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Improve Your Social Skills in Under 30 Minutes, with Ramit Sethi

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►What if you could talk to anyone, anytime, using the power of body language to create an instant connection? Here's how: https://go.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/how-to-talk-to-anybody/?_pt=D&_psy=2019&_psm=02&utm_campaign=d-htta-201902&utm_content=d-htta-201902-salesyoutube1 Do you wish you could meet new people, hold meaningful conversations, and develop closer friendships...without all the anxiety and trial-and-error? Find out how in this exclusive how-to video. 1:38 How to get your point across without getting interrupted. 5:45 Talk to strangers and keep the conversation going. 13:48 Politely wrap up a conversation 17:00 Become a compelling storyteller 20:45 Make small talk with anyone Subscribe For More Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ZddA__ewP3AtDefjl_tWg?sub_confirmation=1 Want More? My Website: http://iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=description-site-link My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ZddA__ewP3AtDefjl_tWg
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maria isabel amaya (1 day ago)
I have struggle with social anxiety for a long time and I am tired of just complaining, I need to learn how to get better at this. I feel strongly awkward and self conscious because what I most feel like is I dont have enoguh tools at hand to handle a social situation, especially when I am trying to mingle at a social event, I dont know what to say after I first approach someone and I feel my body language makes others unconfortable so they tend to get away from me.
David White (4 days ago)
My biggest weakness is that I do not enter social situations enough. I do not let myself practice.
Steve Stavropoulos (6 days ago)
When I'm with a girl I really want to talk with and she is alone I sometimes say...."You know, I really suck at small talk...!" She laughs and some say..."I do too.Then she continues to speak with me cause I'm disarming, humble and funny..Its a great opener and the lady tends to feel at ease because Im not threatening..AND she knows You want to talk successfully and now she is helping you by giving you space with a smile.....
Janmejaya Patra (9 days ago)
Dear Sir, 9938660555
LITHIUM (22 days ago)
I will try.
A Fury (24 days ago)
A lot of times guys will be talking too much on a date because the girl isnt talking much herself lol. I hate talking about myself or for more than like a minute straight but I've had to to carry the conversation. And I dont talk to uninterested girls, so I'm talking about chicks who are smiling and laughing and interested and are into me, cause we're already dating or she's being physical, but sometimes they just dont talk much or know how to keep the convo going or have feedback or segue into other stuff
SACHIN NAGRO (27 days ago)
I find it hard to be specific and tend to be more explanatory. It lacks interest in the audience. Can you teach me how to be very specific and yet interesting.
Nick Marr (1 month ago)
Social skills are increasingly important loved this video Ramit
Hilsermarys Valor (1 month ago)
Giving great first impressions, but forgetting my social cues after that, awkward comments or critics out of the blue, I come off as a bully unintended and I get all confuse with my two languages and cultures.
I forget why I’m having a conversation with someone in the first place. I forget the structure of the conversation: opening, middle, close; and when I start to think about how to be closing with this person and getting their number, I mentally freak out and freeze.
I am Literally reading every comment and like these because I can relate so fucking much for the first time of my life😂
Indrid Cold (1 month ago)
It is the 21st century. The new self preservation strategy is not to be social and keep your distance from humans. Thus, it is no longer necessary to know small talk. It is a hindrance and rather dangerous to be social in today's time. To maintain yourself safe, it is best to interact with humans in a manner that a client would interact with a service provider or a merchant. Keep your distance from humans. The human approaching you to be friendly is the one you have to guard yourself against the most. The 21st century human is incapable of true friendship and true love. The loneliness experienced by socially isolating yourself is a very low price to pay for security, emotional health, and never having to suffer emotional abuse.
Maka H (1 month ago)
I am scared of talking to girls and it makes me freeze because I dont want to mess up
Jackie Edgin (1 month ago)
This is a very nicely put together video ... thx
Jackie Edgin (1 month ago)
You have a really good voice... No squeaks... nice volume... good quality mic... I'm satisfied. Is that just me that's like this sometimes?
Kronk EL Kuzco (2 months ago)
Well even tho this was 5 years ago I still wanted to chime in! My problem is I am a INFJ-A and I find most people extremely boring... where did all the passion go in the world?
