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Top 10 Things Only Red-Pill Men Understand About Women

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A response (kind of ) to a WatchMojo video ... it's come to this. Top 10 Things Men DO NOT Understand About Women https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQImdJi6tkc Clip used from "Hacking Hypergamy" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPc9J2MtExA Song: "Side Path" by Kevin MacLeod. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library Intro Music: "Fling My Turds" by Red Pill Chemist Background Music: "Sunflower" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library. Monkey Image: "Male chimpanzee in business clothes - Stock image" by Lise Gagne. Licensed from Getty Images.
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Text Comments (6344)
pseudaeles (2 months ago)
what is there to understand?
Randy Cox (2 months ago)
Moral of the story? FUCK THIS SHIT. Seriously why bother? There is no pussy on earth so good it's worth running the female gauntlet of insanity.
crazy lady245 (2 months ago)
1 i hate marriage 2 i actually share my food 3 i actually never dated a bad guy and prefer nice guys 4 i cant deal with spending more money on clothes i can buy for cheaper I can counter act alot of those but thing is what he's saying is true for alot of women and most feminists. But what i want to say that there are women who are not like that .so there are alot of women like the youtuber described but what i mean is that there are stilll normal well raised females
Darragh McMahon (2 months ago)
These videos are being throttled so hard. Only video tbat lagged for me in weeks! I've came back to it after seeing other videos that were lag free and this one barely even loads. Fuck this nwo leftist YouTube shit
Tripp Bond (2 months ago)
While I think a lot of what you say is spot-on, especially for the secular woman (trad religious gals are based and far superior to secular thots and thus actively seek to curb the bad behavior of women), I just want to make sure that comment readers understand that there's a difference between being a nice man and a good man; a nice man and a kind man. The former is a pushover beta; the latter is the alpha of the family but still treats his lady like, well, a Lady. The strong man provides, protects, and leads his woman but also elevates her in status. The perfect example is Beauty and the Beast. The woman tames the wildness of the man, and the man elevates the woman.
big al (2 months ago)
If you want to keep your sanity. Never let a woman into your mind. Keep them at arms length and know thyself. Don't get dragged into all the drama they create. A peaceful life is a happy life!
Jan Scott (2 months ago)
Not all women fall into this category. I think there is one in Burkino Faso.
rogelio taruc jr (2 months ago)
Talking about food, if your woman take your food feed her a spoonful. Then she feed you a spoonful...he he. This will be a fun game when you try to feed her spicy things, then she try to feed you spicy things.
Brandon Corey (2 months ago)
this whole value thing is bs. there's always a more attractive guy, so what girls never actually pick one? Be yourself, get to know her, be real. women aren't men, they act different, gotta learn how to maneuver it. it's give and take. stop whining and go spit some game
Mimi The kitten (2 months ago)
You know this doesn't apply to all women. Of course there is majority of women who are like this, but there are still some of us who aren't idiots who chase after the bad boy or have a "what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine" mentality. There are a group of us who aren't just looking for the wealthiest or hottest guy, we are looking at personality. A main reason you get hate is because of your tone and words aren't what people wanna hear. Although I agree with most of your points please remember the percent of girls we are different.
San Jose Mike (2 months ago)
No man can be a man until he learns how to say NO to women, including his mother, sister, cousin, friend, or wife. Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
Stephen Paxman (2 months ago)
friend zone is a fucking bad place to be ,, i know it for i have been there many times when i was younger and now at 50 no kids not married never have been , never engaged life is ok
Stephen Paxman (2 months ago)
i love the Wile .E . coyote graph fucking awesome i could not stop laughing
pauly pisspants (2 months ago)
wammins and shoes.. haha footbinding...
