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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump Debate | Jesse Lee Peterson and Women's Code Founder Beate Chelette
www.BeateChelette.com returns to Jesse Lee Peterson for another controversial interview about Democrats versus Republican candidates. Discussing Hillary Clinton's accomplishments and qualification versus business man Donald Trump as well as her book www.HappyWomanHappyWorld.com. Please be respectful when you comment. Spirited discussions are encouraged, sexism, insults, and foul language is not and will be deleted.
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Why Board Gender Diversity & Women Corporate Directors Are Great For Business
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 What’s the value in working toward corporate board gender diversity? Turns out, it may be a business necessity. Evidence shows that when companies add women corporate directors, they tend to become more financially successful. In this video, I talk about California’s SB 826 mandates for putting certain numbers of women on the boards of public companies. These quotas represent more than just a big score for the liberal agenda and the women’s movement. Increasing the number of women corporate directors will also likely produce huge wins for California companies. Where does the US stand on board gender diversity? Compare our corporate boards with those in Europe, and you see a staggering difference. For example, thanks to recent initiatives, there are now ZERO all-male boards at FTSE 100 companies in Great Britain. By contrast – at least in California where statistics are available – there are many company boards comprised of ZERO women. The mandatory quotas of SB 826 are a step in the right direction. There’s an important correlation between a company’s financial performance and the inclusion of women corporate directors. What if I said you could increase your company’s return on invested capital by 66%, just by putting a woman on your board? You’d do it, right? How about the benefit of adding the female perspective to business? Most companies strive to serve both men and women, so it’s critical to incorporate the viewpoints of both genders. Companies with board gender diversity can better tailor and direct their products or services to a wider market. What’s your opinion on California SB 826 and the strides we’re making toward gender balanced boardrooms? Do you agree that recognizing the contributions of women can be a lifesaver for business?
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What To Do About Gossip And Bullying At Work
http://www.TheWomensCode.com the founder of The Women's Code explains why there is so much gossip and bullying at the office.
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The Motherhood Penalty – Workplace Discrimination Against Pregnant Employees
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 The motherhood penalty is real and rampant. In this video, I talk about workplace discrimination against pregnant employees, and how choosing to have children negatively affects career opportunities for women. Maternity discrimination is unfair to women and bad for business – it wrongfully punishes women and holds back qualified employees from career success and advancement. What does the motherhood penalty look like? I can say from my experience as a single working mom that business treats working mothers like societal outcasts. Your colleagues react badly to the news that you’re expecting – they assume you’ve decided to put family ahead of career and that your work will automatically suffer. Workplace discrimination against pregnant employees extends further than negative attitudes. I read about a woman with a promotion in her pocket. When she became pregnant, her promotion was paused then reversed. She was left out of face-to-face meetings because her pregnancy bump made colleagues uncomfortable. Here are some common, specific manifestations of workplace discrimination against pregnant employees: - lack of office accommodation for breastfeeding and pumping - snarky comments by colleagues about maternity leave being “a vacation” or unfair benefit - in some states, maternity leave being called disability leave (though pregnancy is the greatest ability) - exclusion from work travel and late-night meetings due to assumptions about childcare - being passed over for promotions The motherhood penalty serves to punish women for the perception that they’re more interested in their personal lives than their professional ambitions. Maternity discrimination is widespread, but do you hear much about fathers being penalized at work for having kids at home? Raise awareness. Speak up and speak out about maternity discrimination. Women: support other women. And business, take note: you are alienating your assets.
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Controversy Over Appropriate Business Attire And Reactions To Outward Appearance
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 What should women consider as they dress for work each day? It’s reasonable to expect women to wear appropriate business attire that adheres to dress codes. Beyond that, their male coworkers are in charge of their own responses to women’s outward appearance. People frequently shame women for what they wear. When men make unwanted advances or unwelcome comments, they often blame their behavior on women, claiming women’s clothing is too revealing or suggestive. In my video, I give an example of that type of finger pointing. A female student was recently suspended for violating the dress code. Being punished for breaking school policy is understandable. But apparently, a male administrator also admonished the young woman for not considering the raging hormones of teenage boys. People are responsible for their own behavior, despite hormonal influence. Whatever impression a woman’s outward appearance makes on a man, he has no excuse to play the victim and pin his own inappropriate conduct or comments on the woman. How should this issue be handled at work? Here’s my opinion: Women: Obviously, you should follow company guidelines on appropriate business attire. It’s possible to dress properly for work and still reflect your style and personality. By dressing professionally, you accurately portray the professional person you are inside. Men: You may believe women dress provocatively, but your reaction is your responsibility. Don’t take what a woman wears as an invitation to pursue, ridicule, or harass her. Let’s aim for the day when a woman wearing appropriate business attire is met with nothing but respect – when a woman’s outward appearance isn’t seen as a reason for her to be objectified, harassed, or held accountable for another’s bad behavior.
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How women can get from overwhelmed to awesome and find better work-life balnce
Host Tanya from Sand Diego Living and Beate Chelette, the #1 bestselling Author of Happy Woman Happy World, and creator of The Women's Code discuss how women can get from overwhelmed to awesome. The idea of living a balanced life seems pretty simple and logical. Yet, with all the responsibilities a working woman has to balance, that task can be daunting. Who has the time when so many other things NEED to be done? Most of us don't get much ME time, but we have to start taking care of ourselves. We know that. But how? And where do we start? Watch this video to learn about The Women's Code and what you can do right now that will get you to find better balance.
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My #metoo response - Ladies, STOP the witch hunt. We need to talk the truth!
Today I want to talk about the crazy response I received when I released my #metoo response blog post. It turns out, a lot of people aren't happy with me because I shared a blog post stating my viewpoint that that not all men should be demonized and treated as if they've done something wrong, even if they haven't. I mean...really? How can there be so much fallout over this? We all know that the me too campaign has resulted in a lot of positives. Go back through my channel and all you'll see all my videos in which I've been a huge advocate of the #metoo movement and all it stands for. It's an incredibly positive thing that women who previously felt isolated and unable to share their experiences have felt empowered by #metoo to the extent that they're finally able to come forward and confront the evil perpetrators of their crimes. However...just because some men have been guilty of evil crimes (and deserve to be locked away for them!), this does not mean that we should treat all men the as sex pests. That's insanity! We can't take all men and put them all in the same category. We need to be able to have a rational conversation and distinguish between sexual predators and those who have made an honest mistake and have misread a situation. The truth is, men (and women!) can and do misread the signs sometimes. The way a woman dresses, acts, talks etc can be misconstrued! That's something that's been going on since time immemorial. And like it or not, ladies, a man who misreads the signs cannot be classed in the same bracket as the Harvey Weinstein's of this world! Let's not throw all men under the bus for making a mistake. If we go down this route, the danger is men will become tired of the #metoo fallout and the irrationality associated with angry women looking to blame anyone - that's not a good thing! We'll end up damaging the momentum and all the positives that have come from the #metoo movement. Please, let's be reasonable here. If you disagree with my blog post and my viewpoint, by all means, let's have a rational discussion. But please don't take my words and twist what I'm saying to try and make it out as if I'm somehow against #metoo and feminism. That couldn't be further from the truth. Whether you like it or not, the #metoo response needs to be measured and sensible, otherwise it's going to turn into a witch hunt that's going to ruin the lives of many innocent people. That's simply not fair, and that goes against everything I stand for and everything I want The Women's Code to stand for. We're fighting for equality. That means doing what's right for both men and women. Let's drain the hostility. If you're interested in reading the #metoo response post that kickstarted this backlash against me from many angry women, click the following link to be taken directly to the post: https://goo.gl/s3xLmx Share your thoughts in the comments below. Let's talk about this in an adult fashion. - Beate
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Causes Of Sexual Harassment
