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Good Vibes | MLP: Equestria Girls | Summertime Shorts! [HD]

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MLP: Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts Short: Good Vibes Watch in 720p! --- Blog: http://letupitahd.blogspot.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Letupita725HD Twitter: https://twitter.com/Letupita725HD --- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Text Comments (4089)
Weezel Soup (2 hours ago)
I think I really like flash and sunset being best friends. They would make a good comedy duo.
Dani catfox :3 (3 hours ago)
Who think that FlashxSunset is the best like!!
Amber Sison (9 hours ago)
So all of them already have jobs.
Sunset X Flash is real now
Anna Krolik (3 days ago)
sahrul hamidi (3 days ago)
Omar Olivares (3 days ago)
Wally Urbina (3 days ago)
porque el y eya están juntos son set Shimer y flash porque están juntos
ami me dio muçha tristesa ya casi iba a yorar pero no yore y yo soy su gan numero 1aunque las demas o los demas diga que no es sierto yoblas amo de mi parte se ganan una corona espesial 👑👑👑👑👑👑💞💖
tyler4eg (5 days ago)
What a beautiful song
Titi Dama Yanti (7 days ago)
00:00 ilike
А Apple Jak?
fan fickhz :3 (9 days ago)
Сансет с Искоркой , Рарити с Эпплджек,Радугу с Флати, Пинки с Флати, тоже любишь шипперить?я конечно
Schymerita Darden (10 days ago)
Pike pie is funny
Leticia Filgueira (12 days ago)
80 Shoppe (12 days ago)
So cool do you lol babi
80 Shoppe (12 days ago)
Oh sorry my baby is play my iphone
Samantha Solorio (13 days ago)
It warmed my heart since am sick right now
BlockStar Planet :3 (13 days ago)
Where Starlight?
Haziel Coronel (14 days ago)
No me cae La nueva twilight
Q Anon (6 days ago)
A mi tampoco. :v
_TheKate Show_ (15 days ago)
А кушать российская озвучка
faustolicious (15 days ago)
0:27 What he have wished?
Michelle Liu (15 days ago)
Flash, Trixie, Flutter, Tough guy, Twilight, DJ Pon-3, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Sunset, back to Flash.
Eusebia Garcia Lopez (15 days ago)
Is me sunflash suple like world hen movie and chiken .chilin like villan. Just Take yes you nile. Beige fall down london . baby shark lou house mouse friky fraday liroy stich
Dana Bartra Lopez (18 days ago)
Y la otra tuayla esparció yo quiero verle a ella
Neva Azka (18 days ago)
cody holste (19 days ago)
I ship sunset shimmer and flash
Q Anon (21 days ago)
Don't freaking do that Habro! Am watchin' you!
clove 927 (21 days ago)
Porque salio error unas cosas que desaparecee
Keistline (22 days ago)
beautiful, inspirating video!!!
poke mon jayion and cj (23 days ago)
Sunsit is my girl my pony
Faiza Tanzia (24 days ago)
look at 1:13, it is my profile picture!
2:07 to 2:25 is sunset and flash in love now
Tracy Nguyen (25 days ago)
Wait so the animal is going to stay on his head for how long?
Alessandra C Rodriguez (25 days ago)
So fast
Alessandra C Rodriguez (25 days ago)
It made me cry and sad also I went to sleep yesterday
Darren Schivo (26 days ago)
I would help all the girls, and BUlk BIcep too with his hair problem.
Fluffy Wings (28 days ago)
ugh brad
Taufik Sofyan (29 days ago)
We' ara you doing ?🎵🎵🎵🎵😍😍😍😍
Jhaniel Maestrado (29 days ago)
Flash was so sad and bored😞
Audrey Sofia (1 month ago)
Sunset x Flash :3
Skaz32225 (1 month ago)
What is the name of that squint girl at the right of Sunshine Shimmer at 2:05
Erica Chuah (1 month ago)
At firz i was like goodbye so many different ways??? den i realized it was good vibe but its still a great song
Syslus 07 (1 month ago)
Who loves Twilight Sparkle like me?
