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This is my new account. My old account is "elian tampus," a weird channel. Hi Maleek.
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i hcked elians account
that is good channel. Sub to hJ4, or you bad
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No context.
Stop making fun of my hair. Its up like that for a reason.
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Rediscovered RAW footage of Joey Drew!
Final collab with hJ4. :'(
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The Dummy Defenders | THE MOVIE | Volume 1
Story: We landed in a world full of war. There was one person who stood out though: The Dummy. I, Gooby, and Mike are here to defend this Dummy at all costs. CREDITS TO MY BOYS "Gooby_Was_Here", and "Railfanning Mike" for being in this video. We are glad to start this new series together, so check out their channels, too.
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Stuffing my sock for Fearsome Fire.
I need to throw up. Thanks, Fearsome for reading my chat message.
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hJ4 in a nutshell
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Video making in a nutshell.
Subscribe to hJ4, the channel picture is a derpy spooderman.
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Slapping myself until hJ4 slaps himself: For the Days I missed and I will miss.
Full title: Slapping myself until hJ4 makes a video of slapping himself for me, and so he'll stop doing Orange justice, and so Gooby_Was _Here would stop Cuphead abuse. The title of the video means, "I've missed a lot and will be missing a lot of days. I will only be posting on weekends, or maybe not at all."
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