What causes sexual harassment? In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal - and even just today with Senator Al Franken resigning while I'm filming this video - there's huge media publicity and scrutiny regarding all forms of sexual harassment. But... why are so many men sexually harassing women? Can we dig deeper into personality traits that explain why sexual harassment happens? Well, in this video I break down the three types of men who seem to be most at risk of exhibiting these traits: ------------------ ➨ Personality trait #1: Men who believe they're superior These are the guys who think that being born with something between their legs means they're entitled to treat women like inferior beings. The men in the Trump family are a great example of this as it’s well documented that they believe they're genetically superior to everybody else. In their heads, these kind of guys think they have permission to do whatever they want and that they can do no wrong. Is it any wonder this attitude is one of the prime causes sexual harassment? If someone is incapable of understanding the problems with their behavior, no matter how vulgar or unacceptable, it’s only a matter of time before they find themselves in trouble. ------------------ ➨ Personality Trait #2 - Men who misunderstand and misread signals from women We all know that reading signals from the opposite sex can be difficult. What one person sees as a flirtation, another might see as just being friendly. It can be very easy to misconstrue. This ambiguity is one of the leading causes of sexual harassment. A guy who doesn't know whether a relationship is platonic or romantic can quickly find themselves overstepping the mark and making unwelcomed advances. As a guy, if you're not sure if a relationship is strictly friendly or something more romantic, just ask. Don’t ever make assumptions – they could land you in hot water! ------------------ ➨ Personality Trait #3 - People who live in stone ages These are the kind of guys that make demeaning, crude jokes, and who don't realize their behavior is offensive and unacceptable. Unfortunately, there's so many of these guys about and this idiotic attitude is unfortunately one of the main causes of sexual harassment. They're oblivious to the repercussions and consequences of their actions and seem to think it’s OK. The difference between these guys and type #1 is these guys don’t necessarily think they’re superior to women, they just think it’s acceptable to belittle them. ------------------ As with all serious issues, if we want to make a change we have to start by tackling the root causes of sexual harassment and then taking steps to educate those most likely of exhibiting these behaviors. For more information about how we at The Women's Code can help please visit https://goo.gl/B8iLzJ
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Gender And Entrepreneurship - A Look At The Lack Of Venture Capital For Female Entrepreneurs
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 Venture capital for female entrepreneurs is practically nonexistent when compared to venture capital for men. In this video, I examine the relationship of gender and entrepreneurship; I discuss how women and men get vastly unequal funding for startups, and I explain why the disparity matters. Out of the billions and billions of venture capital dollars raised last year – about $82 billion across 9,000 deals – only 2.2% of that money went to women-owned startups. The most disheartening thing to me is, that’s the same percentage I reported for 2017. Why does the lack of venture capital for female entrepreneurs remain unchanged? Consider the fact that fewer than 10% of decision makers at venture capital firms are women. Male executives are in charge of deciding which startups receive funding, so maybe it stands to reason that male entrepreneurs get the majority of the money. Take a look at this interesting connection between gender and entrepreneurship: In 2018, women closed 391 venture capital deals worth $2.3 billion (up from $2 billion in 2017). Mixed-gender startup teams raised $13.2 billion. So, while venture capital for female entrepreneurs accounted for just 2.2% of the billions raised, capital for mixed-gender entrepreneurial teams accounted for 16%. It appears the quickest way for a woman to access venture capital is to put a man on her startup team. Why should we be concerned about the lack of financial opportunity for female entrepreneurs? Startup businesses with invested capital grow more quickly and have a higher chance for acquisition or an IPO down the line. Business growth creates higher incomes and more opportunities for business owners. When it comes to gender and entrepreneurship, why shouldn’t female entrepreneurs enjoy the same advantages?
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A Conversation about LGBT - Is LGBT curable? | Should Transgender Be Allowed To Use Any Bathroom
WARNING: this is a controversial topic. In a recent radio interview with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson we had a spirited conversation about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender.) Jesse is a conservative Reverend who has put himself of service to help confused black men to find their path and has done so successfully. Beate Chelette is a liberal mentor and coach who speaks about The Women's Code, gender diversity, and equality or what she calls "Balanced Leadership." Please note that in The Women's Code we do allow and encourage all opinions as long as their are respectful. Any comments that are derogatory or use profane language will be deleted. Thank you.
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Proud To Be Helping One Of The Leading Organizations Working for Gender Equality!
Big announcement: I’m proud to be working with TracyLocke, one of the leading organizations working for gender equality and committed to addressing gender issues in the workplace. As you’re probably aware, I’m a staunch advocate that more females need to be in leadership positions. I believe it’s well and truly time that the glass ceiling was shattered, and that’s why it’s such an honor to be working alongside TracyLocke to help them achieve their goal of becoming the first advertising agency to go 50/50 with fifty percent men and fifty percent women as part of its leadership team. It is an unbelievable experience to be part of this transition and I’m truly honored to be one of the mentors helping achieve their goal. Women leadership, inclusion, and diversity are issues that matter for many reasons. If your company fails to represent the fabric of the people that you are trying to serve, then you cannot do them justice. Customers are diverse. We need to ensure that people on our teams look like the customers. I’m proud to be helping achieve this goal. You can learn more about TracyLocke here - https://tracylocke.com/ TracyLocke is based in Dallas, Texas and has offices worldwide. It is one of the leading organizations working for gender equality that has proven that it is possible to make our companies 50/50 if only we pay attention to gender issues in the workplace.
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The #1 Most Important Skill To Develop At Work - FACT!
Today I want to talk to you about the most important skill to develop at work. You can check it out here- http://shrsl.com/pvan By learning to develop this skill set I've got no doubt you'll catapult your career trajectory. Here's the thing...When working as an employee it's really difficult to show off your skills - what you're really good at. When you come to work, assignments land on your desk and that's that...off you go, under pressure to finish within a deadline, without being given the opportunity to demonstrate your talents or play to your strengths. In those cases, it can be hard to stand out and get ahead because truthfully, you're not being given the opportunity to develop! If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement and can relate to this, I've got just the answer to your problems. It's a workshop about your 'superskill'. This is something that'll help to develop skill set at work to such an extent that your boss won't be able to ignore you! What is superskill and why is it the single most important skill to develop at work? Ultimately, it boils down to this. Everyone has something they're naturally good at. If you stop and think about it for a minute, I bet you can list at least one thing you find really easy to do - something you're good at - that others struggle with. This, my friend, is your superskill. If you excel at something that others find tough, this is what you should be focusing on. Why try to develop other skills to bring them up to par when you can focus on something you're great at, to make yourself exceptional? In my course I walk you through how to identify what your superskill is, then I show you how to communicate the fact that you have this talent without coming across as arrogant or big headed. Think of me as your very own skill development coach, here to help you identify and promote the skill that will change the course of your life. To check out my workshop and to finally get to grips with your top skill to develop at work please visit http://shrsl.com/pvan - Beate
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How To Deal With Unfair Treatment At Work | Gender Inequality Problems And Solutions
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 Unfair treatment at work towards women has marred business and industries for years, and the chickens are coming home to roost. Now companies are having to pay attention and find gender inequality problems and solutions. Take Nike for example. They’re one of the biggest companies in the world. They’ve been targeted by discrimination lawsuits and managed to bat away most accusations of unfair treatment at work on most occasions. However, that’s no longer the case. A class lawsuit has brought not only Nike the company but also their board of directors to the courts, because of their actions to curtail the careers of women in the corporation with systematic harassment and discrimination. With these issues brought to light, discussions on gender inequality problems and solutions are bound to follow. Companies that take actions that stunt the career of women employees are setting themselves up for failure, especially when it comes to attracting new talent to their roster. That’s why companies, no matter their size, should take a few actions to stop unfair treatment at work. To begin with, equal payment for equal work can’t be just a buzzword. Educating your people on how to communicate and what can be categorised as sexual harassment is a must. That goes hand in hand with treating employees, who are your best assets, with dignity and respect, and making sure that the work environment isn’t hostile for anyone. And when complaints arrive at your door, don’t brush them off nor punish the whistleblower. Listen to what they say and see what you can do to solve the issues that have been raised. Pay more attention, find gender inequality problems and solutions in your company, and take action!
