store open, SHOP NOW: http://bit.ly/storybooth-merch | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth | Record your story @ https://storybooth.com or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story. Jennifer really liked this one guy at school, and they had become good friends - very close actually, not yet dating. At some point along the way they started talking late at night, texting each other and checking on each other's day. He was super nice, always wanted to know how she was feeling, whether she wanted to eat lunch with him the next day. It was perfect! Until, one day, kind of out of nowhere, he asked her to send him pics, and not just any kind of photos, not just some harmless selfies, but, well, you know - dirty ones. HE ASKED HER TO SEND HIM PICS WITHOUT CLOTHES, compromising pictures. Jennifer was surprised, of course, and said no, but he kept begging her and pleading, and she really, really like this boy, so she changed her no to a maybe. Part of her tried to talk they other part out of it, and she really didn't know what to do. After a little while, he asked her play this game with him over the phone that they all were playing, except he said that "the loser has to send pics undressed." She wanted to play, but asked him for something other than those kinds of pics for the loser, so he said "how about some bottom pics?!" She agreed, they played, and of course she lost. And, as she had promised, and being the loser, she sent him a couple... He liked them, a lot, to say the least. Later, he wanted more. And she said no, she had kind of had enough of that game, but then he sent her a picture of his you-know-what. Now she really didn't know what to do and he kept asking and asking and so finally she was just like "FINE" and sent him pics of herself in a her top - her body, her chest. And then he asker to take her top off, so she did, and covered herself with her hands, and he texted her to send it without her hands there and so she covered herself with emojis and sent it. And then he asked her to take the emojis off, and again she was like FINE - and she did, she removed the emojis and send him the pic. Needless to say, he was very excited about this and started asking for more pics, being kind of pushy about it too and at that point Jennifer just said no, that that was enough and to stop asking her. A month later, while her Mom was driving her and her friends, she overheard them talking to Jennifer about the pics and the boy she liked and the whole thing. Her Mom found out! Her Mom made her go with her to a therapist and talk about what happened, and when they asked if she had sent any photos to the boy she liked when he had sent her some, she lied and said no. She was embarrassed and a little bit ashamed, knowing she shouldn't have do this. But then her Mom threatened to take it up with the school and to get the boy she liked in trouble and that was it, Jennifer had to tell the truth. And her Mom was there for her, and comforted her, and understood, but also let her know that she couldn't do that anymore, that those kind of pictures could make their way around the Internet and get her into trouble some day, and to be more careful with what she sends! She sent pics to Oh, and, she got grounded for a really long time too, but honestly, she had already learned her lesson, and being afraid of those photos coming out was punishment enough. But still today, no one found out. - - - We love this true story. What's your story? storybooth wants to hear it! LINKS: Website: http://www.storybooth.com Instagram: @thestorybooth twitter @thestorybooth https://www.instagram.com/thestorybooth G+: https://plus.google.com/+Storybooth Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestorybooth/ Tumblr: https://storybooth.tumblr.com/ If you liked this storybooth animation and love storytime / story time story booth kid videos, watch our themed playlist collections: Being Yourself: https://goo.gl/89enEN Love and Heartbreak: https://goo.gl/mfaoKw Embarrassing and Funny: https://goo.gl/5GjxrW Bullies and Mean People: https://goo.gl/THS3LB Overcoming Challenges: https://goo.gl/pbxRa9
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Text Comments (37923)
Poofy OOF (2 hours ago)
Why the fuck is this the most viewed?
My Channel (4 hours ago)
I dont know what is the problem of guys like. The poor girls they are inncoent and those assholes want their nudes. I mean dude, we have a whole network of porn, why do you need an innocent girls or any others nudes. This is not good, it just kills their privacy and yeah, their self respect. Girls remember, if a guy really loves you, he will never ask for nudes. And guys also remember, by taking the girls nudes, you are just ruining their lives. They would pay for it later.
TommyTomatoGaming (7 hours ago)
If I sent a 🍆 pick my mum wold beat the shit out of me
Love your vids like you argree
orbdoesstuff official (11 hours ago)
can’t you just block him? cus i would
JKJ TV (12 hours ago)
my mom would beat the he’ll out of me
Daily_GachaCorn 123 (12 hours ago)
Ria Marques (12 hours ago)
Her mum calm My mum: one way ticket to Africa(Angola)
Ash xP (13 hours ago)
Ok I'm gay and my friend [hes a boy too] grabbed my butt and I was like wtf and he said he didnt wanted to be my friend and said I want to be more then friends and I was like Best Friends and he was like no and i Said BFFS and he said nothing of friends like boyfriends? And I said no because I liked someone else and it was his brother but his brother was kind and nice and then he told me he liked me and I told him I liked him back so we became boyfriends♡ and we live happy~
Brooke Plymel (14 hours ago)
that is so sad
Miguel (16 hours ago)
2:17 Me: If I did would you be mad? My Mom: No Also my Mom: Ima whoop yo ass.
