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Let's get to the root of racial injustice | Megan Ming Francis | TEDxRainier

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In this inspiring and powerful talk, Megan Francis traces the root causes of our current racial climate to their core causes, debunking common misconceptions and calling out "fix-all" cures to a complex social problem Megan Ming Francis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Washington where she specializes in the study of American politics, race, and the development of constitutional law. She is particularly interested in the construction of rights and citizenship, black political activism, and the post-civil war South. Born and raised in Seattle, WA, she was educated at Garfield High School, Rice University in Houston, and Princeton University where she received her M.A. and her Ph.D. in Politics. In her award winning book, Civil Rights and the Making of the Modern American State, shows that the battle against lynching and mob violence in the first quarter of the 20th century were pivotal to the development of civil rights and the growth of federal court power. She is inspired by people who fight for justice–even when the end appears nowhere in sight. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (646)
Kemery Wright (9 hours ago)
Ms Malcolm X
Ki Ki (20 hours ago)
Loved this!
Tim Mill (1 day ago)
Pseudo-science. "Diversity consultants" are a cult pushing a money-making scam.
David McConville (5 days ago)
What they don't tell you about crime statistics is that in actuality everybody of all backgrounds commits at least one illegal felony at some point in their lives. The skewed reports are a result of misconceptions which leads to the police of the majority to scrutinise visible minorities more, which in turn means minorities get caught more often even when they commit certain crimes at the same rate. This then leads to skewed crime reports that reaffirms the racial biases. In short, the police is blinded by a self fulfilling prophecy that's very hard to stop, with "statistical evidence" that often doesn't get dismissed or deconstructed.
Daniel Garnett (7 days ago)
On behalf of all white people, I would like to say "My Bad".
Carol Sparkman (9 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this wonderful and powerful talk keep up the great work God Bless you!
michael edwardscarlton (10 days ago)
That country is so f'd up
Sasha Gomes (10 days ago)
ummm, when will brown people be respected? Thanks for sharing some great points.
Tara Grace (10 days ago)
Both my ex-husband & my current husband have been wrongly harassed & abused by police.
Tyler (13 days ago)
Interesting talk, but I disagree with practically every conclusion that was put forth.
diane abi (14 days ago)
Thank you, I cried
Night60700 (14 days ago)
John Edward Gallagher (15 days ago)
don't get killed for pride....follow up through the law, but stay alive.
Marion Matthews (1 day ago)
You can follow the law, and still get killed.
John Edward Gallagher (15 days ago)
i am a white man and much the same has happened to me. so.......
Soul Systah (19 days ago)
Sounds about Philly
Diane Wiegel (22 days ago)
Amen sister, this country was built with racism inserted into our government during Colonial times, to keep the whites calm enough to accept slavery. White was the norm with laws a long time ago. how strong are we America, i hope strong enough to protect all lives.
Night60700 (14 days ago)
You're just lying, so please shut up.
So nignorant for her to assume it was racism. Crime is crime. Kknnggrrzzz simply commit more.
bart a (30 days ago)
Onley conclusion whites are racists and oppressors . The fact is that most of the killed "blacks" are killed by "blacks" . Pan-Afrikans don't care they have a political agenda and are supported by United Nations Durban pact 2001. Aim excluding whites and destroy "whitness" so non-whites can flourish.
Danville Clarke (1 month ago)
I think she is to ingrained in the system. Bless her heart. She doesn't see the systematic racism. She thinks it's on a personal level. Bless her heart.
jeremy malvo (1 month ago)
Umm your personal experiences are all explainable and i think she should look at both sides of the coin. She victimizes herself alot. But i do agree to the main point.
Rodni Kaye Thorpe (13 days ago)
What's the other side?
Vinay N (1 month ago)
men commit the most violent crime does anyone deny that? people often judge people by what they know about violent crime statistic. I am not afraid of an old woman trying to rob me at knife point but I will be cautious of a 20 year old male. She is reducing a complex social problem into a series of cliches.
