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'Schedule Swap' Original Short ✏️ MLP: Equestria Girls Season 2

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It’s the first day of school and the Mane Seven realize they don’t have any classes together! For more My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: https://bit.ly/2V4yCmm #MLPEG #MLPEquestriaGirls #MyLittlePonyEG Subscribe to the Hasbro Channel: https://goo.gl/rI2HnR Official MLPEG Website: http://goo.gl/5U9u2G Official App: http://goo.gl/hbN1Hk
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Text Comments (651)
Chandramogan Kunjambu (1 hour ago)
Make a body swap
Apollo Dash (2 hours ago)
Even when the girls are just being so regular theyre so perfectly lovable and entertaining! ❤️🧡💛💙💜💟💖
MKBチャンネル (2 hours ago)
please japanese version🥺
HasChannel (3 hours ago)
This Short Is Trash
ChromeRegios (6 hours ago)
Advanced Japanese
HandheldGamer1991 (8 hours ago)
She cant do anything right not even as a human
avonacolyte (13 hours ago)
So... the entire school doesn't eat lunch together any more?
M C (15 hours ago)
Everybody watching this is way above the target age my little pony is for kids 4-12 but adults look at it too it nothing whong what that but im just saying
Belltrixe _ (20 hours ago)
Look at Celestia's computer at the end. She's watching AJ's DIY Video.
Pinky Mixology (20 hours ago)
Principle no-help is the same as her equine counterpart I see. Also, shouldn't Fluttershy's idiot brother be in community college about ready to drop out by now?
Maxima almada (1 day ago)
Maxima almada (1 day ago)
Braeburn Hilliard (1 day ago)
Cool~! I was wondering where Sunset was too!!!
Um Pony Maluco (1 day ago)
Creative Soul (1 day ago)
Ha, a group of friends the year after year one of high school. And look, a new school year apparently. They're advancing! (Twi especially lol.)
Did anyone notice celestia watching applejacks video 2.16
My Little Pony 04 (1 day ago)
I like to see human Applejack Ready Fluttershy and pinkie pie in Ponyville To see their counterpart in pony Form I like to see that how they would act
Anthony Glbas (1 day ago)
I'm the 100,000th viewer!
Kyle O'Connor (1 day ago)
Zephyr finally has a steady job, good for him
wolfguy23 (2 days ago)
*I guess scheduling is NOT magic.*
cynhia wheeler (2 days ago)
I Love Principal Celestia (Equestria Girls)
Noob 9281 (2 days ago)
😭😭😭 please don't retire! I love this show very much I beg you !!! I even cry! I watch this show since I was 6 or 7 I'm 10 now
Max Kongo (2 days ago)
1:23 Celestia is a moron
Garth Davis (2 days ago)
Yet another cameo of Flash Sentry.
Garth Davis (2 days ago)
Rainbow Dash in cooking class (or whatever it's called). Whatever she makes, I don't want to eat it.
Garth Davis (2 days ago)
Rarity in wood shop class. I never thought I'd see the day. Also, the return of Zephyr Breeze.
Garth Davis (2 days ago)
Sandalwood called Twilight "dude"? Who wrote this?
Garth Davis (2 days ago)
So Photo Finish has no dialogue. I see no prob with that.
Garth Davis (2 days ago)
Classic Trixie. Not a model student.
Gemdust Pinkie lover (2 days ago)
I just watch this 5 weeks ago
cronos Apellido (2 days ago)
yess Fluttershy and Rarity good team.
Naþan Ø (2 days ago)
Celestia is an awful principle. - Only gives them until the end of the day to change classes (it's entirely possible to realize "oh, wait, this teacher is Satan" a week in) - Puts the kids in the wrong classes - Puts them in the wrong classes _again_ when they show up to have their schedules fixed - Acts annoyed that they keep requesting schedule changes when she keeps failing to do even remotely what was requested.
