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Not alone:power puff girls 💕
Hello guys! sorry it’s been while since I made a video so I decided to make a comic about the powerpuff girls this took me forever to make but I loved how it turned out! So I hope you enjoy this little comic I made! 😁
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Sunset lover meme (cringy)
I made another animation TOOK ME FOREVER!
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Idk lol XD just a roblox pic
This was from meepcity XD
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My brother plays FORTNITE
Lol idk why I recorded this I guess I was bored! XDD
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New character ppl
I wanted to give kitten a new look! =3
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Me as a dinosaur! (Sorry for the bad lighting)
Guys this was funny LOL XD Also I got my Roblox account back so I’m not quitting roblox!
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Our new room tour!!
Hey guys my cuzs are moving in this month this will be awesome!! And pretty noisy
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Upside down meme
Ok idk how I make animations SO quickly this only took me about two hours to make.. =/
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Honey lavender meme
Hey guys this took me two days I expected it to take me longer but here it is Music:honey lavender Recorded in: flipaclip
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You don’t wanna stay the night meme (sorry it’s short)
Sorry if this was short T-T I was too lazy.. Also finally I’m back I’m glad to see u again! I’m gonna remake this soon Music:honey lavender Recorded in: flipaclip
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Hailey V must watch!!
It’s uni kitty video I found and it’s so awesome u must see this! :D also credits to the creator of this animation!
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Inky demon love (bruh I need to stop and read desc)
Guys again I know bendy is a fictional character but I can’t help myself... :( Sorry XP
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My dream to fly
Hey guys today I made another FlipaClip video and this one took me FOREVER to make it took me about almost to 3 hours. I’m terribly sorry if you see a lot of mistakes of the color it’s that I trouble finding the right color shade of it and I worked SOOO hard on it! Hope you little peeps enjoy it!
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Thank u guys for so many subs! :D
Guys I’m so happy that I got to a lot of subs but I forgot how many I haven’t checked yet LOL =)
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My roblox character (I draw so bad T^T)
Guys that’s my roblox character! :D
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(Might hear me lol XD) PPAP meme
I forgot to upload this guys
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I’m quitting ROBLOX...
Guys this is serious I’m done.. I’m done with stupid scammers I’m quitting ROBLOX So....goodbye roblox... =(
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Meet my buddies! =3
Get a life =/
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The hated child part one Gacha studio
Mom liked one daughter and dad liked the other so they had a fight about it And got separated what do you think will happen next? You will find out soon in part two see ya guys!
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Bendy finds a cookie!
What will bendy do if he finds a basket of cookies?
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Baldi’s basic fan art (terrible)
I made new art hope u NOT enjoy Just kidding hope u enjoy! 😋❤️
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How I draw bendy.
I will show you how I draw my own bendy.
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Chime meme (short)
Hey guys another animation meme yay! Hope y’all enjoy!
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Video as me when I was younger. :3
Wow I was always smiling
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Her meme
Hey guys I have been wanted to make this meme So this is my first animated meme hope you enjoy!
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Burping contest
If u hear rock music it’s my daddy bOI playing rock music lol
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Bendy the night furry! (Fan art)
I got requested by this user and he or is it she? Well he wanted me to draw him! And I hope u like it I tried my best! :)
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Trying my new technique ;D
Do u like my new drawings
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Gift for Hailey! :D
I made a drawing but it’s a surprise! :)
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Posin meme (I got lazy lol) OCxbendy!
I made a new animation guys! And I know bendy is not a real character I’m not dumb
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How I feel about middle school..
XDD I swear this is how I feel..
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Is that a weed?m (REUPLOAD)
Ok guys I fixed the timing!
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This is for deja! =3
I made it for u!
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When I wear glasses
The Thumbnail though XD
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Mlp equestria minis:a rough morning (lol some laughing going on in it)😅😂
This was about five characters flutter shy,flash sentary,the dj(forgot her name),rarity pinkie pie, they all had a rough morning!
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V from BTS art
I made V :P
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Aww! Time to sparkle!
#check out my new cartoon on FlipaClip
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Reacting to joeys world tour YTP (curse words and headphones warning)
What the heck did I just watch?! XD
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Guess what I GOT CABLE TOO!
:P just chilling and watching spongebob with my little cousin
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December 10, 2017
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Gift for annoying orange!🍊
I hope annoying orange likes this it’s pretty bad.
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Jurassic park part 1
This was pretty awsome playing with my little cousin and he’s only 5!
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It’s 1:00 am and this is what’s happening... =/
So someone made a slime accident in the living room and someone’s blanket Idk who so they’re crazy right now and I’m trying to get them to bed lol So I guess that’s what happened
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Lps bad teacher*funny*
This teacher is not being a good person .she punished students for no reason btw you might hear talking and laughing in the background.we laughed because some parts were funny🤣😂
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Jurassic park part 2!
My little cousin suddenly farted so that might be a mistake lol
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My grandma’s dog playing with his toy
Heya guys I’m at my grandmas house!
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The hated child part 2 (read desc)
Finally! Part 2 is here it will still be in Gacha Studio though I hope u guys enjoy!
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