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So... What Does Women's Leadership Mean? 🤔
What does women’s leadership mean in today’s business culture? Most people have an image in their minds about what a male leader looks like. What about a female leader? Great leaders posses similar leadership traits across the board, but we don’t have enough powerful women to get a good idea of how female leadership qualities can be used to their best advantage. Until we know more about the attributes of women leaders we won’t know what we’re missing. In today’s rapidly-changing world we can’t afford to deny leadership roles based on gender. Women have leadership skills that can help corporations navigate market upheavals and come out on top. ' What does women’s leadership mean? ' is a question all women need to ask themselves. It’s time for women to band together and support each other in attaining leadership roles. When a woman knows how to be a good leader, she should support, teach, and encourage others to follow in her footsteps. Women make up 51% of the US population, but only 6.4% of Fortune 500 CEO roles. Women’s leadership is a global issue. Feminism has brought women to the table, now we need to work for our fair share of representation among the leaders of the world. The attributes of women leaders should be valued equally with those of men. In general, women’s style of leadership tends to be participatory and democratic, encouraging employees to find their own sense of direction. It promotes creativity, along with full participation and engagement. Of course, all styles of leadership are useful – it depends of the context. Men and women have much to learn from each other. The attributes of women leaders can help businesses adapt to changes and move forward. If you would like help in answering the question 'What does women’s leadership mean for my company?' check out my website at https://thewomenscode.com/
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Assertiveness For Woman In Business And Lessons On Taking A Stand As A Woman
Taking a stand as a woman is always hard. We live in a culture where assertiveness for women in business is frowned upon and we are talked about in so many negative ways. But why should we be quiet? I believe that being assertive in business is essential if you want to be a real success and if you want to begin thriving at work! Taking a stand as a woman in business is discouraged only due to the fact that our culture has brought us up to accept our role as a housewife and mother. We are spoken down to when we show assertiveness, and are called a long list of names, ranging from bossy to feminist. However, assertiveness for women in business is not a bad thing! Real woman who make a real success out of themselves do it by being assertive and by having good communication with whoever they are working with! I have been called many things because of my time supporting women in business. But, taking a stand as a woman is becoming more and more essential as assertiveness for women in business gains strength and woman begin thriving at work and becoming real success stories. As the founder of The Woman’s Code, I have many years’ experience in dealing with supporting women in the business environment. Let me show you how you can begin to fight back and show your assertiveness in business! Feel free to leave comments below and let’s get the discussion started. Remember to subscribe to see more videos dealing with woman in the workplace and business environment!
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Don’t Let Perfection Stop You│Business Strategies For Success
Don’t let perfection stop you from living your best life. The best business strategies for success take into account that life is complicated. People are flawed. Things don’t normally work out the way you want them to. In spite of all this, you can still find ways to grow your business and succeed in life. I like to call myself a “13-year overnight success.” In all those years of trying and failing I’ve come up with 7 principles of success in business that have really worked for me. Why don’t you give them a try? I bet they’ll work for you too. 1.) Work hard. (I know, this is a big surprise, right?) You’re not working just for the sake of working. You’re honing your craft. The more you practice and put in the hours, the better you’ll be at your job. 2.) Have the audacity to believe in yourself. Even if you have excellent business strategies for success, you’ll have a hard time getting support from people if you’re full of doubt when delivering your ideas. 3.) Expect obstacles and don’t let them slow you down. They’re normal. Just keep on moving through them. 4.) Set aside time to actually execute the project. Don’t linger in the other stages – planning, networking and so on. Make sure you’re actually moving towards your goal. 5.) Don’t let perfection stop you. Embrace your quirks – they make you stand out. You should own your imperfections because they’re unique to you. Don’t think of yourself as “defective.” You’re authentic and interesting! It’s actually one of the best marketing strategies out there. 6.) Focus your tasks. It’s so easy to get distracted nowadays, but set a timer for 75 to 90 minutes and just focus on your work during that time. 7.) Commit to failing fast, often, and hard. A failure is an opportunity to change your strategy and direction. I failed so many times in my life. And that’s fine. Just don’t start thinking of yourself as a failure. Don’t let perfection stop you from giving your best. I’ve found that the most effective business strategies for success are those that support progress. Worrying about perfection stifles creativity and innovation, leaving you at the mercy of your doubts and fears.
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Examples Of Unconscious Bias And The Very Different Viewpoints Of Women And Men
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 No doubt about it, men and women have different viewpoints. Well-ingrained stereotypes persist on gender and equality. In this video, I give examples of unconscious bias and talk about discrepancies in perception between women and men. What is unconscious bias, and how does it show up? Based on what we see, hear, and assume to be true, we automatically form opinions and beliefs without realizing we’re doing it, and without even knowing the nature of our bias. Our hidden bias springs up and presents itself as truth, when it may be the furthest thing from reality. Consider a recent study by CNBC and LinkedIn. When asked whether they believe men and women are paid equally, 26% of women and 52% of men said yes. Similarly, when asked about gender equality with regard to promotions, 36% of women and 57% of men said that women and men are promoted at equal rates. These examples of unconscious bias show how people can have extremely different viewpoints when looking at the same situation. Why do you suppose three-quarters of women polled said they see a gender pay gap in their workplace, while only half of the men polled see it? Their different viewpoints may stem from each gender’s unique experience within the same workplace. Women regularly earn less than their male counterparts and are passed over for promotions, so their opinions on such matters may be better informed. What’s the problem with misconceptions about reality? Take the examples of unconscious bias I point to: we make false assumptions about how things really are. Until we’re on the same page and clear about the issues we face, how can we expect to change things?
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What's the difference between male and female leadership?
When it comes to the men vs women leadership debate, the difference between male and female leadership can be summarized by the following statistics... At entry level, 50% of an organization's employees tend to be women By the time we get to C suite it's only 17% women At CEO level, there's only 3% female representation Ask yourself, why is this? Do women get dumber and less able to compete with men as we advance through our careers? Or is there something more sinister at play? My belief is that the difference between male and female leadership is primarily down to the way women are perceived when they show ambition. If a woman adopts the same characteristics that gets males seen as leaders, for some reason it's deemed to be an undesirable quality in women. There's a huge hypocrisy and male ego trip at play, and this stigma is what's holding women back from progressing in the workplace. Fundamentally there should be no male and female leadership differences. Both sexes have the same ability to lead a team successfully. In fact, there are many studies that show that when it comes to men vs women leadership ability, not only are women equal, they actually have a greater positive impact on the workforce, for instance: - when women are on a team there's higher ROI by up to 63% - when women are on a team, team intelligence improves by up to 50% Somewhere between entry level (50%) and CEO level (3%) women are falling through the cracks. I've made it my mission at http://www.thewomenscode.com to put a stop to this. We need to start assessing male and female leadership attributes in the same light and bring them to the same level, without the risk of being stigmatized. Is there a difference between male and female leadership? Unfortunately, yes, at the moment there is. Until we are given the opportunity to compete on a like-for-like playing field, being judged by our merits, not our gender, the men vs women leadership debate will continue. Sad, don't you agree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Have you ever experienced a situation where the same leadership attribute demonstrated by a man and a women have led to different results?
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How To Go About Growing Into The Person You Want To Be
There is a time in your life when you become determined to start growing into the person you want to be. It takes a certain amount of maturity to realize cultivating your personality is an option. People who haven’t progressed to that point usually think, “Well, this is just the way I am and other people can like it or lump it.” Then they feel hurt when they find out that other people’s view of them doesn’t match their self-image. It's never too late to become your best perception of yourself. The wheel of change is always turning. The first step towards growing into the person you want to be is to assess what you stand for and what’s important to you. What are your values? Make a list of the traits you want to be known for – qualities such as compassion, empathy, strategy, or leadership. You probably appreciate them in others, and might even be manifesting them yourself without knowing. The second step is to look at how you come across to others and determine why people see you like that. You might be projecting qualities you’re unaware of. It’s also possible that those people are mistaken (or even motivated by malice). Ask people you trust for their input and listen with a clear mind and heart. At this point a professional consultation can be really helpful. A counselor or coach can give you an unbiased view of yourself. They don’t want anything from you and they’ve had a lot of experience working with people, so they know how to communicate the truth in a tactful and helpful way. I always love working with people who are on this journey. When you set your mind to growing into the person you want to be – that is when you become your authentic, powerful self. If you’d like to book a coaching session, or would like to read more about this topic, please check out my website at http://thewomenscode.com/. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to my channel. I regularly upload videos on how to develop your best self, personally and professionally.
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How To Have It All In Life As A Busy Mom
Do you wonder how to have it all in life as a woman? The idea that “you can have it all” can seem like a distant dream when you’re trying to juggle children and work responsibilities. Maintaining a relationship takes even more time and energy. Some of us have to care for elderly parents or other relatives. Finding a feasible work life balance can start to look impossible – and you can just forget about finding time for your personal interests altogether. Listen, I feel your pain. When I was raising my young daughter I was a single mom and an immigrant in the US. I didn’t have any family here to help me. That’s why I developed the ego-RHYTHM Concept. We women can learn how to have it all in life – just not all at the same time. First, you need to find your ego-RHYTHM and decide what you really want and when you want it. What is most important to you right now? Time management is key. Honor your inner schedule and move at the pace that feels right to you. Discovering how to have it all is about balance and making sure that your own needs are met. You’ve seen the warning on airplanes: “Secure your own oxygen mask before helping others.” How can you give to others when you yourself are empty? A lot of women have internalized the idea that their loved ones should always come first. It can take creativity and some deep thinking to find ways to make sure that everybody’s needs are fulfilled.
