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Here is my first one 90% of will be short
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My channel is now a Animation/ drawing channel
I love drawing and I will be telling real and imaged story's
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Horse who will win
Horse is a game we're if you can't do the same thing the person before you got you get a h then a o and keep going if you get horse you lose
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Pearl the puppet penguin ruins the steven universe theme song
I do not own this song down load on itunes, hi there I am sorry for this it’s bad
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I wish I could voice a steven universe character because I am such a mega fan girl
Share this to Rebecca sugar I know she would never notice me anyway but it’s worth a shot and it’s my dream I want it to come true
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Wendy “sings” air burr sir
Why did I make this
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The red string a short animation
Hi guys sorry it takes so long to make it longer to make it slower so just pause it if I get 1-10 likes and 5-10 comments , I will fix this and draw it longer
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Pearl the puppet penguin sings do it for her
She ruins it peck peck
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Aphmau / Zane chan /zana  drawings
I love my girl aphmau and I love shipping so
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