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Minecraft - Tutorial: Piston Bridge

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This is a short tutorial on how to make a piston redstone bridge! Like, Favorite, Subscribe and Comment. I will reply!!! Minecraft Building Ideas: http://tinyurl.com/bzzv5py Minecraft Pixel Art Templates: http://tinyurl.com/ad83qb6
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Text Comments (70)
Caitlyn Dissinger (12 days ago)
I subscribed because now I can make a bridge
Mat (20 days ago)
My man just sounds like SWAGGERSOULS
ALivingRobloxian (3 months ago)
Does this work in mcpe?
Mr Flint and steel (3 months ago)
Please red stone door
Whitney Wilson (4 months ago)
Hi I like Dan Who else does
john blaine (10 months ago)
how deep is the hole
Robloxgamer123 (1 year ago)
yessss i can know make a castle yay thank you and i subcribe :)
ender (l_invader) (1 year ago)
Very useful in bedwars xD
DeferGuardich124 (1 year ago)
do u have to put a tick delay on any repeaters?
Izaak Redmon (1 year ago)
Fuck yeah bro keap up the good work. This is a perfect draw bridge to my big ass castle. Took 5 hours to make the castle
Krystal EneRgy (2 years ago)
intro dope asf
Spartan Guy (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for showing this tutorial.
GTA5GOD (2 years ago)
this video sucks you need better content dumb idiot you wasted my time i will NEVER SUBSCRIBE and i wont see you next time
Arielle Morong (2 years ago)
you suck
Daniel Mcphail (2 years ago)
What a waste of time so u have one block deep of lava woopty do
GTA5GOD (2 years ago)
pizza_zombie kid_2005 (3 years ago)
liking the intro
Tryston Wakayuta (3 years ago)
How would we open it from other side?
JefAlan Long (5 months ago)
Opening it from the other side is very simple, just another lever. The more difficult circuit is closing it from the other side.. !
diamond_gaming Star (5 months ago)
Yes how do you open it the other side
GTA5GOD (2 years ago)
Backonja (3 years ago)
same as he showed
Will Smith (3 years ago)
thank you soo much
Blake Selig (3 years ago)
He doesn't make vids anymore
Louis Loi (3 years ago)
i'm looking for piston bridge with password, thats more better
LumboJacko (2 years ago)
Use a key lock, its a simple mechanism and gives you back the key.
bass killz (3 years ago)
thats is simple
Air port
Pumpking (3 years ago)
to simple four me
adrian putra (3 years ago)
same with me
Connor MCButterLover (3 years ago)
he's got a proper Wigan accent! is he British? if he isn't British then I'll be surprised!
Eli Pellot (3 years ago)
How do u close it
Tyler Foxwell (3 years ago)
+Eli Pellot You do the same thing but on the other side!! Duhhhhh
ChickenDudles 4 (3 years ago)
ChickenDudles 4 (3 years ago)
tank you!!!!!!!! so mutch!!!!!!!!!!!!
Javier Martial Arts (4 years ago)
What seed
bern mccrady (4 years ago)
nice bridge helps defend my house!
I'm Lagzz (4 years ago)
Unkown Panda (4 years ago)
Can u help me with some beginner piston tricks?
Mcs Gaming (4 years ago)
um. 1 question when you get to the other side of the bridge how do you get the bridge to go back down?
Tyrell Wiebe (4 years ago)
How would you close the other side?
jones110spieletipps (5 years ago)
Solch eine Brücke hab ich gesucht. xD This bridge have i search xD
Riccardo Arpea (5 years ago)
wow. that was fantastic. is there something else that your good at doing in minecraft other than a piston bridge? please reply back 
masteroropher (5 years ago)
ok why you dont put la va on every side????? they can enter in your house by breaking the side wall
Cédric De Berlanger (5 years ago)
CHARLIE TINSLEY (5 years ago)
I added a inverter and connected it to the redstone connected the inverter to a lever on the other end of the brige so you press the lever walk across press the lever on the other side it makes it so you can't walk across it helps me Alot
Asm (5 years ago)
Too hard but I did it
vGspeeedy (5 years ago)
u need sticky pistons for the blocks on top of the pistons to go up and down
Brandon Young (5 years ago)
To hard :(
dejah morrow (5 years ago)
Could you make it open and close-able from both sides. That seems more practical. Otherwise I loved it.
lagreify (6 years ago)
that opening was awesome
Reinier Veldman (6 years ago)
That was SO special sarcastic
mohamed kombor (6 years ago)
can you build a piston door pls I have a big house but no security sestem
TigonIII (6 years ago)
Thanks, this was just what I was looking for. :D
Zapplyn (6 years ago)
can you make a tutorial of how to make a self building castle?
Haidar Akmal (6 years ago)
How do you make a castle?
Joen Delfiero (6 years ago)
Great opening
Ken (6 years ago)
Wonder if you could make a drawbridge that move horisontal instead of vertical like this one?
Michael Borner (6 years ago)
@7:07 he farts and grunts XD
ethanbryce.04 (6 years ago)
Duh majorlbp
Rudy (6 years ago)
Thank u so much
bigwill8270 (6 years ago)
i tried that but it doesnt work
David Lowe (6 years ago)
And closing the bridge from the other side?
Srgjan XXI (6 years ago)
interesting idea :) i will make one bridge like that when i have time :)
Syntrax (6 years ago)
Nice tutorial, you just got a new sub, and a like. All your tutorials are nice, So I like to see more tutorials :D
DoodleHair69 (6 years ago)
how do you open it from the other side
DoodleHair69 (6 years ago)
munchmagic08 (6 years ago)
An elevator tutorial would be great. Congrats on both site getting a million views now, that is awesome

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