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#metoo meaning | What is the metoo movement about? 😕
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, you will have heard about the #MeToo movement. But you may be unsure about the #metoo meaning and the consequences it could have for our society. Let’s talk about it. The #Metoo movement began on, and spread rapidly through, the social media platform Twitter. Using the hashtag, many women have decided to speak out about the harassment and sexual abuse that they have suffered at the hands of various known or unknown men. The movement has included voices from all spheres of society, from actresses and sportswomen to politicians and singers. It has served to destigmatize sexual assault and tell women that they are not to blame. From a small movement, #MeToo has grown to become an awareness campaign to illustrate to both men and women exactly how widespread and common an event sexual assault and harassment is. These are not isolated incidents; they are frequent occurrences that mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends endure on a daily basis. The #metoo meaning must be heard. So what can we do to make our societies safer for women? As employers, how can we create a workplace where women do not have to fear unwanted attention or even assault? Firstly, I want to say that clearly not all men are perpetrators of abuse. Indeed, the vast majority are not. But there can be an environment between some men that permits inappropriate behavior towards women and that needs to be stopped. So we need men who are willing to speak out or simply say “stop that” to other men. Men respect men and your show of support to other women is incredibly helpful. We need to change public opinion too. We need everyone to know that catcalling, groping, and serious sexual assault is not okay. Women should not feel lucky for being shown attention as they are shouted at or inappropriately touched. It is a frightening experience and not a joke. Let’s change society’s mind on the kind of behavior that is permissible to women so that the #MeToo meaning isn’t needed to be explained again.
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Why Are Women More Emotional Than Men?
Why are women more emotional than men? Is it true, and if so, what's the science behind it? The answer is yes, women are more emotional than men. The reason for this comes down to evolution and science. Hormones and emotion are intrinsically linked, and - *shock horror* - guess what? Men and women have different hormones! As a woman, our primary hormone is estrogen. Men's primary hormone is testosterone. That means we both have a very different emotional makeup. So, why are women more emotional than men? It's down to our hormones and emotion! Our hormones have shaped our role in society over thousands of years, throughout the history of mankind. Women have a function in nature as caretakers and nurturers of our children. This is embedded in our DNA and those maternal instincts come to us from our primary hormone, estrogen. Men by contrast had a very different emotional evolution. They were hunters. They had to kill to survive. To fulfill this role they had to be more logical and strategic. If every time they hunted and killed an animal they freaked out, that would not be a good thing! Those instincts were governed by the primary male hormone, testosterone. Is it good or bad that women are more emotional than men? Who cares? There's no point debating "why" or if one is better or worse. It just is. That's who we are. In society we need both roles! The problem lies only when male attributes are rewarded, but female attributes are downplayed. Unfortunately, in the patriarchal society that we're in, that seems to be the case, especially in the business world. Women are more emotional, and it's a great thing. Men are not as emotional, and that's also a great thing. Everything has its place! Let's not a make a big deal over the whole why are women more emotional than men thing. Let's accept it, celebrate it, and play to our strengths. ------ Want more from The Women's Code? ☞ https://goo.gl/T3x83Y ------ What are YOUR THOUGHTS about this video? Leave a comment below!
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Striking The Balance Between Work And Family Life : Work Life Balance Tips For Mothers
Doesn’t everyone need some tips that will help us in striking the balance between work and family life? Sure, when you’re young and single, without children to take care of, finding the time and energy for everything you want and need to do is simple and easy. As your life progresses and you accumulate responsibilities it becomes more and more difficult. You need to put more time and effort into taking care of both family and career so that neither one is short-changed. And think: Where do you fit into all this? One of the top work life balance tips for mothers is to allow time for taking care of yourself, too. If you get sick, or are just feeling tired and irritable, how can you take good care of others? Women usually acknowledge the importance of spending quality time with their families, but may forget that they need quality time too. Striking the balance between work and family life means taking the time you need for yourself. You’ll perform better at work and be more present with your family. Being a working mom is no picnic, but you can have it all. Just not at the same time. The most important of my work life balance tips for mothers is to slice your life into manageable pieces. Do one thing, then another. Don’t try to cram it all in at the same time – you’ll choke. Even if you do manage to swallow it all, it will probably make you sick afterwards. That’s the secret to striking the balance between work and family life. Don’t try to do too much at once. The best work life balance tips for mothers take into account that you’re only one person, with two arms, who needs to sleep sometime. Concentrate on finding your balance one day, one hour, at a time.
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What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Entrepreneur? Commitment To Success, For Starters
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 What are the characteristics of a good entrepreneur? In this video, I touch on what it’s like to start your own business. Good entrepreneurs share a couple of common traits: an unwavering commitment to success and a willingness to work long and hard (contrary to Tim Ferriss’s claim of a 4-hour workweek). You may ask in business circles, what are the characteristics of a good entrepreneur? You’re bound to get a multitude of answers. That’s because entrepreneurship is about doing something unique and unprecedented. Each entrepreneur’s experience differs from all others. One thing’s for sure: it’s not an easy life you sign up for as an entrepreneur. The first requirement of entrepreneurship is a total commitment to success. You have to be devoted to your endeavor – there’s no going halfway, changing your mind, or turning back. There’s no Plan B. It’s Plan A, all the way. You make important decisions about your business early on. Are you building your business with the aim of selling it? Or do you have lifestyle and income ambitions that running your own business will bring? Maybe you want to make a socio-economic impact, or to save lives. Whatever your vision, it’s yours alone. You’re on your own to achieve what you set out to do. It’s your entrepreneurial dream, your work, and your reward. Though you may find helpful suggestions along the way, you map out your own path as you go, because there isn’t a pattern to follow. Ask yourself, what are the characteristics of a good entrepreneur, and do I possess those qualities? Have I made the commitment to success that’s required to see my venture through? If so, take the leap! You have everything to gain!
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When Too Much Learning Can Be Dangerous
http://BeateChelette.com/balancetest Beate warns of the dangers of too much self-improvement. When is it a time to learn and when is it time to do? Find out why too much learning can be dangerous
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How To Stop Struggling Emotionally │The Steps To Find Happiness
Want to know how to stop struggling emotionally? What are the steps to find happiness? Depression is an epidemic in the modern world. It seems like many of us have lost touch with ourselves to the extent that we don’t even know what makes us happy. It’s not about your mental strength – you need strength to deal with setbacks, but it won’t necessarily help you find happiness. If you want to know how to find happiness, spend some time with a child. They have direct uncomplicated access to their feelings, and can answer instantly when you ask what would make them happy. Adults usually must go through the steps to find happiness. We have a lot more baggage to let go of. The first step in learning how to stop struggling emotionally is finding that special individual thing that makes you happy. It will different for everyone – is it spending time in nature, hanging out with loved ones, getting that promotion at work? Don’t judge. Just look inside yourself and discover what you want. Then work out how to get it. Next, train yourself to stay in a positive state of mind. Don’t take on negativity if you can help it. It’s amazing the way your life can change when you befriend yourself. Would you say something like this to a friend – “Wow, you really blew that opportunity. You’re such a failure. You’re never going to get anywhere in life.” Of course not! Don’t say it to yourself either. Last, but not least, give up the hunt for perfection. Don’t compare your everyday life to other people’s enhanced social media image. It’s a bit conceited to think that you can match everyone else’s super-skills. Everyone has talents and areas where they struggle. What are yours? One of my top tips on how to stop struggling emotionally is to concentrate on making your own life better, not feeling bad because you don’t measure up to others. The steps to find happiness can always be found in the present moment. Stop. Look around you. Breathe. What can you do right now that will lead you to greater happiness?
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Are women to blame for sexual harassment? My thoughts on the Angela Lansbury controversy
Are women to blame for sexual harassment? In case you missed it, the Angela Lansbury controversy was caused when Ms Lansbury (actress on hit shows such as Murder She Wrote) expressed her opinion that women must sometimes accept blame for sexual harassment. You can read her comments here - http://edition.cnn.com/2017/11/28/entertainment/angela-lansbury-sexual-harassment-comments-trnd/index.html What my take on this? Am I in agreement with Ms Lansbury that women are to blame for sexual harassment? Well, if a gorgeous women dresses sexily one school of thought is that she does so to attract men. The other school of thought is that women who take care of themselves by looking good advance at a faster rate, make more money and get taken more seriously. So, with that in mind, some women may believe that dressing sexily is helping them to progress. If this is the reason for dressing up, I do not believe this is a good idea. A women should dress more conservatively when she's dressing for business. She should not have to dress sexily in the work place as a means with which to advance her career. But are women to blame for sexual harassment if they dress sexily outside of the workplace? If you dress a certain way because it makes you feel good, there's nothing wrong with that. All power to you. That said, but please be aware of when that's appropriate. If you go out looking super sexy (go you!) then that's your prerogative, but please make sure you're not alone and that you're with a group of people, so you have a little bit of protection. Unfortunately, it's very difficult for men to understand the difference between what's fair game and what is inappropriate, especially when presented with a hot and sexy woman. Be aware of your surroundings, and be sure to communicate and not be alone when you're looking your very hottest. ----------------- TLDR What's my view on the Angela Lansbury controversy? Are women to blame for sexual harassment? A women should be able to dress however she wants, and I have no problem with dressing sexily, however if you're doing it at work, I don't think it's appropriate. If you're dressing for a night out etc, dress to impress if you so wish, but be aware of your surroundings. Always better to be safe than sorry. ---------------- If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel! - Beate
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Do Male Dominated Jobs Point To Gender Differences In Intelligence?
