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Top 10 Things Only Red-Pill Men Understand About Women

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A response (kind of ) to a WatchMojo video ... it's come to this. Top 10 Things Men DO NOT Understand About Women https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQImdJi6tkc Clip used from "Hacking Hypergamy" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPc9J2MtExA Song: "Side Path" by Kevin MacLeod. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library Intro Music: "Fling My Turds" by Red Pill Chemist Background Music: "Sunflower" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library. Monkey Image: "Male chimpanzee in business clothes - Stock image" by Lise Gagne. Licensed from Getty Images.
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John Halulyan (14 hours ago)
Great video Nailed it
Trinity Metler (15 hours ago)
This is all speculatory at best... these are very specific situations that dont all mean the same thing. You decided what they meant and reported it as fact. Good job incel.
tomgauntlestrange (1 day ago)
I'm single male and happy. my life and my money are my own.
Tom B (1 day ago)
I have had a lot of fun on dating sites. It has been so much fun. On dating sites, the second a woman asks about my job, I always ask at what temperature and how much time a pork roast is until it is done, another good one is "how many quilts have you made" can you sew is another trigger. Men, visit the dating sites and have some fun. "I love to travel" ask where they have been and who payed for it. My latest fun project is asking women online to bake me a loaf of bread. The responses are funny as fuck.
I like to ask "do you like anal?" When they ask what I do.
Knighthawk (1 day ago)
i wouldnt say my mother who is a single mom was bad but i definitely would have turned out better if my dad didnt die when i was 5, my mom on the other hand definitely pushed me towards being a mgtow as she warned me my whole life that women are manipulative and will do everything to hurt me if im not careful. given her circumstances id say she did the best she could raising me and i definitely turned out better than some of my friends who were raised by single moms who choose to be like that
The Wall is Undefeated. Trade them in once they hit the wall, NEVER MARRY OR COHABIT so they can't DIVORCE RAPE you.
Brandon Deveroux (2 days ago)
Dawid Lyczko (2 days ago)
Right on spot!
Jonathan Fields (3 days ago)
15:50 Women have a Hive Mind. Also Looks youth fertility not on my mind can you cook, clean and not act like a fucking bitch all the time. Next question is Will you cook and clean get off the fucking phone and work inside the house cause if you aren't working outside the house or Inside the house I ain't got a need for you and I don't care how many kids we have taking care of kids IS house work. Here are the things every man needs to see. Her Father get on her ass and how she reacts. If she is an out of control bitch don't walk away run away. If she is all about that 36-24-36 life tell her the only numbers you want to see are her credit score. Cause if she lives on her own and can't manage a budget and spend responsibly she's going to blow all your money. Gold Digging bishes.
Bruce Own Wayne (3 days ago)
My mom use to dress me with dirty clothes as if it was ok. She beats me for no reasons. Single mothers are trash.
go figure (3 days ago)
I srsly don't understand the thumbnail
Istvan Kertesz (4 days ago)
Shoes: High heels are to increase apparent height, therefore disqualify a significant portion of male population as a possible mate.
Nyenon (5 days ago)
The majority of these are just childish stereotypes? I dont put anyone through any fucking tests i dont have some kind of gay ass plan this is just cringey
Therianthrope Wolf (5 days ago)
Scott Coulter (5 days ago)
cant imagine why you would get hate on a channel like watch mojo 😂 bunch of simps
k Mack (5 days ago)
Here. I'll break down the secrets for free with only a few sentences. I hope you all are paying attention! Women want what they can't have. Men want what they can't have. You will have more luck understanding this by looking at desperate women that approach men. Just don't pay women any attention more than you show a little interest. Keep them confused. If you are texting give Small compliments and don't reply back to them until tomorrow or hours later. Cancel plans with them or make it seem like you are going to cancel. Show more interest in yourself than them! Talk about yourself and your future plans, pay little attention to them make them compete with you for attention by them telling you about their goals and barely listen. Just reply, that's cool. Try these things. Screenshot this and tell them Kenny told you. Oh stop all this alpha nonsense. The person who created the phrase said it's bullshit. He was observing the father of the pack, not the leader! Look it up.
k Mack (5 days ago)
This sounds like women hating shit.
k Mack (5 days ago)
So all women, listen to this guy. Stay with your husband when he beats you because you're children will be better. Unless he kills you
Daniel Burke (5 days ago)
Not worth the hassle of this shit.