Sarah Tra Tan (2 months ago)
My weakness is the eye-contact.I could not hold or look at their eyes when I have a conversation with them. I have tried to hold the eye-contact by looking their nose or triangle rule but it did not work. I feel like they are looking deep down into my soul when I looked at their eyes
juan merida (2 months ago)
I’m not from this planet so I don’t care
Paige DeRogatis (2 months ago)
This is really helpful. Thanks.
Jose Uchiha (2 months ago)
i feel like im out of words and just looking around, no trains of thoughts and i tried to be funny but i think that doesnt work
eMarket Education (2 months ago)
Thanks Ramit Sethi
christos Gr (3 months ago)
look at these eyebrows
MsMzphit (3 months ago)
I absolutely hate interacting with people. It's not enjoyable and never has been for me. I need to learn how to do it better for my job but I don't even know where to start. I've come off as standoffish and it's not that I dislike people I just genuinely don't want to talk to them. Unfortunately that strains relations and makes things tense. What to do...
Well Behaved Wallet (3 months ago)
Watching in 2019 - this is classic stuff and stands the test of time! Wondering who won and what firm he worked with to get his training...
Ezekiel’s Brother (3 months ago)
I have social anxiety so I’m binge watching all of your videos to learn how to get out of my own head and start making connections to people
UJJWALA A (3 months ago)
My biggest weakness with social skills is i get judgemental. Dont feel comfortable when people put up a false front and are not being real. Thus, i alienate and remain alone.
Bahar Babayeva (3 months ago)
Ahmad Mukhriz Rohaimi (3 months ago)
I think my biggest weakness with social interaction is that I cannot articulate what I am going to say effectively. That results in me either talking to fast or just mumbling. The results? I can't really convey what I'm actually going to say and the other person left clueless of what I'm saying. Often, when I realize that I' talking to fast, I tried to slow down a bit but I still ended up talking too fast seconds after. It's perhaps the nervousness.
HyperMangi (3 months ago)
First of all, I don't know what teens do on their phones, tbh, I just use my phone for: Calling. Texting (My family cause I have no friends). Playin' Games. App use. And that's it (App use as like normal apps like Notes, YouTube, ETC. Not social media though. E.G. Snapchat, Instagram, ETC).
Niky9965 (3 months ago)
My biggest social challenged is retaining the information someone gives to me. I'm so focused on thinking of references and making sure the conversation doesn't die out that I only keep what they say for a little bit. I'm working on retaining information , and leading the conversation a lot more fluently.
Niky9965 (3 months ago)
Wow thank you
Aleksandr Kondrashov (3 months ago)
Your skill clearly shows: you are excellent! Thank you!!
Muhammad Bilal Ayub (3 months ago)
Hi Ramit, I am Bilal from Pakistan. I have to say that I'm really impressed with your skill and practical knowledge. I being an active searcher online for personality improvement content find it very hard to find a true expert. I hope the offer still exists :P... My weakness is that I always think that I've to please others in social discussion so that they like me (had a rejected childhood so this is something that I discovered recently). Because of this I somehow do certain actions/discussions that makes other feel that I'm unimportant and not powerful. Also this gets negatively complimented by my inexperience in social gatherings as I in my childhood altogether decided to stay away from social surroundings due to continuous rejection and appearance of being immature. I'm 27 yrs old and work for a multinational company where this skill is must and highly required for future growth. I have improved over past five years after incredibly awkward failures but still I feel there's a big gap between me and colleagues who are social alphas. Although this video is 5years old but I'm hoping for a life changing advice very specific to my case. Thanking in anticipation. :)
Lalduhawma Royte (3 months ago)
lingvo master (3 months ago)
Nice job Ragesh Kutrapali)
Senthil Sugesh (3 months ago)
Hey Ramit , I know its been a very long time since the video was aired. I only got to watch it now. The thing is i am a very introverted kind of personality , my technical skills are very good also are my thoughts but i am not able to show the true value of my ideas at meetings where i am easily overpowered by others. I know i can break through this shell of mine, I need to be coached. Looking forward for your reply.
