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The Bell Curve: IQ, Race and Gender | Charles Murray and Stefan Molyneux

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MP3 Download: http://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/3074/the-bell-curve-iq-race-and-gender-charles-murray-and-stefan-molyneux In continuing our discussion on Human Intelligence and the predictive powers of IQ, Charles Murray joins the broadcast to discuss the latest science regarding ethnic and gender differences in intelligence. Charles Murray is a political scientist, author, and libertarian. He first came to national attention in 1984 with the publication of "Losing Ground," which has been credited as the intellectual foundation for the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. His 1994 New York Times bestseller, "The Bell Curve," coauthored with the late Richard J. Herrnstein, sparked heated controversy for its analysis of the role of IQ in shaping America's class structure. The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life http://www.amazon.com/dp/0684824299/?tag=freedradio-20 Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 http://www.amazon.com/dp/030745343X/?tag=freedradio-20 By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N6PBGM2/?tag=freedradio-20 Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CW0PVVO/?tag=freedradio-20 For More of Charles Murray’s books and writing, go to: http://www.amazon.com/Charles-Murray/e/B000AP5UJQ/?tag=freedradio-20 Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by signing up for a monthly subscription or making a one time donation at: http://www.fdrurl.com/donate Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedomainradio.com
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Text Comments (1902)
Trish Fitzpatrick (1 day ago)
Man! This is HARD. But I have to admit that I recognize the truth in it. I raised two boys side by side. They were home schooled using the same programs, we are a very close knit family, I did NOTHING to promote differences. But people could never tell they were brothers; not even in looks. Oh dear...
Camelot (1 month ago)
Race and IQ have more to do with socioeconomic status, resources, parent's education level, and only partly genetics. The past behavior of Whites in America has shown that they have stolen most of their power from people of color and implemented their religious beliefs, pagan holidays, and rewrote history from a White Supremacist perspective. It amazes me that Whites have forgotten that they once enslaved African Americans and are now trying to understand why they are not as intelligent as they are? The truth is Whites are not nearly as intelligent as they think despite any data they will display to prove their point otherwise. America is financially, morally, and socially bankrupt and Whites are 100% to blame.
Camelot (1 month ago)
+Bart Simpson Lol and I guess someone using the alias Bart Simpson does? I doubt you even finished junior high school. There is no significant correlation between race and IQ except one that further promotes White Supremacy which I am sure you agree with.
Bart Simpson (1 month ago)
Really REALLY ignorant statements. You have ZERO fundamental understanding of what IQ or RACE mean.
Brother Julias (1 month ago)
Simply put, if you take the IQ scores of blacks and whites, blacks score lower than whites by about 15 points. This statistic of course, doesn't take into account anything other than race. Let's go through why most of the academic community isn't concerned about this. 1. The gap we see here is not at all unique. There have been many instances of populations of people with lower than average IQ that have closed the gap entirely. For example, women used to score far lower than men on IQ tests. This is no longer the case since women have gotten more educated. In this case, [we are starting to see the IQs of women surpass those of men (in general)] (http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/07/16/why-women-finally-have-higher-iqs-than-men/)]. Another example is the IQ data gathered from East and West Germany prior to unification. East and West Germans were / are genetically indistinguishable, but there was a gap between the two reaching 17 points in some areas. If you take IQ as being mostly genetic, these results are highly problematic. Heres a link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0160289612000864 A third example (and I could go on for longer but this is already long enough) is the Flynn effect. This is the well documented phenomenon that observes populations IQs rising as they develop economically. The average black person today gets the same score as the average white person did in the US in the year 1950. The average black person's score is 15 points higher than the average white person just 100 short years ago. Unless you think there was a major genetic change in whites in the past 50-100 years, the rise in scores (for both races) was due to environmental changes. Whites have simply enjoyed a higher standard of living (then and now) which leads to them having environments more conducive to learning. I know I said that was the last example I'd give, but let me do one more because I think it illustrates my point. Another big difference in IQ scores can be seen between northern Americans and Americans in the South. In fact, there have been studies done where blacks in the north scored higher on IQ tests than whites in the south. Are northerners different genetically than southerners? If not, then why the difference? If we accept whatever that difference is, why are you not using that to explain the black - white difference? The above examples give pause to the idea that IQs for groups are set in stone (they 100% are not and that's a fact), and that genetics are the primary determination of a persons cognitive ability. 2) IQ scores only measure one type of intelligence (poorly) IQ scores can only measure one type of intelligence, and it doesn't even do that as well as we'd like. IQ tests don't accurately measure strategic intelligence, or even creative intelligence. This is a huge problem since these forms of intelligence that the IQ tests cannot measure are some of the most important. Creativity lies at the soul of every major invention. It lies in the soul of every song, movie or play. Similar things can be said of strategic thinking. Would we think worse of people like Jimi Hendrix and Ghengis Khan if we found out they scored low on an IQ test. If we would, we probably shouldn't. 3) IQ scores cannot measure potential There are certain types of questions asked on IQ tests that you can get better at with practice. For example, pattern recognition and memorization are two things you can improve on drastically throughout your life (if you practice). This has two problems. One, it gives advantages to people who do similar kinds of thinking activities daily (this explains some of the Flynn effect we discussed earlier). Two, we may mistake someone had a low genetic limit based on someone not normally having to perform those kinds of activities, or not having as good of tools throughout their lives. Here is someone discussing this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vpqilhW9uI&feature=youtu.be&t=2m17s 4) At this point people will often say that when you control for certain variables the differences don't entirely disappear. For one, the differences fall away quite rapidly once you start controlling for things (income and neighborhoods mostly). Second, we have no way of controlling for other things that effect IQ testing scores. One such example is Stereotype Threat. This is a phenomena that we've seen in not only IQ scores, but in math, reading, sports and (essentially) any other area where a stereotype exists. Stereotype threat is the phenomena that shows people perform worse if there is a fear that they will further a certain stereotype about themselves. The presence of this cannot be totally corrected for (although it can be manipulated somewhat). Another example is cultural differences. We know that there are many ways that different races raise their children that influence their cognitive development. I really want to wrap this up, but one such example is the word gap: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2015/02/16/the-famous-word-gap-doesnt-hurt-only-the-young-it-affects-many-educators-too/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.ac60960d0cee Credit to Doppleganger07, from reddit
elliott brown (1 month ago)
Thanks for the thorough reply.