Chris Moore (5 days ago)
I don't just care about the looks. I also care about the personality. I would dump a hot girl if her personality is shit.
Appalachian Packmule (6 days ago)
Men need to just ghost women until they get their shit together and start acting like women should. The world went to shit when women started acting like men. #Repeal19
2Awesome (6 days ago)
makeup is disgusting... so are piercings and ink artwork. Why would anyone think a woman with a bull nose ring, clown face and a map to neverland is attractive?
Sophia Lopez (6 days ago)
Women are like CHILDREN compared to men; when you realize that you can begin to understand them. When a woman is raised properly, men treasure that childlike aspect and try to nurture and protect it.. at least when they show men the love, respect, and admiration, adoration and even obedience, and LISTEN to them the in way you should listen to your father or big brother. On men's part, they must understand that role and provide that fatherly love. We've lost our role models.. after more than three 'waves' of the feminazi religion, our fathers, the REAL men who BUILT and PROTECTED this country were taken from us, generation by generation, mothers turning us against fathers, teaching us to hate them, to defy them, not to listen to them, and most certainly not to emulate them, depriving men of the ability to imprint on their fathers.. and you can't learn how to be a man from your mother, no matter how hard she tries.. We have to go back to men like John Wayne (who was much like Trump, in my opinion) for a good role model.. Check out John Wayne movies, especially the one where he spanks his ex-wife (the Feminuts will LOVE that; the truth is, it actually turns them on, though they will never admit it..); it's called 'McLintock!'.
Her Money Her Purpose (6 days ago)
Interesting to watch this from my perspective...I was raised by a single Father and life got worse for everyone when he got married. But then that's probably a woman's fault - my stepmom. If only my Father was "red pill aware"...maybe he would have chosen a better woman.
Zi Zhuang (7 days ago)
@women use purses to make their hips look attractive: Imagine you're a woman and instead of being productive, you have to deal with all those absurd thoughts all day. What a waste of life time
KIZZY 69 (7 days ago)
5:12 An entire new dimension opened inside my tiny brain HOLY FUCK
A Google User (7 days ago)
I’m subscribing just for that intro!
Mike Mor (8 days ago)
you sound so relax and collected in this video bro. I've just noticed in somo of your Most recent videos you sound a lot more agitated, I was just wondering why? Did you changed your style. you seem more emotional in the recent ones, maybe it has to be with the video format as i saw you debating with a feminist you seemed kind of triggered, I don't know man I just like more thee calm collected style of yourse. something more similar to SandMan, any ways great video bro cheers.
GrayCat (8 days ago)
I said I didn't want to date a woman that asked me out because I didnt find her attitude attractive. She threatened my life and told her Dad I raped her. I wish I was dead.
I'm going to watch this multiple times so I can memorize this shit, here's a the time stamps for you guys that want to do the same. Also, amazing video you can't see it, but I've got both my thumbs and big toes up. #10 - 1:25 #9 - 3:02 #8 - 6:27 #7 - 9:24 #6 - 10:15 #5 - 11:09 #4 - 13:00 #3 - 14:09 #2 - 15:15 #1 - 16:37 *_You're Welcome_*
10_4_ on_420 (8 days ago)
men love toys and women love the joys
Ya boi Syn (8 days ago)
I’m glad my mom always taught me about the deceptive tactics of trifling girls. Not even my male family members would talk about it. It shows what cloth they were cut from.