Kim Hill (1 month ago)
As long as white people are on this earth racism will never change
Bo Lou (1 month ago)
Blacks are the plague now days
Bo Lou (1 month ago)
The question you should ask is why blacks are slaves in Africa
Bo Lou (28 days ago)
+Sasquatch I was trying to ask why slavery still happening in Africa today
Sasquatch (1 month ago)
LOL The only question is why you would bring up Africa when you live in America
Bo Lou (1 month ago)
Why she don't talk about Africa
Bo Lou (1 month ago)
You live in the greatest place on earth.
Night60700 (14 days ago)
Jeffrey Morton (1 month ago)
The US was founded on principles of greed and sociopathic brutality - and hasn't changed a bit since day one. Broken treaties prove our government's word has no honor, and its insatiable imperialistic lust has spread across the globe. Unfortunately, trying to educate narcissistic, privileged, brainwashed snowflakes about systemic racism in America is like trying to teach Cruella, my Doberman Pinscher, how to can peaches...
Night60700 (14 days ago)
Um clearly you need a better understanding of history. Every Single Country was founded for the same reasons. If you don't understand that, you really should stop putting your foot in your mouth.
Lore Bay (1 month ago)
Any justice for Botham Jean yet? You know the beautiful young man killed at his own door while living?
Victor Jackson (1 month ago)
I believe in freedom of speech. This lady can speak to she's blue. Whites will never change. It's in their DNA. They don't know right from wrong.. they have gone to Africa and said the Ethiopians are white. They say the Egyptians are white. They don't like the blacks in America . They tell them to go back to Africa. At the same time they trying to move to Africa to be around people they don't like. They are doing the same thing in Africa they're doing in United States putting up statues the African got to take them down. I hope she's getting paid if not she's just wasting her time talking to these fools.. they are just a bunch of cartoon characters. The people who are watching this video may not live to see this. The Europeans going to Africa. You made a big mistake. The people you enslaved. They are now breathing you out. That's your curse.
Kai Buergisser (1 month ago)
All cops blacks women need to get together and talk about a resultion
Night60700 (14 days ago)
TheRealLisaLove (1 month ago)
Powerful message 🙌🏾
Friedrich Nietzsche (2 months ago)
Let's talk about the root of race injustice: IQ differences!
MADMAX MAN (2 months ago)
She’s lucky she’s not in turkey ... she is a sad person
Terraj (2 months ago)
Unless you are a masochist, I would avoid the comment section....
Night60700 (14 days ago)
Um welcome to the internet. Would you like a raisin cookie? We ran out of chocolate chip cookies years ago.
Alexander Dunbar (2 months ago)
Until you fix the hoods and ghettos and forcefully retrain them; This won’t end at all! Expose the connections between organized Street crime persons and their roles and deals with local politicians police and so many drug dealers supply most of the prestigious middle class community... These blacks in hoods are the only reason we suffer a “fit the description” scenario every damn time dealing police and society...Funny how nobody wants to challenge them directly and really solve this problem we have!!!
Ellie Sings (2 months ago)
It shouldn't take what WE take. I'm so tired of it
Kantrell Cameron (2 months ago)
The Isis Papers by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing gets to the root of racism more than any other explanation i have ever heard. IMO Those who know know. Denial ain't jus a river in Africa!
seven secular sultans (2 months ago)
Jussie Smollett approves this talk.
Jeffrey Martin (2 months ago)
The root cause of racism is socialism
Night60700 (14 days ago)
No. It's fear. The fear is often justified though. But still.
Sam Lean (2 months ago)
Night60700 (14 days ago)
Hey that's exactly what I did when I saw your post. Are you psychic, or just boring?
Sharila Outlaw (2 months ago)
Antagonizing people, then saying their aggressive.. smh
Night60700 (14 days ago)
I'm going to brake my hand punching you in the face and then have you arrested for assaulting my fist with your face. That's about as sound as her logic.