Kaden Carr (3 months ago)
My biggest weakness is that I appear to be creepy by the way that I carry myself and the way I dress. My skin is very pale and my hair is always greasy, my dressing is below average. The eye contact would definitely need to improve, I try to maintain eye contact and sometimes I do it well, however, this is an inconsistent process of looking people in the eye some of the time. Another thing that needs to be worked on is how I get to close to some of the people that I talk to and the shortest distance that I will allow myself to get near them would be 10 inches. Sometimes I need to practice listening and contributing with acknowledging what the other person is saying and to build off on this besides only asking questions. I am sure that there is much more that I have been doing wrong but above are the social material that I will need to work on first.
Kev (3 months ago)
One of my biggest weakness is that English is my second language and I sometimes don’t know which word I want to say so I just freeze
pedro alejandro orozco (4 months ago)
I have a hard time starting a conversation and maintaining a conversation with strangers
Mrunal basarkar (4 months ago)
I get hypered .....i think its because i m worriedd about what i say is correct or not...grammatically literally and otherwise
Techno CHINA (4 months ago)
If somebody just come up to say hi and ask what brought me here? I would think, Do I know you? Is this your bisiness?
People: "LISTEN, ASK QUESTIONS" Me: "ok." **I end up being a listener and the person doesnt learn a single damn thing about me** Me: "Now what?" People: "SHARE ABOUT YOURSELF!" Me: *shares and the person looks disinterested* "Now what?" People: *Stop responding*
Kaden Carr (4 months ago)
My biggest weakness is that I can’t find the middle ground between talking and listening. This one time I had asked my friend about what he did this week, he replied with “it was fine”. What I should have done was explain something interesting that happened during my week to follow up with a second question. The goal would be to learn about what he did during his weekend.
sonaaa (5 months ago)
Ramona Menchaca (5 months ago)
Hello. Great video. I was actually here concerned for a very socially award friend. I realized after listening that I need this for myself. A problem I have run into time and again is introducing people to each other at gatherings. I had always avoided it. I recently confided in a particular friend that I was to introduce to others to that I have a tendency of forgetting everyone's name even hers, regardless of how long I've known people. I get so nervous that I will even mess up on my own name. By confiding in her and asking for help we agreed that she would simply say her name and ask what the other person's name is. I could still approach, say hello and begin the introduction by saying "this is my friend I want you to meet".... And this is my friend's signal to step in to assist me. I am aware this is not ideal, but it is a step forward instead of ignoring that necessary process. Btw, I did not find an area to leave my email address. :)
Itoryuu (5 months ago)
Is this valid in india ?
Sandiso Tsilite (5 months ago)
I'm afraid of to talk to people, I tend to zone out sometimes and not not pay attention like I should. That results in me looking as if I'm bored.
Can't wait for these vernacular gains. This shit is the key to happiness.
Elias Gonzalez (5 months ago)
I just watched this to avoid any awkward silences
SuperAye (5 months ago)
My biggest weakness is responding too late. Choose me
devsaki (5 months ago)
Well for me, most of the times when people pass a comment or say something, I can't decide as to what or how to respond to them.. So I just end up saying ok, hmm, or nodding my head. A couple of times that happens, people tend to get uninterested in speaking to me. Over a period of time, it has turned me apprehensive of getting into conversations.
dion thompson (5 months ago)
Its interesting that you asked about I would like to improve on, because I struggle with leaving a conversation, even though it's coming to a perfectly natural end. We all can sense it, but, it seems rude to be the first to leave. If you are willing to assist me with this process, I would truly be grateful. Curious, how would you reach me though?
Jonathan Caisaguano (6 months ago)
I fear saying something so dumb that the person thinks I am weird and just walk away. Also, I don't think I can't carry a constructive conversation
NJD Gamer (6 months ago)
My biggest weakness is making eye contact without looking away from that person
Mujahid Faruq (6 months ago)
My biggest weakness is body language and eye contact stuff.
Girlynoob325 is awesome (6 months ago)
I get embarrassed easily when I talk and I stutter.
Eric Choon (6 months ago)
Facial expressions, social topics and humours.
Fazlay Rabby Rumon (6 months ago)
My biggest weakness is finding appropriate words to express my thought. Which often ruin the flow of the conversation.