Jim Sandy (1 month ago)
Thank you for having the intelligence and the guts to have Mr. Murray on. I had him on my show 20 years ago. Too many people are moral cowards unwilling to engage this topic because the Marxist Materialist will cry racism.
John Driscoll (1 month ago)
If Stefan Molyneux got a dollar for every video he posted about race and IQ, he would have more money than the crony capitalists he rants about in his other videos.
nathan Gilchrist (1 month ago)
My issue with all this is, you say all this to say or do what exactly?
Amine Lambarqui (1 month ago)
I remain optimistic about the future :) The dominance of academia by leftist will stop simply because the concept of university and future education will go mainstream and move outside the safety of colleges buildings . This trend will enable competent educators like Stephan and dr Murray to display value for less to whomever seeks it . Well done guys !
Bill (1 month ago)
The Iranian Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education in 1999 did a joint mass IQ test of the population, over 100,000 high school students were tested. The average came out to be 102. Iran also has 100% literacy rate. The average IQ of the Iranian population is NOT "84" which some nonsense, fabricated estimate with a very tiny sample by some foreigners using an outdated methodology of collection.
Ian Whiteley (1 month ago)
The schools totaly have dumbed down all Mercury in mmr injections does the same. you are dumb face it could you forge a knife can you make fire could you servive whats coming sorry your fucked
Kapri (1 month ago)
Asians score highest on I.Q tests, but also have highest rate of suicide; and in the U.S.. white men have 2nd highest rate, and blacks the lowest. Blacks are superior in intelligence, I rest my case!
Kapri (1 month ago)
The truth can be bitter, hurts. Blacks are a created people, were created in the beginning, are originals.. thus blacks are more intelligent by nature, while everyone else, every other race, were "made from," and are "contingent upon blacks" to be here; all races spawned from blacks, thus blacks are most intelligent, to possess the capability to produce all races.
Kapri (1 month ago)
Blacks are superior in intelligence. The Great pyramid(s), was erected by black people. Therefore blacks are inherently highest in intelligence, as well because of the fact, blacks have superior genes, called "dominant genes," which gives rise to superior intelligence to produce the likes of a great pyramid, which no other race, especially whites, cannot produce!
Kapri (1 month ago)
The truth can be bitter, hurts. Blacks are a created people, were created in the beginning, are originals.. thus blacks are more intelligent by nature, while everyone else, every other race, were "made from," and are "contingent upon blacks" to be here; all races spawned from blacks, thus blacks are most intelligent, to possess the capability to produce all races.
Kapri (1 month ago)
Blacks are superior in intelligence. The Great pyramid(s), was erected by black people. Therefore blacks are inherently highest in intelligence, as well because of the fact, blacks have superior genes, called "dominant genes," which gives rise to superior intelligence to produce the likes of a great pyramid, which no other race, especially whites, cannot produce!
georg schnidt (2 months ago)
It is this simple. Whites are superior in I Q. Nothing to debate.
Charles Casaburi (2 months ago)
A professor at the university of Chicago named lann (non white) identified several genetic foci associated with high IQ & discovered that they were distributed across the various races in exactly the proportion that IQ data would predict. The university refused to publish the data not because they found any flaws in his methods but because they deemed it to controversial.