StyloWantsSonic YT (2 days ago)
Most principals I know (fictional or not) are pretty horrible at their job. :/
rrajivmehra (2 days ago)
2:12 Watching YouTube while pretending to type. Actual proof that principals don’t do any work
Kenneth Manning (2 days ago)
Dang, girls...  IF Principal Celestia's THAT screwed up, she needs a vacation. Not retirement.
Celestia such a Troll xD
Gondino Rivera (2 days ago)
Sunset Shimmer: I think I'm supposed to have lunch this period? Celestia: *sighs*😧 Me: *talks in mind* I'm getting a little irritated about this.😒 Yes Sunset? Don't ask! 😡 I'm gonna get high blood about that😵. *Faints* 1 👍 = Treatment for HBP
MewSn0wk1tty (2 days ago)
1:44 i’m pretty cure Pinky wrote something in japanese!
EggyRepublic (2 days ago)
When it comes to classes my friend and I just figure out which classes to swap (that contains good excuses to swap) so we end up in the same one for a couple of them.
EggyRepublic (2 days ago)
2:13 Celestia is a brony.
Bardabing crash (2 days ago)
Who Is Your Favorite A twilight B rainbow dash C pinkie pie D fluttershy E rarity F applejack G sunset shimmer
Rainbows115 Dash (2 days ago)
At least Rainbow Dash don't have any classes with Zyphr Breeze....alone
Nate Escobales (1 day ago)
Huge relife!
Red Card (2 days ago)
Since when is lunch a "class period?" In my high school, Lunch was never counted as a period.
Carl Boragay (2 days ago)
I loved how about that? two talents Zephyr Breeze had that Celestia is so much
zack wyatt (2 days ago)
And she's an even worse principal more then ever
Shaney Zamora (2 days ago)
This was my high school right before the semester started. Something always went wrong.
Ava Carter (2 days ago)
Pinkies secretly a genius
Peank (2 days ago)
Antagonists (2 days ago)
Ngl the Cutie MArks really do tell us everything.
2000 GamerSucker (2 days ago)
That makes total since i went through that before i wanted to get drawing class so bad cause i love drawing but then they never gave me drawing class but then in 12 grade i could get it and then again they never gave me drawing class but my brother did so they gave me ceramics and i was so mad and P!$$ed but i thought ceramics is fun ........but seriously i need drawing class
Shadow Spector (2 days ago)
Why was Celestia getting frustrated with the girls? She was the one making all the mistakes.
I know just what to do, its alright Celestia, here have some cake, it will help you relax *offers cake*
LuigiCraft101 Channel (3 days ago)
0:38. I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Homeslice Heroes (3 days ago)
See the sundash bond is still subtle and strong. Someone on the writing team or animation supports their friendship because it keeps appearing in equestria content.
JaiMai JaM (3 days ago)
The gasp
Twilight sparkle Show (3 days ago)
2:13 why is Celestia watching Applejack’s channel...
Larry Kluga (3 days ago)
I loved Fluttershy's line in this one "I was supposed to be in drama with rarity and it was dramatic for all the wrong reasons" that was funny
Rainbow Biv (1 day ago)
Please don't finish the Mlp series 😢😢😢. I love mlp sooo much . You need to make others, princesses too .
StyloWantsSonic YT (2 days ago)
They have to lol
The Tolakazak Channel (3 days ago)
Discovery Family Go spoiled this again.
Фу британский чево чево?
