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Emotional Intelligence: Using the Laws of Attraction | D. Ivan Young | TEDxLSCTomball

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The "Laws of Attraction" are real; inasmuch, there is a Divine Component. Connecting Personality Type to The Laws of Attraction positions you for immediate manifestation of your desires while unleashing your preordained purpose. Your Creator gave you a unique Personality Type for a reason. There are many words that describe Dr. D Ivan Young, but here are the few that I chose – discerning, enlightened, a spiritual teacher and sagacious philosopher. Seldom does someone possess the ability to connect, at a core level, to impact so many different and varying people. His witty insight into how, and moreover why, people do the things they do is astonishing. Having known Dr. Young for a few years, never have I seen him at a loss for words or searching for an answer. His compassion, his love, and his authentic way of communicating to us exactly what we need to hear and when we need to hear it has profoundly changed my life, and the lives of everyone I’ve witnessed him come in contact with. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Megha Sarge (18 days ago)
I am seeking for peaceful, fulfilling and happy life.
Double07Alumni (19 days ago)
I just reached enlightenment listening to this guy. Phenomenal talk!
heather (19 days ago)
Shout out Abraham Hicks!
BlessedAsIAm (28 days ago)
Loved this! Thank you 🙏🏾✨
Scaryder92 (1 month ago)
I wish I liked this kind of talks, but.. nope. I cannot stand the "everything happens for a reason" concept. Why do you think everything happens for a reason? Do we have data on that to back up this thing? Or it's just the usual motivation talk? Also, I don't think people don't quit smoking because "they envision it". Many people manage to quit smoking/go to the gym everyweek. Many don't. It's statistics
bgfoot100 (1 month ago)
Just a quick Google search did the trick. "Law of attraction" has been classified as pseudoscience by the scientific society as there is no way to actually prove it. No harm on having a positive mindset but results require action.
Ronique Breaux Jordan (1 month ago)
...listening. ..Daniel Goldman meets TED talks...meets Seasons of a Mans life...
Ronique Breaux Jordan (1 month ago)
Willing the good of the other
Jessica Sparrow (1 month ago)
so if i keep thinking about meeting bts will i get to meet them too?
Christopher Dumitru (1 month ago)
What James Allen said, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he; as he continues to think so he remains"
C R (1 month ago)
So instead of asking "what do I seek"? perhaps ask, "What is seeking me"? What is my calling? My destiny?
DAV URGE (1 month ago)
You have no idea how truthful this all is. It's hard work.
greeniiz13 (1 month ago)
Thanks for the mantra....What is truth trying to show me here.
Dominique Mayberry (1 month ago)
Rashida Shabazz (1 month ago)
BELOVED Dr. IVAN YOUNG , THANK YOU for delivering the teachings of ABRAHAM HICKS in a nutshell and for incorporating them in YOUR LIFE and PRACTICE. WE are SOOOOOO VERY BLESSED, HAPPY, EXCITED and GRATEFUL to be living in this time of AWAKENING on OUR PLANET 🙏💚🙌😆❗
L. Unleashed (1 month ago)
I just love this!
**deb* * (1 month ago)
Wow how he ended this video gave me goosebumps. Thankyou for the encouragement!
Salim habiburahman (1 month ago)
When you seek your greater truth, you’ll find the path to your purpose... what I gathered from the video.. very inspiring
Laurent Briere (2 months ago)
Excellent explanation of the law of attraction Dr. Young!!!!! I'm a believer now that I'm aware of it!!! There is no coincidence!!! We should ALL learn about it when we are children!!!!
Donnell Maddox (2 months ago)
The thumbnail makes him look like Steve Harvey's little brother.
Jose Santana (2 months ago)
Awesome! And they provoking talk, very insightful.
Jullian Henry (2 months ago)
Big Dreamer (2 months ago)
This is good stuff!
Joceys Lovely Life (2 months ago)
Very pleased to have watched this video!
Nikkilove Love (2 months ago)
Whoa I needed this Thanks Dr Ivan
Kimchi Yamz (2 months ago)
does this mean the gods are the law of attraction?
Emily Hart (2 months ago)
He is right amazing
raquel morrison (2 months ago)
WOW ..... brilliant speaker one of the Best on here.
TianaDashay (2 months ago)
Wonderful ted talk, currently gathering things together and this video helped. I’d go listen to him speak ❤️
Michael Selim (2 months ago)
This is not accurate! This only ONE way of passing your desire to the subconscious. It's not a law, it's a technique. And there are man other techniques, some of them by concentrating on what you DON'T want or reject. Other techniques are used to intentionally eliminate any conscious concentration on the desire and directly send the desire to the subconscious. There is no such thing as "the law of attraction'. This is a FACT, not an opinion. The so called LOA is a hoax. Have a nice day!