Ian Whiteley (2 months ago)
Do not separate your self from your brothers sisters of the world my arms are open i love you we will stand as 1
Ian Whiteley (2 months ago)
Nwo has a enermy thay do not evan see know you die along with the 1 s you killed
Ian Whiteley (2 months ago)
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Ian Whiteley (2 months ago)
Go look at denva air port the nwo story is in the art work and cavens there nwo agenda
Ian Whiteley (2 months ago)
What you have learnd at a school wont help when cash is ass wipe no food nothing in any shop masses attaking for your food end times man made nwo agenda
Ian Whiteley (2 months ago)
Read below this is the fear of the nwo dirty ritch as we become 1 all races as brother sister religion is to dived us put it aside your a man woman first then your spiritualitas
Ian Whiteley (2 months ago)
My brother can be black white brown yellow red any . Take care you dont offend us
Ian Whiteley (2 months ago)
Please understand iq will not help you when theres no food in the shops you can not servive the waste lands . I do love all races. The highly inteligent now its a nwo agenda to set the stage of death for all . Thay best worry as thay are my target no hole will be deep that we dont drop symag in ritch dude we see we follow the cash you are the target in the end nwo agenda stocks of food cavens wont save you
Iq will definitely help you in those situations.
Kaivey (2 months ago)
Some are born great? "No, with the right start in life we all have the same chance to succeed." The University of Oxford's INTERGROWTH-21st Project shows that a black child from a slum can do as well as a white child from a palace - so long as they are given good health care, good nutrition and good education. "It has shown for the first time that children are born physically and intellectually equal, regardless of their race or ethnicity. "Given good living conditions, good food and education, babies thrive, wherever they live and whatever the colour of their skin." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/01/23/born-great-no-right-start-life-have-chance-succeed/
Bart Simpson (1 month ago)
Do you REALLY think anyone can be a theoretical physicist with the right amount of motivation? Or is it much more likely that some people have a genetic predisposition to do well at certain things. If you took two students that were raised with exactly the same amount of nurture you could not predict that they would do equally well in complex mathematics. Why? Because I Q is genetic and hereditary. It’s so OBVIOUS! It’s no different than saying two kids could do equally well at sports if they had the same amount of nurture (nutrition, coaching, etc.). Any news organization that tries to tell you something different is pedaling leftist Marxist propaganda.
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
You have not linked a scientific journal.. You have linked mainstream news lmao. Get real bro..
Jugger naut (2 months ago)
so if we look at this with an open mind and open intellect, we cant deny that: SCIENCE IS RACIIIIST kill em aaaaaallllllllll those racists booooooo
H Hanson (2 months ago)
Has anybody noticed Stefan speaks like Christopher Walken?
Kingfish179 (2 months ago)
Could the reason that black and white IQs stopped narrowing in the 60s be due to the breakdown of the black family rather than genetics? The time frames correspond, and it would leave open the possibility of an environmental cause.
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
Deffo one of the reasons, but that is environmental.
Diogo Maciel (2 months ago)
20:45 great accomplishments is not done with your left hand *looks at right hand *
f2mel2 (2 months ago)
Hi guys. I just saw a vid with Noam Chomsky declaring I Q identity as nothing more than a right wing racist attempt to do away with social policies. He also claims that social policies are proven to work. The host of the video ads that the studies are a right wing contrived and flawed. My question is are these findings sanctioned by political groups for purposes of making policy?
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
No they are not lol... Its literally left wingers that dont like the data because they are into identity politics... Its sad.
Zeljko Situm (2 months ago)
I do not understand how this offend anyone. It talk about average. Where I'm from we are 92. Neither me nor anyone else give a flying sh about it.
Julian Goodluck (2 months ago)
Of course you should have higher IQ. Question, were there ever laws enacted outlawing your parents the opportunity to be taught to read or write? We’re your parents systematically murdered because they want to improve their IQ? The mere fact that some Afo-Americans have higher IQ than Sir Stephane shows that when given the opportunity, Afro-Americans will out compete anyone.
Bart Simpson (1 month ago)
Julian Goodluck You need to look at I Q like processing speed of a computer. Has nothing to do with data or how much information you download , it has to do with what you are hardwired to be able to compute. So if somebody prevents you from learning how to read it still doesn’t change the base level IQ you’re going to be born with. This is why parents who are highly intelligent almost always have children who are highly intelligent. Its why the parents of theoretical physicists usually have children who are highly gifted, it’s not rocket science to realize that human traits like IQ, height, eye color etc are heritable passed down to children.
Lets find a nickname (3 months ago)
Stefan can you explain why Nigerians in USA are so rich and successful if race is the thing that mostly determines ones IQ ? Are Nigerians so different than other Africans in genetics ?
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
+The Glorious Revolution Its a circle with these people man.
The Glorious Revolution (3 months ago)
+Lets find a nickname Again, you don't seem to understand what Murray claims...because you would rather argue against a straw man than his actual argument...there is dispersion within an ethnic group regarding IQ. There will be plenty of genius blacks. Tell me, if economic conditions determine individual success, why aren't African Americans outperforming Nigerians Americans? I mean, they would have at least had as good an education, right? Also, why don't people in the same family have the same level of educational success? My sister had exactly the same education and expectations as I did. But my sister performed poorly whereas I went on to one of the best universities in the country. ...the penny drops...
