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How To Care For UGG Sheepskin Footwear

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How to properly care for your UGG Australia authentic sheepskin boots and slippers - A complete step by step demonstration. This UGG boots cleaning process works with all UGG sheepskin products listed here. http://www.whatshebuys.com/for-her-boots---slippers-ugg-boots.html
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Text Comments (208)
Carolina (9 days ago)
My Ugg’s got even more fucked up after using this stuff
Sandy Sandy (4 months ago)
She really got on my NERVES in the beginning but other wise a good video
2pups2babies (7 months ago)
a must have for uggs; really expands the life. Mine look new at 10 YEARS old.
Gisma Turuk (11 months ago)
five seconds into the video and i'm bored
Aj Apineru (1 year ago)
What kind of uggs at those
1031Fannie (1 year ago)
Thank you Brittney!
Always Love (1 year ago)
What about cleaning the inside????
nice lady (1 year ago)
tell her thank u instead of making fun of her OH GASH PPL never appreciate others
sophie (1 year ago)
how to refluff bottom soles if they are not removable?
SoggyPotato_Gamer 87 (1 year ago)
she is not even looking at the camera
Jeniz Ferreira (2 years ago)
Talking way too much ... just show us how to clean the shoeeeeeee !
nice queen (11 months ago)
yes she is talking too much even i got bored and try to get what next
What happens if u wet ur eraser
Masterg Samuraixmen (2 years ago)
Amy Archer (2 years ago)
why are you here
John Wayne (2 years ago)
thank u
Puck (2 years ago)
Stop killing sheeps for ugly boots please.
nice lady (1 year ago)
hahaha u funny who cares about sheeps !and why God create sheeps just to serve human for sure
Elena Vanderwoodsen (2 years ago)
u should burn for just wearing sheep skin.
lfin _77 (10 months ago)
Elena Vanderwoodsen sheep skin? Uggs don't kill the animals bud. Only shave them for the fur...
tabitha alt (2 years ago)
So I'm ready the comments on this video and people are saying you need to use 1part water and 1 part cleaning solution. But I'm reading the back of the sheepskin cleaning and conditioner and it says to apply a small amount of cleanser and conditioner to a clean wet sponge? I don't know what to do?!?! HELP
Z0mbi3Peach (1 year ago)
Carlos Moreno bothers me a great deal as well. However, my mom gifted me a pair and I was truly in need of a warm, quality pair of winter boots because winter in the northeastern part of the U.S. can be brutal. I must say they are comfortable, warm and dry but this will absolutely be the first and last pair I own
Z0mbi3Peach (1 year ago)
tabitha alt did yours seem to drip any dye after cleaning? I have a grey pair and I'm freaking out because it's dripping grey all over the place and I followed the directions exactly
Carlos Moreno (1 year ago)
my friend i dont blame you for trying to look good but the important thing here is how you clean your boots. millions of sheep are being cruely killed and u worry how to clean them.... please dont buy them anymore dont support this.
Its_Brooklynn (1 year ago)
tabitha alt it’s probably to late, but I’d just follow what she says, it worked for her?
SlamCheese (3 years ago)
Got bored because she didn't get to the point
Leslie Pinizzotto (3 years ago)
thanks for the tutorial! perfect for keeping my tall blue uggs beautiful. :)
Marcos Chagoya (3 years ago)
160 sheeps don't like this.
baesic isabella (3 years ago)
Is The Sheepskin Protector and the water and stain repellent basically the same thing??? Because I bought both
Brianna Tadeo (3 years ago)
So I sprayed the water resistant spray before I wore my UGGs but I'm afraid I sprayed too much :( some places on my boots are more damp than the others
Fatme Hammoud (4 months ago)
Yoyis Gonzalez (3 years ago)
Use real dirty boots
Vijay SLAP (1 year ago)
Yoyis Gonzalez
Ashley Dominguez (3 years ago)
I did this, and one of my boots dried right and the other still looks damp. Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?
AKIYIAKELLY (3 years ago)
great info. I just got me some Uggs and I didnt know how to care for them. thanks for the video
OkiBoyy (3 years ago)
who cares if she's reading a script it's an informative YouTube video, not some high rated movie that's been given years of work
Aino (3 years ago)
Thank you SO much for doing this video. I have almost the same boot that is in the video, and I didn't know how to clean it and now I know.
TashneeNik (3 years ago)
Honey, you're not looking at the camera. Reading the script is very obvious in case you didn't know.
Jazmin Anaya (3 years ago)
lol i just realized
kagyihe (3 years ago)
Fataha Rahman (2 years ago)
+Kim Wilcomb 😅😅
kagyihe (3 years ago)
i dont even own a pair of uggs dumbass
Kim Wilcomb (3 years ago)
+kagyihe  If you like sheep so much then why are you watching a video on how to clean SHEEP SKIN boots? Apparently you don't eat them but you wear them on your feet?
TheJollyroger101 (3 years ago)
Fuck sheep
Sara A (3 years ago)
Forget that. I'm buying new pairs
Adeptus Mechanicus (3 years ago)
Fuck all you UGG-lovers!