YJN Malinin (2 months ago)
Yap disdained you dream
YJN Malinin (2 months ago)
If build yen sparse ship project I mail you free ticket
YJN Malinin (2 months ago)
I not seek trust
YJN Malinin (2 months ago)
Mm need travel how great China by ibm mouse in usa
YJN Malinin (2 months ago)
Great men and woman may learn him idea , but how I push my dream on conf if I can not traded in coutry
YJN Malinin (2 months ago)
Cors56=85 how mc2 only cos it funny
amarsbarr (2 months ago)
I was listening to this whilst falling asleep in bed, 4:32am smiling broadly when he said have a great day! On my big journey :)
Nicole Carreau (2 months ago)
One of the best Ted Talks ihv ever watched
N. Jones (3 months ago)
Powerful speech! More powerful when you just listen. Don't watch the visual.
IPad Dontmissagame (3 months ago)
pat young (3 months ago)
thank you sir. i needed that
swati Mehta (3 months ago)
Some negative thought will turn into reality
Bereket Yonas (3 months ago)
Like attracts Like!!
GG’s Lit Life (3 months ago)
Such inspiring message
Fernanda López (3 months ago)
Genevieve Behrand  &  Thomas Troward ,  excellent rendition!!!
Joseph Peters (3 months ago)
Complicated process
Victa Nguyen (3 months ago)
Daniel goleman
ThereallAbyM (3 months ago)
By far the best ted talk ive seen about the Law of Attraction!
Rochelle Sims (3 months ago)
This is good!
The Easy Vegan Lifestyle (3 months ago)
I enjoyed this one and his delivery was everything.
Mn Beats (3 months ago)
Just ask and believe u'll be given, never look for ways to get it cause if you do you challenge the universe.
Jordana Shakoor (3 months ago)
Excellent Talk - Great examples - PosiPower is loving Dr. Young's message.
Micah K (3 months ago)
Sahndra Fon Dufe (3 months ago)
I love this so much. Thank you
Fulla Disney (4 months ago)
we,،، Muslims instead of meditation we have prayer . the true Muslims are brilliant in emotional intelligence because our mission is to change people to the best so we should accept them even if they harm us or will something bad because there isn't in earth someone that hurts people without hurting himself . as much as you cause pain to people as much as you cause pain to yourself it might be a fake smile or a harsh words or an indirect look . or clap or .. in life you need to patience . wisdom and honor . just a few people in the world they can have both three and conserve it still the end .wisdom you can have it by the intelligence of your brain mental intelligence after analysis of theories and experience s . the honor needs a strong belief inside of you of the purpose and it s importance . while the only thing you can not know if you have it is patience most people avoid situations that they need to be patient it breaks their honor or test their wisdom and makes them uncomfortable and it takes time . but I can tell you the most hard thing in this world is patience so if you have it believe that you are strong patient ones are commonly not considered important to people it is a weakness . we see many successful people motivating us in a comfortable way that we think they have lived the life we dream about . everyone respect us we will have many opportunities and everything is gone be right if someone can succeed that means I can too . while many successful people avoid to tell you their sad stories because it is considered a failure in society . they are still influenced by their sad emotions so you see them always brings a fake smiles into camera only emotional intelligent can feel that they are lying it is impossible to a singer or an actor to smile since childhood still the end of his career to the same purpose . he has seen things he didn't expect or heard . but you see them always with an euphoria in cameras such a big lie . what I want to see if you want really to succed in life use patience to protect your honor and your wisdom . so you can always have a great self esteem even if you fail and fail because your patience with people and accepting them as they are will not cause many attacks to your honor and wisdom you will feel that you are still the same even the high tension of changes around you and you will be more capable to study objectively your situations and manage it without spending a lot of energy to protect yourself in Islam we believe to god the protector of humans the only one that truly knows them and he promises those they are patient with unlimited gift . so we should not spend a lot time into blaming others and be patient even if it harms us and be truthful to people of what we feel but not to the point to cause bad feelings to them . if we feel bad we ask god to help us instead of transform ing our feelings to another person . and I am sure now that patient ones always get what they wants without sacrificing their intern peace because they sacrificed in an other thing which is very hard truly accept people and controlling oneself from what is extern and willing good things to others and help them get it. it is sad that in 2018 we are talking about emotion Al intelligence which is the basic intelligence in earth when people used to be honest and believe in ethics first not being selfish when I win you win he and she wins together it wasn't a subject of discussion it was inertly . necessary . we can never do things perfectly if we don't think its not really necessary or I have another option getting to the same goal. people come first because if we didn't find people around us when we were young we would never arrive that fast to the points we are today . if you want to keep feeling happy with your success you have to keep willing it truly to others this is from my prayers and my life experience I hope you are fine I love you all
brianabieber23 (4 months ago)
completely amazing. this hit that spot thank you
Elizabeth L. Alanis (4 months ago)
Enjoyed this. Feels true. Thank you
Samina Beautiful (4 months ago)
His voice is so soothing
zxan (4 months ago)
the chillest but most legit tedtalk ever
Queen Kita (4 months ago)
That was confirmation! Thank you God for using this great man.