Lets find a nickname (3 months ago)
+The Glorious Revolution I find it very funny that this "dispersion" is mostly happening to blacks who "just happen to be" more educated than average American. It is almost like humans success and wealth is correlate with their educational and economic conditions more than their genetics
The Glorious Revolution (3 months ago)
There is variance in every population...'variance' means dispersion.
Vlad Xavier (3 months ago)
Obviously anyone living in 2019 would need to be in complete denial to object to the evidence provided over the last century alone. Intelligence is one of, if not the most significant characteristic that will determine a person's choices and success in life. The bell curve for IQ testing for various ethnic groups proves time and times again that different races score higher and lower on average. With that said, you still cannot tell a person's IQ just by looking at them. Which still means that individualism is the key to progress in the western world. However, one cannot simply ignore this information forever. It is still one of the largest reasons that each racial group (on average) scores lower and higher in terms of living standards, income, and values. So are we going to continue in limbo or can we find a solution?
fruitpuncherrrrr (3 months ago)
Ethnicity levels differentiated by IQ Different medical treatments for ethnicity Not all gene capabilities have been learned Human Race Differentiated by different combinations of gene Human Evolution has accelerated after leaving Africa There are specific genes that were under pressure that lead to differentiation of race and ethnicity Non Share Environment is more influential (Womb, Injuries, Peers, etc.) on intellectual and personality than Shared Environment (Schools, Parenting, Etc.) Significant Shared Environments On Influence is Parent-child interaction and religiosity There is more we can do to damage than enhance children Peak Productivity For Americans occurs in 30s and 40s after intense apprenticeship Women with Children tend to think about the well being of their child while working Men have extreme variance in IQ pool, women do not Significant Testosterone play a major role in men achievement and violence
Alex Smith (3 months ago)
I think Dr. Charles Murray would make a great puppeteer!
Daniel Johansson Öhman (3 months ago)
I'm here to find out about how stupid girl chess tournaments are. Just to mention Chess is not equal to smart. Good to know :)
Diabolik771 (3 months ago)
Hey, somebody has to be the dumbest on Earth. Behold, the Africans.
Jayy Damour (3 months ago)
Stefan molyneux I don’t care how you put it ...you can’t compare a black man genes which is completely human...with a subhuman hybridize diluted mutt race ....a wild chicken is different from a domesticated chicken in a farm, wild pigs are different from domesticated pigs, lab rats are different from field rats. Brown bear are different from polar bear. And they all performs better than the diluted domesticated or lab ones. Etc Etc.
Jayy Damour (3 months ago)
How are you going to completely compare some one that has 2k years or more of heads start to 40 years....that’s like comparing a one year old to a 50 years old man. That had everything lended to him. Whites people knows they can’t defeats a black man at anything if they don’t get a head starts. Besides wasn’t it the blacks that took them out of the caves and introduce them to water n soaps, civilized them , Just like parents don’t tell their kids everything, masters doesn’t teach their students evrething. I’m pretty sure there is hidden secrets that black peoples genetically have in them and which whites folks got a little of is love. Ones black peoples starts loving them selves and starts to accept them selves for who they are regardless of their hair texture, nose structures, facial features, skin tones, etc. when they finally have that ability to by pass that and starts to units instead of divisions they will rule the entire world again. Your time is up white folks ...that’s why you are playing unfairly.... We are nothing less but gods manifestation in the flesh...enduring great harsh experience. That’s why you scared of death ....you cry why me .... and we rejoice after suffering great tribulations n trails. The same way we got more souls and spirits when when something great just takes over us in church, in voudou ceremonies, music, sports, dancing, playing instruments....those are the ways that we can tell we are gods manifestations experiencing in the physical flesh. You are nothing but a fundamental phenomena with flesh just like us. But god takes away the precious pigment, melanin to differentiate its self from u. The same way we are by days ( powers by the sun ) and you are by nights sucking the bloods that are powers by the sun. U need us in other for your generation to strive beyond. I can’t believe a fixed almost infertile albino ,mutant , hybridize (rhesus macaques, Neanderthals) mutt race , Dracula mostly active at nights n can’t stands the sun.bloodsucking leash.
Timo Jazz (3 months ago)
Its more about environment than genetics!!
Timo Jazz (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es91OV7E4C8&t=58s In the UK poor white boys are not doing as well as poor black boys, please explain!!
Diamond Donn (3 months ago)
This is interesting
Andy McSherry (3 months ago)
A right-wing characteristic that exists is compartmentalisation (a politically neutral statement, no offence to ppl on the right) this is how Stefan puts down other groups, he classifies people and puts them in rank order of who he things is the dumbest. What he has could be considered a gift but when you use it to put down an ethnic group, you are not using your gift wisely. Scottish people, or European people as we should call them were Celts (Gaels/Picts/Brittons) were actually cultural groups. If you look at the genetics, people are pretty much mixed up all over Europe, happened in the middle-ages. Scottish people, at least a third of people, live in impoverished conditions and rely on state welfare as working families. Those in south east England, where the most wealth is concentrated in the United Kingdom, clearly have greater living conditions and environments, so you can't argue that race is the issue, when the environment is completely different you couldn't possibly measure differences without this being controlled for, this is a major flaw in the argument pushed by Stefan and colleagues, people can't learn if they are in a constant state of alarm because they in a bad area.. This is the problem with the IQ/Race debate, it's a self-report measure, not really 100% reliable. Also, speaking of shared environments, we know in psychology that twins are in fact treated differently in the home. If you are going to test a set of twins in adult life, well that's not possible, secondary socialisation has already taken place.