TheJollyroger101 (3 years ago)
Fuck you sheep lover
Gabrielle And Sophie (3 years ago)
What happens if you over spray your uggs with water repellent?
Z Z (3 years ago)
So I used the kit and I let them dry and they were a bit hard what do I do to take it off and make them soft again?
yareli trujillo (3 years ago)
+Marinero69 thank you
Marinero69 (3 years ago)
I clean my daughters boots with the kit, and what you have to do after they are dry rubbed them gently with rubber on the brush and then brush tthem again.
yareli trujillo (3 years ago)
I know same idont know what to do
Taylor Eccles (4 years ago)
Dose This really work!! Iam scared to use it
jeIly bean (4 years ago)
will this remove pen?
David Sanchez (4 years ago)
what if the freshner spray have contact with the suede?
Kailah Anderson (4 years ago)
I used this step and it looked like dye came off? Is that normal!??
Z0mbi3Peach (1 year ago)
This is why I'm surfing the comments because I'm gonna cry. I could NEVER afford these growing up and my mother was kind enough to get me a pair for Christmas last year and they needed to be waterproofed again and had some salt stains and I'm praying like hell I didn't just ruin them with a product intended to get them clean and keep them looking great 😣😣
valerie perez (3 years ago)
That happened to me too. Do you remember what happened after they dried?
Erin Nicole (4 years ago)
I like how she's like reading script cards while filming lol
vaniaLP (4 years ago)
ain't nobody got time for that
Aly Cotrina (4 years ago)
does it matter what the temperature of the water is
lily strange (4 years ago)
david hall (4 years ago)
Pardon, ma'am. My eyes are here. Thank you. I assume the woman who actually cleans the boot has nice eyes, too? Equating gender and consumerism is horribly sexist. Get withe times WHATSHEBUYS!! If the presenter has some sort of physical or mental handicap (besides ordinary lack of awareness) which prevents her from looking at us directly, then I regard her as bold and inspirational. Like the headless torso chick, it's just too hard to tell. Oh, advertising! What a beguiling non-gender specific muse with modest albeit perfectly shaped breasts and good hair and pale skin you are! Is that racist?! At least this commercial doesn't make anyone's ass look big. Oops! I made you wonder. Who's a pig now?  
2pups2babies (7 months ago)
What is wrong with you? What a weirdo.
Brianne Blackburn (4 years ago)
Is it driving anyone else nuts shes looking off who knows where... lol like shes not looking AT the camera like she would be looking at us.. 
Moshi Yoshi (4 years ago)
how about you learn your lines. your totaly reading it of a chart
Roderick Mitchell (4 years ago)
Nereyda Cortez (4 years ago)
You talk too much and do nothing
Carolina (9 days ago)
She hears so BORING
LilyGaby CriZ (4 years ago)
HELP: I washed my ugg boots I let it dry now it look burned it look so ugly
LilyGaby CriZ (3 years ago)
+Ayo Munchies lol :'-(
Ayo Munchies (4 years ago)
S. Felice (4 years ago)
I'm going to try this today.
Kit Kat (5 years ago)
i have a stain on the front of my boot, were it looks like its wet but its not...what do i do!?
Sherry Babby (5 years ago)
Helpp!! I did this and theres a like a big water stain on the side of my boot should i repeat this should i wait? Its dry? Please respond to me asap!
Maria Alvarez García (5 years ago)
I sprayed my uggs with the sheepskin water repellent but instead of spray big drops came out on my uggs. Will this damage my boots?
xDannahBeautyx (5 years ago)
Please help me I have got eyeshadow on my uggs! I just got them I have none of the supplies is there anyway I can get off without that stuff?!
Amanda Cotto (5 years ago)
I have 7 different pairs of uggs and this helped thanks!
Lover's fire (1 year ago)
lol, i have 10
Guty Garcia (2 years ago)
Amanda Cotto no one cares bitch
Darcey Dezutter (5 years ago)
Script much
astroe100 (5 years ago)
Thanks...my girl been asking me to clean her uggs..now I know how
Merlin A Lopez (2 years ago)
astroe100 yup just like I do you braud
Guty Garcia (2 years ago)
astroe100 yall fuck?
saintⓋearth (5 years ago)
Get past the BS chatter and skip to 2:25
Chris Adams-Easkold (2 months ago)
Thank you!!!!
Sandy Sandy (4 months ago)
saintⓋearth Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LuisMario Gonzalez (1 year ago)
saintⓋearth bless your soul...You are a true hero.
Chris Mendieta (1 year ago)
micheline s (1 year ago)
saintⓋearth thank u
Mikayla Devotie (5 years ago)
What is wrong with you? Why would you buy something that the producers kill sheep just to make.
