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Panic room {MEME}
After many many many many many many days it's FINALLY complete Backstory time! Ok so Allison (project 427) always wanted a normal life. People called her mental and crazy because she stated that she could see the undead and paranormal. For this her parents sent her to a mental asylum while she spent the rest of her days driving herself crazy, getting possessed and eventually breaking free into the outside world. They say she is dangerous, because of how long she's been waiting and waiting to set free and kill those who ever doubted her.
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OK I KNOW I SPELT MEDICINE WRONG YESS I KNOWWW ok so in the end I know it looks distorted but it tells a story. Violet has always felt self conscious about herself and the only person who supported her(or so she thought) was her boyfriend. but she found out that he was cheating on her with her childhood friend. So she started doing bad things like cutting herself and not eating. At the end you can see her inject herself with something.Her other friend then died from abuse(the gray tabby) their fore making her life miserable. She had overdosed and soon woke up in the hospital remembering all her bad memories(this animation) so yeah.
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one of my characters as a hooman
I have a problem
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For saphyx
Congrats moi friend
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Meow (audio test!!)
Trying out the new audio!!!
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Comeback by Tell Her I Love Her
#FlipaClipComeback Yeah so I don’t think I’m gonna win...
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Stressed out map part 5
Part 5 for the stressed out map hosted by saphyx! Go check her channel out!❤️❤️❤️
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