Galaxy Blue (1 month ago)
Flashlight is my otp, but sunflash looks good
Bacteria (1 month ago)
i hope next eq movie be about sunset and flash
Cosmic Kitty (1 month ago)
Ship or not, the fact that Sunset managed to reconcile with Flash, specifically, makes me really happy.
wildgoose gooser (1 month ago)
FLASHSET, sash? I DON" CARE. I SHIP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sahara Dingding (1 month ago)
Its not supposed to be sunlash
zeoking silver (1 month ago)
If it were not for flash this would not have happened. His one good deed made this possible.
zeoking silver (1 month ago)
I like how flash was in this I wish he was in more who else thinks he should
mutairah hermas (1 month ago)
كيوت و جميل 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Harley Quinn fan (1 month ago)
I don’t want them together like where is princess twilight
Vivian Marchbanks (1 month ago)
yxkc it dy🙂hug ttc dduxrdxciddgidrxyfxicyhhvbxhhyrhxr. ccydgt7ryifyfxiryufiyfofiduwudc dddyefzufrririru7rfcrutxywur6rwowir8yir77riyror6l8r8rpifirlir7w7e7oeo47r4frdfgsxhbbxxcgydbamzchgfkzbghbfhm xzcxvdhvhhggftxkhgudhkbkdnrjchfkl
Beiter Pinnock (1 month ago)
Salvador Antonio (1 month ago)
How did flash get the chopsticks
Patricia Alvarez (1 month ago)
amo a Equestria giros💖
Jacy Boo (1 month ago)
Junior Orea (1 month ago)
Que bonito like si lo crees así
Rose Gitan (1 month ago)
Twilight just so smart with a help with DJ-Pon 3
Abdul Rani Bahaman (1 month ago)
Use magic blagfgcgfcghfgfhfhgfhgfghfgghffhgfghfghfhgfcghcbvcb
X6800 (1 month ago)
2:17 *BONDAGE*
Тут кушать российские? 😥😥
Leah (1 month ago)
Twily is for evs my fave,but I dunno...Sunset is awesome!
Noemi Banegas (1 month ago)
I like the sound
Darren Schivo (1 month ago)
WOw, in 0:45, Trixie's magic actually WORKED! Maybe it takes a good song for it to work.
Nicoli Luz (1 month ago)
Amei !!!!!!!
Wity Wita (1 month ago)
Ugh I'm gonna kill you sunset flash is twilight is ship it meet me in the park😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
legion kirin NyPos (1 month ago)
esto enseña una lección y es que si ayudas a alguien quizás es alguien te ayude despues o a otra persona dependiendo de la persona
april tan (1 month ago)
Coooooool vid i love itttttt
dana (1 month ago)
dana (1 month ago)
Кира ТВ (1 month ago)
А это какая доля?!!!
Gacha Grayson (1 month ago)
Now That's What You Call A "The Best Karma"
Jason Dirusso (1 month ago)
Now that Sci-Twi and Timber Spruce are in a relationship, I started wondering if Sunset and Flash are going to start dating again.
Pallabi Das (1 month ago)
it is good but where is applejack
リンナLizzie Verse (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does Sunset shimmer and Flash Sentry are gonna get back together....
Ryan Viramontes (1 month ago)
Ma girl ShIMMer trynna TWILIGHTS MAN?!
YZA WEZA XWAREZ (1 month ago)
Hasta cuando saldra en Español..!
The Rainbooms now got jobs
Dino Khalel (1 month ago)
Егор Обухов (1 month ago)
Егор Обухов (1 month ago)
bearded meme dragon (1 month ago)
what i watched as a lonley kid. good times. good times. now im older and still watching it. good times. now im eating ice cream... i cant comment on this one...
javier arnaldo trippi (1 month ago)
Este vídeo es una caca areglenlo 😛 💩
Therese Kaamino (1 month ago)
What happened to the ship between twilight and flash!!!!
Rich Girl (1 month ago)
The pufferfish thing on Sunsets head is so cute!
Carsen Maxwell (1 month ago)
Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry should start dating again
virgie fabros (1 month ago)
I like flash and twilight more plz
Ayran Mateo (1 month ago)
Since when can they do magic
Aaron B (2 months ago)
This is wrong. 1: twilight is a computer nerd 2: they don't have powers. 3: sunsetshimer does not work at a Japanese restaurant!!😤😤😤
Maria Medrano (2 months ago)
no rbjjyh67
Mizuno Sonna (2 months ago)
hann cat (2 months ago)
Dislaik sunflash >:v/ es horrible me quema los ojos
Eronido Batista (2 months ago)
Amei 🌱🐇🐽🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎
Eronido Batista (2 months ago)
Amei 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
رؤية اسماعيل (2 months ago)
مدهل رائع الف لايك😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😍😗
Супер класс
If only Pony Twilight was here, and she bumped into Flash😍😭😭

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