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I quit.... yeah 😐
I don’t want a YouTube channel, the only reason why I have one is because I like watching YouTube and I want to be able like, comment and subscribe to other YouTuber’s and yeah... I might download the Amino app so I can relate to other people and see what type of art and fandoms they do and stuff... bye 😇😇😊
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I 💙 my kitty cat
Sorry for posting really late here's a cute video of my cat playing around, Chao for now 🍪🍪🍪
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I did this late sorry
I tried to make my hair a little more on the left and when I woke up it looked like I was a realistic cartoon and/or anime character, now I know why they use wigs for cosplay 😓😓😓
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Fluffy the hungry
Fluffy really wanted to eat the bacon burger that my brother was eating hehehe
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Meet my tiger 🐯
This is Fluffy he is 1 year old, he likes to eat, sleep, run away and attack me and my family, his a delight to the family and his SO kawaii, I know it's a lot of things to show to you guy's but I want to save awesome stuff when me and my family are in Florida for spring break, see you all soon. Ciao for now ;3
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I got bored 😑
My cat scratched me and the scare looked like one of JJ style symbols in Yuri on ice, and seens I’m Canadian I might as well do something from Yuri on ice. I still can’t find season two 😊😑 🇨🇦 ❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦
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I got bored 😐
I got bored and I just saw my cat sleep so I put a hairbrush and then I did the video... I was bored #NoRegrets
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I'm f***ing tiered
I WAS trying to sleep but then my big brother started playing video games and raged really loudly. I'm f***ing sleeping and he's just playing Legend of f***ing Selda. I'm. F***ing. Tiered.
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That voice thought
I'm sorry I haven't a new video for a wile, I know I suck
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Please read description after watching this
I tried to upload an valentines animation video but I keep failing so I decided to upload one of the videos I took a year or two ago from when I was at a compaction with my Afro club, this was in Toronto. I don’t remember what place I got me and my teammate but it’s all I got for you guys. I’m really sorry I really wanted to upload the animation I just finished. I chose this one because there were a boy and a girl in the choreography and they were working great together so I chose this one. Hope you like it at least. Bye, Happy Valentines Day 💗💗💗
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All of my subscribers watch this and check the description pls 😔
I don’t want any and I mean ANY subscribers pls, I will delete all of my videos including this one until I has ZERO SUBS. Please just do it, please 😞😔😔
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Tori the silly
I was watching victorious and I just saw Tori dancing # look at her face when she's dancing
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How far I’ll go
I hope you like it even if it’s really blurry sometimes, please don’t think I’m copyrighting this I love this song it inspires me to look for adventure and potential and to never give up on life, please don’t be mad at me
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Big bro get so pissed off lol
Every time he plays video games I hear hem screaming with rage when he fails some times # very loud 😂
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Are you serious 😑
I'm really sorry for not uploading videos, I'm planning on doing animation for my channel, but I'm trying to find a way to upload them in my channel, the animations are about memes, not like vine memes, there music memes, there really cool and artistic, I'll fine a way to upload them, Chao for now
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# home alone, I'm the boss of this house 😎
I woke up and I realize that I am home alone so I tried to scream, and I think I scared my cat forever now and I did not know I can scream that funny like so yeah have a good Saturday, and make sure to help the earth because yesterday was earth day, Ciao for now 😋😂
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