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 Moving toward equality, we still see both male dominated jobs and jobs held primarily by women. In this video, I discuss educational and occupational gender imbalance and talk about whether gender differences in intelligence are to blame. Are women smarter than men? It does seem they’re slightly better educated. In 2017, women earned 53% of doctoral degrees in the US, marking the 9th year in a row that more women than men earned doctorates. But consider what we study in pursuit of our careers: Women earn 75% of all doctorates given in public administration. Most doctoral degrees in health sciences also go to women (70%), as do education doctorates (68%). Men focus on STEM subjects. Of doctoral degrees awarded in engineering, 76% go to men. Three quarters of math and computer science doctorates are earned by men, and 65% of physical and earth science doctorates go to men. Why the imbalance? There are no gender differences in intelligence that prevent men from going into female dominated occupations like teaching and nursing. Likewise, women succeed as much as men at male dominated jobs in engineering and technology. Yet we gravitate toward occupations traditionally held by each gender. Industries should strive to attract both men and women, because we all benefit from the unique contributions of both genders. Team intelligence is found to be greater in teams comprised equally of women and men. All-male teams exhibit the lowest team intelligence, while all-female teams have higher team intelligence (slight gender differences in intelligence evidenced here?). However, the BEST teams are equally mixed. Let’s work together for gender balance and break the trend of female held occupations vs male dominated jobs.
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Do Children Benefit From Having A Working Mom? │ Stay At Home Mom Vs Working Mom Statistics
Do children benefit from having a working mom? I investigated the question and found some stay at home mom vs working mom statistics. There’s been a lot of judgement and throwing blame on both sides of this question. Stay at home moms say that working mothers can’t possibly take proper care of their children. Working moms fire back with, “It must be nice to be rich, but I have to work for my living!” and then mutter something about “helicopter parenting.” People can get quite argumentative. Of course, women want choices. We want to be able to care for our children without destroying our careers – or choose to stay at home without being looked down upon as dull and limited. So what are the stay at home mom vs working mom statistics? Do children benefit from having a working mom or is a SAHM better? Well, there are pros and cons on both sides. A study of 68,000 children showed that the children of stay at home moms are more likely to do better at school. Home-schooled kids tend to outperform their peers on exams by a huge margin. On the other side, a Gallup poll of the adult children of working mothers showed that they were doing very well in life. They were more likely to be employed. And they didn’t have just any jobs. They had supervisory positions with good wages. Men who were raised by working moms are more likely to help around the house and take care of their children. What conclusions can you draw from these stay at home mom vs working mom statistics? You know what – I say it doesn’t really matter. Both a stay at home mom and a working mom can be good mothers. Both of them should have the right to make the choice that suits them.
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Why You Should Be WBENC Certified | The Women's Business Enterprise National Council
In this video I discuss the importance of being a certified member of The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and how to use being WBENC certified to your company's advantage. Certification and membership in the The Women's Business Enterprise National Council is a ‘must have’ for women business owners. Being WBENC certified guarantees that you are a woman-owned business, and helps to gain competitive advantage with those looking for supplier diversity. But you can reap additional benefits by taking your certification one step further… WBENC provides opportunities to make connections with people who can mentor and encourage you, and who can help your business grow. WBENC offers women owned businesses the opportunity to make nationwide connections and build relationships with decision makers you wouldn’t normally have access to. Being WBENC certified also qualifies women owned businesses for added access to other organizations. These benefits will result in more opportunities and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This in turn will help your business enjoy increased growth and success. A lot of business owners focus on the results and neglect building the relationships that grant them the opportunity to grow as a business. It makes sense to get certified, but you have to be ready to put in the effort in order to reap the rewards. For more information about The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) visit https://www.wbenc.org/ For more information about The Women's Business Enterprise Council (WBEC) visit http://www.wbecouncil.org/ For more information about The Women’s Code visit - https://thewomenscode.com/ #BeateChelette #GrowthArchitect #WomensCode
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What Makes A Good Role Model In Our Gender Equality Movement? Women Who Support Other Women
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 For the gender equality movement to succeed, women MUST support other women. In this video, I talk about feminist role models like Sheryl Sandberg and wonder whether we truly understand what makes a good role model. I suggest we bolster one another’s efforts rather than feed into the frequent backlash against feminism. Whatever your opinion of Facebook COO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg, the fact is her efforts have made a positive difference to women. She isn’t perfect, and her method doesn’t apply to every woman looking for an equal footing in business. But she’s raising the issue and fighting for the cause. Why do the messages of role models like Sheryl Sandberg often backfire and result in a fall from grace? An activist’s message stems from her unique perspective and experience – it’s not necessarily relatable to everyone. If we want our gender equality movement to achieve widespread positive outcomes, we need to contribute our own individual viewpoints, support other women as we pass the baton, and work together for change. What makes a good role model? Taking a stand and speaking out, despite the controversy that may follow. How can you set a good example in your response to role models? Respect and be kind to those who dare to speak out. Instead of tearing down role models for their different approaches or shortcomings, join them in their fight. It’s not the duty of just one woman to tackle the entire gender equality movement. Women: Support other women. Let’s do our part to show one another that we need and welcome the contributions of everyone. Recognize and appreciate what makes a good role model, encourages change, and keeps us moving forward.
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What Makes An Excellent Woman Leader? Attributes Of A Woman Leader That Bring Success
Do you have what it takes to be an excellent woman leader? People sometimes get confused about the attributes of a woman leader because women are conditioned from birth to be agreeable and self-effacing, to never put ourselves forward. This is one of the biggest challenges that women face as they rise to leadership roles. Many women habitually speak in a way that hides their leadership qualities because they don’t want to seem arrogant. They’ll start sentences with, “I’m sorry, but…” A powerful woman never apologizes for her point of view. Own what you bring to the table and speak without qualifiers or apologies. One of the most crucial leadership skills is the ability to sell people on your ideas, and to do that you must seem confident. Figure out what your superpower is – the skill that makes you stand out, that makes you uniquely good at what you do – and sell the heck out of it. An excellent woman leader believes in herself. More importantly, she makes other people believe in her. If you want to develop the attributes of a woman leader you must learn to stand your ground when challenged. Don’t play yourself down when someone questions your ability to lead. That doesn’t mean you have to promote yourself as the end-all and be-all of everything. A good leader knows how to delegate. She knows what she’s not good at and brings together good people to handle those areas for her. An excellent woman leader knows the qualities of a leader according to the traditional playbook, but she understands something more. Female leaders bring a different perspective that balances out the stereotypically male qualities found in corporate leadership, making for a well-rounded team that is more competitive in the modern workplace. Would you like to learn more about the attributes of a woman leader? Check out my website at https://thewomenscode.com/ If you enjoyed this video, why not subscribe to my channel? For more insight into women leadership today, you can watch “All Women Have Female Leadership Characteristics – This Is Why Moms Are Leaders” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7btN-PoOATA
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An Inside Look At Challenges Women Face - Women Being Objectified And Dealing With Harassment
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 You’ve heard me talk about challenges women face, how it seems we’re constantly dealing with harassment, discrimination, and disrespect. In this video, I show how women being objectified really feel – what they go through when men make unwelcome advances. A conversation with my daughter Gina offers a glimpse into what it’s like to be a young woman in a world where sexual harassment happens all the time. It pains me to hear that my daughter is frequently forced to endure catcalls, unwanted come-ons, and outright sexual misconduct. It angers me to see young women being objectified simply based on how they look or dress. Dealing with harassment is one of the most common challenges women face. Men have the power to choose how they speak and act. All too often, they subject women to inappropriate sexual attention, then blame their bad behavior on women being provocative, or “asking for it.” Here’s the truth: we’re not asking for anything other than respect. What makes men think it’s okay to treat women the way they do? Women being objectified harms both women and men – it leaves women dealing with harassment and it makes men believe they’re invited to pursue women without permission. In my video, my daughter Gina gives examples of unwelcome sexual advances she’s encountered. Her message to men: Keep your hands off! She talks about the importance of consent and describes for men some of the right and wrong ways to approach women. Of all the challenges women face, putting with up thoughtless behavior on the part of men is among the most maddening. Let’s change this world our girls grow up in!
