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[MMD] Follow The Leader Version 1
Sorry its not flashy but im still learning how to use the program. Motion by Natsumi San Model Used: Miku Hatsune Song:Follow The Leader by Wisin & Yandel ft. Jennifer Lopez
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Cake LM Model Test
I feel like im getting better at this but IDK.. Name of Model: Lira Muse OC 0.1 Credits: Outfit Created by MMD3DCGParts Stage By AnimeNebula003 Long Hair Miku Base Made By VOCALOIDXMMDMIKU Hair Texture By Shioku-990 Eye Texture By Koinu-Yukina Motion by Sweet B. Girl Song by melanie martinez Plz Comment and like!
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[MMD] Begin again
Begin Again Motion By Sweet B. Girl. Miku Model By Kaida19th. The Song "Begin Again" was made by Purity Ring. Like And Comment Plz and thank you ^-^
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MMD X DRV3 The Sixth Trial in A Memeshell
Double Upload? ITS A MIRACLE! Now for links =3 V3 Courtroom: https://www.deviantart.com/animenebula003/art/Danganronpa-V3-Courtroom-AN003-778101183 Motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYBO8hhQPi0 Danganronpa made by Team Danganronpa (Spike Chunsoft) Am I the only one who like these two? maybe? ok.
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Big brother roblox edition pt 1
Roblox Big brother.
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[MMD] Chiaki's Diamond Sky
Background Picture is the "Team Danganronpa" Sign. Motion By Ureshiiiiii Chiaki Model By aga4 Stage From MikuMikuDance Program. Program Used: MikuMikuDance Plz Like and Comment I would really appreciate it! =)
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[MMD X YANSIM] Loosing My Mind
I already put all the credits in the video so I decided to add.. Extra Credits: credit to Boo and Virtually3D. credit to Yandere Dev, TDA and Druelbozo. Also credit to beecut for the xtra video effects! P.S thx to them for the small watermark =3 Plz Like & Comment!
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Diamond Sky [LM 0.4 Model Test]
Finally got the new version of MMD working for me so here's my first project with it! Model by me Shoes by YukinoSama27 Dress by AneCoco Hair by Revik12 Model Base By KamaNoTenshi Eye Texture by alistez123 Hat by MMD3DCG Effects Used: KiraKiraSparkle effect by ChestNutScoop ikCinemorph - ??? color halo by roosjuh14290 GreenerShader Pack by ChestNutScoop Motion & Camera by Ureshiiiii
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Forget Meme (LM 0.4)
Back again with another MMD video! Model by me. Motion By Mikusaki Effects Used: Plastic, CameraScreen - GABAmanP, that's all the effects I remember at the moment. Plz like and comment!
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[MMD X UT] H3RD Meme
So Tired.. Idk how to add items so.. SS Chara & C!Chara Models by Poi789 Betty Model made by SoulBlade Motion by AnastasiaP Effects by: OverRayShader_V01, Blackout3. Plz Like & Comment! Enjoy!
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[MMD] Wonderland
Model by me. Stage by MagicalPouchOfMagic I got the motion from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPgIbwZM4cY&index=26&list=LL_I5nVGTPfbnwdBrqKnmvoQ&t=0s Effects used: ikCinemorph, Cheaplens, Autoluminous, OverRayShader. Original song by Caravan Palace. Plz Like and comment! Hope you enjoy!
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Big brother roblox edition pt 2
Roblox Big Brother Part 2.
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[MMD x Danganronpa] Maki X Kaede In A Nutshell
Happy late Bday Maki. Maki Model by Mizugoro. Kaede Model by Mizugoro Gym Stage by ??? (Idk) Motion by Geral-chan Original video: https://youtu.be/yfc_LWvYs_8 Effects Used: Overayshader_v01, Greenshader Pack. Hope Ya'll Enjoy!!
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Big brother roblox edition pt 3
Roblox Big Brother Part 3.
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[MMD X Danganronpa] Junko & Monaka Comparasion
Another meme for ye! Anyways I already did the credits so lemmie add extra credits! Extra Video Effects: BeeCut Characters made by Team Danganronpa (Spike Chunsoft). Makin memes fancy.
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[MMD X Glitchtale] Altar
There was Audio issues with the other one. I thought about taking that one down but I decided not to. Glitchtale made by Camila Cuevus Betty Model by Nyx456 Motion by OMARO Effects Used: tk-grid-floor, OverRayShader_V01, and Color Halo by roosjuh14290. Hope You Enjoy! Plz Like & Comment!
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