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How to level up fast in Gacha Life!!
Why does this have 4.3k veiws?! Sub while your here 😏
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Wolf in sheep’s clothing | glmv
Song- https://youtu.be/SJkj3DgW8Y0 Eeeee idk Where are all these views coming from?! Edit 2: I want to sleep and this went up by like 30k views...
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The crush song | meme | shitpost | Gacha life
Original song: https://youtu.be/YHDuYT1WdmQ Yes it’s Klance Watcha gonna do about it?! Programs KineMaster IbisPaint as X GachaLife People used Keith Lance BOTH CHARACTERS BELONG TO DREAMWORKS. ALSO I was gonna do a meme on this song but I decided that I’m gonna do a GMV instead soo may take a little longer This is also a shitpost as I don’t have the effort or the inspiration tbh... I will go back to normal soon..
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Princesses don’t cry | GMV | Aviva (read desc OR pinned comment)
Song: https://youtu.be/SNgXuavmwgk So errrrr.... This is based before josh and Sam started dating, Josh was planning to ask Sam out after her first day of testing to be queen in her dimension (but it was destroyed Kasey! Well don’t ask me how it’s back!!!) Sam had a terrible day but no one realised except Josh, Sam had, had enough of the boys in there group kept mocking her so she told him to go away. A few days later Josh was planning to ask Sam out when Mia came, Mia was Josh’s ex which harmed people to get to him. She tapped Josh’s arm as with even the slightest contact she can take over people’s mind,so she took over his mind. After a couple of days of seeing each other Josh and Mia started dating (Josh still under her control). At home Josh was acting weird as he was hypnotised. Amber had suspected that Josh had asked Sam out so she went to Sam to ask where he was so she told him about him and Mia, Amber knowing their history warned Sam about what Mia had done before so they decided to stop it once and for all. They followed Mia and Josh in till they left each other alone for even a minute, when Mia went to the bathroom in Josh’s house (that is why Josh went in there, he is not a perv) he saw Mia on the floor and Sam and Amber looking down at her angrily. Sam realised that if she didn’t save him now then he would be lost under her control for ever, she told him things which he had told her many times to comfort her ‘princesses don’t cry’ and with that he remembered what happened and how she had abused people in the past. He passed out from feeling dizzy and awoke in his room with Sam sitting in front of him. With that Sam finally told Josh she love him, and Josh asked her out. They dated! Programs used- KineMaster GachaLife Thumbnail- IbisPaint X OC’s used- Sam Josh Mia Amber Leo Max Lance Tysm for 1K!!! I really appreciate it! 💜💜💜
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Things I hate the most in Gacha
Song - otherside greatest showman: https://youtu.be/FzMg9QTp_HU Guess what gmv im doing next 😏
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Cut my hair | meme | Gacha Life | vent-ish
Original: https://youtu.be/MSGvQRLRBlg I know this isn’t the best I can do but it was a vent soooo I’m Keeping the hair like it is at the start I will do thumbnail on LATE SUNDAY programs used: KineMaster IbisPaint X Gacha life OC’s Kasey Leo
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La da Dee mep CLOSED - not happening anymore :(
Song - la da dee Rules 1) watermarks ARE OK and please feel free to add your own 2) you can’t take up to TWO parts 3) there MUST be a 5 second cut in and cut out 4) do not just put screenshots 5) have the OC’s shown Date done by : FEBRUARY the 12th (I will make it longer if I have too) Edit- now the 15th Part- 1) hala_sh 123 ⚠️ 2) Galaxy Potato 💜 3) Alma XD ⚠️ 4)Galaxy Potato 💜 5) 6) • Lilindsey • 💜 7) SDJ 717 💜 8) SDJ 717 💜 9) Glítçhy_Wøłf Ż ⚠️ 10) Glítçhy_Wøłf Ż ⚠️ 11) hala_sh 123 ⚠️ 12) Ashley Avocado 💜 13) Evelyn Gacha ⚠️ 14) Evelyn Gacha ⚠️ 15) 16) Girlming Gaming 💜 17) Chinorin⚠️ 18) Chinorin⚠️ 19) gatcha hailey ⚠️ 20) Arely ALV ⚠️ 21) Arely ALV ⚠️ 22) ScarletPlayzGL :D 💜 Finished-💜 Not finished- ⚠️ Backups- •Galaxy Potato • • •
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How to make the eyes move on KineMaster (TUTORIAL)
Music Elevator music I can also do a how to make them move/ walk while being white / black. Keith is not mine I do not own him. I wish I did. Programs said but oh well KineMaster IbisPaint X Gacha life. Since my last tutorial got like 4K views. I decided to make another one :)
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Leo’s tale- The robot boy (and shoutouts)
Made using Gacha studio and Inshot Thank you for watching More to come!!!! Please subscribe to me and the shoutouts!!