Maria Ventura (16 hours ago)
im a boy but god no
Foxy Moxi (20 hours ago)
Showing his pic to her friend is a asshole move
Raqiba Khan (1 day ago)
See, you shouldn’t take pics of yourself naked, its not about confidence bella, you just don’t do it.
Santamaria Miller (1 day ago)
Alejandra Serrano (1 day ago)
Yo I feel bad for you you could just Ignore him
kevin lee (1 day ago)
you can have a boy worl you
Julia Mirabelli (1 day ago)
Her mum: "looks it's going to be alright" My mum: "ok, belting time, also, where do I get the disowning papers from?"
Ashlyn Glenn (1 day ago)
If u see this comment u have to sub 😈 If u can sub to me ?
hi me (1 day ago)
Jennifer: Would you get as if I told you? Mom: nO 2 minutes later, she gets grounded... LOGIC
hi me (1 day ago)
Why would you send nudes to a pervert... This is disgusting...
ppap ppap (1 day ago)
Boy: send me a pic of you in toilet me: a toilet on a toilet boy: I unfriend ya
ppap ppap (1 day ago)
That boy go gay school
ppap ppap (1 day ago)
Shiloh & Esther (1 day ago)
her mum: its okay. My mum: looks around and finds the nearest thing she can beat me with xD
Dark Ages (2 days ago)
If anyone does this I will kill them for y'all 😊
Iman Ibrahim (2 days ago)
Her mom: oh it's ok I will talk to heis mom My mom: come let me talk go in the room ok me:ok mom mom: belt charader wood saw what weapon
Qui Jones (2 days ago)
I like to see a and I know you're trying to suffer but I will never do that
Ok Then (2 days ago)
oOoOoOoH lA lA!
ツChillinJM (2 days ago)
If I were you I would’ve called him a pervert
Olie Nwegbo (2 days ago)
Karely Delapaz (2 days ago)
Oooooh sexy you are soooo hot😎♨
Karely Delapaz (2 days ago)
Ooooh laaaaa you are sooooo sexy
Arsalan Hamidi (2 days ago)
Yeah why would you pick up this 😒 Emoji comm on now pick this 💩 Damm Emoji :(
Bella Clarissa (2 days ago)
You r very right don't do that anymore😄
Luci T. (2 days ago)
I've been asked for *nUdEs* . I said no. He got mad, slowly.. *so i stopped MESSAGING him.*
lianne secret (3 days ago)
Something similar happend to me, actually it happend last night... That's why I looked up these videos haha Anyway i'll try to explain. My englisch is not very well, so i'm sorry for that... Anyways, it's all a bit complicated but there is this guy. I've known him for something like 2 years I guess? How I met him? Well, a friend of mine has another friend in a city that's like 45 minutes away or something, and i started to get friends with her too, not that much tho and we actually talked for idk 3-4 months and after that almost never. See, that girl had a cruch on this boy, andd i was like ieee jeej so nice, and i can't really remember how but i also started talking with him, most of the time about her and guess what? They got together and i was so happy for them. Anyway i kept talking with that guy on insta and snapchat, we were just friends nothing happend haha. But... some time ago he told me they broke up. When he told it, it already happend a week or 2-3 back (they were with eachother for i think 6 months or something). Anyway we kept talking, just like friends. But after a few weeks he started to talk more, romantically or something, just a little, nothing even close to sexuall talk or nudes. Anyway we kept talking and i kinda started liking him. First I felt sooo baddd because of my friend, but we actully almost never talked or saw eachother so yeahh... This guy and i wanted to meet eachother, we only saw eachother like 1,5 year ago on a birthday party of that that friend that lives in the same city as me. And at that time, he was together with that girl and there were a lot of other friends of mine so i actually didn't talked that much with him. Anyway we couldn't find a right date because of school work and sports and stuff. Then the exams came up so we decided to meet after that. So exams past, i passed jeeej but anyway, the problem is he works a lot right now so a date to meet is hard to find. The plan was to meet at the end of july because than one of the companies he works for closes so he has more free time. The thing is, lately he started talking more sexually and stuff, and at first I thought he was just messing around so i played along. But I had the idea he got more serious and well I told him i've never did something with a guy, didn't even kissed one haha. And I was sure that when we'll meet, we'll kiss and cuddle and