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How ‘The Price Is Right’ Is Made

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Since September 4, 1972, "The Price Is Right" has been delighting American audiences on CBS. The popular game show, previously hosted by Bob Barker, is now lead by host Drew Carey. With popular games like Plinko, and prizes like vacations and cars, the show is thriving in 2018. We got a behind the scenes look at how the show is made today. ------------------------------------------------------ #PriceIsRight #DrewCarey INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://insder.co/2NCg6Sg INSIDER on Facebook: https://insder.co/2NyYczE INSIDER on Instagram: https://insder.co/2xN5qFB INSIDER on Twitter: https://insder.co/2xyN5wE INSIDER on Snapchat: https://insder.co/2KJLtVo How ‘The Price Is Right’ Is Made
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Text Comments (188)
Tim Daugherty (1 day ago)
It’s always bobs show
Bob Marks (1 day ago)
In the interest of accuracy, "The Price Is Right" actually premiered on NBC in 1956. It moved to ABC in 1963. Yes, the current version premiered on CBS in 1972, but let's not forget Bill Cullen, who hosted the original!
Truetothat454 (2 days ago)
This is where Don Fransico in his Sabado Gigante run beats this show. He would have anyone on the games regarless of how exciting or melow they were. In fact, some of the most memorable contestants of all times where those that had just won a big prize like a 'brand new car', thousands of dollars, but would show no emotion, be too shy or would emotionally freeze and be speechless. I grew up watching the Price is Right but eventually, the cookie cutter contestants became too repetitive. I do miss Bob Barker hosting it though.
Kevron Harris (1 day ago)
I agree. Won't get on TPIR because like what said. Also, the cars they give away is very repetitive and they prefer base model cars but sometimes midrange or top.
Ken C (2 days ago)
The shows 2nd announcer, Rod Roddy, died form breast cancer.
dtvfan24 (2 days ago)
great seeing it, i remember when UK had its own version but sadly didnt do well in ratings. we also had family feud called family fortunes
stenbak88 (2 days ago)
I wanted to be on the show with Bob Barker so badly growing up and the the year I was old enough he retired
Jayhawker340 (2 days ago)
He needs to shave that weak sad little thing off his face. Has nobody told him it looks terrible?? Also, Must be nice to make 9 million a year working just 20 hours a week on a show he didn’t create and didn’t even change 1 thing
Nick Morton (3 days ago)
Anyone else hear the Open Haus music playing in the background?
You are breathing (3 days ago)
The wide shot at around 0:59 shows how small the studio is. I thought it was bigger than that.
jesse wilson (3 days ago)
Now that bob barker is not on cripples get a chance.. in his days you never saw a constant with a limp let alone a cane, walker, or lord forbid a wheelchair.
JSivco3 Sivco (3 days ago)
The easiest was to be a contestant on the show is to be black. Of the 9 players each day, 3 are black, out of maybe 20 blacks in the audience! Only 6 white players are picked out of the remaining 250 or so white audience members. It's actually a racist show in that regard.
Jeremy Carter (3 days ago)
Funny how they didn't mention that you have to pay taxes on the prizes before you actually get them. If you don't pay the taxes, then the items are held in the storage for xxx # of days and then sold off. This really sucks for those contestants who prizes total over $100k. Good luck paying those taxes. 😳
nick turner (3 days ago)
I did this show and let's make a deal in 2018. Had lots of fun at both.
Chris Finch (4 days ago)
Bob telling Drew to not act like or be like him was the best piece of sage advice ever given. But luckily, he does act like Barker, when it comes to the spay-neuter plug at the end of each show, so that's rewarding. The day they both met, Drew told him that he was going to keep using that plug as long as he was the host and Bob never had to ask him! They've been firm friends ever since, and I find that rewarding too. God bless them both.
Gucci Montana (4 days ago)
Drew has done a good job, I appreciate his logic behind his role taking on a very long standing and prestigious game show.
Tyler AM (4 days ago)
the price is right is made by scientists like bob barker or his son drew carey figure out how much the price is for everything everyday using pdfs
Charcoal Fox (4 days ago)
Funhaus Music
Mick G (4 days ago)
Bill Cullen was the Original HOST ! Is this supposed to be a TRUE ! IT IS NOT ! Maybe you just Don't know or you just didn't CHECK ! That's no excuse ! Believe NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!