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Sick boy | meme | Gacha life | 200 special
Original:https://youtu.be/h0HQUf-2MSM Song: https://youtu.be/GnNi_LuMnN4 (Original song): https://youtu.be/eACohWVwTOc Programs used: KineMaster IbisPaint X Gacha Life OC’s used: Max Kasey Leo Sam Lance Amber Josh Sora Haley Max’s dad Ok.. Let me tell you what’s going on 1. Angel’s get to choose when their wings, tails and halo can be visible 2. When born, as you saw he had a tint of red in his hair and wings. From there it will go white or red depending on what path he’s chosen. 3. So... you see when his mom was casting a spell which drained his energy.... she was putting dark magic in him.. and abstracting something. Uhh Ty for 200 subs I really appreciate it. My aim for the end of this year was 20 subs... I think we hit That... wow...
Ghost -GLMV - Mystery skulls
Song: https://youtu.be/PrKYSL2_psQ Ghost - Mystery Skulls Programs used: KineMaster IbisPaint X Gacha life Eraser Inbuilt screen recorder Oc THEY HAD THEIR NAMES ON!
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GRRRLS | MEP | closed (18/20)
Song- https://youtu.be/Shk7qcvqDOo Rules- 1)Use dark colours 2) you can take up to two parts 3) You MUST have a 5 second cut in and cut out 💜 4)You can use your OWN OC’s 5)Please add your own watermark, bottom left in white. 6)Watermarks for apps are fine, preferably up to two. 7)To join tell me what rule number 3 is and which part you will like. When I heart your comment you have the part. 8)Enjoy ☺️ 9)IF YOU DONT FOLLOW THESE RULES I WONT INCLUDE YOU!! 10) please don’t just put screenshot and put a little effort into it If there are any parts not taken I will take up to 3. Please don’t be late, if you don’t think you can make it then let me know please. Part- 1)Luke Gacha 💔 2) 💔 3) 💔 4) hala_sh ➀➁➂ ❤️ 5) XAlexaMLB💔 6) Evelyn Gacha ❤️ 7) ScarletPlayzGL :D ❤️ 8) me :3 ❤️ 9) PasteliFoox • ❤️ 10) 冷やすCara ❤️ 11) Fooxy Toast ❤️ 12) Ivy’s Gacha Galaxy ❤️ 13) Ivy’s Gacha Galaxy ❤️ 14) Evelyn Gacha  💔 15) Kittycake Plays ❤️ 16) Lolelta Gaming 💔 17) Krist Gacha ❤️ 18) Shining Sapphire MMN  ❤️ 19) Indiex Gacha & CharlotteYT  💔 20)biaswrecked❤️ 💔 - not done ❤️ - done Please only be a backup if all parts are taken Backup- 1) me obv 2) 3) 4) Please use this tag so I can easily find your video and put it in a playlist. #DPGSGRRRLSMEP
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Crash meme | Gacha life | 400 sub special
Original: https://youtu.be/IY214w-uGo4 Ahhh I’m late!!!!!!!! Also it’s rubbish ✨programs used✨ KineMaster Gacha life IbisPaint X Cute cut OC’s used: Lance His ex bf I TWEENED A LITTLE!!!!!! Boiiii (the laugh is tweened)
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Can’t sleep love | meme | Gacha | gift for FxncyLina
Original: https://youtu.be/R5mawfw4zL4 Please check out her content! I absolutely love her, se has a great channel and she’s a cool person in general. She’s also hella underrated. I suggested the idea on the discord yesterday and well... here it is! Spent like 6 hours doing this ;) Programs used: Cute cut KineMaster IbisPaint X GachaLife I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THOSE OCS OR MUSIC, the OC’s belong to Lina and the music to the original creators. It’s a good song so check it out!