DOT the FAN (3 months ago)
I don't know if basing it off of IQ Tests is a substantial way to judge. Simply because "blacks" may not have time, or "economic muster" to keep taking IQ Tests over and over again. Not to mention a lower population in higher poverty. I would reckon there would be more whites available to take the test than blacks. Not to mention the amount controlled in incareration. It's all about the context folks. And let's not generalize here. There are plenty of black billionaires who are successful at what they do, and there are plenty of poor white people who have failed in life. And with how history has been, blacks that can override their slave past and overcome, is more proof of the potential blacks have to succeed. And if we do want the world "white", is that really ok? Wars and Conquerships were all started by whites with blacks usually being in peace and solitude, regardless of economics.
Alexis Joyce (3 months ago)
◄ Job 24:13 ► SUM PIC XRF DEV STU Verse (Click for Chapter) New International Version "There are those who rebel against the light, who do not know its ways or stay in its paths.
Kari Bannerman (3 months ago)
When one understands there are NO clear Races ,or Ethnicities Some Turks may have same Genes as particular Greeks .One would be surprised at the variety of genes between various Africans These guys are bent ON connecting Race and IQ .Even though there’s a lot they DO NOT KNOW ,if one listens carefully
Raymond Mason (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEPT9lwpEjw Black Inventors
Marxism is evil (3 months ago)
Countries with high average IQ will come out on top eventually. This translates into east asian countries: China, Korea and Japan. The western world is already lost due to mass immigration of peoples with low IQ. Even if mass interracial marriages would occur the average IQ would still lag behind. The problem could even be worsened by massive "white flight" to asian countries. Cultural Marxism and feminism killed western cultures.
Philip BadAwesome (4 months ago)
The reality will be state sanctioned breeding.
Solan K (4 months ago)
11:00 Wait a minute. Murray thinks that because white and black IQ differences stopped narrowing after the 60’s, that this argues *against* environmental factors, and in favor of intractable differences?? If his claims are true, it would seem pretty obvious that the welfare state and the destruction of the black family are probably mostly responsible for this. The black environment changed radically after the welfare state. He isn’t remotely comparing like with like.
RYan Samuels (4 months ago)
LOL The rationalization for White Supremacy is so ridiculous..LOL I think these people really think they are discovering things..LOL.....LOL Most humans Caucasian, Mongoloid or Negroid are louts....the difference is not important until more people are actually intelligent. Intelligence is more than I.Q
syderwarp (4 months ago)
Wtf 34 minutes?! Why so short? 😠😱😨😠😠😬😖😵😭😡😩😣😫😧😟😦😮
Critical Analysis (4 months ago)
88 percent of blacks voted for democrats in the midterms...case closed
Ping Pong (4 months ago)
Why not identify criminal elements and demolish those GENETIC groups? I don't give a crap about any other aspect - live and let live. Target criminals from Hillary to the average gangster... I support Trump because he supports GOOD PEOPLE from ALL backgrounds. Society should focus on trouble makers only.
Jay K (4 months ago)
Caucasoids have the highest IQ. Trump is living proof. Very stable genius. LOL! I can't even keep a straight face.
Jay K (4 months ago)
LOL! So I guess that means Mongoloids rule ALL! Trump says he is smarter than Stephen Hawking, Kim Ung-Yong, Paul Allen, Sir Andrew Wiles, Christopher Hirata, Terrence Tao and Garry Kasparov combined. Yuge intelligence.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC5bO0b3U30
Proud2be White (4 months ago)
Negroids are among the very most stupid in the world. This undeniable. And Donald Trump most certainly is very intelligent. How many kneegrows out there are self made billionaires?
William Keys (4 months ago)
It is obvious to anyone who has lived in Africa that the continent has a low IQ. African IQ 70, just look at the average 'standard of living' the squalor, the slums, filth and inability to raise standards. See the inability to govern themselves properly. Any of the higher IQ races would clean the place up. It is the same for Aborigines in Australia, they have even lower IQ. In Australia, money has been thrown at the problem and it is demonstrable that IQ is inherited. Aboriginal IQ 65, cannot be ameliorated through education. IQ, like other evolutionary and inherited traits, is a fact of life. Evolution is no respecter of anthropomorphic sensibilities. These are the true facts of life.
Desan Zhou (4 months ago)
Nobel prizes showed already too much.