yeah I just let him talk and thought, I just see how far we go when we meet, I always can say no. But than he started saying things like "I'm sure you look better without a shirt" and "I'm curious" and stuff. So I just replied with idk, and not my problem and stuff that showed i didn't want to take pictures with my shirt off (this all happend on snapchat btw). But he kept asking for, he called it "previews" and stuff and I said i felt ashamed and stuff and was scared to do it (of course i'm insecure haha lol). And he said I didn't had to be scared or ashamed and he did said, let's be honest, that if i didn't want it, i didn't had to do it. But i don't know how it happend but i ended up sending a picture in the mirror of me in my shorts and bra. He replied with: "ow damnnn🤤😍" and said things like i was cute and stuff and well it got worse and he said "now i'm only more curious!" And well i don't know how everything happend but i ended up taking my bra off but holding a blanket in fornt of it. And he started sending nudes.. and i still don't know why and how but i kept sending them to (only of my boobs) he kept complimenting me and sending pictures and video's. I felt soo uncomfortable but i didn't want to dissapoint him and stuff so yeah. At the and he asked for a booty picture as a last recuest for toningt so, i send it.. and again complimants and stuff. I said it was probably time to sleep and he was like but i want to see more and do more  tonightt and stuff like that, but i just said that this was it for tonight i wanted to go to bed so we did. In the morning he send me a nude pic again and i only replied with aren't you tired? (It was like really early because of course he had to go to work) and by that i changed the subject and god damn i succeed in ending the confersation. Anyway i really regret what i did yesterday and i feel so uneased. But if he asks again I'll just say no and well, i dont know if i still want to meet him and all but for now i'll just wait and see. Btw we are both 18 years old.
Bethany (3 days ago)
Never send pics to anyone u dk
TheYoungFellowBoy (3 days ago)
why did this come up when i searched "pictures you can hear"
Elijah bristol (3 days ago)
Teena Robinson (3 days ago)
... wow I don't know what to say
Boi: send Me yo 🍑 Me: what mkay *sends pic of peach emoji* Boi:TRIGGERED
Izzycutie5156 (3 days ago)
It’s called blocking
Shaikha Aljamri (4 days ago)
Ewwwww how do you send your pics and your naked
kirby the shiposter (4 days ago)
Does this guy knows that porn exists? Wtf
I'm Iron Man (4 days ago)
I would protect by baby sister at all cost. If she is threatened by someone I will kill them. Literally
Lynn Patterson (4 days ago)
Don't do it anymore be your self don't listen to him
Zeonkujir 64 (4 days ago)
*ur friend is a perv*
Arghya Mukhopadhyay (4 days ago)
I am a boy and j really think that wanting such things are people who must get executed.
The Hills have Eyes (5 days ago)
Mason Hornbuckle (5 days ago)
1:48 could they have not keep they mouths shut at least while they were in the car?
Sarah Mayara (5 days ago)
My fear precisely, when I was a teenager
Mickz Scrub (5 days ago)
me:Send nouds (because he cant speld) My gf: *sends nudes* me:NO I MEAN THE POPCORN My gf:shit....
Nick Suchyta (5 days ago)
that guy is terrible for that
beautje Fortnitje (5 days ago)
Tristian Miles (5 days ago)
Her mom: helps her out with it My mom: choke me out then chokeslam me
kirstenjwx (5 days ago)
boy: send nudes me: _sends instant noodles_
Lil cholo (6 days ago)
nightmare 0w0 (6 days ago)
I want a guy that dosent say "sEnD nUdEs " I want him to say"*SeNd MemEs PlZ*"
Tofu The Cat (4 days ago)
Hello!!! cAN yOu seNd soM EPIk meMEZ???????
Rathlyvida Kim (6 days ago)
Nude what u should not do learn ur lessons kids
That happens but trying to kiss at school
Lemon ._. (6 days ago)
Whenever someone asks me for nudes, I’m going to send them a nude color palette. Well hey, they got what they asked for 🤷‍♀️
Mittsu no tsuno (6 days ago)
Im so scared that my friend will do the same mistake. So... One older boy has asked bikini pics from her and has commented her butt and also told his disgusting fantasies. My friend says that she starts to like him because he is the only boy who compliments her. (Boys in my school bully her because of her acne) I try to say that just block him. But she does not listen! What should I do?
