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U.S. Military Tribute
a slide show presentation and tribute to all of the U.S. Military.
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modded/upgraded X5C-1
all the mods i did to the Syma X5C-1 Flight vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LU4oz7rlhk #drone #drones #rc
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Back When I used to be in JROTC
some clips i recorded back in the day when i used to be in NJROTC. here i am at Bootcamp 2009 and i show you the stuff that we did and where we slept and bathed. i recorded theses clips secretly since cameras werent allowed. i never got caught lol.
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Airsoft Camo Test: Woodland BDU, Tiger Stripe, & Woodland Marpat
I'm did another camo test video. I know its cold and early in the year just like the first video, but luckily I'm in Florida and I wanted to find a place that looked more jungle-ish for the 3 green camos, and a place that looked more mountain-ish like Afghanistan as much as possible for the desert camo. it's been like two years since I recorded the first video. It's been a while so yeah. Part 1 https://youtu.be/lTwe3sbn9lg #airsoft #camo #camouflage
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My Movie: Life At Wakulla Highschool pt.1
my movie that i made. although i put songs i like as the background audio.
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Airsoft video: Tiger Stripe, M81 Woodland, and Multicam Camo Tests
Here I Test The Camouflage patterns of Tiger Stripe, M81 Woodland BDU, and Multicam. Part 2 https://youtu.be/OZ0yGx6Wa24 #airsoft #camo #camouflage
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How to make spinning rims from hubcaps
How to make spinners for your car from hubcaps #spinnaz #rims #cars Bearings https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076HDDN4X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_-i72AbMSRWS7D Video that inspired me https://youtu.be/V7uyhO4Pq4I
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Baby Snake in my apartment
Baby snake somehow got into our apartment. A little banded water snake. #snek #snake
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Raccoon in dumpster
saw a raccoon trapped in a dumpster. I helped him out. #racoon #coon
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Camcorder vs. Bridge Camera
Test between a camcorder and bridge camera
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Anakin ROTS Force FX Lightsaber
Jedi. i made this video with a app on iPad. The lightsaber looks more real in a lower quality video.
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Mud Turtle
Florida Striped Mud Turtle #turtles #nature #wildlife
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Alligator Encounter
Alligator encounter. The gator was right in the middle of the fairway. I also wanted to pick him up and take a pic but also get him out of the fairway cause it wasn't safe for him. I managed to touch it's tail at the end. I thought of grabbing it, but I was scared of hurting the alligator.
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Another Day At Wakulla Highschool
on the day right before Spring Break
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Metallica- The God That Failed (Cover)
I re-uploaded this. I didn't like the last one. I took out guitar 3 at the end because it did not sound very good.
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My Airsoft Mp5 custom paint-job by me
it was my first time doing that and i think it came out really good.
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Failed Scare attempt
I epically fail to scare my friend.
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Wakulla NJROTC Area 7 Pass in Review
My NJROTC unit Area 7 preforming our annual Pass in Review back in november 2009
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Welding hood mod
Cooling fan mod for welding helmet link for USB fan: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FYQBP4O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_ZulHBbPHSJC6R #welding #welder #DIY
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Special Effects
iPhone SFX apps merged together in video shop app #sfx #videoeffects #specialeffects
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Baby mud turtle
It is tiny #babyturtle #turtles #turtle
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Hubcap paint job
Painted my hubcaps
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Airsoft comedy
Unsuspecting teabagging while playing with the M-14.
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Russian Dance Pt. 1
the cossack.
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Life At Wakulla Highschool pt.2
my movie sequel.
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Soft Shell Turtle
Little soft shell turtle found at work. Released it after the video. #turtle #turtles
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Airsoft Video: Woodland kit
my woodland loadout
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Russian Dance pt.2
The Cossack Folk Dance
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Life in the classroom (wakulla high school)
filming around the classroom at school. notice how the teacher doesnt even notice! my friend josh is an idiot.
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The "Le Tooter" Fart noise maker demo
Trying out the Le Tooter
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The Bathrooms.....
A little tour of the filthy bathrooms we had to use in jrotc bootcamp in wallwood camp (Florida)
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Metallica- For Whom The Bell Tolls (Cover)
first video in a long time. i did this cover before but i wanted to redo it. Audio was inserted at the part with 2 guitars.
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Whiskey In The Jar Cover (Metallica Version)
I did this cover before but I wanted to redo it. I now do the covers with a backing track on my i-home, and I now have EMGs in my guitar which sound better than the old stock passive pickups.
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Venom- Black Metal (Cover)
my cover of black metal. i don't have any fancy equipment or amazing vocals but i make due with what i have. my equipment is pretty Kvlt lol maybe except my camcorder. but you could set the video to 240p if you desire.
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Metallica- Sad But True (Cover)
I did this cover before but I wanted to redo it because I am now using a backing track and have EMGs
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Metallica- One (Cover)
I did this before but i wanted to redo it. i finally got to upload it after a long period of time with no access to a computer.
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Metallica- Enter Sandman (Cover)
i redid this cover because i didn't like the last one and from now on im going to use a back track through my Ihome and i also have my new EMGs 81/60 which sound alot better.
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Metallica- Ride The Lightning (Cover)
my cover of ride the lightning
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Dog Vs. Drone Pt.1
The dog chases the drone. Part 2: https://youtu.be/uT-8kFCrkiI #drones #dogs #doge
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alligator up-close
close-up footage of alligator
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Upgraded X5C-1 flight
Flight of my tricked out modded/upgraded X5C-1. It's been very windy lately so I tried my best to fly low and steady to stay in the frame. #drones #drone #rc
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X5C-1 with 808 #26
I removed the metal case off the 808. without the case, it weighs about the same as a 808 #16. I also added a DIY anti-jello mount I made. I also upgraded the Syma motors to 8.5mm motors. They are the dark editions from micro motor warehouse. #Drones #drone #flight
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Original Metal Song
I'm not very creative but here's what i got. i am totally self taught. i think it could use lyrics as well maybe but i don't know how write lyrics. i cant read music and i dont know what music theory is. i use my ear. i did this in the key of E minor. i like the E minor sound. i cant play super fast. i been playing for only 2 1/2 years at the time of this video.
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Metallica- Master Of Puppets (Cover)
I did this cover again because it will be better with my new pickups and playing along to a backing track.
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Metallica- Harvester Of Sorrow (Cover)
I do not have fancy gear so I must make due with what I have.
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SJCAM 5k wifi overview & test
overview and test of the SJCAM 5000 wifi
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Owl encounter
Landed in front of my car in walmart parking lot. I immediately grabbed the camera and started recording. #owl #nature #birds
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Metallica- Fade To Black (Cover)
i did this one before but i didnt like it. hopefully this one is better.
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Ice Bath Challenge
Ice bath challenge (Contains Royalty-Free music) #icebathchallenge #challenge
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