Mgtow (2 months ago)
Share Mgtow with the media & all men. Let's make Mgtow a household word. #Mgtow
puck (2 months ago)
The message: Everything wrong in your life is women's fault. More than that everything wrong in the system you live in is women's fault, because women are 'stupid' and 'evil', but it is their nature, so you sould adapt to this. Any adult stupid enough to buy the idea that their relationships, their status; everything goes wrong in their life is one gender's fault, is doomed to feel miserable, cold and numb all their life; incapable of feeling anything or be themselves, while complaining about the exact thing about women. Doesn't matter what they do in life or who they live with. Without developing serious behavioural disorders, it is not even doable. Start with narcissistic personality disorder. Yeah, I get that most of you kids are too far gone to see anything straight. I'm just curious how many generations will be wasted on this bullshit gender wars. Because real life does not work like this. Doesn't matter how many videos you make/watch about which gender sucks the most. It's bullshit. LOL
Justin Dean (2 months ago)
I’ve been looking for this video for so long. Please never delete this. I reference it often
zein albasam (2 months ago)
Women think like a pack of wolfs men think like a lone wolf
Michael Kivett (2 months ago)
Still getting over my desire to jump into a relationship One day at a time
finn Josh (2 months ago)
Actually Jack Nicholson put it very well when asked by the receptionist at his publisher's office in the film "As Good as it Gets" “How do you write women so well?” Nicholson: “I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.”
finn Josh (2 months ago)
The wise Anthony De Mello put it very well in his book "Awareness" when he said that people have great difficulty saying to their significant others the following words: “I'd rather be happy than have you. Given the choice, there is no question that the vast majority of couples would choose to be happy rather than being with their partner or spouse.
Venkatesh Subburaman (2 months ago)
I suggest men to stay at least for 4 to 5 years as friend before getting into committed relationship with woman. In this 4 to 5 years time you can understand her true nature and her dark sides, so that men can decide whether to commit or move away from worst relationship. Once married always men will be in trouble, losing everything especially your own kids. So men be careful in choosing a woman for long term, men you have time, men can breed/impregent at age of 45 or even at 50. So don't hurry in settling down and don't fall in the trap by woman forces emotionally to commit relationship, because once committed you will be in loss. Stay single for longer and men enjoy bachelor life because once committed you will loss all the freedoms .
ELIJA 0P (2 months ago)
Hitler was 1) a Bad Boy 2) held a high status in society 3) had money 4) had good utility hmmmmm interesting ............ 0_o
matrixman501 (2 months ago)
Subbed. The whole bathroom thing makes so much sense now. Thanks!
Ty Fletcher (2 months ago)
One point, single mother isn't the opposite of a loving relationship between mother and father. My mom was a part of a shit relationship, but she was home all the time. That relationship, and the shit that rolled downhill to the rest of us, screwed all of my family over.
Alla Man (2 months ago)
A carrier woman dont have time for children. Nope, prefer a house wife. Someone who gives you a family to take care of.
Hoc Est Pseudonym (2 months ago)
“It’s not my problem; take it up with nature”... Bravo.
jorge gomez (2 months ago)
Haha not my problem take it up with nature 😂
John Smith (2 months ago)
Even after they take everything from you, they still don’t know how and can’t take care of a family and a house on their own.
Alex Patriot (2 months ago)
This video is fucking GOLD. more useful information in this video than my 4 years of BSC
Daniel Davidson (2 months ago)
This is basically the same level of idiocy that is women saying that masculine men (assertive, strong, etc) are displaying toxic masculinity. Most of these describe toxic femininity. Shitty, vapid, shallow, young women. But sure, cause your wife was a cunt believe that all women are like this.
Ali Thair (2 months ago)
Wheres that legendary comment that summarizes the video? I'm waiting for you LEGEND
Vedant Singh (2 months ago)
Man bitter truth but now i know truth.
Rants/Tips (2 months ago)
VERY TRUE !! X100000 if we can make these 10 things into concrete that would be great !!!!