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How to do BASIC tweening in cute cut | Gacha
Hi Programs you will need- IbisPaint X Cute cut Gacha life Song used - count on me (it’s on KineMaster) Ignore my battery and the time plz 🙃 Sorry about the tutorial and graphics
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Infinite meme | Gacha life
Original: https://youtu.be/DgQI2rx4K9o Programs used- KineMaster IbisPaint X Gachaverse / life OC’s Kasey Leo Max I’m gonna work on the Q&A now
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Late birthday edit | Gacha life | READ DESC
1) my birthday was on the 18th of Dec but I ran into a problem so I finished it late. I’m now 15 2) now ... I’ve reached 200 subs. YYYYYAAAAASSSSS !!!!!! I may be a little late by bringing out a special but I will. 3) I am soo sorry for the lack of uploads. As it’s coming up to Christmas there’s is so much going on. also as I’m in year 10 there are so many tests as my GCSES are soon. So I have a lot to do. Just please, I promise that after Christmas and all these stupid tests and revision go away I will try and upload as much as possible. Tell me your fortnite username and I may play! Also I now have overwatch :D
A deeper past | Gacha | oc backstory | original mini movie
So yeah this is just explaining sams and Leo’s past... I want to do the HAY meme aswell
Ghost meme | Gacha Life/verse/studio | oc backstory
Original meme: https://youtu.be/f3WIDTXJ6Ew Programs used: KineMaster Eraser IbisPaint X Screen recorder Gacha life Gacha Studio Gachaverse OC’s Kasey Max Laney Johnson (their dad) Backstory Kasey’s dad was an alcoholic and used to beat the kids up, one day in October Laney had enough so she took him and the kids out two a small unknown area where she then killed him. Johnson feeling betrayed came back as a ghost to kill Laney (his unfinished business) and also haunts Kasey for letting Max stay in the house. (As he didn’t like him).
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Tonight meme | Gacha life | 300 / 350 special
Original: https://youtu.be/TwX3O5Vv6fs Programs: IbisPaint X KineMaster Gacha life Screen recording Oc Kasey Max (angel) OH MY GOD THANK YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU
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Amino 👌🏻
Link to amino : http://aminoapps.com/invite/W90D6D1GZE Should I set up a new Discord? If so how many of you will join?