Plebian Bargain (8 days ago)
Look bros, all these rules and bullet points boils down to prioritizing your own happiness. Don’t sacrifice what makes you happy for what may make them happy. The great Patrice O’Neal said it once, he chooses to love someone. He chooses to be with his girl. And the minute he starts taking her shit means he’s obligated to love her.
Nate Scott (9 days ago)
Wow, the blue-pill libtard media moguls really are taking the gloves off (not that these cucks have EVER fought fair)!!! Yesterday, I watched and liked this video, then subscribed and turned on notifications... Yet today EVERYTHING was as if I’ve never been here... wow... these faggots are running scared!!!!
El Visitor! (9 days ago)
Harsh facts but good honest answers. Weirdly I had relationships with two ladies successively who were both naturally beautiful and didn't really wear makeup. When they did make an extra effort and go all out with makeup, it just made them less attractive. Could be because they were just shit at using makeup but I tend to think it's because they were compensating for flaws that didn't exist.
Ja Sam (7 days ago)
+El Visitor! It's true some don't need it, but most of them would lose all power if they didn't use makeup, you wouldn't believe some before and after makeup i've witnessed, you seriously wouldn't connect that it's the same person. There are a ton of men telling women that they'd look better without makeup, maybe they think they'll get sex if they suck up enough, i don't know, but one thing is certain, makeup is a huge advantage for most women, well to those who are somewhat skilled at using it at the very least.
El Visitor! (7 days ago)
+Ja Sam haha that was my first inclination so I'll agree
Ja Sam (7 days ago)
No, it's because they were shit at using makeup.
chimaera41 (9 days ago)
Ligerstripe (9 days ago)
One thing to add. 'women seek consensus'. This is again an instinct due to biology. Gestating and rearing young is energy intensive for the individual. A way around this evolutionarily is to be a group/social species. To put it bluntly, a woman who didn't try to stay within a social group was a genetic dead end as their young were less likely to survive.
phereinheight (10 days ago)
Chivalry should die immediately, girls are not smart and vote only for girls and think life is a movie. I mean men are getting sick of the 2 faced double standard girls in America and elsewhere. They don't seem to understand a wide range of ideas, have destroyed Sweden and Europe in the short time of allowed power. Girls didn't create empires, countries, science, huge inventions,  Art, music,  Architecture or most things that helped the world.......girls really did not do much at all. .but they should be given everything and completely equal ?.... oh and save all their girl privileges? It doesn't work that way. No girl civilization would have ever survived history, and in fact, girls would have been extinct if men didn't need them or allowed them to be around. Girls did not even fight for there own rights, men did. lol Girls basically have just been protected and shoot babes out for 50,000 yrs while men made everything you see today and they took it for free. Because they are privileged and entitled, girls inventions are SJW morons, bring back socialism lololol, and the metoo#stupid movement. The reason girls made women studies is to make believe they did something historically, There is no men studies because we made and did everything, like freedom so this little girl can rant her great ideas. look at the idiots they put in office, I can't believe this idiot little girl was so hi up, idiot girls, and now CORTEZ? she a mindless child of a slut, probably gaging in from of soros right now,
mary white (10 days ago)
I have to say your shit test regarding why does a women reach over and eat your fries. You are way way off, and I believe you thought to hard on this one. The real reasons why women do this is because chances are she has starved her self for days before the date to fit in her outfit so she could look pretty for her date. Then she orders a l salad or something light so the man looks at her as more of a lady because that's how women are taught. Then the women who has been starving herself for days or weeks as to sit there while the man eats an appetizer,but steak, shrimp, Frendch fries, and mac -n- cheese. Women do this to stay thin and look good for a man, or they are to shy to eat much around a man, and last reason because if they order a whole order of fries women dont want to eat them for fear of gaining weight and the guy think wow she's going to get fat, cant believe she is eating a whole order of french fries. Or they dont want to order French fries because tht an extra ncharge. When the food comes out women know the salad isnt going to sustain them for the rest of the evening nor is it going to help soak up any alcohol. tmTherefore, they take a few fries off the guys plate. Becaus they are probably still freaking hungry.! More than likely it was only a few fries. I can promise you that you are way off base about this one. I can say confidently that 99% of women do this for reasons above. The 1% that do this for the reason in the video are completely crazy and you want to avoid anyways.
flobeeone kinobee (10 days ago)
Women order a salad hoping to find a catapillar to eat because they're fucking reptiles
Vik De Leon (10 days ago)
social manipulation is Real and the the weapon of choice for girls
Matthew N (10 days ago)
Great video subscribed!
