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Let's get to the root of racial injustice | Megan Ming Francis | TEDxRainier

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In this inspiring and powerful talk, Megan Francis traces the root causes of our current racial climate to their core causes, debunking common misconceptions and calling out "fix-all" cures to a complex social problem Megan Ming Francis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Washington where she specializes in the study of American politics, race, and the development of constitutional law. She is particularly interested in the construction of rights and citizenship, black political activism, and the post-civil war South. Born and raised in Seattle, WA, she was educated at Garfield High School, Rice University in Houston, and Princeton University where she received her M.A. and her Ph.D. in Politics. In her award winning book, Civil Rights and the Making of the Modern American State, shows that the battle against lynching and mob violence in the first quarter of the 20th century were pivotal to the development of civil rights and the growth of federal court power. She is inspired by people who fight for justice–even when the end appears nowhere in sight. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (446)
Lynn .D (9 hours ago)
Put the race card away
Ashley Makin (4 days ago)
She works for the absolute worst school in America for the topic at hand.. Is she talking about Seattle?
akim ishchayil (5 days ago)
We don’t need body cams if we abolish law enforcement.
Uproar (6 days ago)
Lowest-wage whites commit less crime than blacks with a wage over 120k think about that.
MrMarbledude Thebean (7 days ago)
Very well spoken but her facts are not even close.
MrRobbylad (7 days ago)
Racial profiling can happen.....but in a low income area, where i presume there is a high crime rate.....there is a high police presence. Several youths are acting in a similar way to the way the criminals are acting. The police are doing their jobs. Now if there was racial comments then fair enough, but why take it all back to a race issue when it is a community issue based upon location not race. Im sure if youths of another race, acted the same in the same area, they would receive the same treatment. Dont just go with the victim card and try to see the other side of the card. And that goes to the cops as well. Ignorance causes fear. Fear leads to the dangerous actions that do occur. Everyone needs to talk more, listen more and respect one another more. Minorities stop the race card. Majority groups, stop being so defensive and engage in conversation.
Tyler Cooper (8 days ago)
Willful ignorance will continue discrimination for a long long time. White people need to step up and help god damnit
Daniel Mart (9 days ago)
I can definitely relate to your understanding of racism. As a northern truck driver,,,with a college degree))))),,,I am in Georgia today,,,and have already been treated very rudely and unfairly. In the past, in South Carolina, I was refused sevice at a restaurant because of my race !!!!! The waitress simply refused to bring me a simple cup of coffee,,,,AND, all the other costumers just glared at me as if I didn't belong in a simple Dennys restaurant. I called the corporate office,,,but they refused to even look into the matter without video evidence. I absolutely cannot stand racism !!!!! And,,,,I hate being down south for a week at a time when I get treated so badly. .Obviously not enough people have read Dr. King's letter he wrote from jail. .I thought it was an amazing letter!!!!! Yes I am often discriminated against!!!! Yes,,,I AM WHITE !!!!-! Thank you Professor for your presentation
AristOwl (3 days ago)
Dress appropriately.
g (13 days ago)
PART TWO: I don't want to refute the presence of racial stereotypes though. They exist and they do not benefit the society for sure. So, apart from police power abuse (one issue) , there is (another) social issue of race perceptions, which is not dangerous in itself yet bothering. Social perceptions create useless stereotypes that breed ignorance on an individual level, I would say. And ignorance at its extreme can become dangerous, of course. In a way, that kind of perceptual ignorance about certain group of people among the American-raised population does add "oil to the fire" of the first issue, yet it still does not resolve it and rather distracts from it , I think. But it is just an opinion, and I was pleased to listen to your interesting talk.
bidmcms3 (17 days ago)
Can we all just stop seeing and perseverating on race for a minute? See what happens. Give each other the benefit of the doubt.
bidmcms3 (17 days ago)
13:05 is she suggesting that crime statistics (by race/gender) are inaccurate? It’s not a “lie” to say that men commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime compared to women, right?