Wolfgang R (2 months ago)
Ok, so blacks are 3x as likely to be shot by a police officer, but 2/3 of those shot were armed. Why are so many people walking around with guns (I'm assuming guns and not knives)? No wonder the police are a little freaked out when people are generally unpredictable, especially when scared, and they have guns!
Common Garden Gnome (2 months ago)
"Immigration" is colonisation.
Lesley Anderson (2 months ago)
Racial injustice, when you look at an affirmative action program that gives any race free points for belonging to that race, is simply a way to eliminate the merit system, the only system worthwhile. Look at it this way: if you pass someone in a course he/she failed, you impose that person as an MD, for example, on patients who may, and probably will, not get the most optimal medical care available at the time. This is the true injustice. I think it is criminal.
Tyler Clark (2 months ago)
"It's all of us" No, it's not. All of us aren't shooting up neighborhoods and selling drugs on corners. All of us aren't opening fire on police officers every day. All of us don't have neighborhoods that have the most concentrated crime and highest crime rates in the country.
Tyler Clark (2 months ago)
I'm sure she just absolutely hates flaunting her credentials...rofl.
Poetess Aamiinah (2 months ago)
That was a phenomenal speech, and I am grateful I stumbled upon it!!
Night60700 (14 days ago)
She didn't say anything.
Mona Biglow (2 months ago)
Carlos Suarez (2 months ago)
Education and Morality have nothing to do with each other.
Night60700 (14 days ago)
Wow. Read Greek Philosophy.
Chris Clifford (2 months ago)
Ms. Francis relates an experience her brother had with the police that is similar to a number of encounters I had with the cops years ago when I was young. After these encounters, I cursed about the "pigs", as we then called cops, and then continued on with my life. My encounters with the police remained nothing more to me than anecdotes in my life's experiences. Maybe that was because I was never taught that the rest of the world would like me or owed me anything. I don't think my attitude was unique in my generation. Today we live in a culture that now encourages people to think of themselves as victims and to wallow in their perceived victimhood rather than to get on with their lives. Ms. Francis' emoting is a perfect example of this.
Niles Livingston Sr (2 months ago)
The ANSWER has been in heaven sitting at The Father's right hand, but rejected of by so many ( Matt. 15:7-14; II Tim. 4:16-18; I Tim. 4:13-16; Isa. 53:1-12 ) who have been deceived by many false prophets and false teachers ( Eze. 2:1-3:27; 13:1-23; Isa. 56:9-12; Jer. 5:20-31; II Peter 2:1-22; Rom. 16:17-18; Phil. 3:2, 18-19 ), like TBN, DAYSTAR, LESEA, EWTN BROADCASTING NETWORKS, and Radio stations like KKLA ( Whose lying SLOGAN is: "God LOVES L.A. followed by it echo." ) ...Psalm 5:5; Amos 5:21-23; 9:10; 8:3; Isa. 33:14; (((( Eze. 18:1-32; 33:1-33 )))); I Tim. 1:9; Malachi 1:1-4:6!! ( but WHO PAYS ATTENTION TO details...? ) ...O.K. NOW, that you know THE PROBLEM ( I Cor. 15:22; Rom. 1:18-32; 2:1-8:39; Matt. 7:1-29 )!! ...THE ANSWER ( I Cor. 15:1-58; Phil. 3:1-21 ...King James Bible ONLY )!! ...And IF you don't UNDERSTAND, here is WHY: Dan. 10:21; 12:10; Prov. 28:4-5; I Cor. 2:1-16 ...FINALLY: ...Matt. 23:1-25:46!! ...Says The Lord God of Israel... for details: The Revelation of Jesus Christ 1:1-22:21 ...Amen!!
Night60700 (14 days ago)
Please stop. You missed the mark by so much the arrow landed behind you.