Aslan Ibrahimov (4 months ago)
Stefan use more simplistic language like Charles Murray. You are not a scientist, but youtube podcasting demagogue, so act like one instead of trying hard to feed your ego by demonstrating how many smart words you know.
anita balaski (4 months ago)
One only has to look to the development of western civilization compared to the development in other societies to see there is truth to this. Nothing is absolute and there are always exceptions. This all being said, no one should be treated differently because of their intelligence and other societies have developed other attributes.
first Impression (4 months ago)
So why don´t you guys believe when high IQ white scientists tell you that climate change is real and man made ?
nightjar (4 months ago)
Murray said things about women that I have often thought myself. Being bogged down with childbearing and nurturing is a big barrier to personal achievement. They have sacrificed their advancement and possible greatness at the alter of a mound of dirty diapers. Now that the world population is around 7.5 billion, maybe women can have the luxury of scaling back the baby making. That should free some of them up to do better things.
Oliver Phippen (5 months ago)
NEGROEs hate this book but Blacks don't ???? Dark skinned indians from India do well on the test Guatemalans do well on the test Polynesians do well on the test Negros / Africans do not do well on the test ??
Julie Harahuc (5 months ago)
I sense the Son of The Dark Ages.
the_punnisher (5 months ago)
Still trying to apologize for the truth in " The Bell Curve ". HEY THE DATA DID NOT LIE THEN AND THAT STUDY IS STILL VALID TODAY. Deal with the reality of you previous study. I made good money by being a true scientist and staying truthful with the facts. Grow a pair and stop being PC om everything.
Sunny shah (5 months ago)
There is no doubt that ethnicity plays an important role in IQ. But, when we talk about IQ of a specific ethnic group, we are only referring to the majority of the cases. Of course, there are many individuals in every ethnic group around the world who are intelligent and have a high IQ. But, over all, as evident from observation, Blacks and Latinos tend to have generally low IQ, while Whites and Asians tend to have generally a higher IQ. It is this genetic variation in ethnicity that gives us diversity, and it's a fact.
Brutus the truck (5 months ago)
Even if there is a discrepancy across the board between different ethnicity's IQ ...So what ! Whats the point , they dont deserve the same rights . And what about the people who would be out lyres..say a black female with an IQ of 160 or say " Neil Degrasse Tyson " and what about some one who is white or Asian who despite maybe having an IQ of 180 , is a beach bum and drops out of 7th grade ... dose he deserve more right s than an black man who busts his ass achieves an PHD and works as an pediatrician because his IQ is maybe 120 . wHATS THE POINT OF THIS WHOLE DISCUSSION ?
Big Daddy (5 months ago)
Instead of talking about it from a scientific viewpoint and figure out how to fix things we are told it's not politically correct so the people that can solve these issues are made to keep quiet. It's backward and making things worse. That goes for everything not just the subjects they are talking about.
Rand Huso (6 months ago)
No children... no future. Since guys can't have children, it's up to the women. Feminism has killed (non-patriarchal) western society.
Sophia Lopez (6 months ago)
It is absolutely absurd to equate higher rates of crime in men to men being more criminal than women. Women don't NEED to steal, because women are always taken in and cared for, while men are on their own in life. If women were treated like men, and had to fend for themselves like men do, they'd steal like raccoons! And just because women don't FIGHT in wars does not mean they don't play a role in starting them, ESPECIALLY since they got the vote.. women have ALWAYS controlled the majority of the expenditures of a household; women have ALWAYS had influence over the men in their lives and are supremely able to manipulate men. And women are every bit as violent and aggressive as men (most domestic violence is started and committed by women..), they are just never held accountable for it because they are held to the standards of children.
sm mm (5 months ago)
retard you're a retard 🙂
Norman P. Chesterton (6 months ago)
After 3 years, I finally got to watch this episode. I really hope Stefan's channel is well backed up. It would be a HUGE loss if these videos disappeared.
Trippy Bruh (1 month ago)
The way things are going now YouTube (Google) they could just simply take down his channel or delete any of his videos they do not agree with.
Norman P. Chesterton (6 months ago)
Why do people accuse whites who talk about this of racism when Asians consistently come out at top in terms of intelligence in these ethnic comparisons? It makes no sense.
architectpage (7 months ago)
It seems high IQ the more uncaring, selfish, lack empathy, money orientated - basically miserable loners
fuck you motherfuckers (7 months ago)
whites do not have a written language the alphabet they use today comes from Phoenician and phoenician are semite people the figures come from Arabs.