JSivco3 Sivco (3 days ago)
Bill Cullen hosted the original show, 1956 - 1965. When it came back as "The NEW Price is Right" in 1972, Bob Barker hosted it. Maybe you just don't know or you just didn't CHECK. That's no excuse !
Linda Thrall (4 days ago)
I remember Bob Barker
MrDcseltzer (4 days ago)
Drew Cary. Why did you leave your other successful career projects for a Game Show? Sad that you did that. I miss your comedy shows
John McFarlane (4 days ago)
This is the same music that @funhaus uses for their Open haus show.
Sheldon Cooper (4 days ago)
Hey Drew, does your health care cover wild contestants?
Jerry C (4 days ago)
Idiots on parade. Drew's an alright guy though.
Jeffrey Twoey (4 days ago)
She has a horse face
Dustin Dawind (3 days ago)
And you're a horse's ass.
Darsh (5 days ago)
Now I know why ppl act like retards
Dave Gizmo (5 days ago)
All great until u get to talk to the IRS afterwards and what they have to pay up front before they get it
Outlawrockman (5 days ago)
I honestly couldn’t think of anything better than being on the Price is Right, even if I lose spectacularly
Aleksandr Rozentsvit (5 days ago)
I'm interested on how they change the prices on the games. How it will be placed. "Commericals" at home but in reality of the show. Also what happens to the prizes if the player loses on the pricing game? Do they go back to the warehouse or give it away to others?
Tiqerboy (3 days ago)
The prizes are basically props. In most cases the winner doesn't get *that* sofa, dinette set or even car. They get a voucher and store closest to the winner will deliver the item off their floor corresponding to their winnings, or in the case of a car, they will pick up the model they won from the nearest dealership.
NEWYORK BOSS (5 days ago)
He look liked he got beat up alot in high school 😁
NEWYORK BOSS (5 days ago)
1972 its that old damn
Kevin Howard (5 days ago)
I stopped caring when I learned the contestant choice wasn't random, its totally rigged. the Contestant search people go out in the que and look for people with the most interesting stories. those are the ones they pick. you don't just go into the audience and hope your name is called. that's why everyone wears a name tag. to make it look like the contestant doesn't know they will be called, they already know they will be called, its just a matter of timing. Another thing I don't like is when someone wins a double showcase drew goes "DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER, DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER". I liked when Bob said "you win both showcases." In the 70s they probably recorded the shows only a week in advance. Now they record say the Christmas episode in the middle of July.
Aleksandr Rozentsvit (5 days ago)
It because of scheduling possibility. I have seen several TV show tapings myself and we taped Dr. Oz's valentines day show few months before. So they can give time to edit it and save it.
thihal123 (5 days ago)
For me, Bob Barker is Price Is Right
Kendall Johnson (5 days ago)
Drew seams like a really genuine nice person. Hasnt become jaded over the years.
Joe Smith (6 days ago)
Except for that 1 time when the model did give away a car
Joe Smith (6 days ago)
Do behind the scenes of wheel of fortune. I want to hang out and have a bottle of wine with Pat before the show!
Clay Miller (6 days ago)
Drew Carey is 60, I wanna look that young when I’m that age
thrasherx2k1 (6 days ago)
90 day shipping after the show airs??? Come on CHEAPASS BROADCAST SYSTEM
sshuffield70 (3 days ago)
While there have been known exceptions, that's pretty standard for a game show.
Mostafa Asa (6 days ago)
Who gets a prize within 90 days !!!!!!
Connor Michael (6 days ago)
90 days until your prize is at your doorstep WTF
Steven Juris (4 days ago)
Connor Michael worse. You know exactly when Christmas is lol.
Connor Michael (4 days ago)
oh god tthat like waiting for christmas
Steven Juris (5 days ago)
Connor Michael 90 days after the show airs. Even longer. Plus all the taxes have to be paid first.
Grace Hattery (6 days ago)
My moms cousin was on this show😂
thrasherx2k1 (6 days ago)
Grace Hattery hello similar avatar person
Wes (6 days ago)
I've been on it twice lots of fun but it's a all day event👍
FIFA King (1 day ago)
no one cares
robert leonard (6 days ago)
So...... How is the show made????????