Daisha Gilliam (3 months ago)
I just LOVE how they were more interested in her dog, than the actual topics she was discussing.
NewGardner (3 months ago)
Her name is interesting
NewGardner (3 months ago)
@7:34 threat, eh? If I were an officer, I wouldn't want to be assigned to an area where I would be fearful of the people there. Why do officers take on those jobs.
Progressive Innovator (3 months ago)
It really comes down to what a people put most of their time into. If you put a lot of time into sports you will tend to perfect it more than someone else. Just like putting a lot of time into gaining knowledge, the martial arts or anything else. Different cultures or nations of people just put more time into doing different things and may have perfected that thing more than another culture or race of people. I'm explaining this in a simple way, but hopefully this is not over someones head to not get, that it is a lot of truth to this observation (analogy). Then also diet may play a part. There are different types of edible vegetation on the planet that some people had access to that other tribes of people didn't have access to. Every tribe depending on where they settled on the planet had more access to something that other people didn't have access to. And this may have played a part that gives groups of people an edge over each other, in some way or another. If your (culture or people) put a lot of time into a particular thing, you will perfect that thing more than someone else or other nations of people. But this doesn't make you superior to other people. Why? Because someone is better than you are with something else. Being superior to other people is really a man made illusion. Only God is the superior one. Until you can create the universe like God, then you can never be superior to anyone on the planet.
Kevin Mialoundama (3 months ago)
They hate us 'coz they can't be us after trying so hard to no avail. Sunbathing ain't gonna do it.Sorry!
Russ Hanneman (3 months ago)
Thanks but no thanks. Unlike you, we enjoy having jobs and knowing who our fathers are.
Lynn .D (3 months ago)
Put the race card away
+williewil102 I will have to remember that one 5 stars
williewil102 (3 months ago)
Fine as soon as the deck is thrown away.
Ashley Makin (3 months ago)
She works for the absolute worst school in America for the topic at hand.. Is she talking about Seattle?
akim ishchayil (3 months ago)
We don’t need body cams if we abolish law enforcement.
Uproar (3 months ago)
Lowest-wage whites commit less crime than blacks with a wage over 120k think about that.
MrMarbledude Thebean (3 months ago)
Very well spoken but her facts are not even close.
MrRobbylad (3 months ago)
Racial profiling can happen.....but in a low income area, where i presume there is a high crime rate.....there is a high police presence. Several youths are acting in a similar way to the way the criminals are acting. The police are doing their jobs. Now if there was racial comments then fair enough, but why take it all back to a race issue when it is a community issue based upon location not race. Im sure if youths of another race, acted the same in the same area, they would receive the same treatment. Dont just go with the victim card and try to see the other side of the card. And that goes to the cops as well. Ignorance causes fear. Fear leads to the dangerous actions that do occur. Everyone needs to talk more, listen more and respect one another more. Minorities stop the race card. Majority groups, stop being so defensive and engage in conversation.
MrRobbylad (2 months ago)
To finalise my argurment........somali pirates. They prove the rule
MrRobbylad (2 months ago)
+Raquel Bennett i live in the uk....low income areas have high crime rates, this is a statistical pattern worldwide. I doth not presume wrong. Peace
Raquel Bennett (3 months ago)
You presume wrong...sigh. You could easily learn if you wanted too.