Hybrid Intuition (7 months ago)
Just because there exist an average does not mean that correlations or causal relationships exists between the variables : Blacks with low IQ does not mean Low IQ is attributed to being black. The fact that there are variation in IQ of people of the same race means that the race does not contribute to the variation as it is a common factor. Otherwise the IQ would be the same regardless. Also if there is a genetic linkage this is also not attributed to race. Let me explain. I believe Thomas Sowell already talked about race not being a factor in IQ. The reason for increasing IQ in different ethnic groups is due to the rise in their socio-economic levels over time e.g improved schooling, increased wealth, increased interactions with people of different backgrounds. This tends to reduce the level of misinformation and opens up different avenues of comprehension that in the long run improve the IQ of the individual. They become better in problem solving and pattern recognition as they are not misinformed and/or using partial information in their decision making process. * In fact as of World War One Jewish Soldiers scored well below the American national average on metal tests in the army. * Blacks that grew up in Germany had a higher IQ than blacks that grew up in the projects. * People that grow up on welfare, public education have lower IQ than those who grow up going to private school and are not on welfare. This is regardless of race. This is due to the quality of education they get. * Individuals that are a part of an isolated culture also have lower IQ that those that are a part of a larger group. This is evident in African Americans (from the projects) as well as the Scottish people that are a part of the Hebrides island. * It is extremely important to understand that an average looks at a large number of people that have different experiences and tries to break them into similar group so as to be able to carry out an analysis and draw conclusions. However there will always be heterogeneity in the data. * This is particularly evident in Sub- Saharan Africa. There are over 40 nations with different groups of people, systems of governance, cultures, economic growth, political stability e.t.c. Was the analysis done by looking at the poor africans in rural areas ? What about those africans that live in the cities ? What about the level of education of the africans? what about those africans that are not formally employed? * This would indicate that there is a skewness that exists in the data, thereby creating an average were majority weighting was given to africans that come from poor backgrounds. * However African nations are now growing at the fastest rate than any other nation on the planet. This would lead to improvements in the socio-economic landscape and the IQs would increase for the poor especially. * Also technological advances allow information to be gathered at a faster rate which greatly increases the comprehensive avenues individuals can engage in making them more enlightened. EDIT: (Thought i would add some thoughts) It's relatively easy to be conscientious. Always strive to reconfirm what you know and identify what you don't know (know unknowns). This approach often leads to the discovery things you didn't know you didn't know (unknown unknowns). The purpose of this is to minimise and/or prevent yourself from being misinformed and/or ill-informed in your decision making. As well as increasing the different avenues of comprehension you can engage with and learn from. Improving your intellectual and emotional fortitude. Wrong data creates intellectual vulnerability and emotional volatility. Dangerous for your ecosystem. Just like how good intentions without accurate information never leads to long-term positive outcomes (many economist have proved this). Effectively creating individuals that develop a victim mentality and misguided entitlement issues. Which further creates a low expectation anti-selection mindset, because they are misinformed and/or ill-informed. This is not ideal. Misinformation creates chaos. And the antidote to chaos is conscientiousness, rationality and order. Which creates self awareness and true harmony for the individual and the society. #redpill
Hybrid Intuition (7 months ago)
An average value misses out on a lot of relevant descriptive statistics i.e * Whats is the maximum and minimum values of the IQs ? * What is the median or even mode of the data ? * How was the average calculated ? was it a simple average , geometric average ? * What is the skewness , Kurtosis and distribution of the data ? * What is the variance and confidence interval of the data ? * What assumptions where made in the development of the model ? * Was a regression model used ? * What weighting was given to the beta values that drive the IQ model ? * How big was the sample size ? * When you talk about average black IQ you are also averaging the heterogenous factors that affect the IQ. ** Therefore the average IQ perhaps would be of a black individual that has low level of education , possibly limited access to technology , grew up in an isolated culture and comes from a poor household. This would be the average of such an individual. Across all the factors. Also an average does not indicate that there is a correlation or a causal relationship. The fact that there exists variations of IQs between member of one race shown that those variations are not attributed to race. There exists an independence . Therefore the covariance of race and IQ becomes zero. Hence the correlation becomes zero. This is how beta values are arrived at for each factor considered relevant. Thank you
John Ellis (7 months ago)
THREE CLASS SOCIETY We are all given a different level of intelligence for eight reasons: 1. So that the laboring-class lower-half of society can have the slow and careful thought needed to do the most dangerous work in society, manual labor where the slightest miss-calculation could mean the loss of a finger, leg, eye or life. 2. So that the laboring-class may have the slow and careful thought needed to rule government and have the moral capacity to pass the laws, to execute laws and to judge if everyone is in full compliance with the laws. 3. So that the laboring-class in a very slow and careful way, may be the moral and spiritual leaders and administer the religious aspects of life. 4. So that the educated middle-class may have the perfect intelligence to be the technical 25% of society that does the supervision, coordination and communication between the ruling-class and laboring-class. 5. So that the ruling-class may have the capacity to be constantly improving society, the capacity to rule over the labor, production and management of industry and to be an inspiration that challenges everyone to a greater ability to achieve. 6. So that everyone may find their chosen profession challenging, rewarding and most enjoyable. 7. So that everyone may achieve happiness by having compassion and charity for those in a lower-class --- and in a way that produces a grateful response. The end result being a society with no wealth, as everyone passes their excess property down to where it does the most good, with no one making a profit from investments as all improvements are for the good of society. 8. So that everyone would have a clear idea of what bigotry was. Namely, to think that it was shameful to call someone dumb or less intelligent.