Chris Corbett (2 months ago)
women are golddiggers
Raptor Z (2 months ago)
This video is the biggest red pill nuke I've ever encountered in my entire life
Jose Rodriguez (2 months ago)
They dont want a leader but a supporter in all ways
Jose Rodriguez (2 months ago)
100% right. Too much logic put together
Bianca s (2 months ago)
So.. what do I do now? I didn't know I was the spawn of the devil lmao
Bianca s (2 months ago)
+Matthew Forte will do 😂
Matthew Forte (2 months ago)
+Bianca s don't forget epsom salts 😀 helps muscles heal
Bianca s (2 months ago)
+Matthew Forte Ahh, of course. I'll bathe in it too
Matthew Forte (2 months ago)
Drink holy water?
james c (2 months ago)
Women have 3 things going for them.  (1)  It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind.  (2)  A woman's power rests in her ability to appear powerless.  (3)  A woman expects to be visible only to the men who are visible to her.  And she wants to remain invisible to the men who are invisible to her.
ALRIGHTY THEN (2 months ago)
There's more victimhood here than there is at a BLM rally. Must be a millennial thing. Not everything that happens is because of a nefarious hidden agenda. There women who are bitches and there are women who aren't. There are gold diggers and there are ones who will marry your broke ass. There are cheaters, and there are ones that will die for you. If you need a video to tell the difference, you need more help than a video can provide.
KeweKrypto 12 (2 months ago)
The time of my life i got the most pussy was in my late 20's when i was a raging alcoholic and gave no fucks. I treated everyone like shit except a couple of friends i had since childhood. Women ate that shit up. after i sobered up i thought back and was amazed what they let me get away with. i was downright cruel at times, not physically but mentally id fuck em up and they couldnt stay away. Its so crazy how far i could go back then.
KeweKrypto 12 (2 months ago)
Hell I didn't even have money or nothin, and half of em even let me get away with not taking any shit off of their kids too.
John Brighton (2 months ago)
can anyone answer why women dont go for nice guys, as its obviously the best option for them. surely they are as aware as you that bad guys bring bad lives ?
Yoko Yakamori (2 months ago)
John Brighton Women will never go for the “nice guys” until they get kicked off of the cock carousel and have run out of their youth and fertility to attract the hot and exciting bad boys.
Turd Flinging Monkey (2 months ago)
Because women are emotional. Your emotions are tied to your instincts. A woman has a hypergamy instinct,
Andreas Dm (2 months ago)
am I  the only one who is not mad?
boneheadxxl1 (2 months ago)
you need to get laid.....big time.
trissuper1 (2 months ago)
hahaha love it .i had a single mother too and it was very detrimental to my upbringing.U need two parents to raise a child.I turned out ok because of my own efforts .and i had to rectify a lot of problematic behaviours through self development.its a terrible thing to do to your child. eraly childhood shapes you in a very strong way and i had to do a lot of unshaping the last 20 years.no tears or bitterness here, just facts!
Mr Offensington (2 months ago)
I'm 15 days NoFap. My previous record is 5 months. TFM's guides will help me beat that (no pun intended).
1carkeet (2 months ago)
At 48, a successful businessman, I am being fastidious when I say that I find women nebulous in their actual role in modern day society, emotionally immature, highly covetous, insanely tedious and of no value to my future developmental , happiness. The old fashioned woman was modeled around: Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness & Humility. I have identified, however, in my interaction with modern women the pure opposite: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. In more detail I have seen solipsism tendencies, for example, they rarely engage in cooking, cleaning or repairing clothes activities anymore - all skills I have learned personally and see the value of passing on to my daughter. This is ubiquitous across all the women i know and have met throughout my life and forms empirical evidence to support my point of view. Why not I ask? Encouraged by extreme feminist indoctrination, It is tantamount to narcissistic personality disorder characterizing that any activity which supports value to the relationship, as was described in the past, as a traditional woman, should be sanitized out of their psyche. Machiavellianism now forms their interactivity with men. They are not the 'kingpins' anymore. Those humble homemakers are all extinct. Those fantastic women who helped keep families together with their undying affection and support to the family unit. They are, nowadays, nothing more than a 'Potemkin village'. They have the inexorable aim to look good on the surface at any cost, but nothing of substance exists beneath the fake facade ! Most are not good in the bedroom ... a swift hand action to google porn is more fulfilling than trying to get off with a unimaginative, modern, western woman. Some, not all, are not intellectually interesting or have any substance above pure vanity. They are intransigent when it comes to paying their way. They suffer from cognitive dissonance when you try to debate an issue with them, attempting to be fair and equitable. Overall, I have zero interest in marriage or even dating the contemporary woman unless she pays her way (50/50) and doesn't expect anything more than a quick shag (safe sex), now and again. Sorry love you are not moving in with me, I dont love you (whats that about anyhow?), I dont want to get old with you (gastly!) and I certainly am not marrying you to lose half my shit a few years down the line. Thank you lord for showing me the way in the modern western world. Amen..
