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MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks EXCLUSIVE Short - "Battle of the Bands"

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When Sunset Shimmer thinks the new girls at Canterlot High are creepy, then you KNOW it's true! Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: http://j.mp/LkHWOx My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: http://j.mp/1tCIXS5
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kevin ARIAS-MENDEZ (13 days ago)
(1:33) (2:42) best moments thos legs tho.
-N40K0- (16 days ago)
I just finished editing my Sonata Speed Paint and I used this song,then I come to YouTube and this video is in my recommended Da heck?!
Carsen Maxwell (21 days ago)
I wish the Sirens would return
Brandon Thenu (22 days ago)
No one will beat megatron in singing. Megatron is goof at singing. He sings new divide and it's great. He will beat any band in the battle. Back off dazzlings for Lord Megatron!!! Link https://youtu.be/SRhvsjWwJNM
Arwa Zuhair (26 days ago)
Adagio Dazzle:comb your hair dude . Aria Blaze: finally you smiled for once , all the movie i was thinking come on, just smile Sonata Dusk: TACO TUESDAY!! ME: dude , I love you sonata You reading this comment: like,like,like,like,like,like,like,like,like,like,like,like................ ME (again): thank you guys !
Jordyn Tard (29 days ago)
The dazzling:lets have a battle
Ice Cream (1 month ago)
I love this
Alberto Barraza (1 month ago)
MC Gargamel (1 month ago)
0:28 That cute discord hint tho 😄
IICONICS 2528 (1 month ago)
One of the sirens hair looks like starlight glimmer’s hair
twi\shim\star:3 (1 month ago)
Yeaaa... But she's not starlight glimmer her name could have been that if she was..
arunas mazutis (1 month ago)
This song sou biubiful
Dead inside Person (1 month ago)
Carsen Maxwell (1 month ago)
There's a comic that explains the origins of the Sirens and why Starswirl exiled them, but they actually seem a lot like Discord in their own way
Fred Spangemberg (2 months ago)
Bom eu sou uma vampira mais também adoro clipes sempre vivo no escuro isso é meio chato mas eu adoro clipes no vampira celular
its my fever song
Carsen Maxwell (2 months ago)
Why is this Spin-off called Equestria Girls?
Carsen Maxwell (2 months ago)
I love the Sirens, they make great villains and songs
André Luis Vow (2 months ago)
1:07 1:17 1:27 1:37 1:47 1:57
André Luis Vow (2 months ago)
0:17 0:27 0:37 0:47 0:57
Carsen Maxwell (2 months ago)
This is one of the top 10 villain songs ever made
Lil Intro Vert (2 months ago)
Ok dude I’m a teenager and my sister (5) won’t let me stop listening to this I Stg imma fight a five yr old
Sergio Mtz (2 months ago)
Second Account (2 months ago)
Not enough bass tho
Roxanne Jade Villegas (2 months ago)
Nice song 😍😍😍😍😍
johannes jacob (2 months ago)
i not song this
Frig te (3 months ago)
bring back the dazlings
marise gomes (3 months ago)
Youdonotcare (4 months ago)
Question: Would the Dazzlings' magic affect depressive people
yoruichixX (2 months ago)
They are not that strong
Giant Potion (4 months ago)
3:03 Aria only?
Kye Guard (4 months ago)
Best Villains. Bring them back. Encore!
chalim dul (4 months ago)
I love
Q'd' corn (4 months ago)
Esme Loves Acting (4 months ago)
1:28 A loser, duh.
Moenau Rivera (4 months ago)
currect me if i'm rong but those three girls are realy maen but pinkie pie is funny
Anne M Martinez (4 months ago)
Dead inside Person (4 months ago)
alen anter (4 months ago)
I'm guessing they are the only smart girls'
Maria Rinta-Rahko (4 months ago)
Wish Sonata would have stayed nice she's too cute to be mean
haning haning (5 months ago)
0:57 look at Dj pony/human 3 XD
Reach Apl (5 months ago)
feels incomplete without Dazzlings' argument.
Fried Ocra (5 months ago)
Why do they remind me of the Heathers
Morgan A (5 months ago)
1:08 I just love the hip movements
Shi Tzu (5 months ago)
Can you make a video of them being ponys
Jake Astl (5 months ago)
It was from this video, my first impression of the Dazzlings were that they were a more serious and imposing threat. But then the sneak peek video came out, and I was wrong.
