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Minecraft The Zombie Apocalypse| Short Film| Halloween Special 2017

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Yo guys heres the story Story Summarize: There is a boy name Washu left by his Family and Parents in the house in this Apocalyptic World that thought Washu Is Dead so the leave him because the chopper of the MILITARY is already hurry. In the next day Washu Wake up without his Family he try to find them around the house only he found is a letter and it says there that they at the theatre Washu search around the city he fight a lot of Zombie, until he find the theatre there was no one in there even his family. So guys here's the rules in how to win my shout-out 1. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 2. SUBSCRIBE TO THE WINNER 3. BE ACTIVE IN MY CHANNEL 4. ALWAYS COMMENT IN MY VIDEO 5. DON'T FACE REVEAL ME 6. Make a Video about my channel,make me a profile or make me a intro. So that's the rule in how to win my shout-out. Lol pls don't flag this is report this video guys I don't know who is messing with me but don't worry I already feedback in YouTube. Lol make sure you watch the whole video subscribe and peace. Yo guys make sure you subscribe hit that like button and comment what challenge should I do next.Peace. Lol.can you sub me pls. Yo guys can you help me reach 100subscriber pls guys and thanks for watching don't forget to subscribed and goodbye.Peace. Yo guys hope you like it. Can't say anything too busy I will appreciate if you will Like and Subscribe to my Channel. If you hate this video I don't care still love haters.Piece. If you have Facebook go add me becoz I will add you in our group chat also there are some other channel you will like to watch and also follow my Facebook page for more details. Facebook Page:https://m.facebook.com/GoodKillerYt/?ref=bookmarks thank very much for watching and I love you guys and Piece.✌ thumbs up👍👍👍👍👍 How to win Shout-out: Subscribe to the winners and make sure you really subscribe to them and subscribe to my channel of course. and be active coz I will watch you!! Comment Down there below
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azra fiq (7 months ago)
*how to download minecraft with no money* idk
Aerrox TV (1 year ago)
Is that a map of gta san andreas?😂😂😂

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