Jax (6 days ago)
My husband doesnt care if people win..I'm like praying to God for the person to get it right🙏🙏🙏
Austin Hernandez (6 days ago)
Yeah, because God will help that person win while letting millions of children starve
Jax (6 days ago)
I just wanna know where all that money comes from lol
stryfetc1 (6 days ago)
@2:06.....those titties tho!😍
Ram De Vera (7 days ago)
When you remember watching this in the dentist
Kapil Patel (7 days ago)
$1401....COME ON DOWN!!! ding ding ding ding
Kapil Patel (7 days ago)
Good old days when you would be sick on a weekday and get to watch this, oh & Maury.
Joseph Bennett (7 days ago)
Yeah and now it nearly impossible to find it on TV cause they hardly ever broadcast the show even if it would be a old one 😕😒
f (7 days ago)
1:34 sounds like the laugh from feel good inc.
Kyle Ball (7 days ago)
feel good
k f (7 days ago)
How many of y'all are mad that the dude only picks you if you have "energy" XD
Joseph Bennett (7 days ago)
Haha I knew that the show was rigged from the very beginning. Over the years I figured out that they seemed to only pick the over excited ones that jump around constantly the show is completely fake.
When I heard Drew Carey was taking over for Bob Barker I had a dream that very night how he had changed everything. When you came on down you had to crowd surf.
黄煌 (7 days ago)
How are babys made
Krystal Saul (8 days ago)
I would love a grandfather clock
Joseph Bennett (7 days ago)
You probably wouldn't after you get one because they so annoying because of the constant chiming, you'd probably either rip out the chimes or toss it out the door 😁. Some of them are also loud too 😯😲
Crash Titan (8 days ago)
The Americans ruined tbh
Fion (9 days ago)
Basically to get on the show, you have to act like a maniac, pass through rounds of interviews and wait in line for hours. Also, don't forget the taxes you'll have to pay for your prizes if you do win.
SSTEAS (3 days ago)
Only in California, land of the ridiculous.
justageneraluser (4 days ago)
+Aleksandr Rozentsvit I remember reading somewhere once that they do the "from LA" thing just to have the price of the trip, but if you win you can actually fly from wherever you live. (Not counting the sometimes very local trips they have, like a trip to Santa Monica, which are provided via a car service)
Aleksandr Rozentsvit (5 days ago)
I wonder for the trips; all of the trips departs from LA. But what if you from NYC and you won a trip to Vermont. Meaning the flight ticket is null and void? Or saying flying to DC while NYC to DC is 4 hours away and no point to fly to LA and back.
Jack Son (6 days ago)
you'll have to pay tax either way, because those who don't appear on stage get "parting gifts" which are cheap, so their tax is minimal, but still.
Fion (9 days ago)
I always wonder how everyone seem so hyper and excited like they on drugs.
pinkkcat 012 (9 days ago)
I thought it was Bruce's price is right 😂
Isaiah Hatten (9 days ago)
Talkin bout energy, he need to pick contestants that knows their prices because a lot of these contestants are dumb asf and don't know s***
elferny420 (9 days ago)
Only old people watch this.
sshuffield70 (3 days ago)
We're continually told that only old people watch the show. But based on the contestants and audience members that show up, I have never believed that crap. Advertisers aren't even trying.
thrasherx2k1 (6 days ago)
Austin Hernandez I think he means mostly old people watch it. Hence the nonstop AARP, Colonial Penn, and drug commercials
Austin Hernandez (6 days ago)
I'm 20, I don't think I'm quite old yet
Prison Mike (9 days ago)
elferny420 not really
The problem with winning certain things on game shows is they tax the s**t out of it! It's ridiculous!
EoRdE6 (4 days ago)
+Justin Middleton I would take the items, pay the taxes then sell them on immediately and take home the profit... You just need to have the capital on hand to pay up front I guess
Justin Middleton (4 days ago)
+EoRdE6 Still though, if you do win a substantial amount of cash more than a couple of grand even with taxes deducted you still come away with a decent haul. If i were to be on the show someday that would be more preferable to winning a bunch of prizes that i wouldn't be able to afford the taxes on (i.e. a new car) then have to decline them and walk away with nothing.
