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Pixie Lott chats to mybliss.co.uk

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We chatted to Pixie Lott at the launch of Guitar Hero 5. Check out her headbanging! Then visit www.mybliss.co.uk for loads more Pixie gossip!
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Text Comments (27)
MoonLightHowl1 (6 years ago)
<3<3<3 She would be my ROCKSTAR Girlfriend :)
ALFRED SILVA (6 years ago)
Lara Ray (7 years ago)
haha she is so right about the essex girl thing, im from there too and its nothing like what the stereotype is! so annoying xxxxxxx
neodorkiss (7 years ago)
I clicked on this just because I like to her her accent.
justinmaisey (7 years ago)
@RealTalkerMan LOL YOU LEGEND!
Amelia Kate (7 years ago)
Exact same personality as me! :o that and our blonde hair Is the same :) she so didn't want to be interviewed on that day!
jay83 (7 years ago)
am i the only sad fucker that smiles every time she does lol
TIEG RICE (7 years ago)
i want her hair!<3
HannahC503 (7 years ago)
I am soo like her, my style, personality and views towards things - I don't mind if I look like her when I'm 18 too lol
Jacqueline Morby (8 years ago)
shes so beautiful!xoxo
McChulo (8 years ago)
shes just 19? Wow... she looks older...
Najib Naslly (8 years ago)
very very cheerful person. i like <3
Mike (8 years ago)
i love her "hello" it's special
Boc (8 years ago)
Danelle17 (8 years ago)
it says pixie lott chats to my bliss.co who are they? i are heard of pixie lott. iam talking about who are my bliss.co?
Cypriotkiller (8 years ago)
she's so hot...
samsung872 (8 years ago)
the reporter is soo annoying, laughing at everything she said even when it wasn't funny and constantly saying everything is cool......really annoying arse licker
katherine42992 (8 years ago)
mr mac (8 years ago)
yh your probably right haha
Sam Harris (8 years ago)
im in love
Liam Mclennan (9 years ago)
I<3PIXIELOTTT Love meeeeeee! Pixie!!!
TaZ101SAGA (9 years ago)
aww shes sooooo sweet.
mr mac (9 years ago)
when i see an interview it always cracks me up how they ask her questions and she gives really innocent answers lol
alesprouse1 (9 years ago)
Pixiee iiss cutee and nicee..! lovee her.
seppderoover1 (9 years ago)
and Beautiful
ariesavril (9 years ago)
pixie is cute <3
Fabiha Anwar (9 years ago)
ah i love her, she seems really nice =] love what shes wearing =] secondd comment ;) haha

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