E. Reed Hill (17 days ago)
Enemy #1 is not of dark skin. Most serial killers, and mass murders do not have dark skin. That won't be discussed, though.
Uproar (6 days ago)
90% of mass shootings are done by blacks, if you didn't have an IQ of room temperature you would know this.
Mike Noir (8 days ago)
+TheJabberwocky28 Gangsters killing gangsters is not as serious as Weird white boy Tim abducting innocent little girls and fornicating with animals
E. Reed Hill (8 days ago)
Serial killing, abductions, human trafficking, mass killings, mass school shootings are not done by the crips and the bloods. Stalkers are not usually in the crips or blood either. Find your own numbers.
TheJabberwocky28 (9 days ago)
Care to remind me what the serial killer body count is compared to the gang violence one?
Susette Santiago (19 days ago)
Who is Ted x...and why the coverage.
Conor Walsh (19 days ago)
Theres no bigger gang of whiners in the world than ....
Conor Walsh (19 days ago)
I think that if we perpetuate enough racism on white males, then that will fix everything. Historically they react well.
Myron Glenn (20 days ago)
The American Lie, huh
jivan bansi (20 days ago)
Darion Debrossard (20 days ago)
This women is so confused omg
jivan bansi (20 days ago)
Most racists are, and the education answer, bin laden had a good education. Number one statistic, blacks kill way more blacks than any thing else. Fatherless homes, and drugs!
Dirty Bong Water (20 days ago)
Who else came here to cringe?
Get IT J (21 days ago)
Yet them same white, Asian women will get in the bed with those blavk men. What an act...They lay down with anything
OrioleFan443 (22 days ago)
I really liked this lecture. I support the idea of looking at a longstanding problem through its' historical roots, bravo Megan Ming Frances. Your students are lucky to have you!
Ray Bod (23 days ago)
You certainly make very sweeping statements about whites based on a few picked out examples, try taking ownership of your own racists bigotry.
Loch121 (24 days ago)
Smart and beautiful
jivan bansi (20 days ago)
If you like RACISTS!
GKBStudioD (24 days ago)
I've had my Caucasian friends go through very similar things with police. I think the only difference was, my friends didn't take it personal.
Noah Branch (26 days ago)
If the color of your skin is as far as your life experience brings you.sad!
nnglnd (26 days ago)
race is almost as dangerous as religion .
jivan bansi (20 days ago)
Just when we need one Humanity.
Last Lime (26 days ago)
The cure to racial injustice is to not listen to racists like this women who doesn't understand that if racism is bad hen her racism is also bad.
Light Bringer (27 days ago)
The simple fact is: the Whiter the Country, the lesser the crimes. It’s that simple.
Candis Watson (21 days ago)
Light Bringer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
colin doyle (28 days ago)
like her hair
englishgal234 (28 days ago)
Excellent discussion. Please speak about capitalism, resources, wealth, technology, and how this also works in lives.
michelle7able (28 days ago)
the monsters will never change!!!!!!
Uproar (6 days ago)
you can go to africa no1 is stopping you.
Mark D (28 days ago)
Racism will never be resolved if the offending race doesn't acknowledge it’s existence AND lead the charge to its eradication…
Lesley Kramer (4 days ago)
Why should we? It works well for us to be on top, and everyone else beneath. It's a pretty good gig we got going ;) Talking won't change things. You gotta actually have power to change things.
Al Ros (29 days ago)
When people like this get the racial tension to the point they want I'm going to sit to the side and watch what happens. This point the finger thing is not only insane, but pathetic. I've never thought of or seen being hispanic as a drain. The lack of accountability in certain communities is embarassing. We can't even get to the real nature of most violence perpetrated by the state which crushes us all. Nooooo, lets blame the white man.