Tyler Cooper (3 months ago)
Willful ignorance will continue discrimination for a long long time. White people need to step up and help god damnit
Daniel Mart (3 months ago)
I can definitely relate to your understanding of racism. As a northern truck driver,,,with a college degree))))),,,I am in Georgia today,,,and have already been treated very rudely and unfairly. In the past, in South Carolina, I was refused sevice at a restaurant because of my race !!!!! The waitress simply refused to bring me a simple cup of coffee,,,,AND, all the other costumers just glared at me as if I didn't belong in a simple Dennys restaurant. I called the corporate office,,,but they refused to even look into the matter without video evidence. I absolutely cannot stand racism !!!!! And,,,,I hate being down south for a week at a time when I get treated so badly. .Obviously not enough people have read Dr. King's letter he wrote from jail. .I thought it was an amazing letter!!!!! Yes I am often discriminated against!!!! Yes,,,I AM WHITE !!!!-! Thank you Professor for your presentation
Michelle (10 days ago)
You are absolutely lying. This didn't happen
Tyler Vega (10 days ago)
+AristOwl that didnt solve the problem bro...... Perhaps a better solution is to get to know people individually and be kind to one another regardless of race. Try to show the people that you are not a bad person by race but a good person at heart. This is the only way to change people's perceptions of you.
AristOwl (3 months ago)
Dress appropriately.
g (3 months ago)
PART TWO: I don't want to refute the presence of racial stereotypes though. They exist and they do not benefit the society for sure. So, apart from police power abuse (one issue) , there is (another) social issue of race perceptions, which is not dangerous in itself yet bothering. Social perceptions create useless stereotypes that breed ignorance on an individual level, I would say. And ignorance at its extreme can become dangerous, of course. In a way, that kind of perceptual ignorance about certain group of people among the American-raised population does add "oil to the fire" of the first issue, yet it still does not resolve it and rather distracts from it , I think. But it is just an opinion, and I was pleased to listen to your interesting talk.
bidmcms3 (3 months ago)
Can we all just stop seeing and perseverating on race for a minute? See what happens. Give each other the benefit of the doubt.
We have, we can't until it is gone. It has been swept under the rug for too long.
bidmcms3 (3 months ago)
13:05 is she suggesting that crime statistics (by race/gender) are inaccurate? It’s not a “lie” to say that men commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime compared to women, right?
Raquel Bennett (3 months ago)
They are wrong in the sense that if police camped out in your neighborhood, stopped and frisked almost everyone sitting on their stoop, there would be an epic increase of white males going to jail for selling molly and other myriad prescription drugs. But that does not happen.
E. Reed Hill (3 months ago)
Enemy #1 is not of dark skin. Most serial killers, and mass murders do not have dark skin. That won't be discussed, though.
Lore Bay (4 days ago)
Sure u right
kulsanders (20 days ago)
+Mickey because they are marginalized and denied basic rights. they dont have the same playing field as white folks. And that normally drives people to crime. its survival. if you put someone in jail for the crime they didn't commit and slap a criminal record on them so they cant find a job , yet allow them to buy guns, you will end up with crime. you cant force people to resort to crime and you call them bad.
Susette Santiago (3 months ago)
Who is Ted x...and why the coverage.
Conor Walsh (3 months ago)
Theres no bigger gang of whiners in the world than ....
Russ Hanneman (3 months ago)
I think you meant to say "naggers"
Conor Walsh (3 months ago)
I think that if we perpetuate enough racism on white males, then that will fix everything. Historically they react well.
Myron Glenn (3 months ago)
The American Lie, huh
jivan bansi (3 months ago)
discrimination alert!!
williewil102 (3 months ago)
Meth and opioids!
Political Guy (3 months ago)
This women is so confused omg
jivan bansi (3 months ago)
Most racists are, and the education answer, bin laden had a good education. Number one statistic, blacks kill way more blacks than any thing else. Fatherless homes, and drugs!
Dirty Bong Water (3 months ago)
Who else came here to cringe?
Get IT J (3 months ago)
Yet them same white, Asian women will get in the bed with those blavk men. What an act...They lay down with anything
OrioleFan443 (3 months ago)
I really liked this lecture. I support the idea of looking at a longstanding problem through its' historical roots, bravo Megan Ming Frances. Your students are lucky to have you!
Ray Bod (3 months ago)
You certainly make very sweeping statements about whites based on a few picked out examples, try taking ownership of your own racists bigotry.