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Support Women’s Rights | Recognize The Consequences Of Sexual Harassment
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 What lasting consequences of sexual harassment are endured by its victims? Does society understand and acknowledge women’s plight? In this video, I talk about the scrutiny women face when they speak up about sexual harassment. People often fail to support women’s rights or rally around victims – they doubt and resent the victims of sexual harassment rather than the perpetrators. We hear it all the time: “She’s claiming harassment because she’s looking for a big payout – a settlement or book deal.” Or we hear, “How can we be sure it even happened?” But does it stand to reason that women would make formal complaints of sexual harassment for financial gain? Do you think women are maliciously motivated to bring false accusations against innocent men? The consequences of sexual harassment extend further than the trauma of the harassment itself. Women who pursue court cases are dragged through the mud. The credibility of their accounts is called into question. They’re blamed for their behavior and shamed for their sexual histories. Seeking justice after being sexually harassed can ruin a victim’s career, family, and future. In my video, I point to examples of the public’s negative attitudes towards victims. Christine Blasey Ford and Monica Lewinsky are two women who faced harsh criticism and stigmatism instead of sympathy. Too often, our society’s response when sexual misconduct is exposed is to tamp down scandal rather than support women’s rights. Consider the many consequences of sexual harassment. Women don’t derive undue benefits from bringing action against perpetrators; instead, they encounter further humiliation by coming forward. Ask yourself, “How can I support women’s rights when they’ve been violated?” The answer: Direct your outrage and disdain towards sexual harassment offenders rather than victims. Learn more about The Women’s Code: https://thewomenscode.com/
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The INSANE expectations of women - Female gender roles have gone nuts!
I want to talk to you about society's expectations of women... Let's be real for a second. Have you ever stopped to think about female gender roles and the unreal pressure you're placing upon yourself? I call this the Superhuman Paradox. Maybe you can relate? You want your house to look like Martha Stewart. You want to cook like Gordon Ramsay. You want to cherish your inner slut in the bedroom. You want a palliates or yoga certification, because just taking part won't do! You want to bake award winning cupcakes for the PTA meeting. You want to be the dance mom who's out every Saturday and Sunday with her kids. You want to make partner in the law firm while being on time to pick up your kids from school, and have home cooked, organic meals on the table for 6pm every night! How is this even possible? It's insanity, right? There's just not enough hours in the day for this to be achievable, and yet society's expectations of women is that this is what we all have to strive for. It's impossible! Superwoman herself can't even manage what we're all trying to do. How did get here? How did we allow this insanity to take over? How is it that society has got to a point where we believe female gender roles should be like this and unless you reach these unachievable goals, somehow you're failing? Is it any wonder why women are unhappy? This is why we're trying to find men who are our girlfriends - we don't have time for meaningful relationships anymore. So where do we take this? How do we break free from these crazy female gender roles? We need to take a step back, fully appreciate the superhuman paradox and realize that we're not superwoman! We can have everything we want, but not all at once! We need to learn to enjoy the journey, focus on one thing at a time, and redefine these unrealistic expectations of women into something that's actually achievable and isn't going to kill us all in the process!
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The Best Business Coach For Women | Beate Chelette
Beate Chelette: Author, mentor and business coach for women - https://beatechelette.com/ ======================= Being a successful woman often includes enjoying a meaningful career. Working for others and advancing in the corporate world is right for many people, and it might be right for you too. You may need help on how to advance to a better position, or how to lead more effectively and to be noticed. Or, perhaps you may be looking to explore your dream of opening your own business and being your own boss. As a leading business coach for women (named one of the 50 MUST FOLLOW Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 by Huffington Post) I can help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. I've worked with countless ladies in a vast array of industries, many of whom have found that as they progressed through their careers, job opportunities diminished and that they wanted more for themselves. That's where I can help you. If you want more - perhaps you may lack the confidence to pursue your dream, or maybe you feel like you're stuck and don't know how to get out of it - let me help you. I specialize in mentoring and coaching women who want to turn up the heat on their career, or who want to become their own boss. I've developed courses, events and programs designed specifically to take your professional life to the next level. If you choose to, and if you choose me as your coach, I will help you to identify and build your dreams, one step at a time.... Let's do this together. To find out more about me and my services, including business coaching for women, please check out my site or follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/WomensCode/ https://twitter.com/egorhythm https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4662816
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How Failure Helps You Succeed | Keep Failing Until You Succeed
Many people have a fear of failure. If this is you, I urge you to think about how failure helps you succeed. Sometimes the most productive thing to do is commit to failing harder, faster, and more often. It’s the best teaching tool there is. The key is to master your fear based thoughts. Don’t sink into defeat and self-pity. If you want to keep failing until you succeed, you need to have the right attitude. In the right state of mind, failure is just a bump in the road. Each fall can give you the strength to make a better approach next time. That’s how failure helps you succeed – with each mistake you can learn more; you can become mentally tougher; you can clarify your vision. It can even provide the motivation to achieve your goals. You might think, “It’s easy for you to say ‘Keep failing until you succeed.’ You’re already successful!” Well, for more than ten years my life was failure after failure after failure. Yeah, I had some success in there too, but I lost it through bad circumstances and my own bad judgement. That’s why I’m telling you – never give up. In just a few months you can go from the worst day of your life to the best. Just figure out where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. Sure, people will criticize you for all sorts of reasons. They’ll try to stop you and slow you down, but if you keep a clear vision of your destination and work towards it every day, you’ll see how failure helps you succeed. Then you can be the person telling others, “Keep failing until you succeed!”
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What Creates Brand Trust? │ The Factors Affecting Brand Image
What creates brand trust? A recent study on factors affecting brand image for young Americans ages 13 to 36 had some interesting findings. (You can read about it here https://www.ypulse.com/post/view/the-10-brands-gen-z-millennials-trust-most). A group of 27,000 young people were shown a list of over 200 brands and asked which ones they trusted the most. For Generation Z, the top 3 brands were Oreo, Nike, and Hershey’s. For Millennials, it was Nike, Hershey’s, and Amazon. What creates brand trust for them? It’s no surprise that kids like sweet treats, and apparently Millennials do too. Most of those surveyed – 80% – said they felt the most trust and loyalty towards brands that had been in business a long time. Familiarity seemed to be one of the major factors affecting brand image. Nike sponsors practically every sports team out there, so it’s no surprise that it made the top 3, while Amazon dominates the online marketplace. Respondents said that customer service was also very important. It’s a bit disturbing how few of the top brands are known for their corporate values. Only The North Face really makes an ethical stand. Clearly we’re not moving the needle hard enough. Let’s put our trust in companies that deserve it. Before we buy from any organization it’s a good idea to do some homework first. Are there any women on the board? Is the company involved in environmental causes? What about their labor practices? If they use child labor and sweatshops they don’t deserve our customer loyalty. The website www.pursepower.com can help you make the right decisions. There are more factors affecting brand image than cost and marketing. Be clear as a company what you want to be recognized for and make the decisions that get your message out to the right people. Ultimately, what creates brand trust is integrity. Let’s choose brands that support our values.
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Can An Organizational Mentorship Program Help Women Progress?
With an organizational mentorship program that is well-defined and has strong structure and design, a business can reap the benefits of having more female faces in the boardroom. Companies cannot expect their employees to be ready-made leaders straight from the off. Like every other walk of life, training is needed to develop a career, and a robust mentoring culture certainly helps to achieve that end. But how do we achieve this aim and what are best practices that successful mentorship programs in organizations use to hit their targets and enjoy great employee development? Mentoring is about offering high-quality guidance with clearly defined goals. Too many companies have the mentality that mentoring is simply the process of assigning employees a friend to chat to, a brain to pick as and when is necessary. Friendship is great, but mentoring like this hardly cuts the mustard! A truly effective organizational mentorship program has strict guidelines. Firstly, mentor and mentee should agree on concrete goals for a specific timeframe. Here, coaching should be used to set realistic aims. What does the mentee want to achieve in six months or a year’s time? Reverse engineer those goals so that there is clarity in what the mentee must do to continue each step along in their journey. While mentorship programs in organizations can encourage friendship, this isn’t their endpoint. A mentor must hold a mentee responsible. If the mentee doesn’t follow the guidance of the mentor than that guidance can be removed! The mentee must be accountable for their actions; the guidance of experienced professionals is a privilege that must be respected as such. Another defining feature of a top organization mentorship program is its clearly repeatable structure. A set and repeatable structure allows both mentor and mentee to understand clearly what is expected of them so they can both work together for the good of the mentee and the company at large. For more guidance and advice on implementing great mentorship programs in organizations, don’t hesitate to get in touch!