Blueberry Alexa (7 days ago)
WTF he super f**king dumb
DarkSkinMidget - (7 days ago)
Girl .....if he asked for nudes girl send him pictures of other girls bodies that’s what I be doin to Indian men in my dms he said “send nudes 😻” so I went on xvideos screen shot and sent them he replied “sexy I’ll send now” then I never texted back
Matthew M. Fifolt (7 days ago)
Anthony Obrien (7 days ago)
Omg he is so mean
alaa Grace (7 days ago)
Heads up, beautiful girl! You've learned your lesson. You made a wrong decision, doesn't mean you aren't a good person. ♡♡
Sean Chong (7 days ago)
You have a therapist?
Xbox TheWolf6258 (8 days ago)
Im sorry dont ever let boys take advantage of you well im a boy but im not like that i hope this guy gets arrested and goes to hell wait omg that was to far srry :|)
TylerG - Vlogs & More (8 days ago)
Normal storybooth videos: 7M/10M views Nudey/Sexual story booth videos: 24M/30M views
Tofu The Cat (4 days ago)
#relatable ur not alone ;-;
Sidney Edwards (8 days ago)
That guy is a pr
Mom N Me (8 days ago)
That's what happened to me I like the fifth grater I am only 3grad
Jason Lebischak (8 days ago)
What the frick is wrong with you could have been kid napped
Don Soriano (8 days ago)
Princess Beeman (8 days ago)
If he asked in nice way, and you refused to send nudes you would be called Bitch Lasagna
Sammy (8 days ago)
Idk if this is what it means, but when he said "hey", and she swiped left, my mind just went to tinder, lol
Chris Hendricks (8 days ago)
*Ik that feeling when your friends blurred it out infront of your ma.* I once went to my friend to deliver his jersey he left a week before but he wasn't home so i called him and he told me he was nearby and asked me to bring it there. I did and i realised it was a strip club of exotic dancers but i never walked in the door anyway. Anyway, after a year he came along for a trip with my family and being a goofball he said oit loud that i had been in a stripped club while telling a joke. Long story short, trip was cancelled and i had to spend the summer breaks helping in a church cuz of my "sin".
AC Guillen (9 days ago)
This is how you IF your friend is sexual here Boy:send me a pic of you You: send U Boy: no a hot pic of you You: sends a fire If your a pro gamer you don't need to do this just tell to your mom so he/she got grounded
jennifer ng a . (9 days ago)
Why did u. Do it you got trolled
Lil Kittens (9 days ago)
I have been A fan for 1 Year Snd a Few Months!
Diep.multiboxing YT (9 days ago)
Your mom fucking hugged you... I would have gotten the shit beat out of me
PL Kobra (9 days ago)
?????? What
Sydney Quinn (10 days ago)
guy: *Send nudes* me: *takes photo from online naked cartoon*
Marina R (10 days ago)
Cleopatra French (10 days ago)
the same thing happened to me.. i hate myself and him for it
Cleopatra French (9 days ago)
@Mark A. wtf is wrong with you? also my last name is french. im not french dipshit
Mark A. (9 days ago)
Well you're French so I'm not surprised.
Lily Mercado (10 days ago)
hey i have a story my story
Artsy. .Kensi (10 days ago)
Just like alexander hamilton’s career. Down the drain.
Linda Gray (10 days ago)
I like having a big issues
Lis Gaming (10 days ago)
Hey my name is Lisi Wen i was 5 years i was on parashkollor and my freands was making fun of my beacuse i have youtube channel with 27 subscribers and they dress my like girl call my gay and they was like are you gay wy you have 27 subscribers not 30 i was am not gay and i qust make video playing video games and one day they punch my but my best freand stop them but one day i told my mom and we start crying and my mom put my on my other freand shcool and i make freand play football with them and thats my story and in your self you are your self and bay
The GachaGamerJazzy (10 days ago)
Send nudes “Puts a white pic and writes “nudes” on it”
Audiianna Pacheco (11 days ago)
U guys NEVER EVER do nudes it doesn't matter how much they bug DONT EVER DO THEM! I did and now there out there I learned my lesson the hard way I don't want others to
Kelly Ruth (11 days ago)
Your mom is so nice my mom would have taken my clothes off before beating me with a belt
Shayla Cubi - Almaraz (11 days ago)
Hey I can relate but we’re over
Purna Chand (11 days ago)
HM 0
Shōto’s Noodles (11 days ago)
Your mom is doing the right thing
Dogski28 (11 days ago)
This is storybooth’s most popular video. And it’s second most popular video has 5 million less views than this. I wonder why.
Annice And Miani (11 days ago)
Dumb rats are the best 🤠

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