Life Trod (7 months ago)
This is belief talk. This is flip flopping between terms of ethnicity and race when you find it convenient. Are we all the same? No. Can we all be measured by one metric, again, no. Thus this conversation is mute.
Rory Colgan (7 months ago)
What's everyone's IQ listening to this?
Ron Baker (5 months ago)
Hit people with facts they don't like or doesn't fit their agenda, they'll just call you racist, bigot and the cheap name calling starts... Life in 2018...gotta love it
Fun Kai (7 months ago)
The narrowing of IQ between blacks and whites stopped after the 60s because the civil rights movement made blacks slaves to the new emerging socialist system leading to complacency and delinquency, hence lowering education standards for the blacks. In other words the blacks began to think that swagger was more important than education because it is way more cool.
Beadybonce (7 months ago)
I’ve noticed a lot of intelligence goes out the window once sexual impulse engages.
bill seaberry (7 months ago)
A DOG WHISTLE conversation between two white supremacists. If you leave off co-factors it's easy to create a subset
Zechariah 12:10 (7 months ago)
These guys are total morons, for they believe in evolution. Evolution has been completely refuted, there is zero evidence of it, it is a result of atheistic scientists starting with a position that there is no God, and all of their results from their so-called experiments and studies are unduly and adversely affected by this starting position. In other words, if you start with a false supposition, everything that you determine beyond that point is Tainted by your false starting synopsis. . These guys are a couple of idiots.
CryBite (7 months ago)
So "if" the guys have the right data. That means that mixing races (b/w) effectively has your possibly kids get a downgrade? Evolution-wise? EDIT: Especially mixing subsaharan african refugees comming to germany and sweden? If the environment data is right too?
rachael m (7 months ago)
Never ignore new scientific research, for ANY REASON!
Non ya (8 months ago)
The problem is that a good portion of our (U.S) population (10%) are so dumb (IQ< less than 83) they do not realize how dumb they are and end up claiming victim-hood (racism) to blame others for their failures. It takes some level of intelligence (higher IQ) for self-examination.
CoriSparks (8 months ago)
I'm Black, and I value science, I understand the importance of personal responsibility, and I'm usually the only person in a room full of people the same color as me to understand certain complex ideas. That being the case, what the hell do I even do in this situation? If it's genetic, then am I an anomaly? If so, am I just destined to be alone in a world where I don't even fit?
Dnomyar Akunawik (7 months ago)
What do you mean a world where you don't fit? Why do u say that? Also most whites ain't smart either.
Truck Diesel (8 months ago)
What is the meaning of life and why hasn’t it killed us yet ... two people standing side by side both smiling each holding a sign one says iq of 100 the other iq of 75 which one is happier doesn’t matter does it which one will live longer which one is a pervert a rapist a child molester a fart sniffing jerk who cares right
TheRedneckGamer1979 (8 months ago)
It hurts that Stefan is still given a microphone for his racist bullshit in this world, he consistently skews the facts of genetics to serve his own racist views. Nb4 i get banned from his channel for disagreeing with him from a basis of a knowledge of genetics Unlike Stefan I fought in Africa in the 90's with the UN, and his statements on Africa are bullshit and come from a person who has never walked those streets. I will carry the shrapnel I caught there for the rest of my life but stefan has never fought a day in his life and has probably never stepped one foot in Africa.
Cats In Superposition (8 months ago)
I approve this message.
Asterik cAde (8 months ago)
Equality is a lie, some races are better than others due to their intelligence. Forcing equality like a backwood communist state would will only lead to conflict, confusion, and war.
wjkathman (8 months ago)
There is no reason aside from effeminate squeamishness for this topic to be taboo.
s Peteydog (8 months ago)
s Peteydog (8 months ago)
Murray keeps whistling. It kind of hurt my ears.
Ramses of RA (8 months ago)
If Albinoid I.Q's are so high why haven't they invented an effective Sun screen for their genetically superior skin? It's a fair question
Parker Westman (5 months ago)
And it has been effectively developed.
Parker Westman (5 months ago)
Albinoid? You mean white people? The inventor of suncream is a white man, Eugene Schueller.
Scooby15 (8 months ago)
I recommend the book of Philippe Rushton "Race, Evolution and Behaviour".....
Jimmy Fortef (9 months ago)
What a low IQ the interviewer has, very apparent
Greg Rollins (9 months ago)
Show the data I've done a lot of research on this the data doesn't say this .this is part of the Vatican agenda and the Darwinism. To justify control over people. We are brain stem stupid. It's based on Athenian philosophy which polluted christianity in the 2nd and 3rd century with tertulian, origen and many more. These men where philosopher's before becoming Christian. Athenian philosophy say devalue everything except Athenian male. They see everyone as 2nd class humans. And this guy is trying to prove it with DNA. BS
Mark Sunnyfield (9 months ago)
Academia is funded by government which is controlled by politics, so politics controls academia.

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