Bob Smith (2 months ago)
The logic of your points coupled with the therapeutic guitar music, its sublime and healing. Great work sir.
Vernon Huffman (2 months ago)
I’ve live for 37 years and can attest from my perspective that this is a top 10 fact list. We just live in a pussy pc culture that can’t handle hearing the words actually being spoke out loud. You’re witnessing the ebb of the flow right now folks. It’s been long enough.
Evija3000 (2 months ago)
Most points made sense to me more or less, but not the one about pretending to not work. He focused very hard on the idea that women want to look like they don't work yet can afford expensive things because of men. Maybe it's like that in some circles, but I really don't see it. First, most women have to work, even if getting stuff from a man is a fantasy, it's usually impossible to pretend you don't work. Second many women actually like to be or appear self sustainable, and value having a nice job or career. It lets them feel more value as a personality (not just looks or a sexual object). Most women wouldn't want to appear like they don't work and just live off a man, not entirely at least. And nowadays looking nice has almost nothing to do with work. There are tons of primarily mental jobs that you can easily do with long hair and tighter clothing.
Zed137 (2 months ago)
where is this red pill you talk off-?   ya fucking looney.. and yes everyone takes food out of each others plate you sad little twerp
ALRIGHTY THEN (2 months ago)
Go easy on them. They grew up in a world where you're supposed to get coddled when things don't go your way. You know, where everyone gets a trophy. And since there are no participation trophies, they refuse to participate.
Raa16 (2 months ago)
+Zed137 Enjoy manning up when you don't have due process. Enjoy manning up and defending women while they vote for welfare, immigrants, and the stripping of your rights.
Zed137 (2 months ago)
that's called either a delusion or a fantasy my friend.. I get the avoiding pointless relationship bait - I don't get the woman hating and "red pill, blue pill" fantasy you all go on with.. stop your bitching and Man up.. the world isn't a playground bitches - it's hard yards.. stop your whining and get on with it.. with or without a woman.. there's people who need shelter food and support.. self indulgent pussies   ps - even Shakespeare knew about Women and their foibles.. 400 years ago.. stop pretending you've got some blue pill magic insight.. bollocks.. today's MGTOW was yesterday's LOSERS
Turd Flinging Monkey (2 months ago)
the pill is in your mind
333 (2 months ago)
Incel logic: All women are fucking whores. Why don’t women like me?
Tristan Wintle (2 months ago)
The real red pill is that that's a video of a Chimpanzee rather than a monkey.
r h (2 months ago)
sad fact women dont or wont accept.... "why cant guys look at me the way i look at them?" because if men looked past their fuckability and arm ornament status, the human race would die out. women bring nothing to a relationship EXCEPT those things.. can you imagine guys, if we had to figure out if they make enough to support us, if their friends are going to help us get ahead, what clothes they own and wear, how much we can fuck with them emotionally and get away with it, how other women around them might make for a good back up plan. ETC. ETC. im not saying no guy does this. im just saying if it was most guys. it would be game over, because very few women can provide for themselves let alone others ( single moms on welfare vs single dads on welfare ratio will tell you this tale all too well) especially when they are young and in the "right time to fuck " zone. sure a woman in her 40 or 50s might have FINALLY acquired these skills but surely not the ones we ACTUALLY want to fuck.. ( sorry milfs youre a back up plan at best)
SuperExtreme (2 months ago)
Great video with great messages! Women are very resource-oriented. Greetings from Germany! SuperExtreme
Francis M (2 months ago)
Lesson of the day: women are selfish!