Ripp Russell (28 days ago)
I agree they need to forget about what you people think of them and get to a place of learning how to get to a dignified existence among themselves. But that would call for you people to live and let live. Not live and kill them and their existence if they don't do what we tell them to do when we tell them to do it, for whatever reason we say they do it. It's funny how every other culture of difference (color) always at some point in time ends up on your list of boogiemen.
coolandtall (29 days ago)
I acknowledge that white man hasn't always been civil. They've been very brutal. But you can say that about many races. . But, I also acknowledge that without the white race, the world probably would be still living in the 1800s. I'm an Asian.
Ripp Russell (28 days ago)
I strongly doubt that. Without that portion of the negatives that they brought to the table of life mankind may have actually been a bit further on.
Terry JP (30 days ago)
"Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 biggest counties in the country, despite only comprising roughly 15 percent of the population in these counties. "Next cop out.
Kira S. (2 hours ago)
.......and WHY do you think that is? Why do certain parts of the population commit more crime? You may think it's because they're just born with a criminal gene or something, but the truth is that it has to do with a long, long history of generations of those minorities living in poverty, with very minimal access to education, resources, jobs.... The main thing that causes crime is NOT race or ethnicity or anything like that; it's poverty and the environment/circumstances you grow up in. And once you understand that, you can move on to the next question of "why is it that minorities are the ones predominantly living in these conditions?" And THEN you really get to the roots of all these things. It DOES have to do with history, oppression, discrimination, etc etc. PS: I am a white person from Germany, and I cannot for the life of me understand why so many white Americans have such trouble understanding / acknowledging some of these realities.
cinemar (1 month ago)
TED will literally have anyone on to speak.
jivan bansi (20 days ago)
I guess they couldn't find anyone that wasn't obsessed with identity politics and race!
BleachEmpireBBS (1 month ago)
you go sis, proud of you!!
Nicola Ablett (1 month ago)
and Arabs
S K (1 month ago)
This video is a "long day of work."
Daniel Embree (1 month ago)
Racial injustice is voting for an under qualified junior senator from Chicago as president simply because of his race. ..
jivan bansi (20 days ago)
Very correct!
Becky Hanson (1 month ago)
Yes. I go to the root! I have solutions I must get out. Look for my email. Yes mental and emotional abuse causes confusion, a threat to ones identity. As you conclude I feel compelled to say that just as hard for you to believe that I am not or ever been the white person you describe. I personally feel that if I can do a little more to make you feel the truth of what I see when I look at you like I would any human being, I’m going to do it gladly. So you see there how walls have been put up. I know many white people that feel helpless because the attitude they get when they try so they go about there live disconnected. The solution tackles both with a simple small act. If consistently done I believe we will experience positive changes in not only race relations but in every way because people will feel empowered to be powerful and you never know who has the next world changing idea. He or she may just not feel worthy to speak there truth.
BobbyHille (1 month ago)
So discouraging to know that a college professor isn't smart enough to understand that when blacks commit crime at a higher rate, they encounter cops at a higher rate and therefore get shot at a higher rate.
BobbyHille (16 days ago)
+Patrice Foley mansions and high rises? Lol there are plenty of poor people out there that just don't commit crimes anywhere near the level that blacks do.
BobbyHille (16 days ago)
+Gradie Roberson yall should've been deported after the civil war, the constitution was never meant to apply to blacks. The level of freedom that the United States was formed with is not compatible with non whites. Anywhere in the world that you go to, non whites consistently vote for less rights, while whites vote for more individual freedom.
Gradie Roberson (16 days ago)
Us integrating with yall,was the worse thing ever happen to us
morbidbushido (1 month ago)
Lady, you are delusional. I hope when you teach you pass on useful knowledge not how you feel or your lived experiences dressed up as a general fact.
BASSCODE PROJECT (1 month ago)
Yes, i know exactly what this woman is talking about. Her words touch my heart, People must listen to her words and take action.