Jessica Croom (2 years ago)
Cuz our feet need to be warm bitch stfu
TheJollyroger101 (3 years ago)
Fuck sheep
Jordan Smith (5 years ago)
Why do you buy food? they kill animals to make that.. why do you buy shoes? they kill animals for the leather, What is wrong with you? accept the fact that all animals that are raised commercially are used as a resource for us to make products. Damn hippies, go take a shower 
cierra cherry (5 years ago)
Cara D (5 years ago)
+cierra cherry they use sheep SKIN as well which you would need to kill a sheep for.
han james (5 years ago)
hi friend what is you email ? i want to buy ugg boots
Caroline Adams (5 years ago)
I did this and it ruined my ugg boots. Thanks.
Larry Lin (5 years ago)
buy latest and fashion ugg boots from facebook store www.facebook.com/chicuggboots
Josey Clay (5 years ago)
Skip to 2:19 that's where she starts demestraiting
Savanah xo (5 years ago)
"in one direction" 3:56 #team1D lool
Chelleybelle (5 years ago)
Um No! Throw them in the garbage! LOL
Chelleybelle (5 years ago)
Tory Scribner (5 years ago)
Try looking at the camera
BGB (5 years ago)
Thanks it works really good
Sarah Mullan (5 years ago)
I did every thing you said and it made my uggs worse
kelly smith (5 years ago)
what if your boots are turning green will it still help remove it
evie flanagan (5 years ago)
i uggs have gone really week because i did this! any ideas how to fix it????
shantelltaylorful (5 years ago)
how did my dye come out my uggs
shantelltaylorful (5 years ago)
whyy did my dye come out of my real uggs
LpsProduction17 (5 years ago)
Can I use a paper instead of a sponge
Stine Monsen (5 years ago)
This video would be much better if you looked into the camera, it feels like you are talking to somebody else, if u understand what I mean. It also seems less trustworthy since you are reading directly from something. (At least thats what it looks like). Apart from that, nice vid :)
Kiara Hicks (5 years ago)
"Umm what are you doing?" Oh just brushing my boots..
Michelle Vo (5 years ago)
Obviously those are fake boots
Jada Jay (5 years ago)
That was like magic
Aliicatt Louise (5 years ago)
Omgsh this helped me sooooo much! I have 6 pairs of Uggs and have the cleaning kit but was too scared to use it!! Thanks for the video!
Fanny Wong (5 years ago)
Autumn Smith (5 years ago)
Magic! I had mud spots on mu uggs, and they disapeared! The kit is worth it. Note: don't rub the boots while they are wet! Dye will come off.
K-Collielollipop (5 years ago)
What's the difference between the sheepskin water and stain repellent spray and the sheepskin protector spray?
Olivia David (5 years ago)
my uggs looks wet but they are not . i bought the cleaning kit. if i will clean them , those marks will disappear ?
knuckles2587 (6 years ago)
save yourself 2:17 of boredom
big pimppin (6 years ago)
shes reading the script off
hannah merriman (6 years ago)
Why won't she look at the camera?
Imspecialandiknowit (6 years ago)
@godlookye that's fake
slrussell15 (6 years ago)
Um.. Is it normal for some of the suede to come off when you brush?
Gabii w (6 years ago)
ew they bout ugly as shit , and they were already clean
Megan Martin (6 years ago)
you bored me out at the beginning so i couldnt watch this anymore.. im getting a headache!!
choyeuy (6 years ago)
I washed my boots the way they showed in the video and it worked! I was skeptical to wash it with water and I was scared to screw up my boots..but after my boots dried, I brushed it as they show it on the video and it restored the suede as it was before! Brush it very softly and you'll see the "dirt" coming off the boots. Amazing brush I must say (now that I know the correct way of using it)
avatarbebo (6 years ago)
*PLEASE HELP* I used the cleaner and used all your directions. Now (24 hours later) they came out the wrong color and the softness is gone and feels like cardboard. I don't know what to do and i really need them fixed.
Carolina Salvador (6 years ago)
Skip To 2:20 .
GameKilIer (6 years ago)
It starts at 2:23 skip the talking
FierceFun (6 years ago)
How do you prefent it from wrinkling
swtrish (6 years ago)
the stain remover brush do you use it at the same time u washing ur boots or on another seperate time , meaning if the boot is wet can i clean the stain?
Em Weathers (6 years ago)
@niteshmohite How did you ruin yours? I just bought mine as got a peice of cake on one boot. Then I accidentally got some of the conditioner on the boots. Would that ruin them?
Caitlin H (6 years ago)
@xxNerdxRagexx things in Canada are not cheap my uggs costed $245 for the bailey button ones.
Dannadoon (6 years ago)
I was Cleaning it the Wrong Way, When Ever she Says Dont do it i Did it OMG! LOL xD
Alycia CB (6 years ago)
try taking them to the dry cleaners
Michelle Floober (6 years ago)
Can I spray my my sheepskin protector and once dried use the clean & conditioner (I have had Uggs for a year and have sprayed them before but haven't worn them since last winter)
cutetip3 (6 years ago)
will the ugg cleaner get rid of oil stains? If not what else could I do?
trufrend4lyfe (6 years ago)
Sorry but, when she said "Brush the boots in ONE DIRECTION" I had a heart attack. XD Sorry just had to share :p Getting these soon! :D Hope they are good -.-

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