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The Spectical- Coloratura [Darkblade Midi Mix]
Our first video after a long hiatus. More content like this will follow soon. Like and subscribe so you don't miss an upload. Hopefully this doesn't get a copyright strike since we charted this song is entirely Midi. But who knows? Either way, we hope you like it!
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Drawing Donny Darkblade
We made a art...thing...We drew our MLP OC! We haven't been able to draw for a while but we finally got back into it. This is the first attempt. It will not be the last. Subscribe for more art!
Rainbow Factory- WoodenToaster [Darkblade Midi Mix]
Rainbows don't make themselves. Please enjoy this Midi rendition of a brony classic. Charted entirely by Donny Darkblade. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more like it. Until next time, have an awesome day!
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