Meme Dream Queen (1 month ago)
The story is clearly a violation of the 4th amendment. If your brother. Knew what he was doing than he would use his 4th amendment and ask the oficers why. If they don't respond you entitled to compensation. To fix the problem people need to understand the basic function of the government. Its not there to MAKE you happy its there to give you the tools to make yourself happy.
Second Opinion (1 month ago)
Wilbert Walcott (1 month ago)
michael seth (1 month ago)
The history which Europeans deny reveals the truth about them...
Cross Modulation (30 days ago)
Which history is that?
degucc (1 month ago)
The Cure.... 15:53
Miki Dewberry (1 month ago)
I don't want to know about other peoples cultures
Maira Ramirez (1 month ago)
The comment section has me convinced we are far from destroying racial injustice, this country was built on it and the beneficiaries will never give it up
Daniel McLellan (4 days ago)
white fragility in practice
Dirty Bong Water (20 days ago)
Do you ever realize that you're just anti-white or do you continue to blame millions of white people across the globe for your own shortcomings
Green Orchid (1 month ago)
This is why I don't own a car but rent one when I need it
Devance Spicer (1 month ago)
Its not about culture! About laws and the ppl that benefit in enforcing them and maintaining them! Americans need an New Constitution!!
S Kirki (1 month ago)
Biggest irony is that whites who almost annihilated natives ( and are still bombing and decimating others around the world) have the audacity to claim others are dangerous.
Ginger Cook (7 days ago)
So did u listen to the same speech I did or do u need to clean out your ears. Saying someone is violent because of their race is what got us here in the first place. It’s wrong and counterproductive.
Mike Noir (8 days ago)
+Muffin Man Everyone the whites encountered came in peace, until their trust was betrayed. Native Americans and white "settlers" got along until fear mongering amongst whites started with the agenda to push the Natives out more and more. Kind of like what whites do now. All the people in power have to do is tell you to be afraid of x group, and you dance like puppets
Jason S. Watters (1 month ago)
Dear Professor Megan M. Francis, that was a POWERFUL speech!! I can hear the passion in your voice, as I have stories that I could share about being treated unjustly.
drew63215 (1 month ago)
David Nolan (1 month ago)
She is my current political science professor.
Catqueen 2107 (4 days ago)
MrRobbylad (7 days ago)
+___ ___ fair points but have you considered at the same time she may have actually been the best candidate for that slot and not just a beneficiary of affirmative blaction. It could be either.
___ ___ (8 days ago)
Wonder how much she paid to get he degrees – or if she paid anything at all? Wonder if there were any more talented students who got turned away from the slots she got in college because of the color of their skin?
elimastermind (1 month ago)
Because blacks don’t respect their own and white people have a couple of screw loose
She says not to judge negroes with anecdotal stories and she uses 2 to build her case.
Shane Barry (15 days ago)
+Trey Young He just stated a damn fact.
Kkknnggrrr please, she is pathetic, articulate but pathetic. The story of “Kenny’ was in the news at the time. 4 nnnggrrzzz were smoking weed in front of a university residence. Exactly what you expect a nnnggrr to do.
Trey Young (1 month ago)
This is either an agent or a bigot. Either way disregard all information which isn’t cited by factual evidence.
Percy Carry (1 month ago)
Please stop putting these mulattos out as the face of the movement! I mean just please stop!
Trey Young (1 month ago)
This is either an agent or a bigot. Either way disregard all information which isn’t cited by factual evidence.
Bertram Davis (1 month ago)
We are a race that is in pain! We have put band-aid on our issues and refused to address the internal conflict within. That handicap us in all Avenues of our lives. It is my hope and my prayers that we as Race will rise above all that we have been through. I do believe we are strong.
Fair Minded (1 month ago)
Freddy Gray was a criminal who sold drugs to his own people in his own community. Never use him as martyr!
Andrew Iannaccone (13 days ago)
That doesn't make him not a person
Trey Young (1 month ago)
This is either an agent or a bigot. Either way disregard all information which isn’t cited by factual evidence.
