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Cal Hamilton
I have been a brony since November 2016, meaning I'm a fan of the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. But I only made my OC, based on myself, on January 3, 2018. He is called Cal Hamilton, which is a mix of half of my first name and the surname of my favourite Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton (hence this video has been published on the same day of Lewis Hamilton's birthday). Gender: Male Personality: Kind, honest Pony type: Earth Coat colour: Dark green Eye colour: Light green Mane and tail colour: Somewhere between brown and black Cutie mark: Orange retro television (although there probably aren't any televisions in the MLP: FiM universe) He is an autistic pony who is friends with the Mane Six (especially Twilight Sparkle) and many of their friends, and is also best friends with Joseph Marrison's OC Lightning Joe. Sometimes, he wears glasses for looking at distances. He has an interest in entertainment and racing, likes doing quotes and singing, and hopes to do voice acting in the future. I created the video using the discontinued Windows Movie Maker.
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