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Skins Girls - Company Magazine Photoshoot - Kat, Meg, Lily, Kaya and Klariza

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The girls of Skins (Kathryn Prescott, Megan Prescott, Lily Loveless, Kaya Scodelario and Klariza Clayton) took part in an 'Alice and Wonderland' themed photoshoot for Company magazine, along with Vernon Kay, Peaches Geldof, Michelle Ryan, Rick Edwards, Sheridan Smith, Matthew Horne and Rick Edwards. Skip to around the 1:30 mark for the girls, and you can see the photo that was published in the magazine at 3:58. http://www.company.co.uk/celebrity/alice-in-wonderland/video
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NayaDzienny (7 years ago)
I feel really sorry for Lisa, she never gets any attention. She's not my favourite (lily and kat are by far) but I still feel sorry for her :(
Clare (7 years ago)
pandora is never in any of these model thingys... :(
EchoEveMorrow (8 years ago)
@camiilovesanime ohhh. thank you. i'm familiar with all the "main" cast's names .... i just didn't recognize hers. :/
EchoEveMorrow (8 years ago)
who is klariza clayton??? where's lisa???
Luciene Nascimento (8 years ago)
coisas de ingleses...
noplacespecial (8 years ago)
just because lisa's not in this shoot doesnt automatically mean that they didnt ask her - she could simply have had something else going on that day.
JiaQi. (8 years ago)
is this a vampire shoot?and where the hell are lily and kat?
Greer Lindsay (8 years ago)
wow! where was this shot!?
Terry Isasmendi (8 years ago)
it's kinda creepy
JM4EDR (8 years ago)
Maybe she's not cool enough to be in magazine shoots or she's not thin enough. Lisa has a very womanly figure and they're not suitable for young girls' fashion these days. Plus Pandora is always the least favourite character, although she's my favourite. I totally agree though, it's totally unfair, boooooooooooooooo.
shesikags (8 years ago)
3:00 who is she?
drey280 (8 years ago)
I would love to see those photos :)
Fuzzywuzzybunnies (9 years ago)
It definitely should be Lisa.
JaneBae (9 years ago)
why do people refer to them as the trinity?
PrincessKLS (9 years ago)
That is so cool, who's Klaritza?
SoPurrttyy (9 years ago)
kat is so adorable. it was kinda cute when she almost fell a little 1:36 :)
ShortznJeaNz (9 years ago)
where is pandora?!!
Musicarqlzers (9 years ago)

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