The solution is for negroes to stop being criminals.
Kkknnggrrr, point out what I posted that is incorrect.
VICTOR CAMPBELL (1 month ago)
+Hotep Muh Dyk Amen Ra Nnngggrrr Please take yourself out of the equation. By that I mean....die.
Trey Young (1 month ago)
This is either an agent or a bigot. Either way disregard all information which isn’t cited by factual evidence.
Nothing as discussed to get to the “root” of “racial injustice”.
Emil Sørensen (1 month ago)
"You people always lie," says the MAN claiming that a little woman with a piece of plastic is dangerous.
Nria Mond (30 days ago)
Yeah, because as we all know, EVERY piece of fashion for women is totally functional. High Heels, stilettos, clutch bags, pencil skirts ... who would ever want to wear that? (for the record, I don't. I own a two finger ring, though ;) )
Remington Bradley (1 month ago)
Jeeze who wears a two finger ring. you can't use two of your fingers, sounds pretty much like a defensive weapon
K SS (1 month ago)
I simply don't fully accept the story of her brother. I believe it happened but I don't think we're getting the whole picture. none of her stories seem sincere actually.
Trey Young (1 month ago)
K SS This is either an agent or a bigot. Either way, disregard all information which isn’t cited by factual evidence.
Daniel Scott (1 month ago)
Your statistics are wrong
jovan rameau (1 month ago)
Her speech had a visceral effect on me, put tears in my eyes. Megan Francis, thank you for exposing the truth.
Adam Morczyk (10 days ago)
I had tears in my eyes to - from laughing.
E M Smith (2 months ago)
Damn, what she said, it all sounded good to me.....did you see her?  She fine!
toomanybears (1 month ago)
Fine for a dude
Glassix (2 months ago)
I've not really seen any convincing arguments that have proven to me that 'systematic' racism exists in as mighty a presence as people often project. I've been searching around the web trying to find a real argument that doesn't use purely anecdotal evidence like this woman has. Just because there are disparities between groups doesn't mean that there's a systematic discrimination or oppression against one of them and not the other. Everybody likes to say that there is a system that is perpetrating this, but nobody seems to be able to explain how the system works. If anybody knows of a non-emotional, non-anecdotal, and logically sound explanation of the 'systematic' racism in America please let me know, because I really can't find anything. This video seems to be some kind of argument against looking at these things individually, and instead looking at everyone and everything as homogenous.
So another pathetic excuse, this time research methodology. Grow up nnnggrrr, nnngggrrzzz need to accept that they need to behave
B. Colwell (1 month ago)
Are you serious? What you need to do is get out from behind your computer and go into the real world. Believe it or not, your own "anecdotal" eye witness observations of facts (yes, even if it causes you to get "emotional") does qualify as evidence. You are worshipping false gods waiting for scientists to tell you what to think. And social scientists, as someone with a degree in sociology I will give you a quick short cut. The research and studies happen based on what questions are being asked, and how. Obviously ppl still twist numbers to suit what they want to believe. Here is the question anyone can ask, using powers of observation, a beginner's open mind and common sense: Who benefits? GL.
Victor Mugo (2 months ago)
its both simple and hard if you dont want discrimination go to a community that is run and build by your race in africa there is discrimination against tribes due to their behavior and believes both ways if you dont want trouble just stay away from them
Mike Noir (8 days ago)
A) I shouldn't have to worry about it when navigating through life B) Name one airport owned by people of color in America of convenience
Cross Modulation (30 days ago)
What a great idea.
Ted Brandt (2 months ago)
These people would do better if they weren't lying and factually inaccurate but I guess they couldn't serve their false narrative by being honest.
J Glenn (1 month ago)
ted brandt, you project.