Al D. (10 days ago)
That was some turd you flung in this video..👍
Bobblehead Elvis (10 days ago)
That food thing (1) - are we talking preteens here? Or perfect strangers? If she nibbles my fries, she will gobble my schlong. No-brainer.
Mario Lutz (11 days ago)
Why are women naturally socialists? Why cant women balance a budget? How will they respond to hyperinflation of western currencies?
Kat M Boothe (11 days ago)
The one about women wanting to be married is poorly argued. Yes, women who have careers and to be single mothers will not be able to give 100% to both of those things. But neither will a man. It's too much for any human. That is why it is best to have a child with a partner to help raise the child. Everything can be divided.
D (11 days ago)
lol. too much work and time and mind games. i will just stay home and jack off :)
S Touch (12 days ago)
Most singled mothers are strong individuals
HankyPanky Swagstra (9 days ago)
+Matthew Forte nice one
Matthew Forte (11 days ago)
So are gladiators. Doesn't mean you should encourage more to do the same thing.
G. Hoffman (13 days ago)
Is Sandman and Turd Flinging Monkey the same person? At first I didn't think so, but there are a few similarities in there vocal sound. It's almost as if Turd Flinging Monkey is a more relaxed Sandman. Could it be the case?
Ray Whittington (13 days ago)
That should teach WatchMojo not to leave unanswered questions laying around like that.
Meander Lilly (13 days ago)
I'm a woman. I love red pill thinking. There are a few caveats I want to add to the overgeneralization. There's a big difference between being a doormat and being assertive. We want a guy that won't take crap from anyone (including us), but being a jerk is childish and we don't want that either. We want a guy who can shut down silliness in a calm, firm way. We want men to be interested and pay attention/make time for us, but not to be desperate and fawn. We want to know a guy has his own things going on, but isn't a totally self-absorbed. We want to see you can be a family leader. Not all woman are princesses who want to blow money frivolously. We often bring our own resources in and don't want to be saddled with a guy who can't manage money (if you can handle it, it doesn't matter what you earn.) The game changes a lot once we get married and have kids. Remember guys, her good looks and nice body won't raise the kids. Character is super important in both of you. There is no future without solid values together.
M8TY (12 days ago)
Meander Lilly Fair enough.
Meander Lilly (12 days ago)
+M8TY It comes down to mutual respect. The person you want to make a life with understands mutuality and value exchange. A person like this will naturally grasp non-aggression principals (Even if she doesn't use those words.) If you're serious about a woman, have her read Atlas Shrugged and ask her what she thinks-it's long but it's an easy read. If she can't finish it, dump her. Stay away from women with an attitude of "the means will justify the ends". That sort of thinking never goes anywhere good. It's OK to sh*t test your gf, too. Remember, dating is not for emotional fulfillment. It's like a job interview. Only commit when you know you're making a worthwhile investment. Research her as much as you would the stocks you invest in. Wait before you hop in the sack . . . you'll lose all ability to be objective once you're screwing.
M8TY (12 days ago)
Meander Lilly There is a lot of contrasting points. How is a man supposed to find the middle ground?
mohit bangroo (13 days ago)
Guys , seriously Western women are like this?
HankyPanky Swagstra (9 days ago)
Yeah we set them free in the 60s but forgot that men and women are different.
Wendy Alien (13 days ago)
well i have absolutely zero career so where the fuck is my husband to take of me for the rest of my life?
