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Psycho Jones Blames Racism For Being Caught Committing So Many Crimes
"I am being targeted because I'm fighting feminism" cries the deluded Con Artist Jones. Jones is known to scam men wishing to learn about women and dating with his shitty programs containing his mixtapes and footage of him giving cliché advice while taking a dump. In the vast majority of his videos, we see Jones obsessing over women and their wants. He is gynocentric. Believing Jones fights against feminism is like believing Rosie O Donald fights against obesity. Jones is also known for playing the victim by making videos of racist cops at the mall (even though he has been banned from several malls for sexual imposition) and playing the victim by making videos of people out to get him (when in reality, these people are just his clients wanting their money back after purchasing his shitty program). Hopefully the judge did not buy into his self victimization tactics. He acts like a tough guy on camera and over email (sending death threats to previous clients wanting their money back), and then plays the victim when confronted by authority figures.
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Exposing YouTube Scammer Part 2: Joseph Leandre Jones
Watch out, watch out, watch out!!! He's back with more sweet talking to get your moneys.
Men's Resource Organization/ KaliforNia Kid: Joseph L Jones Scams His Viewers
Mister Jones, Jaylin Krush, Joseph Jones, whatever he calls himself is back on a new YouTube channel ready to scam new people. Now he hanged he channel's name to KaliforNia Kid despite living in Toledo, Ohio. What an idiot.
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It Would Be a Shame If Jones' Channel Dissapeared
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Bully and Con Man Joseph L Jones Flagged This Video! 👺
Men's Resource Organization Joseph L Jones is back at it again! Scam.
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Sex Offender and Con Man Joseph L. Jones Caught Harassing Users On This Channel? It Can't Be!:(
Shortly after a witness commented about her encounter with Jones, her comment was mysteriously removed and a new character popped up under the same video, who sounded a lot like Jones. Jones is known to create many fake accounts to flag and dislike videos exposing him. What he does is illegal and can be fined upwards of $25,000. If you have any information about this disgusting human being, email us at [email protected] Also.. he is known to comment on my videos and delete his comments shortly after I confront him. He did the same here. He deleted and fled like a little b*^%# Luckily, I recorded the comments. Enjoy:)
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KaliforNia Kid Joseph Jones Threaten Death Upon Me
Men's Resource Organization is a scam. He recently changed the channel name to KaliforNia Kid... despite living in a shitty flat in Toledo, Ohio.
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Oh nooooo..
Hahahahah! From over 200 videos with hundreds of thousands of views to a shadow of your old self.
Toe Sucking Sex Offender Joseph L. Jones Harasses Users and Deletes Comments
He has returned to my channel to harass users (including myself). Jones is known for posturing as a wealthy and powerful individual.. though evidence shows the opposite to be true. Cowardice, censorship, swindling and death threats are common for him to use against customers who become aware they have been scammed scammed. We can see what he uses the money for. For a self-proclaimed "alpha male who women spend money on"... it seems that too was a lie and the opposite of his reality.
Exposing YouTube Scammer Part 1: Joseph Leandre Jones
We've all gotten emails from him. Claiming to share his wealth with us if we send money his way. Well he's back for our moneys! here on youtube.
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