ALRIGHTY THEN (2 months ago)
Humans are selfish.
Tarnov (2 months ago)
Loool you gotta love these red-pilled "awake" clowns that live their entire lives focused on having a female partner, never thinking of anything other than that. You live for women haha.
ALRIGHTY THEN (2 months ago)
Does a pair of cucks beat this full house of pussies and douches?
SuperMagnum83 (2 months ago)
You two are a pair of cucks.
ALRIGHTY THEN (2 months ago)
They can't seem to find one so they convince themselves it's better to be without one. Makes life more bearable for them.
techstepman (2 months ago)
actually make up and lipstick and all that are designed to simulate that the woman is horny...not just fertile but horny. So we see them we talk to them and our brain assumes they want us inside them.
World of No Borders (2 months ago)
If she takes my fries, I'm taking her tomatoes.
M sa (2 months ago)
ChaosAngel667 (2 months ago)
My GF explicitly said she prefers the food on my plate than on hers simply because she can take mine. So I made her pay our first date and to this day she is still flabbergasted anyone could do that to her because literally no man before me ever complained about having his food stolen. That set the mood of our relationship, I dont let her take food from my plate and when she tries to emotionally manipulate me I inmediately call her out. If I had let her steal from me from the first date, we wouldnt even had sex, she would just asume I am another soy boy she can push.
Raa16 (2 months ago)
Yep true, Women try to capture alphas and turn them into betas. Thats their ideal scenario.
Burns me up. (2 months ago)
And a monkey just flung a huge turd at the camera man 0:01
BANANAS (2 months ago)
NEVER TAKE ADVICE ABOUT WOMEN FROM A MAN and NEVER TAKE ADVICE ABOUT MEN FROM A WOMAN :) this video sounds like how a feminist discribes a man :) i hate how people who had a bad expiriances with the other sex and goes off generilizing the whole sex to their past expiriances :) i hate feminists and i hate red pill men --_-- so narrow minded........ some men are jerks and some women are bitches :) their not all the same
Admiral Thrawn (2 months ago)
That last few sentences are pure gold.
Petrit Takeashit (2 months ago)
Uhm does no one have a wife/gf anymore. This is Only accurate in early stages But in a longterm relashionship Its not true lol
Raa16 (2 months ago)
Countless men have lost the love of their wives because of them being vulnerable with them or they somehow become less capable and dependent on the women. Women want an alpha and then to turn them into their personal beta.
Turd throwing monkey (2 months ago)
Chimps are apes.
Chris M (2 months ago)
I've seen a more modern, much more hilarious version of the "Bathroom Parties". Whatsapp groups. There's chicks that have 5 whatsapp chats with the same group of people, only that in each one, specific members of the group are excluded. The first time I saw that I thought to myself "what the actual fuck is up with that, that's completely useless". But hey... I'm just a dude, what do I know?
Kharnij (2 months ago)
Find yourself a woman that let's you pick off her plate
George Tsitsiani (2 months ago)
Nailed it on all 10 counts!