Turd Flinging Monkey (13 days ago)
Feminism made marriage a horrible deal for men, so blame Feminism.
donald parker (14 days ago)
just stay away from them. u can hire what u need from time to time
PC Principal (14 days ago)
Well im red pilled now nice
HankyPanky Swagstra (9 days ago)
That's impossible bro
daft2114 (14 days ago)
you really have to be red pill to know why women are often cold.. lol
S T Ξ Λ L T H (15 days ago)
If a man raised by a single mother and has kids is it the same as if the kids were raised by a single mother?
Turd Flinging Monkey (15 days ago)
No, it depends on the man.
Riley McClure (15 days ago)
It feels wrong to say the name of a false god,thus is wrong.
Shari Wiltshire (15 days ago)
I am female and totally agree with this video. Our current culture doesn’t show enough respect to men and promotes women taking advantage. More men need to open their eyes to the pathetically simple strategies that women use to manipulate. Too many men fall for a short skirt and makeup and allow women to spend their money. That’s just prostitution. Men (especially fathers) need to be firmer and stop taking shit so that women learn how to think and behave in a manner that is beneficial to society.
Covenant Soul (16 days ago)
3:00 - Being a single parent is the same for a man or woman. The problem with a woman in a career is when she wants to take time off to have a baby. 7:00 - If this is just strategies to get sex, that's when a man is willing to become a wussy, obeying whatever a woman says. 11:30 - No, woman want their own careers, so that they don't have to be dependent on a man. 15:30 - Women are basically followers. Sometimes what they follow is the consensus of other women. 17:15 - The talk about sex shows that you are interested in using women.
Arctic Wolf (16 days ago)
Honestly shit tests are not worth my time...if a girlfriend is constantly shit testing me to test me than that means I have to always be on guard in times when I should be relaxing.... that is extremely tiring and annoying...and they constantly do it
Roadhouse Bohdi (16 days ago)
If a woman takes a chip off my plate, I reach over and grab whatever meat is on her plate and take as big a bite as possible.
Mobin92 (16 days ago)
Ok why would I put up with all this shit? I don't want to trick some woman into being a decent partner, either they are genuinely nice or they are not. It's a huge turnoff to me. It's like closing your nose so you can enjoy shitty food.
Jose M. Molina Ocampo (17 days ago)
Wow. Thanks for the clarification.
metalsabatico (17 days ago)
I agree with the points made in this video but I feel the comments seem to be trashing women unnecessarily. Yes, women test us, play mind games, gossip, look mainly for their benefit, etc. but all of this is the outcome of evolutionary psychology. Think about it for a second. For hundreds of thousands of years women have exclusively been taking care of their offsprings. It is obvious that the women with most self-interest for them and their children, as well as the ones who looked for strong alpha males were the ones who were able to survive and spread their genes; given that they are physically weak and unable to take care of themselves in nature. The world we live in now is very different from before but this subconscious feelings that makes them act a certain way are well ingrained into their genes and are sometimes reinforced by society. It's not that we should trash women because of the way they are but try to understand them so that we can eventually change the way mating works into something more suitable to our time. As disappointing as this might seem, this is how things are. You can be mad and sad about it and go all Incel or MGTOW, or you can suck it up,learn how to play the game, and do something about it. That's how most things in life are anyways. Nothing good is easy or free.
