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My Big Five Personality Test.
Agreeableness: 13th percentile (Low) Compassion: 4th percentile (Very Low) Politeness: 45th percentile (Average) Conscientiousness: 66th percentile (Moderately High) Industriousness: 88th percentile (High) Orderliness: 30th percentile (Moderately Low) Extraversion: 31st percentile (Moderately Low) Enthusiasm: 36th percentile (Moderately Low) Assertiveness: 31st percentile (Moderately Low) Neuroticism: 6th percentile (Very Low) Withdrawal: 15th percentile (Low) Volatility: 3rd percentile (Exceptionally Low) Openness to Experience: 92nd percentile (Very High) Intellect: 94th percentile (Very High) Openness: 80th percentile (High)
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warning sign
messing around..
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See You Again short piano cover
vrum vrum. just messing around.
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Rimworld Tagalog #1 - Inatake ng Squirrel
My first let's play vid. Comment down below kung pano ko maimprove yung quality. haha
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