Clarity | meme | Gacha
Original- https://youtu.be/cdnFi2o32q0 Oh boi Okay Don’t ask who the person was who pushed her of as idek and he has no role in my life 👌🏻 got it? Got it! Programs used: KineMaster IbisPaint X Gacha Cute cut Oc- Kasey (cat girl person) Max ( angel which appears for a split second) Leo( cat boi who appears for a split second) I’m gonna die in a hole now
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Hey brother | Short GMV
Music - https://youtu.be/YxIiPLVR6NA Hey brother - Avicii Where you can find me- YouTube - Instagram - https://instagram.com/desertedpikachugirl?r=nametag Discord - DPG_Official ( #9724) Or for Channel chat https://discord.gg/e4Atk3h Amino - http://aminoapps.com/invite/W90D6D1GZE Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100034906270420 My Twitter is private (gonna make one soon) :3 you little stalkers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Programs used (or ones i usually use) - Gacha life KineMaster Cute cut IbisPaint X ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About me- Where are you from? Britain How old are you? 15 What’s your favourite animal? A DOG OF COURSE! Are you single? Nope! Sorry!!! I do not own the audio and in no way claim it as my own. Under the copyright © law. All rights go to the original owner (Avicii)
The other side - GLMV - unfinished
Music- https://youtu.be/Wk008ADh4iY Song belongs to the greatest showman I have no motivation to finish this.. it was starting to become a chore.. I can never finish GMVS but oh well.. just enjoy the 1:36 which I have (or something like that) I was totally shipping then through the whole thing :/
Using inshot and gacha studio
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Pork soda meme | lazy | Gacha | eddsworld
Original- https://youtu.be/usG9-_EMxMo Programs used Cute cut KineMaster Gacha life Person used Tom- I do not own him ... all rights go to eddsworld
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Karma | meme | Gacha life | miniature flash / blood warning)
Song - https://youtu.be/cMkJDPvJxdk (Vocaloid original) - Vocacirus Original meme - ( deleted ) 🌸Programs used🌸 KineMaster IbisPaint X Gacha life 💜OC’s used💜 Kasey / demonic form (?) Leo Max Amber Sam Josh Lance Sorla Laney How do you like my new logo? Also- Want a shout out? 🎉 Type in the FULL alphabet Idk y And erm If anyone asks why Just say that you want to Their fault for missing out So erm yeah. This was suggested so I did it.. Took me around a day to do 🤷🏽‍♀️ irdk why I’m telling you this And er Good bye ✨139 subs✨ atm
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Catch me | meme | Gacha life
Original- https://youtu.be/NqmyD8jq1JU Programs used- KineMaster IbisPaint X Gacha life Oc- Kasey 🌟 THABK YOU FOR 80 SUBS!🌟 💜I was originally making this for 50 subs but I’m a little bit over that :T💜 🥰hard to believe at the start of the year I only had 6 subs🥰
Everything black | meme | Gacha
Original- https://youtu.be/ktMDCElyKAk Background- https://media.sparemin.com/embed-video/videos/95/b9/23/bc/95b923bc-d052-4559-99c1-1f20c3a83877_55508.mp4 Oh god there’s tweening 😭 Programs used - KineMaster Cute cut Gacha Oc - Dark Kasey (that’s a new one) I’ll make a thumbnail after school tomorrow or in like five minutes 🤷🏽‍♀️ I do not own original audio and in no way claim it as my own
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Entrapta edit - she-ra
Song - https://youtu.be/RE87rQkXdNw A little thing to keep you busy while I finish on the meme.. Programs used 👌🏻💜 KineMaster IbisPaint X I’m not happy with this tbh.. the background is lovely though..
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I’m not famous | meme | 150 sunny special | Gacha Life | Shitpost
Original- https://youtu.be/2ZCR9_5tSO4 This is a shitpost 😂 TYSM for 150 subscribers Programs used KineMaster Gacha life Ocs All of them :T I’m not gonna keep the hair like that tbh... Also Shoutout- Really British
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Trauma meme Collab with KUrn Edits
Original - deleted Collab with Kurn edits- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL79gB8D6mUPtUnu9anr8Og/about song-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2jLy7wj5LI
Lucas | edit - Gacha Life (100 followers on amino)
Song: https://youtu.be/HgzGwKwLmgM Don’t stop me now - Queen Programs- IbisPaint X KineMaster Used Lucas (creater) Found duck online Cartoon ducks from the game I recently reached 100 followers on the official Lunime amino. (I forgot the name) :/ I just need some proof for that and I have to post videos to be able to do so!
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Partners in crime - Gachaverse edit
Song : https://youtu.be/Dup4teLAkno Partners in crime - set it off Programs used KineMaster Eraser IbisPaint X YouTube (audio) Inbuilt screen recorder Gachaverse OC’s used Josh Amber THEY ARE SIBLINGS PLZ NO SHIPPING... This is like a dark corrupted form I guess.... Plz ignore gravity falls background...
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Whats this.._? MINECRAFT?!