Loch121 (3 months ago)
Smart and beautiful
jivan bansi (3 months ago)
If you like RACISTS!
GKBStudioD (3 months ago)
I've had my Caucasian friends go through very similar things with police. I think the only difference was, my friends didn't take it personal.
Noah Branch (4 months ago)
If the color of your skin is as far as your life experience brings you.sad!
nnglnd (4 months ago)
race is almost as dangerous as religion .
jivan bansi (3 months ago)
Just when we need one Humanity.
Last Lime (4 months ago)
The cure to racial injustice is to not listen to racists like this women who doesn't understand that if racism is bad hen her racism is also bad.
Sonya Tinsley (1 month ago)
Last Lime race-ist means a person whom affects a whole race. I am not surprised you don’t comprehend.
Beyond Light (4 months ago)
The simple fact is: the Whiter the Country, the lesser the crimes. It’s that simple.
Sonya Tinsley (1 month ago)
You really just displayed your ignorance? 🙄😂🤷🏾‍♀️
Honcho Jay (3 months ago)
bye 😂 you don’t even believe that
Candis Watson (3 months ago)
Light Bringer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
colin doyle (4 months ago)
like her hair
Lore Bay (4 days ago)
Yes, what she said is very factual. Her hair was seen as a threat, but why when that is what grows out of her head. God gave us a covering for our heads to protect us from the hot sun of Africa. Many white people have a negative issue with our hair, why? Is it because it has the power to defy gravity?
PT78squiat (4 days ago)
colin doyle that’s the best you could think after watching that?
englishgal234 (4 months ago)
Excellent discussion. Please speak about capitalism, resources, wealth, technology, and how this also works in lives.
michelle7able (4 months ago)
the monsters will never change!!!!!!
Uproar (3 months ago)
you can go to africa no1 is stopping you.
Mark D (4 months ago)
Racism will never be resolved if the offending race doesn't acknowledge it’s existence AND lead the charge to its eradication…
Tuli Franz (6 days ago)
Taylor Parker , nothing stays as it is. Nature will take the predator out. It has start already.
Melanin Faded (1 month ago)
Taylor Parker I was addressing his original statement, you were addressing his response. Regardless his first statement is correct, and the second a matter of opinion. But I don’t think anyone should be wishing for the white race to be killed off or eradicated because there won’t even be any races in a couple thousand years.
Sam Podbereski (1 month ago)
+Melanin Faded The word "it" is ambiguous. He replied in this thread that racism won't go away until "they" die off, meaning white people. He doesn't have to say it explicitly. He, along with many others, DO want the white race to go extinct. Learn about implications, ignoramus 🤦🏽‍♀️
Al Ros (4 months ago)
When people like this get the racial tension to the point they want I'm going to sit to the side and watch what happens. This point the finger thing is not only insane, but pathetic. I've never thought of or seen being hispanic as a drain. The lack of accountability in certain communities is embarassing. We can't even get to the real nature of most violence perpetrated by the state which crushes us all. Nooooo, lets blame the white man.
Night60700 (14 days ago)
Look it's just easier to blame all your problems on someone else. Like ISIS. It rained today, so let's bomb ISIS.
Ripp Russell (4 months ago)
I agree they need to forget about what you people think of them and get to a place of learning how to get to a dignified existence among themselves. But that would call for you people to live and let live. Not live and kill them and their existence if they don't do what we tell them to do when we tell them to do it, for whatever reason we say they do it. It's funny how every other culture of difference (color) always at some point in time ends up on your list of boogiemen.
TallCoolDrink (4 months ago)
I acknowledge that white man hasn't always been civil. They've been very brutal. But you can say that about many races. . But, I also acknowledge that without the white race, the world probably would be still living in the 1800s. I'm an Asian.
Tyler Vega (18 days ago)
+Ripp Russell then tell me what white people didnt do that moved the world further? Weren't whites the first ones to end slavery for the world though? Unlike popular opinion they didnt even start slavery.