Zsolt Váradi (2 months ago)
i don't understand these mgtow videos. maybe just be with a woman with whom you make each other happy? if you're worried about marriage financials you can just sign a nuptual contract to clarify the money terms... that's literally maybe one or two days of work + a small payment for a lawyer. guess what: people change, so if you're not happy together any longer, you either work it out or separate. i don't see any problems? and what's with the hate on single mothers? a good mother will be a good mother regardles whether she's single or married. a lot of you write that your mothers didn't teach you anything. what in the FUCK would have you expected from them to teach you? how to repair a carburator? get a life. a mother should teach you to speak, write/read, basic manners (hello, thank you, goodbye), and motor skills (walking, bicycle, etc). if you're interested in anything at all, at age 10-12 you should possess the basic skills to do a google search or to go to a library and pick up a book about your interests, e.g. how to play guitar / fix a carburator / tie a tie / dancing / photography, anything. your parents owe you nothing.
Raa16 (2 months ago)
Doesn't work. Men of all classes have been denied due process in family court. Whatever ways that men could use to have protections will become unviable in the years to come. I expected my mother to be consistent with herself and her principles. She wasn't. I never could learn any sort of morality or values from my mother because at a young age I learned how fickle and filled with double standards she was.
Ordinary Mevaker Edwin (2 months ago)
It is kinda strange when society keeps empowers women while diminish man in every way.
SelectCircle (2 months ago)
You need to turn this video into a book and call it THE BIBLE.
SelectCircle (2 months ago)
On my list of best videos ever. O_O
Plain Dealer (2 months ago)
Excellent analysis and explanation! Thank you! I have a technical university degree and spend a lot of energy and time understanding topics high on my list of importance, and when I was a young man and my hormones were raging I spent a chunk of that energy on women, but really only to the extent of managing the libidinous part of my life to the point I was satisfied - I really didn't focus my analytical skills to penetrate the webs of deception surrounding my social relationships with women. This video was eye-opening! And I almost didn't click on it. But I guessed that maybe the author of this video spent more energy on the content of the video than presentation (this video came up on YouTube without an image associated with the video caption), and I am happy to see I guessed right. Subscribed and hoping you might have more quality content to share!
John Smithy (2 months ago)
That temperature bit is nonsense .
isaiah coleman (2 months ago)
most of the time at the I cant even finish my fries
Sheila Reynolds (2 months ago)
Btw...i always hated going to the bathroom with other girls lol
Sheila Reynolds (2 months ago)
I really don't know why I started watching this except that I was looking for red- pilled stuff. I am almost 60 years old am astonished at your comments and hateful attitudes toward women. I'm so sorry you've had such bad experiences with women. In my generation we never would have behaved like this. We married for love, for family, for care and for support and because it was expected of us. I know the women of this generation are definitely more proud and self centered, it's incredibly sad. BUT, i have to say, my daughter is coming out an abusive marriage and custody battle. Her HUSBAND is the one who is like this..NOT my daughter. So to say all women are like this is not accurate. We are Christian. I raised her as a Christian. Maybe you are looking in the wrong place for the right woman.
Kysler H (2 months ago)
Watch Mojo's bathetic an incompetent and the fact that you're trying to explain their shit almost makes you just as pathetic. MEN R BETTER THAN WEMON AT 75% OF EVERYTHING, except for giving birth. Not r job to do that shit.
J Murphy (2 months ago)
Projection is Reality. I'm a man in a relationship which is pretty much the antithesis of how you describe male-female relationships. You talk about men and women as two separate species of animal. To say that all a man cares about is how a woman looks and if she's "fertile" (I never want kids btw) is pure bonkers, projection. Projection is reality and you are describing your own beliefs as to what You as an individual find attractive. You go for hotties who are shallow, outright admitting to how fucking shallow You are...Projection is Reality, and You Project your ideas onto others and the world.(As do all Human beings) Projection is Reality and what you Project is Shallowness and an absolutely warped view of all women.(As a separate species.) No wonder you have so many problems with relationships. Shallow people go after shallow people. Duuh.... P.S The Purse thing. No man anywhere ever carries a satchel or {BACKPACK} so he can carry multiple things right? Never ever........
Raa16 (2 months ago)
Men are generally attracted to youth, fertility, and overall capability to have a family. This is observable, measurable, and verifiable.