Ki Innis (2 months ago)
It's disturbing (from a university professor, no less) she is so dismissive about education being a solution. It's almost as if she is giving license not to think and using emotion to solve racial problems. No, a book won't physically stop a bullet, but a book with useful, competitive information can help remove a person from being in areas where there are bullets. Lack of education and people just operating on their emotions is one of the biggest problems facing the USA, amongst all racial and cultural lines. She cites the successful campaigns of the NAACP and Brown Vs. Board of Education decision of 1954 which were major victories for American civil rights. It was books and education that made those victories....not just emotions.
satisfaction 52 (20 days ago)
+J Glenn he knows it. He's mocking.
NAKEYA RICH (1 month ago)
Bullets are everywhere.
J Glenn (1 month ago)
ki innis, You are in error.
Didivs Ivlianvs (3 months ago)
Fixing the root cause Is obvious.  Blacks just need to stop committing violent crimes at 6X the rate of Whites.  And drug laws need to be repealed.  She forgot to mention that drug laws were primarily passed as a way to imprison Blacks and Mexicans.  Drugs are a right, not a crime.
AristOwl (3 days ago)
Zelda Thomas (3 months ago)
If the Europeans knew the true history that THEY ARE A MUTATION OF ALL OF OUR ANCESTORS and not just white people. The created white nation was CREATED read Jacquelin Battalora book “The Creation Of The White Nation.”
We are all born mad (2 months ago)
Europeans tend to know that. It's Americans that deny evolution.
zephron schmit (3 months ago)
All these people with no etiquette or ethics talking about injustice on a specific race is destroying that race, Get someone in there that has some etiquette and ethics!.!.
zephron schmit (1 month ago)
+J Glenn , Most people would look at this as a hiccup in the road of their lives and sometimes necessary to insure safety for the public as a whole, To internalize this as a assault on your character means there is something wrong with your character in the first place!, And to add grievance on top of that just perpetuates your character flaws, THEIR NOT GOING TO STOP DOING THINGS LIKE THIS BUT BY BRUSHING IT OFF AND WALK LIKE A MAN IT WILL NOT DETERMINE WHO YOU ARE.
J Glenn (1 month ago)
zephron schmit But you have no etiquette or ethics...that must mean that you're projecting.
Hadassah Yael (4 months ago)
"...focus on bringing the damn thing down!".....and the mostly White crowd didn't clap, and the ones that did.............waited until she wasn't speaking anymore, killing the impact of the statement....because they genuinely don't agree with it. And herein is the REAL root of the problem. Only White people can stop racism and racial injustice. And they'd have to have a desire to do so...which they don't....So it continues.
Marie Belton (19 days ago)
Or people who pretend racism doesn't exist by telling a people who for hundreds of years have had explicit laws specifically regulating where they live,work,go to school,shop,dine out etc...that it's all in their head. Got it.
Dirty Bong Water (20 days ago)
Julio Jackson (4 months ago)
Murder is murder. Anti-Lynching Laws didn't end murder. This is an example of complaining without providing real solutions. The real problem is financial. Without financial competence, freedom will never be achieved. When the government wants to keep you down, all they have to do is keep giving you just enough money to survive. Learn from the Stoics. See life as it is, not how you think it should be.
Jill Hansen (4 months ago)
What's wrong with this woman is that she doesn't stop and think how other people might think. She is only interested in convincing others they are wrong. If she is proud of being so intelligent, it might behoove her to get out of her own head every once in a while.
J Glenn (1 month ago)
jill, You're projecting.
Patrick Lacy (4 months ago)
Here's better advice: 1. Stay in School. 2. Stay out of trouble. 3. Obey the law. 4. Dont stay out late at night.
coolsouth S (4 months ago)
How about not commiting crimes that evoke police interaction? Something about 50 % of crime commited by 7 % of the crime.
Shane Barry (15 days ago)
+Ava Limpa You reply to fact with anecdote. Shame on you.
Real News (4 months ago)
.... and then the whole airport clapped, including the airplanes, and someone gave her a %100$ bill...........