EoRdE6 (4 days ago)
It's technically income, gets taxed just like your income
Justin Middleton (5 days ago)
That's the downside of winning expensive prizes on game shows, personally i would rather play one of the games that offers a large amount of money (Punch a Bunch, Plinko.etc) where there is the chance for you to come out big in the winnings even after taxes.
Aleksandr Rozentsvit (5 days ago)
Can you believe if you won over $100K worth of prizes and then the taxes adds up. Also I wonder if the player can turn down the prize such as a sailboat which is absurd for those whom lives in middle of nowhere. Do they turn down after taping finishes on the spot or can give some time to decide to decline the prize.
Just another gamer (9 days ago)
Id rather see the videos of the people unable to pay the taxes and having there prizes taken away..
Justin Middleton (5 days ago)
That''s why if i were to ever get on Wheel of Fortune or another game show, i would want to win a large sum of cash over something like a car. Say like the grand prize of $100,000/$1,000,000 on Wheel as even with the tax deductions you still have a decent chunk of change to last you a good long while.
Aleksandr Rozentsvit (5 days ago)
Bawling their eyes off that they "won" for nothing. Tears.
Ana Carolina (9 days ago)
the BEST game show on TV. ever.
Animation Boy (10 days ago)
Vallahaa Mehmet Ali Erbil sandım lann dedim o da çarkıfelek sınmuyomuydu bir araa
Jedixfett X (10 days ago)
They forgot to say you have to wait 5 hours before you get in the studio
加藤みずっち (10 days ago)
0:06 nice sexy black high heels
Pets YTC (10 days ago)
Oh no😟
Renee S (10 days ago)
I'd LOVE to see more episodes like this... behind the scenes!
Aleksandr Rozentsvit (5 days ago)
Agreed. I have few questions that needed to be answered: 1) What happens if the player loses on the pricing game? Do the prize go back to warehouse or given away to other people? 2) What about the trip prizes? Example if I am from NYC and won a trip to Boston (flight is from LA) meaning if I can omit the flight and ask to change the prize equalivant of plane ticket from NY to Boston and not from LA because it is pointless to fly to LA and then fly back east. 3)How do they change the prices in the games that would be interesting.
Edwar Johnson (10 days ago)
Anybody remember The New Price is Right that came on in the evening from the 90s?
GGBABE (10 days ago)
That's mindblowing that they don't select shy folk for the show, honestly as a shy person I like to have fun too lol
jmarks881 (2 days ago)
its so lame they need to draw who comes up on stage
K.D.P. Ross (7 days ago)
+GGBABE People don't see 'hidden' things on television ... It's a *business* ... not a way for you to 'have fun'.
GGBABE (9 days ago)
+julie Wallis I suppose that makes sense but shy people can have those characteristics too even they are hidden
julie Wallis (10 days ago)
GGBABE but as a “shy person” you’re deemed too boring. The show wants energetic, enthusiastic winners, not worthy winners, just entertaining winners.
Chris Mccullough (10 days ago)
Bethany Davis (10 days ago)
My favorite.
Jefferson Juno (10 days ago)
50 cents for a potato The price is (just) right
Kaitlyn B (10 days ago)
Can you guys please do a video on Studio C. They are a HILARIOUS comedy group 😆😆😆 Seriously... you need to do a video on them
R C (10 days ago)
I was a big fan of the game shows as a kid in the 80s. But this was my fav. Watching those showcase showdowns felt like christmas morning every time, especially when they motorhomes in them!
FIFA King (1 day ago)
no one cares
sshuffield70 (3 days ago)
You do know that there has never ever been a motor home in the Showcase Showdown. The only prize they have given away in the Showcase Showdown is an Audi.
Kenny Kolberg (10 days ago)
The Price is Right was the worst experience I've had, 6+ hours waiting around just to go inside, you have to act like a complete fool to get on the show
jmarks881 (2 days ago)
please get into those things your misery is arousing me
noax (2 days ago)
who cares ^
epa316 (3 days ago)
If that's the worst experience you've ever had, then you are very very lucky! I've broken three bones, had horrible dates, had to drop out of college, been in auto accidents, pissed off a hornet's nest, and other things I won't get into.