Sebi Poiana (6 months ago)
I Will Teach You To Be Rich Although I have improved throughout the years, I still have some lacking in my social intelligence because of the following aspects: -I am intimidated in certain types of social situations; for example when I go to work I am feeling very anxious, ashamed and nervous when I talk with older personnel, which started to behave a lot colder towards me. The fact that I am not sure what am I did to maybe offend them and that I cannot contribute in conversations with them as I do with others from university for example, makes me lose confidence when speaking to them and I feel like I want to simply die in the moment! An example of a scenario is when they were talking about a certain trend of cars that I wanted to talk about as well, I did not know when to interfere with my point of view (pov) and when they ask me to do something for them I am incapable of saying No to tasks such as signing a shit loads of paperwork for them and stay at the printer for too long while they finish ahead of me and never stay to help me for a change. -The 2nd thing I am struggling with is standing up for myself in a manner that will not get my ass fired from the job because it is where I make my living and I grew too comfortable to move from there at the moment. As mentioned from my first sentence is that I was not capable of saying No in situations where I considered deep down that I was treated unfairly, but I am afraid that after I express my point of view they will hate me and fire me and I will not have any proof to back it up with. All these things have 1 thing in common: lack of assertiveness in my opinion and I wish to learn that properly and stand up for myself in a manner where I will not be affected. This situation makes me annoyed because when I talk to friends of mine at University or at home with my parents I can socialise and express my point without any trouble but the atmosphere there feels so negative and sucks all the power and confidence inside me! It feels like I am threatened with a dirty secret that will be exposed in exchange for a certain something from my side! Could you help me get what is wrong from these situations and why is it impossible to have a good relationship with my seniors and stand up for myself with them?
J0fVW UhJnV7 (6 months ago)
I can’t believe I’m 4 years late to Social Skills Class.
BeYoutiful With Sascha (6 months ago)
This is a great video! Thanks for making it and I really wish I could have seen it 5.5. years ago when it was first posted! I would love to know who got to go on that incredible opportunity trip! My biggest weakness is not asking great questions. I am interested in people and love listening to others. But learning to steer the questions (such as the student in the example had issues with) and show the other person I am engaged and interested.
Atwa F1 (6 months ago)
Im watching this vid cause ive got a crush on this girl i never talked to help me bous
Michael Carnahan (6 months ago)
9:30 lol
caylan moore (7 months ago)
I think my biggest issue is that I ask too many questions and when I’m asked a question my answers are more direct rather than elaborating on it more.
Josh Isbell (7 months ago)
I feel like my biggest weakness stems from me feeling awkward in unfamiliar groups/social settings. In smaller groups (2-3 people) and in groups of people that I AM familiar with, I feel more comfortable and suave. In contrast to the unfamiliar/larger groups become my kryptonite. I get really anxious and my voice softens and loses it's depth and masculinity. I studer my words and can't get the words out in an even glow when I am the one speaking in the unfamiliar/larger groups. I tend to fidget with my hands some not knowing how or where to place them other than NOT in my pockets and NOT crossing my arms, so I can appear fidgety. I speak to fast and whatever words I can get out while speaking I usually end up confusing those I'm speaking too. I have a "resting dick head face" and I've been told and also feel that I'm not very approachable. Intimidating is how I've been described. I have trouble making small talk and keeping conversations going (crickets...crickets....crickets). I feel a better connection to the dominant female than I would the dominant male, I need to learn how to use my good looks to my advantage with appropriate flirtation with women and more charismatic and likeable... EVERYTIME I've been stopped from reaching that next level has ALWAYS stemmed from the dullness of my soft skills/communication intelligence. I know for 100%certainty that if my communication/soft skills could be sharpened to a fine point then I know I'll be able to cut out anything that would stand in the way of my rise to the top.
Go here, join this, and follow everything in the course: go.howtotalktoanybody.com
icebaby (8 months ago)
i’m soo painfully awkward when i’m trying to talk to someone i’m attracted to or intimidated by... i freeze up and get stuck in my head. i think all these negative things about myself and loop them in my mind. they can tell i’m uncomfortable and it makes them uncomfortable. it’s the worst 😩
J Shirls (5 months ago)
"social skills" can be manipulation, and in my experience as somene with autism and mental illness I find that "normal" people often get very angry and defensive when I have asked them for help with social skills and they do not want to help us.
