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How to Clean UGG Boots

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want to view this on your Mobile device? ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvGQLwE-DWQ ) Fast and straight to the point tutorial on how to clean UGGS with the ugg cleaning kit. WHEN USING THE UGG CLEANING KIT PLEASE FOLLOW SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS ON EACH BOTTLE! Feel free to rate, ask questions, and/or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism/ comments. I hope you enjoy it.
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Mbresa Bresa (1 year ago)
I’ve got the classic short boots and I was wondering do I just use the same method to fluff out the inside of my boots? Over time I guess the lent from my socks got in the fur and was wondering how I could get rid of it
Christine Lopez (1 year ago)
Same method will work :)
Loxxi Brown (2 years ago)
Omg this song 😝😝
Emily Phan (2 years ago)
I have the same color uggs but when you wet them with the sponge the color kinda comes on the sponge is Tht normal or something is wrong with the boots ??
Agus Bressan (1 year ago)
Emily Phan it happened the same to me, but i think that it's normal
Sidney Hendrie (2 years ago)
Hey, this is late, but how often do you wash and protect the boot?
Kylie Harmon (1 year ago)
Sidney Hendrie lol this is really late , but when they are dirty or every 2 months or so
Miranda L (3 years ago)
I like the bgm
Jazmine Alba (3 years ago)
Thanks for a simple to follow video :)
Ma Xiang (3 years ago)
HOw do you clean the inside?
Verenice Camarillo (3 years ago)
with this get Carmel out
ApocalypseGamer (3 years ago)
helpp. my gf got these new uggs, she came over and she had some kind of oil or Mark stain on it (small and dried on the toe) , like from butter, I tried using my sisters ugg kit to get it out and just ended up making a watery Mark from the uggs conditioner and shampoo. Now it is stained seemingly for the last few hours and how should I get it out?
ApocalypseGamer (3 years ago)
it dried, the mark from the cleaner is not big but id like to get rid of it
Christine Lopez (3 years ago)
I would have dried up the oil with baby powder before cleaning them. Did clean the whole shoe or a spot treatment? Is it still wet? Mine usually take the whole day to try. If not try Nordstrom.i know they clean uggs there :)
Carmen Torres (3 years ago)
dont mind me askind but how old are you
Christine Lopez (4 years ago)
@eva inside and not under direct heat
Eva Petrosyan (4 years ago)
Should I leave it to dry outside or inside
Hannah Moore (4 years ago)
Christine Lopez (4 years ago)
@jelly I don't think so
jeIly bean (4 years ago)
will this remove pen?
Joanna Rodriguez-Lopez (4 years ago)
It helped me a lot thanks 4 putting da video up
Bethany fisher (4 years ago)
Thank you! This saved my life!!!!!
Lucy Stone (4 years ago)
My uggs got soaked in the rain will this fix them?
Emily Demian (4 years ago)
ya the ugg kit will fix them :)
purple sassy (4 years ago)
Jesse TheBullTerrier (5 years ago)
You have done such a great job with this video! Is soo usefull!!! Thanks!!
Christine Leach (5 years ago)
Will this work on UGGs with salt stains around the toe? I walked around NYC and now have crusty salt stains around the toe. I don't want to damage the integrity of the suede. 
Angie D. (5 years ago)
I clean my ugg only one because it had a stain i only clean the stain and it looks so ugly and faded and i just got them for Christmas , Do you recommend anything thank you
Andreea Precup (5 years ago)
on the bottle of the sheepskin protector says that you have to leave them dry for 24h again :/ but thanks for the video! very helpful 
Ashwini XO (5 years ago)
your uggs look nice folded down!
Hope McReeves (5 years ago)
OMG thank you! My uggs look new again :)
Rachel Brady (5 years ago)
really helpful and informative without being overbearing. I think before and after pics would have made the video even better, however :)
Janice's Life (5 years ago)
Yrn Noah (4 years ago)
Jeong Park (5 years ago)
Can I let my uggs dry for 10 hours or less after cleaning them with the sheepskin cleaner and conditioner and the sheepskin protector?
Girmies27 (5 years ago)
Were they waterproofed or no?
Jeanette Salinas (5 years ago)
so i cleaned my uggs and instead of adding the conditioner to the water i just added it to my wet sponge an my uggs look terrible! luckily i just did the bottom but they still look awful.. what can i do to have them look new again instead of as if someone plucked the hairs off of it? please help!
Lynda Ho (5 years ago)
I have a huge water stain on both of my uggs. Will it come off when I use the UGG cleaning kit?
miss brightside (5 years ago)
yes it worked with mine!
Christine Lopez (5 years ago)
No a sponge is best. A paper towel is going to make a big mess all over the boots and might ruin them.
Mica Renee (5 years ago)
This song is sad.
Christine Lopez (5 years ago)
No you spray it on after you clean them.
Paola Velazquez (5 years ago)
Do u have to put the water protection spray first
Heidi Blakely (5 years ago)
Love the video!  Simple and to the point.....much better than another video I started to watch then got bored.  Great job and thanks again!!
20001lynn (5 years ago)
I have water stains and salt stain so will this cleaner take it out and restore them to a clean state ??