I dweeb
Cradles meme
Original: https://youtu.be/INBQrkfUAZ0 Oml im so sorry for not posting and memes in ages. I've been trying to get used to this phone. I've spent all day on this and it still sucks. I'll add the thumbnail in a bit. I can't be botherd to do it now
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Fantasize meme - Gachaverse
Original : https://youtu.be/ePIUNtN2v7k By honeybeast Song: https://youtu.be/iHUWUXlr-CM Grind me down - jaster remix Programs used: KineMaster Gachaverse IbisPaint X Eraser YouTube (sound) Built in screen recording (for audio) Ocs Leo good/dark form Kasey good/dark form
I’m stuck on ideas.. guess what show before looking at original audio
Original audio https://youtu.be/tBQUNccc0Rw So what if it’s Voltron?! I do not own audio and in no right claim it as my own, audio owns to dreamworks and it’s show ‘Voltron legendary defender, defenders of the universe’ if there is a problem let me know and I can take it down straight away, this was made for fun and in no right I am trying to steal the audio. Thank you.
Meteorite meme | tweening | Gacha life | 600 sub special
Original: https://youtu.be/wwz5-AGBCJQ AHHHH this took soo long, I am so sorry it took me ages to complete. Yeeeee. I WONT DI TWEENING OFTEN AS IT TOOK ME 10 BILLION YEARS TO DO AND I SUCK AT IT!! Enjoy it :3 Programs: KineMaster Cutecut IbisPaint X GachaLife Oc- Kasey I’m gonna do the dares video soon
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16 shots | meme | Gacha
Original- https://youtu.be/_rFukRUmrNE Where you can find me- YouTube - Instagram - https://instagram.com/desertedpikachugirl?r=nametag Discord - DPG_Official ( #9724) Or for Channel chat https://discord.gg/e4Atk3h Amino - http://aminoapps.com/invite/W90D6D1GZE Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100034906270420 My Twitter is private (gonna make one soon) :3 you little stalkers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Programs used (or ones i usually use) - Gacha life KineMaster Cute cut IbisPaint X ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About me- Where are you from? Britain How old are you? 15 What’s your favourite animal? A DOG OF COURSE! Are you single? Nope! Sorry!!!
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Bang bang meme - Gachaverse - {lip sync} - w/ my bf
Original: https://youtu.be/R6Kv9tLlNac Song : bang bang Programs used Eraser Ibis paint X Inbuilt screen recorder KineMaster Gachaverse OC’s used Kasey (me) Sam (irl bf)
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Overwatch :)
Other games i have if u want me 2 play them Spyro Crash bandicoot Sims 4 Lego ninjago Lego harry potter Lego jurrasicworl Or we just stay with overwatch
Weak | meme | Gacha | old
So I made this like a week or two ago for Gachatube but it didn’t get accepted so might aswell post here :3
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I like me better | meme | valentine gift for Sam
Yes I know it’s a bit early, but :4 I love you so much and I hope you know that. It can be hard trying to maintain my best friends and you when your both in two completely different social groups but I don’t care! I love you and I don’t want to her let you go. I love you so much. 💜💜
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Look what I’m working on for my 600 sub special
Ignore the text message plz :3
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Pastel Sam | Lazy edit
Song: https://youtu.be/6q0GGgI3GdQ Enjoy. I need to do a MEP part sooii :3
Be like you | meme| Gacha | READ DESC PLZ
Original: ??? (Won’t let me access it). Programs- KineMaster Cute cut IbisPaint X People included- - Fxncylina -EmilyKitty -Midnight effect -Mizzo Ipang -Itz angiiee -Luni -Mitsuko (Gacha character - she’s my fave girl) -Yasmin - Peculiar Silhouette. Oc included- Kasey Hi so erm.. this could be last video depending on what Article 13 does... I live in Britain 🇬🇧, so yeah it’s kinda my country’s fault... I don’t know what it will do but it’s gonna become a thing on the 22nd of Jan I think.. but we can’t be too sure. I really do hope it isn’t and if it does, I Thanks everyone who has supported my channel. But honestly. I don’t know what will happen. Just please know. This channel makes me happy and every post on here I’ve done with love. I just don’t want this to be what I last post.
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