Adarsh k (3 days ago)
I just has the same similar problem to solve with my rector this Wednesday
Alessandro Marzorati (3 days ago)
I hope they make my little pony Equestria girls season 3 and a history movie and they discovered that rainbow dash is related to a princess in a desert
Christian Parrish (3 days ago)
0:14 really Trixie?
itz_Gacha Potato (3 days ago)
Sunset Shimmer is really confuse
a girl has no name (3 days ago)
Relatable. I well remember trying to choose classes and coordinate schedules with friends throughout middle & high school. Usually worked out pretty well. :3
Nahale Kodaki (3 days ago)
Рт. О. Оишип
Aria Blaze (3 days ago)
Raibow should so be in one class with zephire
StyloWantsSonic YT (2 days ago)
Bianca Lubas (3 days ago)
The Mane six has been change the schedule 1.) Twilight decided class 2.) Applejack join the Art class 3.) Rainbow dash learn the Cooking class 4.) Rarity Build build build 5.) Fluttershy Drama and acting class 6.) Pinkie Pie do your Math class What about Sunset shimmer is it. Bianca Lubas Iloilo city,Philippines
Cider paws70 (3 days ago)
I relate so much, lunch period is the only time at school I have with ALL my friends ;w;
cheung chung hang (3 days ago)
I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends (3 days ago)
Is princess celestia commenting on a youtube video at the end?
gato23 (3 days ago)
why are there katakana in Pinkie's formula?
Victoria Palacio (3 days ago)
Rossxmoonn (3 days ago)
Can y'all make this into an actually series!?please I love it
Quang Huy Ngo (3 days ago)
Sunset is the best!!! :))
Wizylira_YT (3 days ago)
hola soy la unica que abla espanol aqi
belochegman (3 days ago)
Люблю Девушек Эквестрии ))
Letupita Letupita (3 days ago)
Hey sorry to bother but I have a mlp channel and it would be very appreciated if you helped me grow it.
Pokemon Junior (3 days ago)
Uhh since the mane 7 are in their 3rd year in high school now,what’s in for them?
TheOriginalJphyper (3 days ago)
The American educational system in a nutshell.
Justin Carawan (3 days ago)
This made *absolutely* no sense from start to finish!
PICK JAZZY TV (3 days ago)
Hasbro please change your mind about ending mlp cause I can't live without this show please I'm begging you please....
PICK JAZZY TV (3 days ago)
I'm gonna sadly miss this show...
Chris Maley (3 days ago)
Celestia- "Welcome to a new year at CHS." I thought the Main 7 we already Seniors the previous year, shouldn't they have all graduated?
O.H. X-90 (3 days ago)
Celestia was like "Oh my me!" at the end of this short, and Sunset was like "Wha...?".
EiNandarMyint Myint (3 days ago)
1:52 Celestia is missing something
A Yap (3 days ago)
Celestia is confused because of all the college bribes she has to process
Hat 1607 (3 days ago)
2:01 why is applejack sitting on the chair like that?
Kieran O`Donnell (3 days ago)
2:02 Hamburgers Are Canon
rarity malefica lara (3 days ago)
Like a my little pony
fictionfan0 (3 days ago)
My high school experience in a nutshell. The struggle is real.
Tim Woods (3 days ago)
Why isn't there an office secretary? The principal verifies schedules, but there's supposed to be someone who helps make and finalize them.
TheLegendKiller (3 days ago)
Is it just me, or have these girls been in high school for WAY over 4 years?
Obi-Wan Kenobi (3 days ago)
Principle Celestia really needs to get her act together. If her students singed up for a class then they should have been placed in that class. There is no excuse for singing up for Advanced Physics and the being placed in regular physics. The students are not being demanding if those were the classes they originally signed up for.
Xuncu (3 days ago)
"Our educational system is F*yay*ED! Thanks, Celestia."
JoeMavro (3 days ago)
So, how come they're still in school? Weren't they seniors in the first movie?
Diamond Sky (3 days ago)
Flutter vegan?
Carl Boragay (3 days ago)
Diavilos (3 days ago)
Erica Sutton (3 days ago)
Where’s Sunset Shimmer?
Alexander Garcia (3 days ago)
Susent only had a little time in the spotlight
JB Ragaza (3 days ago)
2:12 you all may think that Celestia is busy working but nooo she's actually typing comments on Applejack's video xD
avonacolyte (13 hours ago)
I hope she wasn't trolling her.

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