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Tips For Businesswomen – Get Your Foot In The Door With The Cinderella Rule
One of the best tips for businesswomen is what I like to call the Cinderella rule. Have you ever racked your brains, thinking of how to get business meetings with powerful men? The ‘bro culture’ can be pretty tight in some industries. It’s a network of ‘old boys’ that can make it hard to get your foot in the door if you’re a newbie – and almost impossible if you’re a woman. Well, you don’t become successful by acting like a shrinking violet. You have to be a little bit bold if you want to get ahead in your career. When I was just starting out I tried and tried to get meetings with the top guys in my sector, but it was no use. Then I had a brain wave. I’ll share it with you in this video... If you follow this rule and I guarantee you’ll be able to get your foot in the door to secure business meetings. What makes the Cinderella rule one of the finest tips for businesswomen is that it teaches you how to earn respect of a man by being savvy and proving yourself to be trustworthy. Here’s what I realized - a lot of the business at conferences and suchlike is done at the bar. The men would go out drinking (sometimes drinking a lot) and let their guard down. They’d be willing to talk to people they normally wouldn’t have time for. They didn’t just talk about their jobs, either. They’d talk about all kinds of personal stuff. I would chat with the leaders in my industry and they would tell me all about their lives. My bar-mate would take me into his confidence and talk about his life, and then I’d excuse myself and sneak up to my room and bed. This bit is important. I always protected myself. I observed very strict rules: three drinks maximum, in bed before midnight, and walk to your room alone. The next morning he’d ask where I’d disappeared to, with a guilty look on his face as he remembered our conversation from the night before. I’d just smile and say something like, “Your secret is safe with me.” After that I didn’t have to worry about securing meetings – by earning their trust, I’d be guaranteed a slot in their calendar any time I needed. That’s how to get your foot in the door. Build rapport and earn trust at the bar! If you’d like to hear more great tips for businesswomen, please check out my website https://www.TheWomensCode.com. I’d love to hear from you!
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The Importance Of Awareness In Making And Enforcing Sexual Harassment Policy In The Workplace
With the advent of specialized training and sexual harassment policy in the workplace, and in the wake of the #MeToo movement, where do we stand? In this video, I discuss the impact and importance of awareness on the prevalence of sexual harassment at work. These days, most companies have a sexual harassment policy in the workplace. Employers provide employees with detailed training on the problem. But are we making progress? Are the workshops and guidelines making a dent in the eradication of sexual harassment? According to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), sexual harassment charges filed are up 12% year-to-year. This is not entirely surprising, since the #MeToo movement has empowered victims to come forward. Companies are also paying out more in settlements and fees. In 2018, the EEOC recovered nearly $70 million for employees alleging sexual harassment, up from $47.5 million in 2017. In addition to the cultural toll it takes, there’s a real financial risk for companies when sexual harassment occurs. Sexual harassment statistics point to the importance of awareness – in order to address societal problems, they must first be brought to light. A study by a nonprofit called Stop Street Harassment found that 81% of women and 43% of men have experienced some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime. Almost one-third of women say they’ve survived sexual assault. Now that we know, it’s time to act. We clearly need sexual harassment policy in the workplace, as 38% of sexual harassment happens at work. Don’t underestimate the importance of awareness as your company defines and deals with the issue. Address sexual harassment head-on and get input from your employees as to what can be done to stop it from happening.
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Why We Need Females in Technology and Diversity in STEM Education
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 Why aren’t there more females in technology? The lack of gender diversity in STEM studies is probably the biggest culprit. Many more men than women earn doctorates in STEM fields. How can we get more women interested in STEM professions? Microsoft and Salesforce are two companies that sponsor young females in STEM studies. They set a great example for addressing the issue where it begins, by changing the way we educate girls. Even when we succeed in attracting women into STEM professions, we’re only partway there. Females in technology companies face an unfriendly work environment. STEM jobs tend to be highly stressful and particularly demanding. In fact, in a poll of 12,500 technology sector employees, 52% say working in tech is toxic. Why is the environment so unhealthy at tech companies like Intel, Amazon, and eBay? I believe the problem is the predominance of male employees. Emotional intelligence and innovation decline in homogenous work teams. The men who run tech companies use the same formula and get the same results. We need diversity in STEM companies – the addition of fresh perspectives and the contribution of varied skills. I have to add, from my experience talking with men in STEM professions, they tend to be the loudest opponents of gender equality – the most misogynistic and demeaning women-haters I’ve encountered. Instead of welcoming and encouraging females in technology, these men are probably driving them away. In study after study, we see that women are good for business. Women add innovation, creativity, and higher employee engagement, and as a result, they produce better financial numbers. Don’t let your business stagnate. Actively work toward diversity in STEM and make your tech company a place where women want to work!
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What Does Real Leadership Look Like And Exactly What Makes An Effective Leader?
What does real leadership look like? Do we really know what makes an effective leader? For many people, the concept of leadership means that someone “takes charge” and “tells people what to do.” But how well does this style of leadership really work? Recent research says that women leaders have more-or-less similar leadership qualities compared to their male counterparts. They say it’s a matter of personal style more than anything. However, it’s very possible that women in the upper echelons of business got there because they were able to make it in a man’s world – to act, and lead, like men. To women in the lower levels of management, the picture looks very different. For one thing, women’s behavior standards are very different from men’s. What would make a man a “tough negotiator” makes a woman “pushy and abrasive.” Lots of women don’t want to deal with the bad-mouthing and disrespect, and many have a soft-spoken and gentle personal style anyway. This doesn’t mean that these women don’t know what makes an effective leader. So what does real leadership look like? Transformational leadership (at which women tend to excel) inspires high performance. Team members are encouraged to take ownership of issues, instead of waiting for the boss to tell them what to do. Of course, this style of leadership isn’t limited to women. We need to get away from assumptions that tell us men have a hard time giving support or showing empathy. We should have balanced leadership that takes the best from both leadership styles. After all, sometimes you really do need someone to take charge and tell everyone what to do.
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The Values And Attributes Of A Leader For The Modern Age
The values and attributes of a leader who can succeed in the modern world are different from the leadership qualities that were admired thirty years ago. This old-fashioned type of leadership tended to be authoritarian. It was based around telling your subordinates what to do, not in listening to them. The leader was top man on the totem pole (and he was almost always a man), and what he said went. Even now, many people think of leadership characteristics as stereotypically male. A leader is someone who imposes his or her views on other people. It’s all about power, command, and control. With the advances women have made in the business world, a new type of leader has come to the forefront – a leader with “feminine” qualities such as inclusiveness, empathy, and compassion. The values and attributes of a leader who can take the helm in today’s world must be some combination of these two extremes. There is one quality that all great leaders must have – the ability to think objectively about the needs of their organization. They can see all sides of the issue and take proper action. One of the most important attributes that leaders possess is the ability to see the trend in the market, take that information, and actually do something with it. They can look beyond their biases and preconceptions and see the truth when it’s staring them in the face. The fact is, gender diversity is good for business. If you want to increase your ROI on invested capital by up to 66%, get at least one, but preferably three or more, women on your board of directors. If you want to know how to be a great leader, stop seeing the values and attributes of a leader as a collection of character traits. It’s not who you are that makes you a great leader. It’s what you do.
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Is Working Too Hard Bad For Your Career? The Effects Of Long Working Hours On Productivity
Is working too hard bad for your career? Many of us carry the belief that hard work always pays off, but new studies on the effects of long working hours on productivity say that the opposite is actually true. A recent article on The Business Journals – seen here https://www.bizjournals.com/bizwomen/news/latest-news/2018/08/working-too-hard-can-actually-hurt-your-career.html – talks about what really happens when you work too hard. We’ve all heard the advice that you need determination to succeed. “Never give up,” they say. “You’ve got to put in the hours,” they say. That’s true – to a certain extent. If you’re an entrepreneur or just starting out in your career you need to get stuff done. You’ve got to make the right contacts and build up your momentum. Just power through the stress and do the work even when you don’t want to. You’ll probably feel like you’re rolling a huge boulder up a steep hill. The question, “Is working too hard bad for your career?” probably never crosses your mind. Then one great day you reach the tipping point. You’re at the top and you’re about to get the well-deserved reward for all your hard work. This is a good time to take a break. Once your business takes off you have to be there to support it. If you’re not at your best you risk seeing the effects of long working hours on productivity – which are not more money and success. You’re more likely to see results like illness, broken relationships, and angry coworkers. Yes, working too hard and long can potentially alienate your coworkers. The dirty truth is that people will hate you for it. You’re cutting into their relaxation time and making them look bad. Nobody wants to hear from a boss or coworker during the weekend, late at night, or early in the morning. Is working too hard bad for your career? Yes, it is – on many different levels. The effects of long working hours on productivity are almost always bad over time. The trick is not working long hours; it’s getting a lot accomplished. As they say – work smarter, not harder (and know when to take a break).