J Glenn (1 month ago)
You're hallucinating. Go home and take your meds.
J Glenn (1 month ago)
+toomanybears You're proof that psychopaths have no feelings.
toomanybears (1 month ago)
Right after the TSA agent stopped trembling from learning she was an assistant professor of something. That part made me laugh.
coolsouth S (4 months ago)
Real News right on lol
Deez Nutz (5 months ago)
Terrible miserable woman - shouldn't be teaching anybody anything
Remington Bradley (1 month ago)
she came from sawcon @Deez Nutz and definitely has Ligma
fred sims (1 month ago)
how?+K SS
K SS (1 month ago)
+J Glenn how so? you keep commenting on my comments and I'm simply pointing out statistics. if I'm projecting by calling her presentation delusional and non factual. she me where I'm projecting delusion and lack of facts. give some substance, not just insults.
Molly Hubbard (5 months ago)
Yeah Megan!! Great TED talk!!
True American (5 months ago)
IQ matters
Kira S. (2 hours ago)
He calls himself "True American" but unless he's 100% Indigenous he's just a liar.
Tanzania Roberts (1 day ago)
True American May we know how high Your IQ is ?
Deana Nicole (3 days ago)
When IQ arrived, the planet began dying.
Jonothan Doezer (22 days ago)
Most people don't even understand what "I.Q." really is.
Quincy Birwood (5 months ago)
A lot was said but the answer was given in the review of her experience at the airport. She knew more about the law than the TSA agent and he knew that he would be in a world of hurt if he pursued the injustice any further. When the lady tapped her on the shoulder and said it had happened before proves there is corruption in the system and most are aware of it. For the injustice to stop it IS about education but it is also about economics. When the people learn the legal process to sue and win Federal (not State or Local) lawsuits against these rogue cops and take money from the municipalities that allow these atrocities to happen, the harassment, the rights violations, the killings will stop. As long as the families of the those killed simply march in the street and wait on the police to declare themselves guilty in an investigation of themselves nothing is going to change. When the budgets of the municipalities are running at huge deficits because of payouts on wrongful deaths, the people will make sure their representatives feet are held to the fire. That's when the cops will be start to be held accountable. That's when prosecutors will start inditing and convicting the cops that have not lived up to their oaths of office. When private people all the way up to through the top elected officials see a lot of green flowing out of the coffers to the victims of government agents, only then will things change.
We are all born mad (2 months ago)
Boy, are you naive. People quitely marched in Fergusson. You know what police did? They set tanks on them. Payouts for wrongful deaths? *Goerge Zimmerman* wasn't found guilty, and you think policemen are? Why don't you look up the official police responses to litterally any case of police brutality involving a minority person? That includes deaths of children, and times when evidence gets mysteriously lost, and times when there is a recording and you can see zero threat being posed to the police.
Quincy Birwood (4 months ago)
We agree on that point Jack. Please note there is no mention of race or color in my comment. The "We" I'm talking about is we the people. ...I did mention green. My bad.
Jack Frost (4 months ago)
Quincy Birwood Everybody is targeted if they are not a police officer, not just blacks.
Andrew Olson (6 months ago)
Does she want us to quote the crime stats per head?
K SS (5 days ago)
+max olande you've got to be joking. no, most everyone in prison is guilty of the crime they did. the innocent ones are rare anomalies of any race. it is an unavoidable fact that blacks commit more crime than anyone else.
max olande (6 days ago)
+K SS yeah.. And not to forget that most blacks are wrongly incarcerated..
Shane Barry (15 days ago)
+Emil Sørensen Do you have the accurate statistics?
Jonothan Doezer (22 days ago)
You mean the numbers that are based on WHO IS CONVICTED by the system, not on those who perpetrates and get off with it?
Andrew Olson (6 months ago)
Who said this? “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps... then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”
Ripp Russell (28 days ago)
+NAKEYA RICH A topic that surely needs a study course.
