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Becky wants to demolish her school (full conversation given)
More fun at http://jillmail.blogspot.com Little becky is from dublin. Her real name is Rebecca Barry. She used to work for 98FM station dublin. Actually she has made more than 200 prank calls and this school-demolition is the best one. Following is the conversation: Becky: Hi! Is that the demolition place? Lady: It is, yes. Becky: Could you help me to destroy my school please? Lady: Just bear with me a second. Lady: What school do you go to? Becky: I go to school in Dublin. Lady: And you want it demolished? Becky: Yeah! Becky: Do you use a big rocking ball or how do you knock it down? Lady: A big ball? What do you mean? Lady: Hold on one second please. Man: Hello Becky: How are you? My name is Becky. Man: Yes Becky: I have a proposal for you. Man: Go ahead Becky: Are you the demolition man? Man: Yes. Becky: You're the top boss? Becky: I want you to help me destroy my school Man: You wanna blow it up? Becky: Could you blow it up or knock it down? Man: Whatever. Whatever. Whatever you want done. Becky. Blow it up! That would be better. Can you make sure that all my teachers are in there when you knock it down? Man: I don't know if I'd get away with that, mate. Becky: Ah you will! Nobody likes 'em. Man: Ha! Becky: They give me extra homework on a Friday and everything. Man: Where you calling from? Becky: From Dublin. Man: What school in Dublin? Becky: The one that's about to fall down. Man: There's a lot of school in Dublin that's about to fall down. Becky: And how much would it cost to knock it to the ground? Man: It depends on how big it is. Becky: Give me a ball park figure Becky: Is this a demolition company or a joke factory? Becky: Listen, are you gonna come and knock my school down or what? Man: Can you fax me a photograph or a plan or something? Becky: Right. Yes, I'll fax it through. A plan of the school and my teacher's names. Man: Yeah. No problem. Yeah. Becky: And you just make sure that they're all in the building when you knock it down! Man: You put all the names in there. I'll give you a pay station to a little later. Becky: Yeah. Brilliant! Man: Yeah! Becky: When the school falls down? Will you make it crash or what? Man: Will start fire on both sides or make a big bang! Becky: Sounds good. Oh listen, I'll talk to you later top man. Man: Same. Hey good luck man. You look after yourself. Becky: Fill your boots man! Man: Goodluck. Hehe! Becky: See you later
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Amazing Dance by a Japanese  Robot Girl
More fun news at http://jillmail.blogspot.com This dancing girl robot model is hrp-4c manufctured by yamaha. She can walk and sing and dance from a list of selected songs. This robot has 30 motors in its body for dancing and walking. 8 motors in her face for smiling,blinking,etc. The design of this humanoid is by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Read more news about this robot in : http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20019923-1.html#ixzz133jfd5rS
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