Nighthawk (2 months ago)
people say men look for a similarity to their mothers when looking for a partner. not me. I have enough with ONE, I don't want to see another one in a lifetime. nu-uh.
Colin Ashton (2 months ago)
And will they beba good mother
Robert Napolitano (2 months ago)
So beautiful....I'm in NYC, if you want to get together, I teach yoga here.
Ironvale (2 months ago)
most of the time i steal food from women and never let them do the same, they have to kill me to get my food, food is very important to me
DJ DFC (3 months ago)
My single mother was horrible too....so theres another statistic. I don't like that she was horrible but it is what it is....or was.
ted morris (3 months ago)
The idea that any woman isn't a bitch is just stupid. Cheaper to pay for a hooker then marry. At least a hooker lets you know the cost upfront.
Jim Sandy (3 months ago)
Well done.Good straightforward common sense.
martin roberts (3 months ago)
Women are complicated and not worth the time. That about sums up the video. I’ll take my sanity and run.
Jullian Molina (3 months ago)
lmao im 17 and i alr been usin dis shit
Jullian Molina (3 months ago)
#9 facts single moms r fuckin hard fam
Ryan Hopwood (3 months ago)
My ideal shit test is asking about her previous relationships.
Michael Robb (3 months ago)
I always show women that hey I will stand up for myself
Micol Fortuna (3 months ago)
All woman want to be treated like a Princess, that is a given. If my woman behaves like a Priness, and has great self control, I will treat her like a Queen. Should she want to be treated like a Princess, and acts like a cunt, I shall treat her like a cunt. Simple. If she does not like that agreement, she can exercise her option to fuck off!!
DrDonkey (3 months ago)
Thats it I am your sub.
Saint Lukas (3 months ago)
If she reaches over to grab your food: forget everything you know and just scream “JOEY DOSE’NT SHARE FOOD” 😂 if she doesn’t get it then shame. But someone else there deffo will👍
Will Teller (3 months ago)
Well done, man!
barsoom43 (3 months ago)
Do you know why most married men die before their wives? Because they want to! And, when they pass, they go singing that old Negro spiritual, "Free at last, free at last, thank God the Almighty, I'm free at last."
JohnnyRock2000 (3 months ago)
Women have ALWAYS been deceptive and manipulating. It's one of the ways, as physically weaker, they survived our species developments to Neanderthal and beyond. Societies and civilizations developed, where men AND women developed various strategies to keep those deceptive abilities in check. All that began to crumble in the mid to late '60's - when feminism AND the media effectively encouraged CHANGE. The word was EQUALITY - but how it took form was discouraging MOTHERHOOD and loyalty in the man/woman partnership. By 1971, in North America, WHITE WOMEN stopped having babies.Baby production was cut in half from an average of 3.8 to 1.7 - NOT replacing but SHRINKING population. Marriage rates plummeted - while divorce AND abortion rates grew astronomically. The sexual revolution did not change the behavior of men as it was a revolution for women's sexuality. Fast forward 40-50 years and we have several more feminist "waves" each seeking to demonize men and honor women - toward the goal of female domination of men. Men and women - look around you and be more aware. Ideology is trying to reshape how you think about women and men. Media and especially social media has encouraged and sped this up ferociously. This division between men and women will destroy society. How easy it is for everyday women to say "All men are pigs" - while thinking that the acceptance and broadcasting of that ideology will not harm the few men that they MAY respect, love or care for. It's not amusing or fun anymore - when men depicted as buffoons on TV commercials or comedies made us all laugh. The ideology has taken in almost completed and LAWS are being made to give women ultimate power over men in all areas of life. Education - Parenthood - Rights of Reproduction - Violence Against Women laws - Rape Shield Laws - Family Courts - Sexual Assault Laws. They are all being changed - all toward giving massive power to women and demonizing and subjugating men.
bloody excellent video mate. hit the nail right on the head!

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