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4 million subscriber special (LDshawdowlady edit)
Happy 4 million Lizzie!!!
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a compilation of my own musicallys because I dont know what else to do.
a compilation of my own musicallys follow my tik tok account: @only.myself.wifey (were so close to 200!!!) thank you for watching.
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James Charles annoying Kenzie Ziegler for one minute straight
•THIS IS A JOKE• James states in this video which I got these clips from, that he thinks it’s funny when people make videos about this topic. That is why I think this video will be okay to post and edit. _____________________________________ •7:35 is when James says he thinks it’s funny when people make these videos• ~link~ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BdBKzx6EEik ••••••••••••••••• I just want to justify that James should be okay with this if he ever happens then see it. P.S I love James and his videos ❤️
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New outright!
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Epic mini games
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squishy mushy (left cheek, right check) commercial parody
Squishy mushy, left cheek right cheek🍑
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James Charles flirting with the Dolan twins for 40 seconds straight
•THIS VIDEO IS A JOKE• DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, James might not even be flirting with them, maybe I’ve caught him at the wrong moments. I know… it makes no absolute sense, just to be clear this video IS a joke, PLEASE do not take it seriously ———————————— Hope you enjoyed this laughable video. Don’t forget to leave •positive• feedback and subscribe for more laugh worthy videos like this one. :3
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