Austin Hernandez (6 days ago)
By fool you mean American right?
iiAwesomeJ (10 days ago)
Kenny Kolberg by fool you mean “you have to release your inner energy to make it exciting” can’t just be like “oh whatever” and not be hyped then you probably wouldn’t get on the show
SupaEMT134 (10 days ago)
I love Tomi Lahren💓💕💎
Elyse P (10 days ago)
SupaEMT134 where in this video do you see her?😂😂
sketchy (10 days ago)
Huan Tran (10 days ago)
Its Shünmi (10 days ago)
Please do the Girl going to the Hello kitty cafe go to the Philippines!
TwoLitforyou (10 days ago)
22nd b
Buckwheat the lynx (10 days ago)
flutt3rby3 _ (10 days ago)
Early. :)
trrashy (10 days ago)
Earliest I've ever been. Wow
No Technical (10 days ago)
3rd comment
Takara8tt (10 days ago)
I’m getting flashbacks of when I stayed home from school when I was sick and all that was on in the morning was the Price is Right.
FIFA King (1 day ago)
no one cares
Chris Finch (4 days ago)
I've always had to wait until I was sick to watch Bob Barker on the show. However, I was only in elementary school when he was the host. By the time I started middle school, it was Drew Carey's turn to take the stage. Oh, those were indeed the days.
Naren N (4 days ago)
Same lmaoooooo
robert leonard (6 days ago)
Yea.... We only had 4 channels back then ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS...
Moxie Beast ASMR (10 days ago)
my lifelong dream has been to spin that wheel.
FIFA King (1 day ago)
no one cares
jesse wilson (3 days ago)
Now that bob barker is not on cripples get a chance.. in his days you never saw a constant with a limp let alone a cane, walker, or lord forbid a wheelchair.
Gucci Montana (4 days ago)
stryfetc1 I’m with you, it’s random, but seems so fun compared to guessing higher or lower, or some other game.
marks47 (4 days ago)
You know that's in an episode of Family Guy, right?
D.S. Mabrur Hyder (6 days ago)
ClearSky Productions Peter? Hahaha
HowToFun (10 days ago)
wow lovely crafty ideas! who else watches Insider every day?? 😍😍 Guys, I'm waiting you on my DIY channel! ❤
Jim Green (10 days ago)
Yggdrasil Tree Of Life (10 days ago)
So basically you won’t be allowed to be a contestant on the show if you’re introverted. Thereby having eliminated about half the country.
DexM47 (5 days ago)
Nope, it's really half. According to MBTI stats.
Austin Hernandez (6 days ago)
Or social anxiety like me. I have panic attacks just for going to eat at the dining hall at college
Austin Hernandez (6 days ago)
+stryfetc1 not half, but not small either
stryfetc1 (6 days ago)
I wouldn't say "introverts" count for half the population....that's a small demographic.
imageignition23 (7 days ago)
Half? More like ¾
Kristy Wu (10 days ago)
*Corgi Nation* (10 days ago)
Eunia Lee (10 days ago)
Don’t sub to me (10 days ago)
I love that show
The Dogowogo (10 days ago)
Hello world.
Blüëz YT (10 days ago)
I never heard of these shows..
thrasherx2k1 (6 days ago)
Eric Storey you sound like a liberal if you consider this bullying...
Eric Storey (7 days ago)
Will you all please quit bulling this 12 year old kid!!! You're pissing Me off!!! 😡😠😤
Louie White (9 days ago)
+Blüëz YT You're 12... Sorry, 9. When you grow up you'll hear about the show. Dosen't matter if you play fortnut
(9 days ago)
+Blüëz YT You're always going to be 9 in my eyes.
Blüëz YT (9 days ago)
+೦ the hell? No man, but close
Avery Lopez-Baines (10 days ago)
I play this on the Wii all the time. If only that was real life though, then I would be a big winner.
Knight Slasher (10 days ago)
It is made to rip people off
Honey Tumble (10 days ago)
Emma does Gacha (10 days ago)
Hey 9th like I’m never this early 😉
Wolfy Blitz (10 days ago)
*Corgi Nation* (10 days ago)
London Dawson (10 days ago)
cool vid

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