Sanata Daskle (5 months ago)
I'm Russian
catpower 153 (5 months ago)
Starts at 0:34
sonata dusk (5 months ago)
Battle,battle, battle of the bands
Ninjago Fan #1 (6 months ago)
Battle! Battle! BATTLE!
lovato thirlwall (6 months ago)
Dazzlings....u dun have to do this during lunch time u know, everyone's gonna loose their appetites cuz of the three of u touching them, stepping on the table and might step onto their food xD
منو عربي هنا
Stressed Catt (6 months ago)
10 year old me: I love this song! 13 year old meh (now): ...dem hips
choisoo gun (6 months ago)
2:42 - 2:54 i love this moment
AC3 MCP3 (7 months ago)
When i first this I was like Whats there names lol
PhoenixAlikan (7 months ago)
the dazzlings dancing is oddly sexual
guang jie kolo (7 months ago)
Nice description
Juuria Begum (7 months ago)
Snap out of it nooo their too powerful battle
Juuria Begum (7 months ago)
I love the dazzlings
Anjali magar (7 months ago)
I don'tthink I love ti
julie gray (7 months ago)
Next mlp eg movie is friendship games
Creative Monchiss (7 months ago)
I watched this when i was 9 years old and it brings me good old memories T-T (Im 13 years old now, how time passes 😭)
Axetro Cooper (7 months ago)
original better than this -_-
Neon Polaroid (7 months ago)
0:57 dj what are u doing?
Soi Soi (7 months ago)
I hope derpy is there because derpy is my favorite
Soi Soi (7 months ago)
I hope dirt bees in their cuz Derpy is my favorite
Soi Soi (7 months ago)
when I get bigger I'm going to be at that type of school
emi (7 months ago)
i really miss this era
Bitty Bears (8 months ago)
This song made all us take this "Mane 6 in a battle of the bands" seriously and made us super excited for this movie. This chicks were *dangerous.*
emi (7 months ago)
YES. it was a great era
Short Shots (8 months ago)
Adagio is the singing voice of Luna.
Deion Greenaway (8 months ago)
張哲葦 (8 months ago)
Jet Ghost5478 (8 months ago)
The songs in these movies are very good and original. And for some reasons I kinda like these villains.
John Smith (8 months ago)
The Misfits to their Holograms
Jr The Brony (8 months ago)
I just realized they could survive the zombie apocalypse they can sing and hypnotize the zombies xD
Jr The Brony (8 months ago)
Jr The Brony (8 months ago)
I bet so many bronies are getting a you know what in their pants
YourKaiyaki (9 months ago)
they shouldve gone to detention 😂😂
David McAninch (9 months ago)
I'm a simple man: I see an MLP video, I dislike.
thisguy8 (9 months ago)
actually there are already a lot of competitions in my school, there is intramural sports, diplomacy club, math contests, inter school sports, and more
ThatGamingAsshole (9 months ago)
Oookay, so look at the Dazzlings. Now google Destiny's Child. Yeah, I see what you did there Hasbro.
Lyne_Adagio DAZZLE (9 months ago)
I'm Sonata i love TACOS!!!!!!!! TACOS💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Cute kitten paws (9 months ago)
Apparently people get interested with badly dressed girls singing. Nice.
dash dasha (9 months ago)
arturchop (9 months ago)
lol dis is the worst song ever
mr cool 888 (9 months ago)
I here a fourth voice too
Squirtle games and vids (9 months ago)
Why was Trixie just standing there at lunch?
Squirtle games and vids (9 months ago)
Apleblom got da spaget
Jason Ringo (9 months ago)
Okay, just gonna say it. The beginning Ahhhhhs were the best part of the song. The rest was ok.
Danica R (9 months ago)
Gacth girl _7 (9 months ago)
Short Shots (9 months ago)
2018? Just me? k.
LazyStrawberry (10 months ago)
Who fell into the Dazzlings spells???
Bailee Hull (10 months ago)
Shout-out to MLP folks for using the same color scheme as Aria Blaze for Starlight Glimmer. <3
AssertiveDerpness (10 months ago)
I just got that This song explains why communism sucks Mind blown
Alex Decker (10 months ago)
Billie Avery (10 months ago)
I want the necklace not because of its powers, but because it can fart.
Binod Rajgandha (10 months ago)
Fellis Adelline (10 months ago)
Look at 0:57 dj pon3 funny moments😂😂 and 1:00 sonata play flash gitar
Queen Jordan23 (10 months ago)
Angelina Lopez (10 months ago)
I love your song 🤓😮😇😣😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

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