HankyPanky Swagstra (9 days ago)
Yeah but knowing all this, are women even 'good'? Maybe I'm being too rational about this but now that I know about their nature. they don't seem to be worth the time and effort.
y33tboy (17 days ago)
I had single father— thank god if my mom took care of me and my two siblings I’d be really fucked up
kdesi23 (18 days ago)
10. Shit test, but not to see what she can get away with. She wants to see if you are generous. Or she just wants 1 or 2 fries and didn’t need the whole entree. You’re overthinking this. 9. Women are hypergamous. It’s in our biology. Stop shitting on women for doing what comes naturally to them to ensure their and their children’s safety and health. Women don’t want marriage to be seen. They want marriage because it gives them a better chance that their kids will be properly cared for by both parents. 8. Women like nice guys. Young girls are naive and think irresponsible behavior is cute. It’s daring and exciting, but unfortunately some women don’t grow out of that. No one actually wants someone to be mean to her. 7. Stop dating dumb bitches who act like that. 🙄 6. Women love gossip because it’s interesting. Most times, there is no alt motive. It’s just something to talk about. 5. Some Women like shoes because they are cute. Some women don’t give a fuck. You choose which type attracts you more. Probably the former. 4. Let’s go with the scientific explanation offered in this video. Sounds legit. 3. We need to carry all this extra shit because the one day you leave it at home, you will find that you need it. Purses are convenient as fuck. 2. You got it right. 1. Women enjoy primping and getting all dolled up. It’s actually fun for us and easily one of the best parts of going out. It doesn’t hurt that you are making yourself look hotter and younger.
Matthew Forte (18 days ago)
Hypergamy sucks. Buy your own fries, and actions speak louder than words. All these observations are based on women's activities want to know hypergamy summed up? You're not good enough for me therefore you're laughingly disposable. Pockets are more versatile too. Did you know some makeups speed the aging process? They are mostly chemical mixes
MarvelExtra (19 days ago)
In some cases it might be a shit test but in others it could be that she wants to try the food you are eating.
Muhammad Aayan Ali (19 days ago)
Is it possible to let her do the whole eating ur chips thing and no have it slsp u in the face, like let go of the little things but not the bug things
monkeymanwasd123 (19 days ago)
The most cold tolerant person is a man look up the wim hof method
Thomas Fisher (20 days ago)
Getting attention a huge thing with 70% of woman avoid at all costs.
Thomas Fisher (20 days ago)
When I was in high school started to notice girls would screw a guy just for who he was friends with ie. Social status. Best advice find a woman there are good ones then isolate yourselves your own little world it's the only way I've seen friends of mine do it it works.
Buttercup 61884 (20 days ago)
I'm not taking advice on men & women from "turd flinging monkey."
You PTAs cunt Retard (20 days ago)
Well there’s no chance for me now...
Cynical Scorpio (21 days ago)
Most of what you said is true, but the idea that men only care about looks is a misconception. Personality goes a long way. If a women is mean, judgemental, or just unpleasant in general, that's gonna turn most guys off. Sure, some guys will put up with it if they're desperate, but most guys would prefer a women who's pleasent and fun to be around. Also similar interests go a long way. So no, men don't only care about looks.
Katie Wags (21 days ago)
This is absurd. Have you ever been with a woman? Or are these your observations? I'm gonna go with the latter. And You're encouraging men to use their physical strength to get their way?! Dude-- you're a huge dork. Why are you teaching a topic you dont have personal experience with? Oh wait I get it-- with so much rejection the hurt turned to an angry obsession. So ya grabbed the most ridiculous stereotypical woman archetype and this is what comes from your unhealthy obsession!? Bro-- ya need to stop cock blocking yourself. You're talking about Bimbo's. Not women. It's nobodies fault but your own if your attracted to Bimbo's. But I think the world would be better if you work out whatever happened to cause this disturbing obsession. You're not providing realistic information based on the fact that you're saying Women like there's some kind of truth to your bulls*it. 👌🏼👍🏼🐃✌🏼
E Mail (17 days ago)
You know TFM is spot on when some random THOT goes off on this shaming language rant. Too funny.
SuperMagnum83 (17 days ago)
Triggered snowflake lol.
Thegirlontheboat (21 days ago)
Bruh, girls steal your fries because they want fries, but are afraid of getting fat and being judged.
Arthur Brown (22 days ago)
According to Greek mythology, after Prometheus gave man fire, Zeus created woman to spite man.