Christine Lopez (5 years ago)
You can get the cleaning kit online on the ugg website or zappos. You could also but it at sports chalet and Nordstrom. You want to "mist" the spray on your boots. They will be slightly damp, but they should dry up within 5 mins.
OhMissBrutal (5 years ago)
Where can I get that cleaning kit? And how do I waterproof mine?
SHANGHAI (6 years ago)
Why would you use paper...?
LpsProduction17 (6 years ago)
can I use a paper instead of a sponge
JENNsquarepants (6 years ago)
shouldnt you rinse out the cleaner?
Christine Lopez (6 years ago)
I never do, but if you want to you can use a clean bowl with cool water and a clean sponge. Then wipe it clean.
Sophia Fatihi (6 years ago)
Rachel Luksian (6 years ago)
thank you so much! i didnt kno if it would stain them a darker color with the water and all.
Christine Lopez (6 years ago)
The brush comes in the kit and these are the children's boots. I'm a size 7 in womens but I fit in a size six in kids :) I'm sorry that some of you are having trouble :( it always works fine when I clean them.
Christine Lopez (6 years ago)
Please follow the directions on each of the ugg items. The video is simply a guide.
Rachel Zhou (6 years ago)
u probably didnt dilute the sheepskin cleaner and conditioner.. if you dont dilute it, it will stain
ARTURO C. (6 years ago)
What kind of brush are you using ?
asmaa choco (6 years ago)
Does your boots children's one ? because the tag is beige and not brown
jirapun pahol (6 years ago)
Good jobs!
Matej Sulc (6 years ago)
help, i did clean mz uggs with the process but once there dry the left marks like stains, did i wet them too much? if i did what to do?
Celine Coryn (6 years ago)
Thank you! You helped me a lot!
Christine Lopez (6 years ago)
If I were you I would clean both books properly and because you dis not dilute the soap before you might have a problem. After you clean them wait a day. And they will dry. Do not put them in the dryer or try to dry them with a blow dryer. Let them dry naturally.
cocokitty289 (6 years ago)
I'm afraid that I've ruined my boots. :( How long does it usually take for it to completely dry?
cocokitty289 (6 years ago)
please help me! :( I recently used my sheepskin shampoo on my uggs over a little stain (i know it wasn't worth it but i thought why not use the kit i have) and i don't think i did it right. I just dipped a towel into the solution, ran a little bit of water over it then put it on the stained area. Unfortunately a bigger part of the boot has gotten darker because of the rinsing and now it won't dry and there's a huge dark spot that extends on the side on one boot. It hasnt been 24 hrs yet though.
Christine Lopez (6 years ago)
I would Not put your uggs in the washer unless they are old, old, old, and did i mention old? There's a reason they sell the kit. Also, if you dont want to risk cleaning them yourself take them to the dry cleaners, a shoe repair shop, or Nordstrom since they offer ugg cleaning services. It apporx takes a day to clean them yourself, but at other places it will take a couple of days or up to a week and it will cost around $25 I believe.
TeAmoEverything (6 years ago)
This just happened to me today and it is my biggest hate with UGGS. It happens a lot. I'm considering buying the kit but i'm scared that it might not help and be a waste!!!!
Emma Kathryn (6 years ago)
I take mine to the dry cleaner
Christine Lopez (6 years ago)
It says on the UGG cleaner to brush them in one direction and I would recommend that process if you de have new uggs. The boots do not fade, unless you do this process too many times.
Truc Tran (6 years ago)
I think we can only brush by 1 direction. Was it a problem when you brushed them either way? And was the color remained the same after your clean? Because I dare not to rub them the way you did (a little hard) even I wanted to do so. And I see the water changed to yellow in the bowl. Was it the color faded from the boots??
Ashley Stonely (6 years ago)
won't this lighten your UGGs color??
Kehinde Oguntoyinbo (6 years ago)
thanks this video is going to be helpfully ! :)
Christine Lopez (7 years ago)
You can't really rinse it out because your using a sponge to clean them. It doesn't affect them what so ever. You can try but it wouldn't make a difference because you can't submerge the boots in water.
Amanda Nguyen (7 years ago)
Wait so we dont rinse out the cleaner? We just let it dry?
Christine Lopez (7 years ago)
Your welcome :) yea it does take a while, but it's a lot faster to do them yourself than taking them to be cleaned. I used to take mine to Nordstrom and it would take them 2 weeks to have them cleaned. Plus it cost $20!
Chantal-Elodie T (7 years ago)
Thank you for the step by step instruction- it took a while to clean them but so worth it. Thanks
Christine Lopez (7 years ago)
I didn't spray my boots for the first year. It's Okay to get them wet for cleaning purposes only. I would not recommend wearing them in the rain. Once you do clean them spray them because you never know what you could spill on them. You can also taken them to Nordstrom to be cleaned or call your local shoe repair store. It usually cost around $20+ to get them cleaned.
Christina Marie (7 years ago)
did you spray your boots with the sheepskin protector when you first got them? because I need to clean mine, but they aren't waterproofed yet.. and i'm scared to ruin them when you dampen them with the sponge. great video, please reply!
Christine Lopez (7 years ago)
satellite heart anya marina
Jeffery Hunt (7 years ago)
song please?

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