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Japanese girl can't say "squirrel"
She's a bestfriend of mine and her effort to learn it was just adorable :)
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Sonny VS Dante
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The New Calvin Klein Advertiser
Presenting, the new CALVANI KALANI EKLABOO EXPO 2.0 VERSION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There were like 3 or more girls behind watching him but I think he doesn't seem to care :)) But it was fun while it lasted :D
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Stef VS Nelynn
In the first few seconds, bro stephen was sparring with nelynn :P
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Alvin VS More
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One of the times how some Emerald students spend (waste) our free time (even when the teacher's there). We talk about (nonsense) things :D Btw, I sound wieeerd.. it was like it was my first time talking to people... My favorite part: "sinong dakhilang baliiiw~? si Joy Guites na mukhang utot~!" by Sarong. BONUS FEATURES!: Sarah Samson camera shy!? (bullcrap.), Ariane Alegre sporting the new look! Bingi si Jeya! Chek Adjaludin's smooth cam moves! (yeh boy), Nur Jamaldin paparazzi effect with a white hoodie! Joy Guites's weird unusual laugh! Cedi Santos's wannabe gangster style! The famous Monalisa caught on cam with bestfriend Neszelisa! PiKE (pronounced as p-ay-k) doing homework by herself!? Jeselle Talib! (where are you?), And a must catch rare glimpse of the ever pogee Stefanie Dela Cruz! HAHAH
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Sonny VS Oswald
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Cess VS Nelynn
Shotokan sparring
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Janna VS Reizend
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Reizend VS Angelo
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I Was The Melody Killer
Youth Con 2009 :) In here was aoie, julz, aj, cameron, nelynn, francis, me, roche, princess and derek. Watch and you'll easily see who messed up the song :))
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