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modded/upgraded X5C-1
all the mods i did to the Syma X5C-1 Flight vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LU4oz7rlhk #drone #drones #rc
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Anakin ROTS Force FX Lightsaber
Jedi. i made this video with a app on iPad. The lightsaber looks more real in a lower quality video.
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Raccoon in dumpster
saw a raccoon trapped in a dumpster. I helped him out. #racoon #coon
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How to make spinning rims from hubcaps
How to make spinners for your car from hubcaps #spinnaz #rims #cars Bearings https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076HDDN4X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_-i72AbMSRWS7D Video that inspired me https://youtu.be/V7uyhO4Pq4I
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Baby Snake in my apartment
Baby snake somehow got into our apartment. A little banded water snake. #snek #snake
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The "Le Tooter" Fart noise maker demo
Trying out the Le Tooter
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Airsoft Camo Test: Woodland BDU, Tiger Stripe, & Woodland Marpat
I'm did another camo test video. I know its cold and early in the year just like the first video, but luckily I'm in Florida and I wanted to find a place that looked more jungle-ish for the 3 green camos, and a place that looked more mountain-ish like Afghanistan as much as possible for the desert camo. it's been like two years since I recorded the first video. It's been a while so yeah. Part 1 https://youtu.be/lTwe3sbn9lg #airsoft #camo #camouflage
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Camcorder vs. Bridge Camera
Test between a camcorder and bridge camera
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My Movie: Life At Wakulla Highschool pt.1
my movie that i made. although i put songs i like as the background audio.
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Airsoft video: Tiger Stripe, M81 Woodland, and Multicam Camo Tests
Here I Test The Camouflage patterns of Tiger Stripe, M81 Woodland BDU, and Multicam. Part 2 https://youtu.be/OZ0yGx6Wa24 #airsoft #camo #camouflage
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snapping turtle
Up-close footage of alligator snapping turtle #snappingturtle #turtle #turtles
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Alligator Encounter
Alligator encounter. The gator was right in the middle of the fairway. I also wanted to pick him up and take a pic but also get him out of the fairway cause it wasn't safe for him. I managed to touch it's tail at the end. I thought of grabbing it, but I was scared of hurting the alligator.
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Upgraded X5C-1 flight
Flight of my tricked out modded/upgraded X5C-1. It's been very windy lately so I tried my best to fly low and steady to stay in the frame. #drones #drone #rc
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Russian Folk Dance Pt.3
the cossack folk dance.
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Welding hood mod
Cooling fan mod for welding helmet link for USB fan: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FYQBP4O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_ZulHBbPHSJC6R #welding #welder #DIY
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Another Day At Wakulla Highschool
on the day right before Spring Break
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Close Encounter (Airsoft Reenactment)
We were 12, 16, and 17 back then. We made sure nobody was around. Plot A soldier moves out on a mission to eliminate a terrorist, then he gets amushed right around the corner and the two are engaged in close hand to hand combat. This Video was for airsoft purposes only. Nothing else.
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Mud Turtle
Florida Striped Mud Turtle #turtles #nature #wildlife
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Failed Scare attempt
I epically fail to scare my friend.
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random filming at the Wakulla Highschool Pep Rally
just random filming.
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Hubcap paint job
Painted my hubcaps
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Wakulla NJROTC Area 7 Pass in Review
My NJROTC unit Area 7 preforming our annual Pass in Review back in november 2009
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Metallica- The God That Failed (Cover)
I re-uploaded this. I didn't like the last one. I took out guitar 3 at the end because it did not sound very good.
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Russian Dance Pt. 1
the cossack.
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Airsoft comedy
Unsuspecting teabagging while playing with the M-14.
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Special Effects
iPhone SFX apps merged together in video shop app #sfx #videoeffects #specialeffects
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Owl encounter
Landed in front of my car in walmart parking lot. I immediately grabbed the camera and started recording. #owl #nature #birds
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Baby mud turtle
It is tiny #babyturtle #turtles #turtle
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My Airsoft Mp5 custom paint-job by me
it was my first time doing that and i think it came out really good.
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Metallica- For Whom The Bell Tolls (Cover)
first video in a long time. i did this cover before but i wanted to redo it. Audio was inserted at the part with 2 guitars.
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Whiskey In The Jar Cover (Metallica Version)
I did this cover before but I wanted to redo it. I now do the covers with a backing track on my i-home, and I now have EMGs in my guitar which sound better than the old stock passive pickups.
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Life in the classroom (wakulla high school)
filming around the classroom at school. notice how the teacher doesnt even notice! my friend josh is an idiot.
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Venom- Black Metal (Cover)
my cover of black metal. i don't have any fancy equipment or amazing vocals but i make due with what i have. my equipment is pretty Kvlt lol maybe except my camcorder. but you could set the video to 240p if you desire.
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Metallica- Sad But True (Cover)
I did this cover before but I wanted to redo it because I am now using a backing track and have EMGs
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The Bathrooms.....
A little tour of the filthy bathrooms we had to use in jrotc bootcamp in wallwood camp (Florida)
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Metallica- One (Cover)
I did this before but i wanted to redo it. i finally got to upload it after a long period of time with no access to a computer.
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Metallica- Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Cover)
i did this before but i didn't like it. hopefully this one is better. i had to do separate scenes because i was using chorus flange on my amp. it doesn't sound good with distortion and i didn't want to have to run over to the amp to adjust the settings on the amp and and adjust the guitar volume for the distortion so yeah that would waste too much time. ive inserted audio for the other 2 guitars throughout the song. in the outro there is 3 guitars.
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Ice Bath Challenge
Ice bath challenge (Contains Royalty-Free music) #icebathchallenge #challenge
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Metallica- Enter Sandman (Cover)
i redid this cover because i didn't like the last one and from now on im going to use a back track through my Ihome and i also have my new EMGs 81/60 which sound alot better.
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Metallica- Ride The Lightning (Cover)
my cover of ride the lightning
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Life At Wakulla Highschool pt.2
my movie sequel.
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Dog Vs. Drone Pt.1
The dog chases the drone. Part 2: https://youtu.be/uT-8kFCrkiI #drones #dogs #doge
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Back When I used to be in JROTC
some clips i recorded back in the day when i used to be in NJROTC. here i am at Bootcamp 2009 and i show you the stuff that we did and where we slept and bathed. i recorded theses clips secretly since cameras werent allowed. i never got caught lol.
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Russian Dance pt.2
The Cossack Folk Dance
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Original Metal Song
I'm not very creative but here's what i got. i am totally self taught. i think it could use lyrics as well maybe but i don't know how write lyrics. i cant read music and i dont know what music theory is. i use my ear. i did this in the key of E minor. i like the E minor sound. i cant play super fast. i been playing for only 2 1/2 years at the time of this video.
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Metallica- Master Of Puppets (Cover)
I did this cover again because it will be better with my new pickups and playing along to a backing track.
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U.S. Military Tribute
a slide show presentation and tribute to all of the U.S. Military.
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Metallica- Harvester Of Sorrow (Cover)
I do not have fancy gear so I must make due with what I have.
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Metallica- Fade To Black (Cover)
i did this one before but i didnt like it. hopefully this one is better.
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