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Fire-4 & Fire-5 henshin
Fire-4 & Fire-5 from Rescue Fire.
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Matel Vrooom Skip Loader and Dump Truck commercial
I like this toy commercial because the first truck has levers, I like levers.
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RyuJinno Henshin
RyuJinno from Ryukendo
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Kabutack- Gerotan and Dangoron henshin.
a clip from Kabutack, enjoy. Gerotan is the frog robot and Dangoron is the wheel robot.
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The proof of Love
This was a commission I made to ShadowX15, and now it's mine.
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Sunset Shimmer and Me 2
I made another Slideshow I made with more artwork made by my dear supporting friends.
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Kaiser Foil - Maverick kit Add
This commercial here looks pretty legit, Because of the Kit that consists a vest, tie, and gun. I never thought you get those with $1.00 and box end of Kaiser Foil.
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Kamen Rider Aqua Henshin
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Kamen Rider Core Henshin
I never seen this rider before, but I did notice the memory gaia memory.
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Shoutout from Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong)
was originally filmed in March 10 2018 on my 2nd day at Lexington Comic Con, I met Tara Strong for the first time and got to film her giving a shoutout to 3 friends of mine in her Twilight Sparkle voice.
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Yugioh- Hitosumi Giant
Youtube never has any entire Yugioh shows nore episodes like they use to. So I recorded this one piece of action from the one and only part 1 of episode 1 of the 1st season, Kaiba making his first move by summoning one of his weak monsters.
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Robotack- Kamerock Henshin
New Henshin scene, from Robotack we have Kamerock.
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Fluttershy Shares a Wonderball
I honesty was going to make this a review, but I kinda messed up and try to keep distance away from the camera so I had to wing it. Also I don't think I did a good job with my Fluttershy voice, I tried my hardest.
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Do you hear the people sing?
Watch me sing this cool song from "Les Miserables".
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Ashely H sings Say Goodbye To The Holidays (BronyCon2018)
Filmed July 28, 2018. I went to BronyCon 2018, I met Scribbler and the gang, had a blast! Here at the karaoke room I got to film Ashley H singing, it was AWESOME *SQUEES*
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Drinking Water
I was bored, so I made this.
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Kamen Rider Sassword Zecter (candy toy)
This is my first ever Kamen Rider Kabuto toy, it's not really the real deal, but it is better than I imagined. I put it all together with all the pieces and stickers, not to mention it came with a piece of candy which I ate before.
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Kamen Rider Poseidon Henshin
I never knew this rider.
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1995 VR Troopers set of 5 McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Video Review
This is my first toy review ever, do not judge my poor camera skills
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Going Inside Toys R Us.
Filmed on June 3, 2018 I got to shop inside my Toys R Us in Panama City Beach, Florida. I already made my purchase after this video, but now you can experience the wonders of the once popular toy store in the world!
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Dragon pick up
These are 2 of my new characters, and the sky scenery is new. Still gotta work on the shot, though.
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Kyoryuger Gaburechanger
This is how I henshin. How do "You" henshin?
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Web Cam Test
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My Awesome Gifts 5: Kamen Rider
My Kamen Rider Lots are finally here, enjoy.
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Sunset Shimmer and Me
This is a slideshow of the artwork that me and my buddies made . It shows that I am in a romantic relationship with my dear Sunset. The 1st 4 were made by me and the rest were made by a couple friends of mine. I would like to thank my 2 friends babyroxasman & chunkysalsa123 from DeviantArt, Jacob Carpenter, Jose Eduardo Enrique Carino, and myself for making this beautiful artwork.
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My Awesome Gifts 3
I got more lots than ever before. The Ryuki set with Sassword Zector is what I got today. The Sassword Zector is my 1st ever Kabuto toy.
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My animation
I made a cartoon
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Starfire's Panties
This is from the Zone Tan Flash.
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My Awesome Gifts 5: henshin gear
I got 6 Ryuki cards, 7 Decade cards, 1 Gaim card, 2 Gaia memories, 4 medals + keychain, 4 astro switches, and a Big Ring. Leave a comment bellow if you know what the cards say.
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Mexican Puppet
Check out my puppet, I got it from Cabo San Lucas.
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My Awesome Gifts 2
I got more Kamen Rider figures for Christmas (got off Ebay). Note: this video is late.
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Cupcake's New Friend (EG Comic)
I put together a short comic staring my OC Shooter, and Wubcake's OC Cupcake, I hope you all like it. Cupcake https://www.youtube.com/user/PinkamenaVA Shona the Hunting Dog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1fioeZU1H_0byI9mAH1BIw
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V Numbers
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Playing with a Pumpkin (Jack-O-Lanturn)
A casual male and casual female play with a leftover Halloween decoration in the sky.
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Gundam Zoom.
Luigi and a Gundam robot were running, until Gundam went into hyper drive. It can be a race, a marathon, just for fun, anything. U decide.
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Adventure Time Faniamtion 2
I made another Adventure Time. Unfortunately I already lost most of my characters, so I had to use the free ones again.
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New Kamen Rider Loot
I went to another convention and got more Kamen Rider stuff, I saw everything. KAMEN RIDER BELTS GALORE!!!!
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Sunset Shimmer and Me 4
More Gunset fanart my friends made me.
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My Awesome Gifts
Here's what I got from Ebay on my birthday. A bunch of lil kamen rider toy lots.
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Stop motion #1
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Beware The Baby
Baby armed with sword is on the loose, one guy screams, and average Mom checks on his son. I don't own these images.
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Water is Fun :)
I was bored, so I made this.
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Stuck in the Office
When nothing exciting happens in your office or in any other office when your stuck in one, this happens.
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Cats and Girls
It's been while since I made a slide show. I was a lil bord so I made this
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Homemade Kamen Rider Belt part 3
I upgraded my Kamen Rider belt with a weapons holster to carry any kind of weapons possible, as long as the weapon doesn't slip. I made the it out of an old pokemon watch strap.
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