Esquire (22 days ago)
Everything is a lie... Makeup is meant to fool you into thinking she is younger and better looking than what is true.... lie... got it.
ziggy784 (22 days ago)
The degree to which a man is devastated when a relationship ends is equal to the degree to which he has compromised his terms. Sorry Sweetie,I cannot Afford You............But I am not a Prostitute..........Well Dear,then I Really cannot Afford You. once upon a time a prince asked a princess will you marry me and the princess said no and the prince lived happily ever after ,and he rode motorcycles and hunted and fished whenever the f*** he wanted and went to naked bars and dated women half his age and drank whiskey, beer and Captain Morgan and snorted cocaine off strippers asses ,and he never had to pay alimony or child support and,he kept his house,and Guns, and never got cheated on while he was at work and all his friends and family thought he was f****** cool as hell and he had tons of money in the bank and he left the toilet seat up..The end...
R Ariev (23 days ago)
Go back to the old days smack the bitch and let her know who's the man. Trust me she will respect you more because women want men not boys or a weakly man. So men let the woman know you have balls and you will not take shit from her and you will dump her in a heartbeat if she misbehave or disrespect you. Women want men with balls trust me I know.
Brandoch Garage (23 days ago)
Who wants to climb a corporate ladder anyways? What a crazy goal.
Lithe Steel (23 days ago)
Some good insights!
R. Aralar (25 days ago)
This is accurate
Munir R (25 days ago)
New subscriber. Great video
John Obmar (25 days ago)
What is a contract worth, when one side one side is always worse of, no matter what happens. You always pay for the rest of your life, even when the other side breaks the contract.
Kevin Clarke - Focus (25 days ago)
Brilliant - absolutely loved it*
jakesprake (25 days ago)
And once they get away with that, they try to remould you into what they think you should be and not what you are. Then you're a fuckin slave. I remember a girlfriend years ago, I was 21 and she was older. She would buy me 'slcks' and generic shirts and v neck jumpers, shit I wouldn't wear now and I'm almost 60 never mind then. She wanted to make me a fuckin puppet. When men get together they talk about football or politics, women talk about relationships and if you haven't been snared, they'll be scheming to get ya.
liesa scott (26 days ago)
I am a very independent woman. I love men. I always provided for myself and my children as a single parent. All my kids are top notch. I can design and build big beautiful homes. I published two books which I wrote in two different languages. My kids have no criminal record. When I move to a new place I do it all by myself. I own powertools and use them. I also have a sewing mashine. I am 5'2" 125 pounds. I am a great cook. My house looks top notch (no cleaning service). My hair looks nice, I have nice looking red finger nails. I use the table saw anyway. I love gardening and plant and maintain everything myself. I look very feminine, wear dresses and skirts in summer but everything is very cool or lady like but cheap. I bought all my cars (including 2 Mercedes Benz) myself. I love men, love being in their presence, appreciate their difference and have longlasting close male friendships. I am funny, lighthearted, interesting, loving, loyal, giving, protective, supportive and caring towards any man that I appreciate. I like men better than women. I'm curious - Just where do I fit into your concept?????? Am I regardless one of those women you despite? Comments please :)
Matthew Forte (25 days ago)
+liesa scott definitely a unique life
liesa scott (25 days ago)
+Matthew Forte Another little detail.. I was born in Germany after the war and died almost on starvation as a baby. I lived with my family of 6 in the wash house because the Russions destroit my familyhome. I grew up in East Germany behind the wall and did not have the blessings of a free world. I don't need to be lectured about the background a child is born into. But I appreciate your effort to communicate. I hope you can learn something too. I'm no nawalt. I'm Liesa Scott and that is pretty darn good.
liesa scott (25 days ago)
+Matthew Forte I am 71 years old and every word I say about myself is true. I don't bother to to lie and don't need to write fiction. If I were to write a resume it would be a sequence of books. I am known to be a women of my own. No one hired me and no one will. I'm retired. I apply the part of experience of my life which applies to the issue at hand. By the way, I am who I am because I focused for many years in between few committed relationships on myself and did not waist my time and emotional energy with the wrong men. I did exactly what you guys are trying to do, but I do not need to despite men to do so.