They can also be a gift to the people around you.
Justin Braxton (8 months ago)
I have a hard time initiating the conversation. Just don't know where to start. However, surprisingly people come up to me and start conversing. Which is cool since I'm naturally a quiet guy. I also have a slight stutter. This video was very informative 👍
Joey Central (9 months ago)
I'm pretty much as hopeless as the socially awkward dude talking about WoW.
Let's start with something easy. When you go buy a coffee or order from a restaurant this weekend, how can you use the material in this video to practice your social skills?
Joey Central (9 months ago)
I Will Teach You To Be Rich Wow I totally didn’t expect a response from you. I just feel so nervous when it comes to initiating conversations. For an example, there is this pretty Japanese girl sitting right next to me as we speak and yet I’m way too nervous to even initiate conversation with her out of fear of making a fool of myself.
That's why I posted this video! Social skills are a skill you can improve. Thanks for watching.
NKL (9 months ago)
Social issue for me? I have a group interview coming up in two weeks, and I filmed myself. I concluded that i seem indecisive and rugged, unlike Ramit who speaks with fluency and smoothness. When I talk it isn't right, seems scripted and there's stuttering and bad pauses... I am fairly new to this dimension of the world, but just like any skill this can be developed and mastered. im finna get good at this social stuff in two days, cause im desperately hungry to get this job has introduced me to social shitz
NKL (9 months ago)
Keep working at it! You're already ahead of the game by filming yourself. Let us know what you change in the next 2 weeks. This is a skill you can improve!
Archita Banik (9 months ago)
I am shy to approach people.
Kien Cuong Nguyen (9 months ago)
my weakness is getting into the conversation with a stranger.
Stephanie Alexander (9 months ago)
This is really interesting! Quick question: when you are observing other people's reactions in order to determine how they're receiving something, do you write things down afterwards? Like a sort of what to do/ what not to do list? Or do you carry everything in your head?
Riya Aggarwal (10 months ago)
While interacting with people it seems like they are not interested in talking to you or they dont like talking to you because of which you feel after a while when u will leave that group you will be backbitched. How to become more impressive
Saeed Alexander (10 months ago)
Hello, I wanted to know we’re you still doing the training that you stated at the. End of the video... My apologies , My name is Saeed. The reason why I would like to attend is as followed. When I was younger about early two thousands. I lived in a ruff area in New Jersey. Around that time the community couldn’t walk out of the house without hearing gun shots or seeing people kill each other... for this reason I got sent to me fathers house. Unfortunately my father only allow me to stay in the house or walk around the Conor and back I was eleven years old going into middle school the following school year. When I came back to my mothers house. I attempted to go back outside to hang with friends.. at the point there was drive bys that happened during the summer so everyone was on high alert... To prevent myself from becoming affiliated or killed. I stayed inside of the house... thoughtout middlesex it was a routine school and home. Once I got to high school it was school work and home. This has kept me alive. However it is difficult for me to connect with my peers. Currently I am twenty three but I seem to connect with old people more than my peers. Currently I am working on my social skills to better myself. In addition to, be able to work as an Business owner.
Nikhil32432 (10 months ago)
It's that i can't contribute to a group talk i can handle myself well if i am the only guy chatting but not in group
Denell (10 months ago)
My biggest weaknesses when it comes to social skills are not pronouncing words right and forgetting what I initially what had in mind to say
Comet67 (10 months ago)
Denell Same. That is one of my biggest problems.
PUBG Play of the Game (10 months ago)
What's the training called
http://go.howtotalktoanybody.com/ -- social skills
Nick Vasquez (10 months ago)
I get stuck in finding the place for me to feel comfortable in expressing my ideas and such
Dr Erwin Kwun (11 months ago)
Great video Ramit! Become genuinely interested in other people. "You can make more friends in two months by being interested in them, than in two years by making them interested in you." People often live their life as though they are the main star and everyone else are their co-stars. We forget it is not the only movie that exists as everyone else is also the main star in their own movie. Instead of trying to get others to be interested in us, be curious about others. Ask insightful questions about others life. Most people have at least one subject that they would be happy to talk about. Ask others about their Hobbies, countries they have travelled to. When they talk about something they enjoy, they will be attracted to talk to you again because you gave them an opportunity to re-experience the positive emotions from their souvenir. The only way to make quality, lasting friendships is to learn to be genuinely interested in them and their interests.
