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Fluffy the hungry
Fluffy really wanted to eat the bacon burger that my brother was eating hehehe
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Meet my tiger 🐯
This is Fluffy he is 1 year old, he likes to eat, sleep, run away and attack me and my family, his a delight to the family and his SO kawaii, I know it's a lot of things to show to you guy's but I want to save awesome stuff when me and my family are in Florida for spring break, see you all soon. Ciao for now ;3
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I'm f***ing tiered
I WAS trying to sleep but then my big brother started playing video games and raged really loudly. I'm f***ing sleeping and he's just playing Legend of f***ing Selda. I'm. F***ing. Tiered.
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Tori the silly
I was watching victorious and I just saw Tori dancing # look at her face when she's dancing
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Big bro get so pissed off lol
Every time he plays video games I hear hem screaming with rage when he fails some times # very loud 😂
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