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The Male African Lion - The Magnificent Big Cat
http://pinstor.us/articles/african-lion-facts-the-sub-saharan-big-cats/ A compilation of videos featuring the powerful male lion - No copyright infringement intended - All Rights Reserved http://www.amazon.com/Apex-Predators-AFRICAN-LION-SERENGETI-ebook/dp/B018X4W4UI/ There are few assemblies in Nature more impressive than the charge of the African male lion, whose majesty spans across the Savannah and grasslands of the Serengeti. Often weighing in excess of 500 pounds of steel muscle, the male lion has been a symbol of perfect power and grace in many cultures that were fortunate to live within its once vast range. Here are a few lion facts: An African lion pride on the Serengeti is a wonderful site to behold, and usually consists of about four lionesses, two male African lions and a bevy of small cubs. There can be multiple lions in a single pride; but not too many for several reasons. One; they eat too much individually and can devour 4-6 times more meat than the minimum necessary for a lioness daily! Another reason is their natural aggressiveness; which would become terrifying during mating times. When only a few males are in a pride, they battle for the right to mate when a female comes into estrus, but these battles are almost never serious, because they understand that they are of mutual benefit to one another. They need each other's help to maintain the sanctity of the pride and defend against powerful young upstart lions looking for their own harem of lionesses. Simply put; the male African lions in a pride understand that they cannot afford to get hurt (seriously). Additionally, since the pride will always have more females than males (at least double), then there will certainly be other chances to mate. Often, the lionesses come into heat around the same time, and a lion can only really handle one at a time anyway. Lastly, there's probably one more reason why the fights between males in a pride are never vicious; remember, the goal of mating is to pass along genes. Since the males in a pride are often related (brothers or cousins), then even for the lion that loses out in a battle, a portion of his genetic makeup is passed along to the resulting cubs. On the Serengeti, there are about 3500 lions left, allocated among 35 different prides. Check us out on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/belle4672/the-african-lion-king-of-the-beasts/
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*Snatch World Record Hossein Rezazadeh
One of the strongest men in recorded history. Iranian powerhouse Hossein Rezazadeh cleans and jerks massive weight easily at the Olympics. http://pinstor.us
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Bullying Video Highschool Student Body Slammed Into Oblivion
Highschool student starts fight; throws the first punch and gets absolutely wrecked with a body slam. Knocked out cold
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Heroic House-Cat Saves Little Kid From Vicious Dog Attack
House cat saves little boy from vicious dog attack by barreling into the dog at high speed, even as the dog was trying to drag the child away. Dog ran off as cat chased for a little while. Amazing. *NOT MY VIDEO* All Rights Reserved. http://pinstor.us
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Who Bitch This Is!?!? Gamer Shinblade Fights off Whale
Woman attacks man at gaming convention without provocation! Visit us at http://pinstor.us
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Portable Hand Held Air Conditioner
http://pinstor.us/2014/04/30/portable-air-conditioner-hand-held/ Looking for a way to cool down immediately? This hand held air conditioner is better than any fan, because it blows cold, conditioned air in your immediate vicinity. The Handy Cooler is a portable handheld air conditioner that’s about the size of a cup, is USB-powered, and operates on the principles of a swamp cooler. It directs air flow to your benefit, by evaporating moisture from an included sponge, which lowers the temperatures much more than any fan is capable of doing. This portable air conditioner requires just four common AA batteries and a wet (included) sponge to keep you cool for about 5 hours on those unbearable summer days. Should you run out battery power, the USB function ensures you can just plug the Handy Cooler into your tablet or laptop and enjoy the cool breeze all day long. Of course, it comes with an AC adapter – in case you want to plug it directly into an outlet. It’s an excellent way to keep the heat at bay and better enjoy a relaxing summer.
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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Movie Trailer
Amazing Spiderman movie trailer
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Burger King Geniuses Break Windows after Prank Call
Channel 5 ABC News reported that Burger King employees broke the windows of the fast-food establishment after receiving a prank call from someone claiming to be the fire department. the caller told the employees that the building was about to explode unless they broke the windows to relieve the pressure. Can't make this shit up.
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Batman vs Superman   Dawn of Justice Trailer 2
Check out this rousing 2nd trailer for Batman vs. Superman - Dawn of Justice. Out in 2016. http://taranwanderer.hubpages.com/hub/Superman-vs-Incredible-Hulk-Superhero-Battle
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Best Website Host Hostgator - Quick and Easy WordPress Installation
Hostgator uses the Quickinstall method through your cPanel - whch you receive once you sign up - for a painless and very fast installation of WordPress. Your website will be up-and-running mere moments after you just click the Quickinstall icon and let it load. Follow this very short tutorial for more information on setting up your new website with Hostgator, and enjoy top-notch, round-the-clock customer service through email or phone. For tips on understanding how to make money online using your website, visit us at http://serpstar.org
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Plants and Zombies Jihad in HD
Holy War, Jihad - however you like. These plants take no prisoners when it comes to fighting zombies! Music is Tracy by Mogwai - no copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved. Btw, Superman! http://technorati.com/entertainment/film/article/zach-snyders-man-of-steel-new/
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Chromebook Review
The Samsung Google Chromebook
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Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice Movie
Batman vs Superman movie - brought to you by http://pinstor.us/?s=superman Coming to a theater near you in 2016. This is the sequel to 2013's Man of Steel. Brought to you by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures. This is NOT my property - All Rights Reserved.
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Super Mario Kart 8 Wii U Luigi Death Stare
Luigi gives Wario the Death star to the track Ridin' Dirty by Chamillionaire starring Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs n Harmony. Original video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpxDuNFBVj8 YouTube channel CZbwoi. Check us out for more best-selling video games at http://pinstor.us/category/video-games/ Creative Commons Attribution.
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Titanfall HD PC Game First Look
Titanfall pc game has won over 80 awards for features like best graphics, gameplay, etc. http://pinstor.us/2014/05/03/titanfall-pc-game-riveting-game-changing/ It's a first-person multiplayer that allows you to team up with and against people online, or undergo solo campaigns.
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Two Old Ladies Caught Stealing Red Handed
This video is attributed to Flicky Rich - original vid at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgoYErLLIbc Two old ladies allegedly caught stealing on a Florida beach. One viciously attacks the owner when confronted, but luckily he was able to escape with his life.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 NOVA
http://pinstor.us/2013/10/02/samsung-tablets-samsung-galaxy-tabs/ The Samsung Galaxy Tablet - one of the best tablets on the market. Smooth, responsive and HD quality visuals that play very nicely on the screen. 8 hour battery life on moderate settings so it lasts far longer than any portable laptop not named ASUS (certain classes of their mini-laptops can go for longer than half-a-day, but these are more like word processors than anything). Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is shown here with the app NOVA. Originally an exclusively iPad and iPod application, the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 game by Gameloft is a very good first-person shooter starring futuristic Space Marine Kal Wardin. It is a fairly demanding game for tablet devices, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab handles it quite well on the right settings - which may require tweaking. Check out the Galaxy Tabs to see which one best fits your lifestyle. The 10.1 is the biggest version and serves best as a multimedia center with its fast 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor. The 8 inch is a perfect reader that's bigger than most others, but still small enough to be easily navigable with one hand. Watch movies, television, and more. The 7 inch is an even more portable version of the 8 inch and the less real estate does actually matter for some people. It fits better in some compartments and makes for easy travel. http://pinstor.us/2013/10/02/samsung-tablets-samsung-galaxy-tabs/
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Samsung Galaxy Tabs Review
A review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch tablet
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