Ripp Russell (4 months ago)
I strongly doubt that. Without that portion of the negatives that they brought to the table of life mankind may have actually been a bit further on.
Terry JP (4 months ago)
"Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 biggest counties in the country, despite only comprising roughly 15 percent of the population in these counties. "Next cop out.
Kira S. (3 months ago)
.......and WHY do you think that is? Why do certain parts of the population commit more crime? You may think it's because they're just born with a criminal gene or something, but the truth is that it has to do with a long, long history of generations of those minorities living in poverty, with very minimal access to education, resources, jobs.... The main thing that causes crime is NOT race or ethnicity or anything like that; it's poverty and the environment/circumstances you grow up in. And once you understand that, you can move on to the next question of "why is it that minorities are the ones predominantly living in these conditions?" And THEN you really get to the roots of all these things. It DOES have to do with history, oppression, discrimination, etc etc. PS: I am a white person from Germany, and I cannot for the life of me understand why so many white Americans have such trouble understanding / acknowledging some of these realities.
cinemar (4 months ago)
TED will literally have anyone on to speak.
jivan bansi (3 months ago)
I guess they couldn't find anyone that wasn't obsessed with identity politics and race!
BleachEmpireBBS (4 months ago)
you go sis, proud of you!!
Nicola Ablett (4 months ago)
and Arabs
Night60700 (14 days ago)
Honestly they aren't Arab unless they live in Arabia. That's like saying that everyone that speaks English is English.
S K (4 months ago)
This video is a "long day of work."
Daniel Embree (4 months ago)
Racial injustice is voting for an under qualified junior senator from Chicago as president simply because of his race. ..
jivan bansi (3 months ago)
Very correct!
Becky Hanson (4 months ago)
Yes. I go to the root! I have solutions I must get out. Look for my email. Yes mental and emotional abuse causes confusion, a threat to ones identity. As you conclude I feel compelled to say that just as hard for you to believe that I am not or ever been the white person you describe. I personally feel that if I can do a little more to make you feel the truth of what I see when I look at you like I would any human being, I’m going to do it gladly. So you see there how walls have been put up. I know many white people that feel helpless because the attitude they get when they try so they go about there live disconnected. The solution tackles both with a simple small act. If consistently done I believe we will experience positive changes in not only race relations but in every way because people will feel empowered to be powerful and you never know who has the next world changing idea. He or she may just not feel worthy to speak there truth.
BobbyHille (4 months ago)
So discouraging to know that a college professor isn't smart enough to understand that when blacks commit crime at a higher rate, they encounter cops at a higher rate and therefore get shot at a higher rate.
BobbyHille (3 months ago)
+Patrice Foley mansions and high rises? Lol there are plenty of poor people out there that just don't commit crimes anywhere near the level that blacks do.
BobbyHille (3 months ago)
+Gradie Roberson yall should've been deported after the civil war, the constitution was never meant to apply to blacks. The level of freedom that the United States was formed with is not compatible with non whites. Anywhere in the world that you go to, non whites consistently vote for less rights, while whites vote for more individual freedom.
Gradie Roberson (3 months ago)
Us integrating with yall,was the worse thing ever happen to us
morbidbushido (4 months ago)
Lady, you are delusional. I hope when you teach you pass on useful knowledge not how you feel or your lived experiences dressed up as a general fact.
study the facts
BASSCODE PROJECT (4 months ago)
Yes, i know exactly what this woman is talking about. Her words touch my heart, People must listen to her words and take action.
Night60700 (14 days ago)
No you don't, and no they don't. You're lying.
Meme Dream Queen (4 months ago)
The story is clearly a violation of the 4th amendment. If your brother. Knew what he was doing than he would use his 4th amendment and ask the oficers why. If they don't respond you entitled to compensation. To fix the problem people need to understand the basic function of the government. Its not there to MAKE you happy its there to give you the tools to make yourself happy.

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