Jamie Chapman (4 months ago)
Very Encouraging. Appreciated!
fede93939393 (4 months ago)
Mukkti Yadav (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful insight
alanz90 (4 months ago)
I thought he said this wasn't about God? I'm confused
Faisal Hassan (4 months ago)
Qannabis Queen (4 months ago)
Wow so simple and amazingly explained
Ayush Khandelwal (4 months ago)
Summary - - Spend more time thinking about things you want - Stop being anxious about past and future and operate in right now. - You will train your subconscious mind to manifest your desires - Everything happens for a reason - Examine every moment for its meaning - what is this supposed to teach me right now? - Stop being reactive become proactive - Don’t listen to respond, listen to understand - Always ask why? Why am I doing what I am doing? - Passion, purpose, presence - Feel, Believe, Receive - That what you seek, that what you desire, is equally seeking you.
Edgar Caldera (3 days ago)
Thank you! 🙏🏻
GAM3360 (23 days ago)
Ayush Khandelwal nice
Luciana Anjos (4 months ago)
Amazing message! Beautiful voice as well... so soothing!
Aidan Zufolo (4 months ago)
The “Law” of attraction is 1000% pseudoscientific bunk. If anyone disagrees, present your points, and I’ll present mine.
Maia Ashantie (4 months ago)
Wow this was great !
Annie Rivera (4 months ago)
Tears are streaming down my face. You’ve explained a topic that I’ve heard and read about again and again. I almost “subconsciously” watched this video bc of how many I’ve seen. I really understand now. Thank you as this was a game changer for me. Much love.
Albert Cilliers (4 months ago)
Firstly, congratulations on your perseverance. Why did you try this for ten years if it wasn't working for you? Secondly, you don't think that constant depressive and negative thoughts might actually lead to depression, and eventually to someone taking their life? And this doesn't seem like the LOA to you?
lisa rowe (4 months ago)
Everything he is saying comes DIRECTLY 100% from the Abraham Hicks material. 100%. Not that I think it's wrong for him to have given no credit - as many people would have their reservations against him saying he recieved his information from a woman who literally channels what the Ted audience would consider a 'ghost'.. but I hope this message got through and I hope it lead more people to spiritual explorations. Anyone who enjoyed this should explore the hundreds of hours of material available on youtube of Abraham Hicks. Amazing nonphysical teacher who helped me immensely. Happy to be living in an age where people are waking up.
Mrs J Nguru (4 months ago)
Some warmth in his voice, a nice calculated speech...
Keelee Hudson (5 months ago)
Omg I am literally so relieved that I found this! I’ve been working on this! I didn’t know what I was doing, because no one in my life thinks like this!!! Omg my hard work has. It been in vain. Thank you!! ::Breathing:: You’ve given me the breath of life I desperately needed!
lisa rowe (4 months ago)
Go check out Abraham Hicks - that is the infinite intelligence source of everything he glossed over in this video.
Masud Saeedi (5 months ago)
Dont know why but i felt quite emotional towards the end, did anyone else feel the same?
Devin McGee (5 months ago)
treasa shaw (5 months ago)
Thank you
momoko (5 months ago)
Very informative! The main points are transparent and well-explained. I can definitely learn something from this.
IW Nunn (5 months ago)
A voice u could listen to all day
Thank you
Sean Billingsley (5 months ago)
Wow, this one was powerful!
Roxana Cox (5 months ago)
any great books on law of attraction?
lisa rowe (4 months ago)
Go check out Abraham Hicks. Greatest Law of Attraction teacher of our age. Plenty of youtube videos available and all the books are wonderful.
Terri Dennis (5 months ago)
Love that last line!
11STARFIRE (5 months ago)
I will be listening to this again & again. Long after 2018 has ended.
11STARFIRE (4 months ago)
+lisa rowe Ok, thank you
lisa rowe (4 months ago)
Go check out Abraham Hicks. Greatest Law of Attraction teacher of our age. Plenty of youtube videos available and all the books are wonderful. This video was based on those teachings.
Timothy Maher-Smith (5 months ago)
They don't always manifest but good job
Easton Meyer (5 months ago)
Awesome speech! Thank you
Ally Tkach (5 months ago)
This guy has read some Abraham stuff
Alex Marquez (5 months ago)
Really who dislikes this video ??? Over 700 people??? I dont know whats more terrifying not knowing these principles or there over 700 people who are happier fki g them selfs and others around them
These Truths (5 months ago)
Wow...I don't think I saw a single negative comment in the first 30 or more... that's like modern water into wine my friend! This guy for President of the U.S.! Maybe he can be the first intellectual with no lifetime political agenda and a humble sounding ego to become elected!!! However it didn't work for Dr. Carson but maybe 3rd times a charm! Lol
Kelly Surma (5 months ago)
Wow!! He put the secret in it's place!🏆
Arvinth Nair (5 months ago)
He has the Morgan Freeman voice!!!
Eli Mateo (5 months ago)
Needed this
ChopakaChik (5 months ago)
Champinzee 🤔 did anybody else hear that lol
chris hunter (5 months ago)
His tie is too short.
Caroline V (5 months ago)
But it's so hard to get out of my mindset
Lee Avaf (6 months ago)
Amazing speech. Been thinking about this for a while now. He put it into words..
Grace Lauren (6 months ago)
Luna Twiggy (6 months ago)
Beautifully articulated

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