Jova GT (11 months ago)
Is it possible to still achieve this without using "big words"
Zairem Renthlei (11 months ago)
whenever my wife talks too much I just say, 'it's been a pleasure, nice chatting with you'.
fishingSouls4Christ RT (11 months ago)
Braidy (11 months ago)
5:56 Hahaha you know what's up
카림사부 (11 months ago)
It's really weird that I managed to finish a 30 min video length when I usually stop at the start. It's really a great content.
Abdul Hameed A (11 months ago)
1. Communication skills 2. start comparing myself and my self limiting belief overtakes from there 3. lack of General awareness
John Noe (11 months ago)
Great vid! My issue: Talking to people who are bad listeners -> I am forced into Question mode and can never get my own stuff in and have to resort to jokes. Question: Assuming I can commo/story-tell half-decently, how do I make a non-listener (read: someone bad at social skills) listen? Tks! Also: 5 yrs later, is that contest still in play? ;-)
Mami Burger (11 months ago)
127 pounds and the dimensions of a super model? I'M 107 LBS ON A GOOD DAY LOL
applejuice (1 year ago)
I don't know what happened to me I used to be outgoing,loud and I talked way too much and now I'm awkward,shy and I can't keep a conversation going.At school everyone is just talking and I can't make covnersation but I do try but then I have absolutely nothing to talk about,it's very boring I tried talking about class because that's beginner but then idk what else
Jayadev Behera (1 year ago)
Sy Hoang (1 year ago)
still wondering why his skin is so different from the other vids??
Jaraxxas You face (1 year ago)
My weakness in social is that I am very blunt and not good at sugar coating the truth, for example: ‘I told a emotionally sensitive friend that, no one but your parents have to care about you, no one has the duty to care about anyone but themselves, since every human being lives for themselves’ Then of course the friend got very sad afterwards, and for the rest of the month, become very sensitive about how people around thinks of the friend.(please make a video (if possible) about sugar coating truth people don’t want to know, or explain it in different ways, due to my bitter and straightforward personality, many people around me have been hurt, and there’s always a sense of awareness between me and everyone around me. (Thank you if you read this, and I’d rather have a helpful video than a trip to New York)
Jaraxxas You face (1 year ago)
Which is deadly
Jaraxxas You face (1 year ago)
And I am not good at filtering the informations I should say to different people
MrFlame2906 (1 year ago)
Hey, im really amazed at how well organized your tutorial is and am surprised at how you answer a question that's been on my mind for years. I've been sheltered as a child and as a result developed terrible social skills but I've always tried to improve myself by asking adults and talking to peers. They were helpful in their own ways but just didn't have the answer I was looking for. Overall, this was definitely a good first step, keep up the great work, and I will continue to look into your videos in the future.
John K (1 year ago)
Okay, great, but seriously... What was that guy on about with the hot sauce..?
Omar Monnoo (1 year ago)
Thanks for these tips.
Leon Van Les (1 year ago)
Maaan, helpful tips Ramit! Thanks , that will help :)
Don Maniego (1 year ago)
freak of nature.. like a freaking genius
Don Maniego (1 year ago)
you use to be a freak of nature. nothing changed really.
SlinkHail X (1 year ago)
I will stare at you and then walk away that's what I do
Slater Winters (1 year ago)
Everyone thinks im weird and doesnt let me anywhere near their everyday happenings and will not ever tell me why. I never really speak because of it. Ive been in the behavioral health hospital once for catatonia and a second time for social skills. I feel like id have a chance if everyone just gave me a chance to make mistakes but all i have for that is my godsister. Its gotten to the point where ill try to move out of her way or something and shell yell at me saying im doing it on purpose. I absolutely have no way to begin this videos teachings on her because she has this preconception of me that ill never get it and she is too frustrated to help me. Her friends are starting to not show up to parties because im there. Of witch im always the guy standing alone, trying not to look like im jumping out of my face trying to talk to literally anybody.

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