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Be Stupid to Get a Free Diesel Jeans (Switzerland)

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Location: Downtown Zurich, Switzerland: Hirschenplatz, 2 x Bahnhofstrasse & Bellevue. Task: Be stupid to get the frozen jeans out of the ice block. Bring them to to the Diesel-Store and change it to a pair of jeans of your choice. --- Virale Below-the-Line Marketing-Kampagne von hipeak BTL für Diesel Be Stupid in Zürich und Genf. Befreie die Diesel Jeans aus den Eisblöcken, bringe sie in den Diesel-Store und gewinne ein Paar deiner Wahl. Konzipiert und produziert im Auftrag von Diesel Suisse SA von der aufstrebenden Below-the-Line Agentur hipeak BTL GmbH aus Zürich. Weitere Infos und Kontakt: www.hipeak-btl.com
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Id buy better than be stupid
soulless (5 years ago)
To everyone saying that Diesel jeans "shrink" and "suck" - you're probably buying fakes. My oldest pair is now in it's 6th year, and I wear it twice a week. A few rips here and there but it just makes it look better. All of my Diesel's are supremely comfortable and solid.
Max Lindner (5 years ago)
Geiz IST geil!
Brandon Mccarron (5 years ago)
If you think there jeans suck because they shrink you need to read the washing instructions. They say do Not tumble try air dry only dumbass. Everyone knows that all denum shrinks when put in a dryer
luis cardenas (6 years ago)
i want to move to suiza......fuck my country
Hanane1976M (6 years ago)
200 euros :)
Easyontheeyes (7 years ago)
Hahaha ...all that work For a crappy pair of jeans that shrink !!
Easyontheeyes (7 years ago)
Diesel jeans SHRINK !! They are nothing but overpriced ripoffs !! Please dont waste your hard earned money on this !!
Kids Art Made Easy (7 years ago)
I don't care Diesel Jeans is my favorite jeans ZATHAN. &. ZATINY. design.
etsat1 (7 years ago)
I want to live in Zürich
Wilfried Horstkötter (8 years ago)
In meiner Heimatstadt Bielewelt gab es eine solche Aktion leider bisher nicht. Oder ich habe das vielleicht verpasst? Zur Zeit gefällt mir ohnehin nur ein einziges Modell mit einem Used-Style, der sehr authentisch rüberkommt! Übrigens. Für echte Jeans-Fans gibt es inzwischen auch Produkte, die fair gehandelt werden und dennoch eine hohe Qualität haben!
tab1990 (8 years ago)
Shit! I saw these I though I could go steal them but there where all these people around.
Enric Romero Godó (8 years ago)
very very fresh!!
kameo360fan (9 years ago)
vallopex (9 years ago)
another cool video by diesel !!
mightytwingo (9 years ago)
negil51 (9 years ago)
super coole aktion!

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