Matthew Forte (26 days ago)
You would be called a nawalt (not all women are like that) don't take for granted anything you have built and keep in mind in spite of your efforts you didn't happen to ask to be born as whom you are with your traits and abilities you were simply born with no power over whom,what,where,when you might have been born into,as,and whatever adjustable fate might be in store. Also your hired? Since you presented yet another resume i can't help but notice in mgtow forums and comment sections by critics
Ghost (26 days ago)
The quality of women a man can attract does NOT go "up and up" until he's 50. It goes DOWN the older he gets after 25.
PurpleBirdie (26 days ago)
All of these points are very stereotypical and describe a certain kind of woman. I'm a woman. I don't want kids, I don't want marriage and I don't especially want a good career either. I'm not interested in a guy's money, I'm interested in his personality and, on a certain level, looks as well. I want to get things based on my own merit if I want to get things, otherwise I'd feel guilty. But I can't deny my hedonistic tendencies and how they do make me a bit of a hypocrite as well. Biologically, a lot of these points make sense, I'm not going to deny that. But we are evolving beyond those needs as we speak and only relying on these points when looking for a partner is outdated in many aspects. Then again, you can tell what kind of relationship people who simply do refer to these points are expecting. I'm looking for someone whose company I enjoy, not someone I can leech from. But even then I don't necessarily even want to be in a relationship at all. The reason why women don't like to date nice guys is because the "nice" guys often aren't nice. Women know when a guy is simply being nice because they think she's attractive. Women don't want to be put on a pedastal to admire, that's not how a healthy relationship of any type works. It would feel tiresome. We just want someone to spend time with us like we're an equal and do nice things simply because you're actually nice, not because you're trying to get something from us. As for the accessories part: I like stuff because it looks good. I'm not, at least consiously, trying to appear "a successful woman" - I don't really even care that I am a woman, I just am. It's more about representing your personality, looking appropriate and gaining a bit of attention. It makes you feel good about yourself and has nothing to do with working or not working.
Tushar Bhardwaj (27 days ago)
Every great civilization in history has had a rise and an eventual fall. The western one is currently going through the latter phase.
The skillastat (27 days ago)
I'm a total failure. Let's guess I was raised by what ?
The skillastat (27 days ago)
All I want is put my pee pee inside a beautiful young and fertile women
The skillastat (27 days ago)
LOL I love that picture 8:45
@Arsene Wenger, Nicely said! I had one girlfriend once. She wanted sex and I denied the opportunity. I'm still a virgin, but I'm glad I escaped that B.S. A woman's vanity is seductive, but after dealing with my mother's personality for a good portion of my life, I've come to realize that it feels so nasty and evil. To be caked up with makeup and high heels and a dress does not really matter to me. Women are painted as "divas and goddesses" today. So they strive to fulfill the part. I wont be in a relationship for years prospectively. Their rich tastes are too much for me.
Roxanne Aurinko (27 days ago)
As a 25 y/o female who clicked this video out of curiousity, i just learned SO MUCH😂 Thank you for making this!! The parts about fashion and body temperature were fantastic. I was always wondering why we had the tiniest damn pockets on earth in our pants.
Roxanne Aurinko (8 days ago)
+Mert Serimer Why would I want to restate the point of the video instead of adding commentary about how i received it?
Mert Serimer (8 days ago)
That wasn't the main message of the video.
jackgoldman1 (28 days ago)
She takes your food, you fuck her up the ass. Deep throat the bitch. That is a shit test. All women are cheaters. The question is what is she cheating on you with, your credit cards, family, another man's penis? You be the judge.
Taylor Myers (28 days ago)
Never take over another mans saved game
Logic Hammer (28 days ago)
How am I not subscribed to you?? Before now anyway .... :o)

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