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Simulater Games (second gaming episode)
sup people comment any suggestions below of any other games i sould play.
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Vlog #1 The Zoo
Hey guys, it's me Megan. I'm back!!! I apologize for not posting for so long but I have been busy with school and life. Don't worry because I still want to make more videos in the future so stay tuned. So this is Vlog#1 of a series I'm doing. Basically I take video of places I go to and share it with you. Over the summer I went to the zoo with the fam. If you want to see more vids like this please leave suggestions down in the comments below. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!!!!!!!! Social Media: Facebook- Megan Ruhnke or - @meganstartswithmeartist Instagram- @meganstartswithme Snapchat- meggsers
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Martha Stewart's abandoned studio
ok so right next to my house there is an abandoned building. it turns out that it was Martha Stewart's tv studio. like omg so me and my siblings decided to explore it in hopes of no one being there.
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English video project
This is the shorter version of the video since the first one was too long but the directors cut has more to it.
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My Impressions
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Vlog #2 The Park
My lil brother's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8R_-Mq9qknfymZM0Rve6WQ
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How to Style Boyfriend Jeans
Hey so leave any vid suggestions of what you want me to style next. My insta-https://instagram.com/meganstartswithme/ My snapchat- meggers Please like it up and subscribe. Thanks for watching.
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Fire works
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Sketchbook Tour!!!
Hey guys I'm back with another video and its about my art. So I'm sorry I haven't been making any vids for a while you know school. So I has worked on this one and there is many more to come of course. I'll try to make more videos like this one just showing you my art and style. I have posted this really late so yea sorry bout that. Please checkout my social media which has more of my artwork posted. Insta: https://www.instagram.com/meganstartswithme/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/meganstartswithmeartist/?ref=settings
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Shreck is love, Shrek is life (first gaming episode)
Hey guys this is my first gaming episode and there will be more like this one. I may even create a separate channel for it.
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English video project- Silent Sorrows- directors cut.
This is my english project we had to do by answering the question "Does conflict result in progress?". Lets just hope we answered it.
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Happy Mother's Day!!!!! To all the moms out there!!
via YouTube Capture
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Photo-Booth Fun
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Dancing on OMEGLE!!!! Plus scare PRANK!!!
so my insta is meganstartswithme check it out!!!!!!! please like if you want more vids like this one please subscribe so you can check out more vids that are coming up.
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HUGE Brandy Melville Haul!!!!:  Try-on
Hey guys its me Megan and please comment down below to suggest any other vids I should do. Please like this vid if you want more videos like this. And I have another haul coming as well as thrifting tips and tricks. My Insta: https://www.instagram.com/meganstartswithme/ My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/meganstartswithmeartist/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
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