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The Benefits Of Paid Parental Leave: Why We Should Offer Maternity And Paternity Leave In The US
In this video, I explain why companies should be required to offer paid maternity and paternity leave in the US. The benefits of paid parental leave far outweigh the differences of opinion on the issue. Did you know that the US is the only country among 41 other Western countries where paid parental leave isn’t mandatory? Businesses aren’t required to offer it, so many employees, businesses, and the workforce in general are missing out on the countless benefits it provides. Some consider maternity and paternity leave in the US to be unfair or unnecessary. People think, “Why should a woman get paid to stay at home and take care of her baby?” Or they think, “A father doesn’t need paternity leave when the mother is already taking maternity leave to care for their baby.” Business owners sometimes believe that paid parental leave is something that slows their business down. They should recognize that, on the contrary, the benefits of paid parental leave can help their business grow. Giving new mothers and fathers paid parental leave affects the workforce in positive ways: • It encourages a larger potential workforce, because it provides a friendly work environment. • Workers get to spend time with their children without worrying about lost wages or job security. • It encourages employees to return to work instead of leaving permanently. • It’s in a company’s own best interest, because children are the future workforce. • It gives employees a benefit they deserve as human beings. Please watch my video and let me know what you think. Do you agree that US businesses should be reaping the benefits of paid parental leave? Let’s push for maternity and paternity leave in the US, to promote a stronger workforce for the nation’s businesses.
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Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders | The Barriers To Female Leadership
There are lots of reasons as to why we have too few women leaders but, put simply, the barriers to female leadership are stacked so high that not enough women are able to break through the glass ceiling. I find it totally unacceptable that there are not enough women leaders in organizations. Not only does this limit an organization’s perspective and their results, but it’s also inhibiting the ambitions of future generations (and the current workforce too) who do not see positive female role models in leadership positions to look up to. This is something that needs to be addressed. Seeing different viewpoints – male/female, black/white, straight/gay (and many others besides!) - is critical for a business to succeed. Everyone has a different viewpoint and skill that they can bring to the table, and this can only be a good thing. We should be encouraging this, not shying away from it. It’s critical that the barriers to female leadership are overcome. It’s also critical that we have more women in leadership roles in order to see better results. A lot of businesses neglect a great part of their employees when it comes to growth opportunities. By doing this, they hinder their own growth. It’s this simple. The more diverse a work environment, the better its results. The numbers show that businesses will see better results with more collaboration with women, so why we have too few women leaders still, despite all the overwhelming evidence, baffles me.
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Can Sexual Harassment Be Unintentional?
Can sexual harassment be unintentional? The answer isn’t always clear-cut. When sexual harassment occurs we don’t always know for sure what’s really going on. One might feel confused in a social situation. For instance, you might be at a bar or restaurant with colleagues and not be able to figure out if someone is making sexual advances or just trying to be friendly. Sexual assault is easy to identify – someone touches your breasts or bottom, or pins you against a wall. Making crude sexual remarks in a work environment is obviously a problem. When sexual harassment occurs it isn’t always direct or conspicuous conduct of a sexual nature. Sometimes it might just be a miscommunication. How can you tell the difference between sexual harassment vs. compliment? Usually the best way is to simply ask. You can say, for example, ‘What did you mean by that?’ or ‘I’m not clear on how I should understand that. Could you please explain what you just said?’ Try to get at the intention behind the statement. Can sexual harassment be unintentional? Yes, I believe that sometimes it can. People view things in different ways. Someone might perceive that a woman was giving off signals when she didn’t mean to send out an invitation of a sexual nature at all. Clear communication is the best way to deal with suspected sexual harassment. When sexual harassment occurs state clearly what the problem is and the reasons why it’s unacceptable. ‘What is sexual harassment’ can be a difficult question to answer on the softer end of the scale. Setting clear personal boundaries is the first step in helping prevent sexual harassment. Having a clear procedure for reporting is the second. Sexual harassment training can make sure that everyone is one the same page about what constitutes sexual harassment. Importantly, if everyone is properly trained and makes the effort to communicate with each other, we can help to eliminate ambiguity and unintentional sexual harassment once and for all. What are your thoughts and experiences? Leave a comment below and let me know!
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A Look At Recent Women In Business Statistics: How Are Women Owned Companies Doing?
In this video, I share some women in business statistics that show the inequality of the profitability between businesses owned by women versus men. The number of women owned companies in the US has grown dramatically, and they create the largest number of jobs. Yet for all the strides women business owners have made, their revenues don’t measure up. Women own 4 out of every 10 businesses but don’t achieve the same financial success that men do. These women in business statistics illustrate the contribution versus compensation disparity: • Since 2007, the number of new businesses in the US has increased by 12%. The number of women owned businesses has increased by 58%. • From 2007-2018, employment by all businesses declined by 0.8%, yet employment by women owned companies ROSE 21%. • Nearly 90% of businesses owned by women generate less than $100,000 in revenue. (Data source: 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report by American Express and SCORE'S Megaphone of Main Street: Women's Entrepreneurship, Spring 2018 Report.) Women are often driven to start businesses out of economic necessity, because there’s a lack of quality job opportunities. They launch companies not to take advantage of the market, but merely to make a living. Women owned businesses almost never achieve revenues more than $250,000—the figure that triggers exponential financial growth. They miss out on the chance to develop their companies, hire significant numbers of new employees, and increase their own wealth. What’s our takeaway? We should recognize the positive impact of women owned companies. Let’s look for ways to encourage a more equitable return for the women who are bringing so much to the table. For more information on the women in business statistics I highlight in this video, please visit https://www.wbenc.org/blog-posts/2018/10/10/behind-the-numbers-the-state-of-women-owned-businesses-in-2018.
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Female rivalry in the workplace - Why are some women such b%tches?
We've all experienced female rivalry in the workplace, right? The bitchy comments. The jealousy and backstabbing. Why are some women incapable of getting on with other women? Why is there so much female competition in the workplace in offices all around the world? Well, to truly understand the problem we need to go back to caveman times... Unfortunately, it's deep routed in our DNA. In cavemen days, to ensure their survival, men wanted to find other men that could hunt and survive. To this day that's how men support other men. Whether or not they get on as friends is almost secondary and irrelevant. They are hard wired to support one and other. Women, on the other hand, are totally different. Rather than support each other, our survival was dependent on finding a provider. We couldn't go out hunting, so that meant we couldn't survive for ourselves without male support. Fast forward to the modern day... Unfortunately, this cavewoman instinct is still very much at play. We have forever been operating on the scarcity principle that there's not enough for us and we need someone else for our survival. Clearly, that's no longer the case. We're capable of making our own choices and decisions, yet we've never learned how to utilize the support from other women. Instead, we see each other as a threat. The mindset and mentality many women have is 'if she succeeds, there's less chance of me succeeding'. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that only 2% of CEOs and only 13% of C-level executives are women. Suddenly, with this proven scarcity and lack of successful women at the very top, it goes a long way to explaining why some women feel the need to take out or tear down 'competitors'. They simply don't think there's enough to go around for other women. So how do we overcome this? We need to change our thinking to reflect equality and equal standing with men. In a world where 50% men and 50% women reach the top, this deep routed insecurity has less of a chance to fester thereby resulting in less female rivalry in the workplace. If we can get to the position where truly the best candidate wins based on merit, not sex, then suddenly we as women can learn to support other women because we're not seeing each other as competition. This means that in order to overcome female competition in the workplace we actually need gender equality in the workplace first! That's what The Women's Code is all about and that's what we're fighting to achieve. To find out more about us please visit https://thewomenscode.com/ Together we can overcome female rivalry in the workplace and the feeling of female competition in the workplace but we need your support! Check out our site, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and if you like our message don't forget to like our video too! Thank you.
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