NAKEYA RICH (1 month ago)
I'm terrified of white people imaginations. Let that sink in.
coolsouth S (4 months ago)
Jessie Jackson. orrr maybe Tito Jackson? It was a Jackson.
Andrew Olson (6 months ago)
That is what Kenny told her.
Blair Franklin (6 months ago)
She's dead right.
jivan bansi (20 days ago)
If you like racists.
Abibatu Bangura (7 months ago)
very needed
Dewey Baugh (7 months ago)
This talk/argument would have so much more force if race wasn't the focal point. There are many people that should not be in positions of authority. All it takes to be a cop is a six month academy. All it takes to be a TSA agent is a legible application. I am not saying that racism does not exist, but attributing all despicable behavior by cops or TSA agents to racism is an oversimplification. They are equal opportunity, just ask any poor person regardless of color.
J Glenn (1 month ago)
+Maya Nicole Vargas Strange isn't it?
Maya Nicole Vargas (1 month ago)
*watches a ted talk where the topic is LITERALLY ABOUT RACE* "this would be like so much better if you didn't talk about race so much"
dave lloyd-jones (4 months ago)
I agree - As i can personally relate to her experience - which is essentially the abuse of power over another - typically by someone of low consciousness. Racism just adds another whole dimension ontop which the tsa probably feels he can use as an excuse to vent, and believes would be socially acceptable amongst his peers
Ava Limpa (5 months ago)
The TSA agent said "You people.." Those words came from his heart or his heartlessness. Whichever.
levi ridge (7 months ago)
the cure for racism is to ignore it man up and obey the law
NAKEYA RICH (1 month ago)
Obey the law and still be killed by the kkk, I mean police. Modern day slavery. Its alright if you're white.
薇嵐蕭 (6 months ago)
Yeah, because that totally resolved slavery, Jim Crow, and other institutions and policies that exploited and victimized people on the basis of race.
Chicken Sandwich (7 months ago)
ohhh boy I havent even read the comments section yet but this should be good...
Oliver Phippen (7 months ago)
The COPs are NOT targeting Blacks ?? They are targeting NWA ?? The COPS are not targeting dark skinned Indians from India or Guatemalans or Polynesians ?? Just Negros with ATTITUDES ??
Oliver Phippen (7 months ago)
RACISM is Human nature as we all ALL ALL practice it ALL ? Recall that when ZERO set up his cabinet he assigned a lot of Un known NEGROS ?? recall ?? That was RACISM ??
Oliver Phippen (7 months ago)
This is NOT racism ?? This is the COPS doing their JOB ?? NEGROs have a propensity for drugs so why not target them ?? Ever hear of Par ado theory ??
jivan bansi (20 days ago)
Just another self- important racial snowflake.
Dijorn Anderson (7 months ago)
God bless your soul
Oliver Phippen (7 months ago)
Oh Stop it ?? I've been stopped before as a student and its noting so long as you keep your mouth shut ?? Keep you mouth shut ??
redxpen (8 months ago)
She said a lot of stuff but didn't give any reasons or proof for why we should believe what she thinks
Maira Ramirez (25 days ago)
27Bayleefs the people who ask for proof are the problem because they perpetuate it, it’s like asking to prove classism, you don’t need citations if you are aware of how our system benefits some and oppresses others, you just have to be alive in current society to see it, but if you’re benefiting from it you can choose to turn the other way
27Bayleefs (25 days ago)
Dude notice how not one person gave you proof but instead went straight to calling you a problem >.> makes me think
JL Stout (8 months ago)
So the main argument here is that we have to proactively punish people for thinking unacceptable thoughts (wrongthink)? And Education WON'T work to alive the problem.....
Ava Limpa (5 months ago)
I am not disagreeing with you, but precisely what education are you talking about? Also, what is your opinion about proactively punishing people for the color of their skin?

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